tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat a Jewel Ch. 3

What a Jewel Ch. 3


"AHEM! Earth to Jewel. What's up?"

The singer was in a daze looking at the ravishing teen beauty. Without responding to her question, Jewel barged in the trailer and passionately kissed Britney Spears.

She was shocked at Jewel's behavior, but she delightfully returned her kiss. After all, the brunette was bisexual. She had a number of experiences with Cristina Aguilera and others.

I was sitting comfortably at the table of the RV. I had my pants and boxers down and was tugging at my cock.

Finally, Jewel broke the kiss. "What in the hell are you waiting for, Bob? Come here." She was motioning with her middle finger. The luscious singer was seductively smiling at me. I read her like a book. Not "Fuck you" but "Fuck us." The star grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to my feet. I was right in the middle of singers Jewel and Britney. "Britney, Bob. Bob, Britney."

The nasty teenager extended a hand to me, "Pleasure." Then, as I reached for her hand, Britney pushed me to her lips. The lovely young women took her free hand and placed it on my crotch. Her lips were nice and soft. Finally, I felt her tongue slid in my mouth. As her tongue explored my interior she guided her fingers to my zipper.

Jewel's hands were busy massaging my back and traveled to my ass. "Yeah, kiss that fucking whore," she snarled at me. The folk singers fingers wrapped grabbed hips and helped Britney as she pulled of my pants.

Britney was eyeing my engorged dick as I kicked my Jeans off my feet. "Looky here, Jewel, someone has a hard-on."

"Again," she kissed the nape of my neck, "What are we gonna do about that?"

Britney grabbed the elastic of my boxers and flung them to the floor. "I say we fuck him," she hissed.

The beautiful blondes eyes lit up at the suggestion. "DITTO!" She hiked of her dress and unclasped her bra. Her delicious breasts felt great against my back. As I heard her clothing fall to the floor, Jewel pulled my shirt over my head.

Wait a minute, I have better ideas, I grinned with hot passion. I grabbed the young singer by her wrist and twirled her around. "I say you suck Britney well I fuck you."

Britney's smile widened, "I LOVE how this man thinks." The teenager She furiously pulled off her dark black t-shirt and kicked off her black skirt. No bra or panties. She was STUNNING in the nude. Her breasts were very big, but nothing gigantic. They heaved as Britney laid on the floor. "Eat me, Jewel. Suck my pussy."

I grabbed the singer by a lock of her hair and forced her into the teen's shaved pussy. "SUCK HER BITCH," I commanded. "Eat the slut's pussy."

The Alaska queen put her hands oh Britney's hips and popped her tongue in the Louisiana babe's pussy.

"Oh, suck my wet cunt, bitch." The Grammy winner put her hands on the blonde-haired women and grinded her hips in her mouth. "YES, LICK MEEE, WHORE!" SUCK MY CUNT!

I hand my hands on Jewel's hips and my head up her pussy. I then slid my way out and shoved all 6 inches in. With every thrust Jewel's tongue went harder inside Britney's box. I LOVED feeling her naked ass as I slapped my dick into her. "FUCKING NASTY BITCH," I hissed.

The teenage slut was looking seductively at me. "Fuck the naughty whore. Cum inside the bitches pussy. To Jewel, she said, "EAT ME SLUT! LICK MEE UNTIL I CUM IN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!" The pop princess was rocking her head back with each thrust of her hips.

Jewel extended both her hand and slowly careesed both of the teen's melons.

"Yeah, touch my breasts. I LOVE IT!!" Britney had wonderful silky skin and long pointed nipples. Grab my breast. SUCK MY PUSSY!! I LOVE IT!! EAT MEEE! With each tongue lashing Britney bucked her hips harder. LICK MY CUUNTT!! "YESSS! I'M CUMMINGGG! The teenager's orgasm rocked her hard. "LICK MY JUICE! AHHH!"

I towas about ready to cum. "YESSS! Your et pussy feels WONDERFUL around my cock. "I'M GONNA CUM. AHHHHH!!" My enormous orgasm whizzed down Jewel's tunnel. In turn, Jewel cleansed my cock with her juice.

"My turn," the pop star said enthused.

I pulled out of the gorgeous folk singer and she got to her feet. I noticed her lips were glazed in Britney's cum. I positioned my head at her lips. At this time, Jewel was sitting on the couch. As Jewel's fingers found her pussy I pulled my cock inside the teenager's organ.

"FUCK ME," she insisted. I want to have your cum inside me."

I pushed my head in to the beauty and guided my hands to her beautiful breasts so they wouldn't heave as I fuck this whore. "You want it, slut? Here it comes." Violently, I shoved my entire erection up her box.

"YESS!! FUCK ME!!" She humped her hips to meet my thrusts. "HARRDERRR!! FUCK MY SLUTTY PUUSSSYYY!!

Her naked hips felt great against mine.

"YEAHH!! FUCK ME! I LOOVE IT!!" Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. I'M GONNA CUMM! As the teen warned me, she had an enormous orgasm. "AHHHH."

I, too, erupted inside the horny beauty. As the last drop of my cum slipped my my member, I reluctantly pulled out of Britney.

With nothing better left to do, we both watched as Jewel was fiercely was finger her cunt. Her other hand was gropping her chest. "YES! I'M CUMMINNNG!! AHHHHHHH." Once down from her massive climax, Jewel disengaged her 2 fingers from her wet box and put them to her mouth. The lovely women popped her tongue from her mouth and slowly washed the slimy filth from the tip of both finger.

Just then, a voice came from outside. Britney, I heard a noises. Are you ok?

"Oh, Cristina. Wait a second." The popular sensation looked at me, then at Jewel. All of us had a wide grin on are face. Without putting any clothes on, Britney opened her door. "Hi, Cris. Come in."

To Be Continued...

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