tagInterracial LoveWhat a Job Ch. 02

What a Job Ch. 02


"So how much of a raise do you get?" David asked me casually over breakfast.

"Two hundred pounds a week, plus I get to keep any of the clothes I model." I didn't tell him that quite a lot of the more outrageous outfits I modelled, along with my new birth control pills, would be kept in a cupboard Rob was installing in his office.

"That's great." He replied with genuine excitement, it actually made me feel a little bad about beginning a torrid sexual affair with my black boss, a little bit.

"Yeah, I'm really pumped about it, I even get to go on trips to expos." I was genuinely excited by this, but not for the expos.

"I'm so proud of you." David told me as he kissed me goodbye and headed for the door. My commute was a lot quicker so I still had plenty of time to spare and set about getting ready.

My stomach was all butterflies as I sat on the edge of our bed and tried to decide what to wear on my first day in my new position, I had no doubt I'd end up in something from our new catalogue but I still wanted to show Rob I was committed. I eventually settled on a black lace thong and bra set, classic yet sexy, which I paired with a tight grey pencil skirt suit and black heels.

I was a little nervous when I walked into work, unsure if Rob had told them already and how they would react to Rob and I being an item. But I needn't have worried as everything seemed normal, the guys all greeted me normally and I made my way to Rob's huge office at the back of the warehouse.

"Come in." His voice boomed when I knocked.

"Reporting for duty." I said with a little giggle as I entered.

"Wow, you look stunning." Rob told me as he got up from behind the desk I'd so recently been bent over.

"Why thank you."

"I've been busy, you need to come and see this." Rob led me quickly back out the door and towards the back of the warehouse. He told me that he had been planning to diversify the business and our tryst had given him some wild new ideas.

"What do you think?" He asked me as he pointed towards a room medium sized storeroom in the back corner of the warehouse which had previously been full of boxes of old stock, it now had 'R & D' stencilled on the door.

"Um...it's good...I guess." I said, quite confused as to what exactly he was showing me.

"No, inside, have a look inside." He said as if I should have known.

Opening the door I was initially confronted by the smell of new paint, then I saw that all the boxes had gone and in the middle of the room was now a huge four poster bed, two large cupboards lined one wall and a mirrored dresser on the other.

"Wow." Was all I could manage, he really had been busy.

"The business was going to move to more adult products, so I thought what better way than to test them out on site." He explained with a huge smile.

"It's amazing..." I said as I walked slowly over to the first cupboard and opened it, hanging inside was a collection of lingerie, adult outfits and shoes that needed to be seen to be believed.

"Are we selling ALL of this?" I asked, a little shocked at the size of the range.

"Only the stuff you approve."

"Oh, and I'll have to test each one I assume." I asked as images of me in all the different outfits getting my pussy railed by Rob flashed through my mind and my pussy immediately dampened.

"We will need to test one immediately." He informed me.

"Naturally," I replied calmly, trying to hide my excitement, "Did you have anything in mind?"

"No, I thought I would leave that to my Senior Purchasing Officer."

"Ok..." I said, not sure I'd be able to decide which one to wear for my new lover to ravish me in. I was shocked at how quickly I'd embraced my new role as Rob's fuck toy.

"Oh, and this room is very secure, only you and I will ever have keys to it so you needn't worry about being disturbed."

"Good to know." I replied as slowly checked out the range of shoes, most of which were stilettos or huge platforms in just about every style. At that moment we were cut off by my phone ringing, I looked at the screen and mouthed, 'Husband' to Rob, he nodded for me to answer it.

"Hey Baby."

"Just calling to see how your new job is going."

"Great so far, I'm just sorting out my new office and arranging my desk, I can tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time slaving over it." I said as I flashed a cheeky grin at Rob.

"Tell him you will be away next weekend at and expo in Spain, Friday to Sunday." He whispered.

I nodded, "Hey babe, I found out that my first work trip away will be next weekend, I have to go to Spain." Dave was really happy for me and soon I had him off the line so I could get back to the big job at hand, working out what to wear.

"I'll be back in 20 minutes. Hopefully you'll find everything you need in here, if not, the R & D department has almost unlimited funding." Rob smiled as he closed the door and left me there looking through cupboards for the second time that morning. Well I needn't have been so worried with my choice at home I told myself as I opened the second cupboard and found it to be just as well stocked at the first. I had only flicked through a few of them when one jumped out at me. A full length black lycra cat suit, wet look, with a diamond shaped hole cut out to reveal the cleavage and a crotch zip. I'd seen some black 6 inch stiletto heels in the other cupboard that would make this outfit rock so I grabbed them both out and quickly changed into them.

I looked at myself in the mirror when I was done and was shocked at the slut I saw before me, I looked like a woman who absolutely craved sex and knew exactly how to fill that need. I couldn't believe what I was wearing, let alone that I was standing in a room purpose built by my black boss and lover to fuck me in. I opened the dresser drawers while I waited for Rob to return and found them stocked with all kinds of sex toys; dildos, vibrators, cock rings and plenty of things I had no idea about but was pretty sure I'd soon come to know intimately. I was examining a large battery powered cock ring that had what I thought to be a clit stimulator resting at the top when the door opened.

"Damn." Rob muttered as he closed and locked the door behind him. I twirled to show off what he was about to get, I knew I looked fucking hot and decided false modesty wasn't going to be how I played it.

"I'm going to love my new job." I said as I tossed the cock ring on the bed and strutted over to my new man and planted a kiss on him. Rob's strong powerful arms were soon around me and it felt amazing as they slid all over the lycra which wrapped my tiny torso.

"You like the research chamber?" He asked as I broke our kiss and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and went to work licking his muscular dark chest.

"Uh ha." I nodded as I worked his shirt free from his trousers.

"I see you found the toys."

"Uh ha." I was now unbuckling his belt and was too distracted to talk, I was going to give him the performance of my life and was totally focused on getting that magnificent black cock free.

"You ever use any before?"

"No, but I'll use them all for you." I told him as I dropped his trousers to the floor and helped him get fully naked.

"Hubby not in to that kind of stuff?" He enquired.

"No." I replied demurely as I stood in front of my now naked lover, his huge black cock, erect with anticipation stood between us like a flagpole. I was so pleased with myself that this black stallion of a man had chosen me to be his concubine and had gone to this much effort to facilitate fucking me.

"You chose well, you look spectacular in it." Rob said as his large hands squeezed my breasts, the shiny lycra made my whole body tingle with each touch as it moved across my skin and my pussy was absolutely flowing as he explored my body.

"It feels amazing." I told him as he explored the rest of my body, coming to rest on the zip that ran from just above my pussy to the top of my butt, in my head I was begging him to unzip it and fuck me senseless.

"Should we sell it?" He asked me as he unzipped the suit teasingly slow.

"Uh ha." I moaned as my dripping pussy was exposed to the cold air, I moved my legs apart to allow him to unzip me further.

Rob stopped unzipping me, "You want me to fuck you bad don't you?"

"A girl doesn't get dressed up like this unless she's dying for it," I said as I spun around and bent over, I doubted Rob would be able to resist the view I was giving him, "Now why don't you finish checking that zip?"

Rob didn't need another invitation and I felt the zip open, exposing all of myself to my new lover I new my life as a wanton slut was the life for me. Rob scooped me up in his arms and carried me the few steps the bed and we collapsed on it together, I quickly rolled on top, enjoying the feel of the lycra against the sheets and drove my tongue into his mouth. I could feel my juices already lubricating his rock hard abs, I couldn't remember ever being this wet. I was about to drive back onto his pole when I saw the cock ring and had a better idea.

"Let's try some other new merch too?" I suggested as I picked it up.

I moved aside and stretched the rubber ring over his enormous ebony shaft, when I finally got it to the base I noticed the veins that criss crossed his shaft now stood out even further.

"I think I'm going to enjoy this." I said as I dropped my mouth down and tried to swallow his length, my tongue could feel the huge veins standing proud as I worked more of it down my throat.

"I want that pussy." Rob lifted me up gently and turned the buzzing clit stimulator on.

"I can't wait." I said as I looked into my lovers eyes and lowered dripping snatch onto his manhood. I still wasn't used to anything like the size of him, but I didn't care, my dripping pussy needed to be fed so I impaled myself on it with a reckless abandon. When I hit the bottom the stimulator hit my clit and I lost my mind, grinding down onto it harder, driven crazy by the sensation that flooded my body.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed as I rode him like an animal, it felt so good I didn't know what to do.

"You like it?" Rob asked as he grabbed my hips and pulled me down harder onto it.

"Arrrgh!" I yelled as the most powerful orgasm I had ever had crashed over me, I felt like I could feel every vein on his shaft as my pussy squeezed his shaft like a vice. When I recovered my senses I was lying on Rob's chest panting like a dog and dripping with sweat, I slowly propped myself up on my arms and looked down at him.

"That was intense." He told me.

"You've got no idea." I moaned breathlessly.

Rob then quickly flipped me over, his rock hard cock still lodged firmly inside me, he raised himself up on his powerful arms and started slowly sliding the monster in and out of my married pussy. With each thrust my clit got another hit from the buzzing ring and it was driving me wild, I had never have imagined I could experience this much pleasure from sex. I was digging my heels and nails into his back to try and keep my clit touching the ring but his powerful rhythm just kept mercilessly plowing my pussy. The tension was building inside me like I hadn't experienced before, my pussy felt like it was going to explode and when it finally broke I lost my mind.

"FUUUUCK!" I screamed as a torrent of fluid squirted out of my pussy, spraying Rob, me and the bed, I was powerless as I convulsed underneath him, my juices covered us both as he kept savagely plowing me. Within a few strokes Rob buried his manhood as deep into me as he could and I knew I was about to receive his seed, he pumped shot after shot into my womb, with each spurt he filled me and drove me crazier with lust.

When he finally pulled out of me I knew I was his, I would never leave Dave but I knew deep down was going to be Rob's fuck slave for as long as he wanted.

"You probably should go out and grab the purchase orders from the front desk, and why don't you the catsuit on." Rob told me as he zipped me up, trapping the copious amount of semen inside me. I was barely able to talk as I lay prostrate on the now trashed bed but I knew I would do what ever he asked, I was well past caring what the other guys thought as paraded past them, freshly fucked and full of cum in my slut suit.

"Anything you say." I told him as I slowly picked myself up and made my way to the door.

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