tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat a Jewel Ch. 1

What a Jewel Ch. 1


I was so exited. I was at a Jewel concert, and I had a backstage pass to meet the beautiful singer. She was just getting done know.

"Thanks everyone, you were the best audience I've had yet." That was my cue. I told my friends to wait her, "I'm gonna meet Jewel." They gave me a sneer, "You lucky bastard." When Jewel was off the stage I walked over to her tour bus. I was the last in line. However, Jewel only had a few devotees that wanted to meet her. She was known to be a bitch, so that turned off many people. Who cares, I figure, you don't get many opportunities like this. Well, actually, I get many opportunities like this.

When at last it was my turn I said, "Hi, how's it goin'? You were awesome."

"Yeah, yeah, what's your name, kid?"

"Bob," I said a bit annoyed with her personality. You would think that with fans like me she would be happy. She signed a picture of her, and she posed for a picture with me. Clearly her smile was fake.

"Bob, know that that is over, how bout comin' to my trailer with me? We can talk one on one." Was she serious? This didn't seem like Jewel. But, oh well, who's to argue with this opportunity?

"Sure, that sounds cool."

"Great, come on." We walked for awhile and I got to know the other Jewel. She told me that some people annoy her, and that is why she can be a bitch. "I'm sick of having to answer the questions about my past. Come on, already, get over it. The only reason you struck me as different was because of how you approached me. Most people figure I'm a bitch and are afraid of me. You sure weren't. I admire that" We got to her trailer, and I, being the good boy, opened the door for her.

"What a gentlemen. Are you gonna escort me up the steps as well?" Why not, she was asking for it. I took her hand and did just that. She giggled. "What a flirt. Well, are you coming in?"

When inside I shut the door behind me and sat down. "Would you like a Coke?"

"Sure, thanks."

"So, what is it you wanna know?"


"Well, don't you wanna ask me questions?"

"UM, you brought me here, remember."

"AH, yes, your paying attention. I just thought that I would see if you heard me. Most boys your age never hear me, because their to busy looking at my boobs, or my ass."

"Well, I, um, they are nice. Sorry."

"Don't be, I appreciate your honesty. To tell you the truth, if you found me ugly I would have called you a liar."

I sipped my Coke. "Well, know that I'm here, I am at a loss for words."

"Oh, I can think of something. She leaned over and gave me a wet kiss. Stunned, but pleasantly, I returned it. I put down my Coke and put a hand on the back of her head. Her tongue passed my lips and entered my mouth. My other hand was busy roaming down her back, until I reached her ass. Jewel's hands were busy unbuckling me. I had to sit up to take my pants off. I kicked them and my raging member pressed up against Jewel's crotch. Are long kiss finally ceased. I helped Jewel undo her blouse. She pulled it over her head and it fell to the ground. Her had on a lace black bra which I quickly took care off. Her breasts were wonderful. Not very large, but she had no man sized breasts. Her nipples were a bit to small. I licked them with amazing ferocity. I wasn't going to make this moment end, so I slowed my pace.

"UM, your tongue has done this before, I can tell. I am VERY dirty, clean me off good, and I'll give you what you've been longing for. I licked her breast until she had to be well clean. I kissed her stomach and lowered it to her belly button. My hands were busy pulling down her pants and panties. When I had them down I knew exactly where my tongue would end up.

To Be Continued...

Sorry, I hate leaving it like this, but I didn't want to bore anyone with a long story...

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