tagIncest/TabooWhat a Life Pt. 01

What a Life Pt. 01


It's Thursday 6:00 PM and Susan is busy in kitchen cooking pasta for dinner. She is wearing a floral silky robe as summers are really hot in Phoenix, Arizona. Sean, her only son who just turned 18 a couple of months back comes home after spending afternoon with his friends playing video games.

Sean: Hey Mom, where are you?

Susan: Here in kitchen honey. Cooking dinner.

Sean drops his backpack on the couch, takes off his shoes and socks. He enters kitchen, hugs his mother from the back and kisses on her cheek.

Susan: How was your day son?

Sean: It was okay, spent time indoor playing xbox almost all afternoon. What are you cooking?

Susan: Pasta and chicken.

Sean: Awesome, I love it.

Susan: Good, now go and change yourself, dinner will be ready.

Sean: Okay, can I have...hmmm... yours?

Susan: You don't need to ask.

Sean lifts her robe and finds his mother wearing red lacy panties.

Sean: I love this one.

Susan: I am glad you like it.

Sean puts his fingers around her waist inside the panties and pulls them down, Susan lifts one leg after the other while her son pulls her panties off her legs.

Sean: Thanks Mon. I will take some time.

Susan: Okay.

Sean heads back to his room, takes off his clothes and walks into the bathtub. He smells the panties and smiles thinking how cool his mom is for allowing him to masturbate in her panties.

Sean gets a raging hard on thinking about his beautiful looking mom, she is 36 y.o 5'9" tall attractive woman, curly blond hair, 36 C breasts, slim waist, round ass, blue eyes, captivating smile, a perfect package and sexy goddess. He wraps her panties around his 8 inches penis and starts stroking it, he recollects all those years of fantasies he has on her since he had first seen her sexually when he hit puberty. Imagining her in school girl uniform holding her hair in two pigtails and smiling at him. He imagine her lifting her skirt, take off her panties and throw them at him. He could not control himself while feeling the smooth cloth around his penis and then explodes all of his cum into the gusset.

After he relaxes, he cleans the cum out of her panties in the bathroom sink and drops them in the hamper. He takes a quick shower, puts on a boxer and a tee and heads down for dinner.

Susan is standing in the kitchen looking into her phone. Sean comes from back and grabs her ass cheeks.

Susan: Done?

Sean: Yes, is the dinner ready, I am so hungry.

Susan: I bet you are. Now stop grabbing my ass and go set up the dinner table, I will bring the food.

Sean pats her ass and walk towards kitchen cabinet to pick up plates and silverware. While he sets them, his mom brings food to the table. He walks to the fridge, grabs a couple of cold water bottles and puts them on table. His mom serves food on both of their plates and they start eating.

Sean: Mom, can you wear again those blue silky panties you had on you last Thursday?

Susan: Sure. I will wear them tonight and you can use them tomorrow morning.

Sean: Thanks Ma.

Susan: You are welcome baby.

Sean: I love the fabric.

Susan: Really? That's good to know, I will buy few more like them this weekend.

Sean: Ma! you are really awesome.

Susan: Thanks Sweetie... Now finish your dinner, rinse the plates and drop them in the dishwasher.

Sean: Yes mama.

Susan puts the remaining utensils in the dishwasher, turns it on and heads back to her bedroom. Sean watches TV for some time and then later heads back to his bedroom.

Susan lays flat on her bed thinking about the day's events, she is so aroused by the fact that she lets her son use her panties for masturbating. She recollects how it all started.

Susan one day realizes that her panties are always wet in the hamper whenever she does the laundry, she took it easy and doesn't pay much attention to it. After a week, she realizes all her panties in hamper are wet, she wonders why? She doesn't know that her son is using her panties for his sexual satisfaction at that time.

Susan was watching TV one afternoon and heard her son going to the laundry room and walks back to his bedroom. Susan immediately walks into the laundry room and checks the hamper, she doesn't find her panties that she took off for shower that morning. She suspects that her son might be doing something naughty. She learned all sorts of stories online about sons stealing their mother's panties for masturbation. She hoped it will not happen with her as she raised a good son. She strongly believes that it will happen with her and she walks to her son bedroom and hear him silent in the bathroom, after few minutes she hears the water running in sink and it sounded like her son is cleaning something. Later that evening, she finds the panties in the hamper, except they are wet this time... she thinks to herself "Confirmed... good job Sherlock..."

She doesn't know what to do now and panics... "Sean, my Sean, my little Sean is behind this?... I can't believe it, should I ask him? no.. he will be embarrassed. Should I leave it? well, atleast he cleans before he put them back"

She drifts back to sleep.

Next morning, she wakes up at 6:00 AM, goes for a run in the neighborhood park. When she returns, she walks to her son's bedroom, knocks on the door.

Sean: Come In

Susan: Good morning sweetie.

Sean: Good morning mother.

Susuan: Mother? You really love to call me mother right?

Sean: Mom, Mother, Mama, Ma... what is the difference? do you prefer Susan?

Susan: Stick to M words for now...

Sean: What's up? Today is Friday. What are your plans for the day?

Susan: Nothing much, what about you?

Sean: Nothing important.

Susan: Okay then, I need you to help with cleaning the garage and backyard. Later evening we can buy some movie and watch it on TV.

Sean: Sounds good...

Susan: Okay, now get ready, breakfast will be ready in an hour.

Susan starts walking back to her room to get a shower. Sean gets out of the bed and rushes towards the door, before she leaves, he jumps in and close the door.

Susan: Oh my god! what?

Sean: hmm... can I?

Susan: Can you?

Sean: If you will..

Susan: Go ahead...

Sean kneels down, puts his fingers around her waist in the tracksuit and pulls it down, he can see pink floral panties she is wearing. he slides his fingers in and pulls them down slowly, she takes supports on his shoulders to rise the legs so he can pull of her bottom garments. He pulls the tracksuit up and kisses her V shape.

Susan: Sean, you shouldn't be kissing your mother there.

Sean: Its beautiful ma..

Susan: You must not forget that I am your mother and its inappropriate for a son to kiss his mother there.

Sean: Done is done, I cant take my kiss back.

Susan: Well, better be well behaved next time. Now do your routine and be back in an hour for breakfast.

Susan walks to her room to take a shower while Sean does his stuff in his bathroom.

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by Anonymous

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by prop6908/12/18


Short but tasty story

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by SexlessStiff08/11/18


You need very much to get an editor.

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by Anonymous08/11/18

Take some time

For a part 1 of a story, I thought it was a bit fast. Stories, like life, require a bit of mental foreplay for it to be arousing. Part 1 or a Chapter 1 should be about character development and a bit ofmore...

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by Anonymous08/11/18

Excellent concept, definitely should explore a little more into the build up of their sexual relationship. Definitely should also try and push it to actual sex, this is great incest potential

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by Anonymous08/11/18

Good story

Good idea though I suspect English is not your native language. An editor would help. I like their open lust for each other. I hope he gets to fuck her soon.

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