tagInterracial LoveWhat a Job Ch. 01

What a Job Ch. 01


My wife, Cindy, had not worked since we moved to London 12 months ago. But she was growing bored at home and had decided to start looking for some secretarial work to keep busy and meet new people. I was shocked when she returned home after her first day job hunting to tell me that she had taken a job with a company in central London. She told me it was an import business and she started the day after tomorrow. I was really pleased for her as she seemed so excited and the extra money wouldn't do us any harm at all. Her new boss was a man named Rob and there were three other guys in the firm, she would be the first new staff member they had hired since starting the firm.

Cindy spent the next day shopping for work clothes in town and we celebrated that night with dinner at restaurant near where he would be working. The next morning Cindy was up and dressed before me, eager to make good impression, she left for work early.

"Good luck and enjoy babe", I shouted to her as she left.

When I arrived home that night there was a message on the machine from Cindy telling me to sort out my own dinner as she was still at work getting everything sorted out. I got dinner and Cindy arrived home just as I was getting into bed.

"How was it?" I enquired.

"Great, the guys are really nice and the business seems to be doing really well" she replied.

"So what exactly do they do?"

"Well they import clothes and sell them on to retail outlets, nothing to exciting", she replied while heading for the shower. I was asleep before she got back. We left for work together the next morning, Cindy looking gorgeous in a new grey skirt suit that suited her petite 5'6" frame and long blonde curly hair.


Everything was going really well for her at work and a few weeks later she came home with news.

"Were getting into a new line of ladies clothes and I'm going with Rob to the suppliers tomorrow to give him my opinion."

"Great, at least you know they value what you have to say" I replied.

When Cindy got home the next night I asked her about the new clothes.

"Oh, it's just some new lingerie" she replied quite quickly.


"Yeah, nothing to exciting, we have a photo shoot at the office for our catalogue tomorrow" she stated.

"I didn't know you did photo shoots at the office or on weekends."

"Yeah we have a studio down stairs and we get the models and photographers in as we need them plus we need these catalogues out on Monday."

I gave it no more thought and went to sleep. Cindy got a call early that morning, it was Rob asking if she could come in early as there was a problem at work. So she left in a hurry and promised to call me later.


I rushed into work that morning as Rob had told me there was an emergency. I arrived to find Rob and Tom, one of the other guys in a panic because the model they had hired for the lingerie shoot had pulled out and the catalogues had to be completed today. I started ringing around but after an hour it was clear we wouldn't get any models until tomorrow.

"Damn" shouted Rob when I told him the bad news. I had never seen Rob even slightly worked up about anything and it was a little intimidating as he is 6'4", black and quite well built.

"I tried everyone in the book", I pleaded.

"Sorry Cindy, it's not you I'm angry at. It's just that I stand to lose about ten thousand pounds if these catalogues are not in print by tonight." Rob explained as we walked down into the studio where the photographer was waiting.

When we entered the photographer was a new man I didn't recognise, he looked me up and down then turned to Rob.

"Great, she's here, lets get started", he said.

"But I'm not the model!" I explained. When I turned to look at Rob he was looking me up and down as well.

"He's right!! You could model the stuff. I'll even pay you the five hundred the model would have got".

"But I'm NOT a model!!!" I exclaimed.

"But Cindy, you are in great shape and this would really help me and the company out. Plus you look about the same size as the model we had hired. Please, I'm begging you".

"I've never modeled anything before and it's really quite revealing stuff. I'm just not sure".

"Look it's only going to be the three of us here and if you're not happy with the photos then I promise not to put them out, but I would really appreciate it if you did help me out" pleaded Rob.

I really wanted to help Rob out, but I was also really unsure about parading about in lingerie and having photos taken. I decided to at least give it a try and I was also quite flattered that both Rob and the photographer thought I looked good enough to pull it off. Also I was unsure as to how my husband would feel about me modeling lingerie.

"OK, but I get the last say" I stated.

"Anything you want. Thank you so much Cindy, I really do appreciate this".

Rob handed me a bag containing the outfits and told me I could change in his office. I walked to Rob's huge office with butterflies in my stomach, luckily I had had a bikini wax on the weekend I thought. I opened the bag and started to examine the outfits.

"Rob, what one do you want first?", I yelled out through the door.

Rob then came in and we started going through the various outfits.

"Well I guess the one you feel most comfortable with first" he said.

"Working my way up to the real slutty stuff" I joked nervously.

Rob then looked at me with real concern.

"I really do appreciate this Cindy. I know it must be quite daunting and I totally understand if you want to pull out. It was unfair of me to ask".

I considered this for a moment then thought what the heck, you only live once.

"No Rob, its fine, I'm actually quite flattered you think I'm attractive enough to do it. I'm just a little nervous and excited", I stated with a little flutter in my voice.

"Cindy you are a very attractive woman and you will look great, trust me." Rob said with a smile.

I thought there had always been a little sexual tension between us, but now it was out in the open and I was about to get almost naked and pose in front of him. Rob left and I grabbed a lace up black corset and thong which was the most conservative outfit and began to change. I felt electric for the first time in a very long time.

It was a great fit, and I thought I looked quite good in it. I was so nervous about people seeing me dressed like this, but I was also very excited, I can't explain it but I really wanted to impress Rob. The thought of another man finding me attractive was a massive turn on, especially a man as handsome as Rob.

I walked into the studio and they both turned and looked me up and down.

"Wow, you look fantastic!" Rob exclaimed.

I then spent about 10 minutes posing in various positions and I started to really get into it. Rob and the photographer were both very supportive and complimentary. I went and changed into another outfit, this time a red bra and bikini combo with suspenders. I couldn't believe I was doing this, and the really shocking thing was that I was loving it. Within the hour I had posed in five different outfits and all pretence of me not enjoying it was gone. When I came back into the studio in the final outfit Rob and the photographer were both gob smacked. It was a tiny pink rubber thong and half cup bra with matching rubber collar, elbow length gloves and knee high boots. I had never worn anything even remotely like it, I looked and felt like a complete slut.

"I thought I would save this one till last" I said with a smile aimed at Rob.

By the end of the shoot Rob was trying, without success, to conceal a massive bulge in his trousers. The photographer bought the photos up on a computer and I was shocked at how good they were. I gave him approval for the photos and went to Rob's office while he packed up and left.

I had really enjoyed the modeling and especially the flirting with Rob, I didn't want it to end. I knew Rob was obviously attracted to me, and I was so turned on by the photo shoot and the outfit I was wearing. So I decided to wait for Rob in his office still in the pink rubber outfit, I was standing there twirling around my hair a finger when he opened the door.

"Want to help me out this?" I enquired whilst looking up at my boss through my lashes, hopefully letting him know just how badly I wanted him.

Rob didn't even answer, he just grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into the strongest embrace I have ever felt. We kissed like teenagers till Rob hoisted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I couldn't believe what was happening, I was dressed in a pink rubber sex toy outfit making out with my black boss in his office.

"You are one hot bitch!" Rob exclaimed as he broke the kiss to put me down and caress my body with his huge black hands.

"And this hot bitch wants you!" I stated as I pulled Rob's shirt off exposing his toned dark chest, I wanted to be fucked so badly. Never before had I been with a black man and I certainly had never cheated on my husband, but it was now a forgone conclusion. I was going to let Rob do whatever he wanted to me and it couldn't happen soon enough.

I soon had Rob's shirt off and was kissing his chest whilst his hands explored my rubber clad body. My hands found his bulge and I began to unbuckle his trousers eager to get a piece of his manhood. When I unsheathed his love pole it was by far the biggest, darkest most magnificent I had ever seen. My mouth was around it in seconds as I took as much of my new lover into my mouth as possible. Rob's hands were grabbing my hair as he ground his meat into my mouth.

"You look so fucking hot, I was going to fuck you when the shoot was over regardless" Rob informed me.

"God...... I want it.......so bad" I managed to mumble between thrusts of his massive cock.

Rob then let go of my hair and pulled me to my feet.

"Then get that thong off!" Rob demanded.

"I'll do anything you want" I begged as jumped out of the thong and stood before my soon to be lover in just a pink rubber bra, collar, boots and gloves. I had never worn rubber before but I was beginning to really like it.

"This is not going to be a one time only thing, you know slut" Rob told me as he lifted me up into the air and slammed me against the wall. I was being thrown around like a rag doll and had never been happier. Rob pushed his naked, hard, black body against me and let me slide down towards his massive black cock. I reached down to guide him into my dripping pussy, dying to be filled by him.

"Thank god!" I exclaimed as the enormous head entered me for the first time, stretching me like never before.

"Your gunna get this everyday" he grunted as I slid down the full length of his shaft. I was in heaven, I had never felt so whole, our eyes met and I knew that I would give myself to him when ever he wanted.

"Please" was all I could manage to say as the first orgasm began to well inside me. I had my legs wrapped around his muscled torso as he pounded me against his office wall. When my first orgasm arrived I almost passed out.

"FUCK ME.....FUCK MEEE!!!" I screamed as my nails dug into him enormous muscular back.

Rob pounded me against the wall till I began to feel his body stiffen as he erupted inside me. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. I could feel every spurt hitting my cervix, filling me, I came like never before.

Rob then eased us down so that he was lying on his back on the floor and I was riding him.

"You on the pill?"

"Not at the moment" I replied as I ground down on his softening monster. I had stopped taking birth control pills a few months ago.

"You might want to start" was his reply.

"What ever you say Rob" I said as I stood up and Rob's cum began to run down my legs.

"Fuck you look so hot in that outfit! I think we may have found you a uniform."

"You like me dressed like this?" I asked as I traced my pink rubber clad fingers over my curves. I was hoping for another ride and trying hardest to get it.

"You bet! I'm going to be fucking your sweet ass everyday" he replied as I began to stroke his member. I had never tasted my own juices before but as I sucked Rob back to full glory I realised I had been missing out. My lover than spun me around and bent me over his desk, the cum was still dripping out of me as Rob rammed it home.

"That feels so good, don't ever stop" I cooed as I pushed back to force him in deeper. After fucking Rob I knew I would never want to fuck my husband again, I just hoped he wouldn't notice any difference in my pussy.

"Hey, what about the birth control?"

"Oh god, please don't stop! I'll sort it out. Just keep fucking me please." I begged.

And with that Rob grabbed a handful of my long blonde hair and yanked me back onto his cock with each thrust. It hurt but I loved it, I felt so nasty being ridden by my black boss.

"Oh yeah.... Oh yeah....!!"

"What do you want?" Rob yelled.

"To be your slut!" I exclaimed as Rob hit my cervix.

"How about I make you my private secretary and full time model? Get you a desk in my office?"

"Oh please, you could have me when ever you wanted!" I was so excited I almost came just at the thought of getting fucked like this everyday! Rob began to thrust harder and deeper as he prepared to unload in my womb for the second time today.

"Shoot in me! Fill me" I demanded whilst my black lover pumped squirt after squirt of black sperm into my married white uterus.

After the last spurt Rob pulled out and collapsed on his chair, I curled up on his lap, still in my pink rubber outfit.

"Right, as of Monday your ass is mine."

"I can't wait."

He went on to explain that while I was at work I was his property and everyone in the company would know about it. I was to wear what I was told, I would be the company's only lingerie and sex clothing model and we would travel as a couple when away on business. He would hire a new secretary for the general admin stuff and I was to work solely for him, I readily agreed to all his terms.

Rob ordered me to get dressed, go home and prepare myself for my new role in the company. That included telling my husband that I was now working as a part time model as well and it would mean that I would have to be away on business a lot more. The pay rise would be more than enough compensation for him, plus he was constantly working a lot of overtime to try and get ahead in his own career.

Surprisingly my husband was excited that I was now a part time lingerie model, in fact he was so excited he wanted to fuck me there and then. I let him and I really tried to enjoy it but all I could think of was the savage fucking I had been given that afternoon. He finished quickly, no doubt congratulating himself for bedding a model. Thankfully he also never noticed any difference in my pussy, which gave me a glimmer of hope that he wouldn't in future. Monday was going to be the beginning of a whole new career and I couldn't wait.

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