tagGay MaleWhat A Match!

What A Match!


Thanks for the great feedback! I wanted to continue this story line as long as people continue to enjoy the reading.

I’m live in the Midwest and wonder how I got into this situation again. I met a local businessman named Paul online, right from the beginning we hit it off. We seemed to enjoy the same things and really had fun chatting, it no time we became fast friends. One thing led to the other and I was couch looking directly at the object of my desire.

Here is my story.

Paul and Matt live in the same town; they met online and chatted a few times. Both initially went online in hopes of meeting someone with similar interests who would enjoy a physical relationship. Over the last year neither had any luck until they found each other.

They had things in common, they’re both married and about the same age. Both are college educated, and in business locally. They really hit it off and both men looked forward to their evening chats.

They seemed to be a good match!

Paul sent his picture to Matt online hoping that it would catch Matt’s interest; it did! When Matt looked at the picture he was shocked how young and handsome Paul looked. Paul was 55 years old but he looked 45.

Matt learned as they chatted that Paul was a runner and soccer player most of his life. He had runners’ legs and a flat stomach and a large chest. Matt wondered if it was really Paul’s photo, it seemed too good to be true. Time would tell!

After he sent his photo to Matt, Paul knew that they would need to meet if this relationship would continue. If they just continued to chat online the friendship would grow stale. Paul suggested to Matt that they meet for coffee at a local place in town. Paul could feel his knees shake when he suggested the meeting he was a nervous wreck.

Matt was also nervous but desperately wanted to meet Paul. His chats with Paul were so exciting whether they discussed sports, women, or sex.

“It’s silly to be nervous, we have chatted for a long time, it’s not a blind date,” Matt said to himself. Because of the nature of their confidential chats with Paul, he knew that they had what each other desired.

Matt decided to take the chance and meet for coffee, if Paul didn’t look like his photo he could always leave, but if he did look like his photo…..WOW!

Matt was so nervous about meeting Paul, when he arrived he could feel his heart start to beat a bit faster.

“Steady pal, don’t be nervous,” Matt said to himself as he walked in the door. As he wiped a bit of perspiration from his forehead he wondered if Paul would be there or if this was just another “no show”.

He saw Paul as soon as he walked in the door. “Paul came early”, he thought and that delighted him, “I wonder, does Paul always comes early”? That’s it boy keep your sense of humor!

Paul waved Matt over to his table and off he went with his heart beating out of control. As they shook hands each seemed to be pleasantly surprised with the other. Matt now felt that all would be fine.

Paul studied Matt walking across the room and said to himself, “Jackpot”. Matt was what he wanted, he was a clean-cut businessman and he looked good!

Paul said, “I’m glad that we are finally meeting face to face, I was so nervous about this meeting”

“Me too”, said Matt. “ I was very nervous until right now”. Paul had a firm handshake and large hands, Matt secretly hoped that he was large everywhere!

“You look just like the photo that you sent to me online,” Matt said.

“That’s because it was a picture of me silly” Paul joked.

“I’m delighted to meet you in person, I think we seem to be a good match”, Matt gushed.

“I’m delighted also, “said Paul. “Now if I can get you to live up to the promises that you made when we chatted” he said with a wink.

This comment made Matt’s face blush and his blood boil, he was terribly hot for Paul and wanted get him alone.

Paul studied Matt’s features as he spoke with him. Matt looked too good to be true, and most of all he had a nice mouth and lovely lips, that was important.

Matt was not submissive but he wanted to please Paul orally, which would please him at the same time. Nothing made him happier than to have a nice juicy member in his mouth with the time to really enjoy sucking it. Paul on the other hand wanted to have Matt suck his cock and all that came with it, but Paul made it clear that he did not plan to reciprocate. They were a great match.

“Perfect just perfect, I can suck his cock without being bothered by someone wanting to suck me.” Matt thought when they had chatted online.

Paul thought, “He wants to suck my cock and all I need to do is enjoy it, this is great"!

When they finished their coffee Paul suggested that they have desert at his house.

The plan was made!

Matt followed Paul to his home; Paul’s wife was away visiting her mother for a few days.

The front of the home looked like one that you would find on a Christmas card by Currier and Ives. The house was red brick with a large white front door that had a seasonal wreath nicely placed on the front.

As the walked in the front door Paul asked Matt to wait and make himself comfortable while he changed clothes. Matt felt very comfortable here; it was a beautiful home and a very bright family room. The room had a large walk in hearth, and a baby grand piano.

Matt was looking around when Paul came back in wearing boxers and a T-Shirt.

“God he looked good,” Matt thought as he saw Paul coming across the room. Paul had legs that were meant for boxer shorts. Matt was devouring him with his eyes, he wondered if Paul noticed.

“I’m still a little nervous,” Matt told him. Paul just smiled lifted his new friends hand and put it on his ass.

“Relax, we’re just friends and we have the house to ourselves. I don’t bite but I hope you do” Paul said with a smile.

”I feel like a kid at Christmas about to open his best present”, said Matt.

Paul smiled and said, “it seems that we’re both getting a present today” as he walked closer to the couch where Matt was sitting.

Paul took Matt’s head and gently pulled it against his boxers. Paul loved this little bit of dominance. He arched his back and pushed his hips toward Matt’s face so he would be able to feel the thickness of his new play toy. He loved that Matt never once tried to pull his head away, “I’ve got him”, Paul thought.

Matt felt his face rub over Paul’s member, and he loved it. He put his hands on the back of Paul’s thighs and rubbed them slowly up and down as his cheeks rubbed his friends endowment. “Quite a lump”, Matt thought it felt dreamy.

He thought to himself, “how hot is this, I can feel his cock but can’t see it yet”. Talk about suspense, Matt was dying to move along.

“You feel wonderful Matt told him, your member feels so warm even through these boxers”.

“It will get hotter for you in just a few minutes” Paul said.

Paul stepped back and with one leg at a time he stepped out of his boxers first followed by his T-shirt. He was naked and reached for Matt’s hand.

Paul slowly sat back into his chair.

“I want you to suck my cock nice and slowly, just like we discussed” Paul said.

Paul sat in his chair and slouched back with his open legs sprawled out in front of him, his heels were embedded in the carpet for support. This was favorite position because it allowed his friend full access to his cock while Paul could rest and enjoy the pleasure. His wife had done this for him when they were engaged but marriage changed that.

“I hope you don’t mind but I love to have my cock sucked while I sit” he said. “I’ll get a great view of you swallowing my cock.” Paul said with a smile.

Sitting down also allowed him to stretch his arms and hands down and hold the other persons head while they sucked his cock. He could “help” Matt to find the sensitive spots on his cock’s shaft by lightly guiding his head to his hot spots.

His wife used to let him hold her head, but that also changed, she said it was demeaning to her. She said that if she had to suck his cock it would be done her way. Unfortunately for Paul he loved this little bit of control and now it was lost with his wife.

Today though he would hold Matt’s head until he shot his load deep into his mouth. He wondered how Matt would look with his cock in his throat and a load in his mouth?

Paul reached down with both hands and surrounded his package using his thumbs and index fingers to lift and wave his manhood at Matt. His cock head was bouncing slightly and his shaft was more soft than hard.

Matt loved the look of this cock staring right back at him; his eyes were locked on Paul’s waving member. Paul's thick cock was the object of Matt's desire, it make his mouth water and his nostrils flare.

His member had a hypnotic effect on Matt; it beckoned him to suck it. Seeing this beautiful cock in front of him set Matt on fire, he could feel his body heat up and his own package grow.

“Suck my cock for me, “ Paul said. “I haven’t had a blow job in a month and I’m hoping that you are as anxious as I am to have my cock in your mouth”

As Paul spoke Matt nervously licked his lips, this did not go unnoticed by Paul, he was recognized how anxious Matt was.

Matt answered by kneeling down in front of Paul’s member. As he took just the head of his wonderful cock between his lips he closed his eyes and moaned.

He kept sucking just the head of Paul’s cock, loving the smell and taste; Matt felt that he could do this all night. Paul’s cock head was full and soft, almost spongy, it reminded Matt of a plum but not quite so large.

Paul sat back in the chair and looked in astonishment at Matt. He never had someone just suck his cock head and use their tongue like that. He felt Matt’s tongue lightly tease and encircle his head and running back to his glans. It was as if his tongue was coaxing his liquid out of him.

“I going to cum to soon,” Paul thought.

Paul put his hand behind Matt’s head and easily pulled him closer to his cock.

“Open up Matt, I want all of my cock in your mouth while it’s still soft”.

“Me too, ” Matt said.

He opened his mouth and let the beautiful cock slide all the way in. Paul’s thick cock seemed to be sliding into his mouth in slow motion. It felt so natural to have his member deep in his mouth, dancing on the flat of his tongue.

Matt looked up and their eyes locked. Paul had on a face of total contentment and pleasure. He watched as Paul closed his eyes for a moment and opened his mouth to let a genuine sigh escape from his lips.

Paul spoke,” Please keep it all in your mouth and just nurse on it for a while, just nurse on it.”

Matt could feel my cheeks hollow as he nursed his shaft, Matt was about to shoot in his pants. He reached down and unzipped his pants to release his member, he was rock hard and ready to explode.

“MMMMM” was all he could say, this was so wonderful to feel Paul’s fat member pulsating in his mouth while he stroked his own cock.

Paul was starting to tingle all over; he could feel his body beginning to perspire. Every nerve in his body was pointed toward his shaft; he knew that he was ready to explode.

“Please don’t stop tonguing the shaft, keep nursing me I’m ready.” said Paul. “Let me shoot in your mouth,” he said.

Paul held one hand under Matt’s chin, and one behind his head. Paul rocked his hips in rhythm but he would just barely move his cock in and out while he nursed on it.

Matt loved the feeling of rolling his tongue rolling over Paul’s member as he nursed on his leaking shaft. He found that he got the best response by curling his tongue and slowly running it back and forth on the belly of his Paul’s cock shaft.

The second time that Matt did this, Paul exploded.

His pulsating cock squirted and squirted liquid into Matt’s eager mouth. Matt loved the taste enough, but the feel of Paul’s cock pulsating against his tongue made Matt shoot his load.

Matt thought that this was so heavenly; he clearly loved sucking Paul’s cock. Matt realized today that nothing excited him like the feel of someone’s cock pulsating on his tongue, that was heaven.

To be continued.

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