tagInterracial LoveWhat a Mistletoe Can Do

What a Mistletoe Can Do


"Oh my gosh, Addy!" She screamed when I opened the door.

There she stood, wearing a overly thick thermal coat, huge pants that looked like you could have your own heating unit kept in there, and some earmuffs that hung from her neck. "Gah, you still calling me Addy, Laila?" I chuckled and gave her a signal to come in as I picked up her bags. "Damn! You do know you're only going to be here for a week and not two months, right?" Those bags were so heavy compared to what I expected it to be. I always wondered about that with women. Every single trip or vacation meant bring the closet., then you look at men's bag and find a pair of jeans and two shirts and maybe three boxers.

"Hush!" Laila busted out laughing and she closed the door. "Brrr! That was one hell of a walk up here. It is so cold out there! My teeth were chattering so hard, my vision blurred! Ya know, black people and cold don't go together? I must be one crazy girl doing this." That made me laugh so hard I couldn't carry her bags any further without tripping. "Haha, I'm just kidding!...But no, seriously...And Addy, don't I get a hug? It's been a few years." Smiling, I turned to her and gave her a friendly hug. She still seemed to wear the same perfume, Lucky. It smelled really feminine, something that I thought she would never be. It felt like it was forever since I had seen her, hell it was forever and we lived in the same city! Laila was such a relief to be around too with her comments, crazy sense of humor, and her acts of kindness; you don't find too many friends like that anymore. Even her slightly rasped voice was calming now; I hadn't seen her in about four years and she looked so much different by the few brief moments of her being at the cabin. She and my sister, Candace, had been best friends since pre-k. Now twenty years old and grown, she pretty much still acted the same way, obviously. Being the big brother, I usually took on the role of annoying the hell out of them both back then but Laila was a true friend and was there for Candace when no else could be, so I never really messed with her too much. Then again, I never knew anything about Laila as well. I was kind of nosy remembering the first time I asked Candace about Laila's life and Candace deserted me so fast to avoid the question. Pft. Girls and their secrets. Anyways, the last time I saw Laila, she wore huge grandma glasses and baggy clothes that never accentuated her body. She was okay looking but nothing else.

"I'll go set your bags in your room. Kitchens 'round the left. Fix yourself some hot chocolate and get warmed up or something." I gathered my composure again and went up the stairs with her luggage to the bedroom two doors down from mine; I knew for a fact that Candace would want a room beside me and Laila. It took me a bit to tidy up her room, I wasn't expecting her to be here so early. In fact, she's was whole day early for the vacation. Before I started cleaning up, I went to the mirror in the room and made sure I looked decent. I thought for a guy who is twenty-five, I looked pretty damned good. I was white, about 6"3', dark brown hair that was cut short, green eyes, bushy eyebrows. The face is clear, luckily, so no problems with acne. I had braces when I was a kid to make my teeth awesome, so my smile usually is what gets attention. I loved working out, I was pretty buff, not body builder buff, but close enough. I liked being able to pick women up and get a little rowdy when we would have sex; it turned me on knowing that I could still have more control, strength wise at least. Tangled hair and tangled sheets were what I loved waking up to the next morning. Anyways, I ran my fingers through my hair a few times and headed to the door.

Candace got tired of calling everyone all the time during college and life itself so she came up with a plan to get us all together, kind of like a reunion. It would be me, Laila, Candace, and Mark, Candace's boyfriend. My parents thought it was a great idea and rented out a cabin where your sweat pretty much froze before it left a pore. This would be the first Christmas away from home without Mom and Dad but they were probably ecstatic to have a Christmas alone and to themselves. I was just hoping it wasn't going to be awkward because I know that Laila used to have a huge crush on me back in high school. Yeah, I know it was a really long time ago, but we never settled the matter. I just wasn't attracted to her at the time and I was sex hungry those years. I didn't want to come in between Candace and Laila, and Laila was and still is too sweet to turn her into a sex nymph for my likings. It just never happened back then, but she seemed to have been over it so by all means, let's not mention it.

After I had gotten her room looking okay about twenty minutes later, I walked back downstairs and into the kitchen where, unexpectedly, I didn't find her. "Um, Laila? Where are you?" I took off into the living room and saw Laila passed out on the couch. I could hear these faint little huffs of air leaving her lungs and I was tickled. "That tired, huh?" I asked to myself. I left and returned with one of the cabins thick blankets and fanned it over her. As I did this, I looked at her once more. She was on her side, giving a view of her profile. Laila's hands were both between her legs, in a fetal position, trying to keep her body warm. She didn't look the same at all. In fact...she was...beautiful. Weird. She had her short bob hairdo colored jet black that complimented her facial structure, eyes that were softly closed with eyelashes so naturally long, high cheekbones, small pinched nose, and nice, full lips filled in with a sparkly lip gloss. And all of this went in a beautiful contrast against her brown skin. I don't know how long I stared in awe, but apparently I guess I was there too long because eventually Laila opened up her eyes, directed at mine. She jumped up extremely quick, "Whoa, what? I fell asleep?"

"Yeah," I replied awkwardly. I thought to myself, please don't say anything, please don't say anything.

"Wow...I must've been---," while yawning, "really beat. I guess a nap wouldn't hurt but I shouldn't take one right now." She twisted her body forward and sat up. She gently rubbed her left eye, I guess getting rid of the sand from her eyes.

"I saw you down here and, uh, came back with the covers. Thought you might've been a bit chilly."

"Oh, thanks!" She slid the covers off her legs, "But I was actually kind of burning up. I think that huge hill I had to walk up to get her finally took its toll after you went upstairs. It was that cold, hot feeling. You no what I mean?"

"Um..." I just grinned and slowly shook my head.

Laila just chuckled. "Gah, you never know what I mean, silly." She stood up and started walking towards the stairs to her room. "Which room is mine? I'm going to go change into something that's not soaked with melted snow." I showed her where her room was and she walked into the room and turned around only to say, "I'll be back down in a few! I'll take you up on that hot chocolate. I might get cold by the time I change.."

"Sure thing. Then we can talk about what has been going on with each other."

I must've been really out of it to think about how different she looks. Why am I noticing this now? Those were the first two sentences to appear in my head after I walked back.

It annoyed me, made me wish she didn't get here early, because then maybe I wouldn't have noticed her. But I had an entire day to gawk at her. I took two mugs and filled it with some warm water and then put them in the microwave to make sure it was hot and not just lukewarm. As the microwave went off, I took out two packs of hot chocolate mix and set the on the table. I heard Laila's shoes hit the steps as she began to head towards the kitchen. My back was turned towards her, as I was getting the mugs out. When I turned around, I almost did a double take. Laila looked...good. Really good. She was messing with her phone, probably went through texts. Her eyes looked down at her screen, and I looked down her body. She was amazingly slim, fit. She wore a creamy off-white long sleeved sweater that went down as a V, exposing a sexy amount of cleavage. My eyes continued further down and saw her skinny black jeans that seemed like they hugged her ass tightly and a pair of black boots. Why was she standing out to me so much now? I looked at her face as she smiled from a text, I assumed. Her smile was near perfect. Amazing white straight teeth, her high cheekbones stretched upwards, making her entire face edible. I cleared my throat and she glanced up at me.

"Oh, hey! So hot chocolate?"

Hell yeah, I thought. "Yeah! Just have a seat at the table, I'll bring the cups and water."

"Cool. Thanks again for making me some. It is a bit chilly now that I have all those layers of clothes off."

She walked over to the table and took a seat. Her eyes looked up at me and twinkled. I thought I was starting to have a small crush on her and I hadn't even sat down with her to talk. I picked up the cups and headed towards the table and set them down with two spoons held between my fingers. I pulled out my chair and slid to her her water and let out a heavy sign as I begun mixing my drink to perfection. Laila reached into her pants pocket and pulled out a small container. "Sorry, I have to take my birth control monthly. I can forget easily so I'm doing it now. Sorry if that's weird for you." I shook my head and tried to change the subject.

"So! What made you come a day early? Not that I have a problem with it, I'm just curious."

"Well, Candace was supposed to be here tomorrow, I was going to get here early and fool her into thinking I wasn't going to be able to come. And then I could surprise her. And...I got the dates mixed up too, ha. But I knew you would probably be here a few days before, so no camping outside for me tonight, thankfully. But I don't know if I'll trick Candace, I know she would probably cry. So I just text her saying I was already here waiting for her slow ass to get here."

"Ah, I see."

"So, how have you been? Life? Relationships? Blah, blah, blah?"

"Um, well not much. Still working. Still selling houses and giving tours. I make enough money to afford a condo, I live by myself of course. I've had a few relationships, one was serious, but she left me for another asshole who made a little bit more money than me."

"No way! What a bitch..." She glanced up at me. "Oh, sorry. I guess I shouldn't judge her like that, I don't even know her."

"No," I replied.

"Oh...I didn't know---"

"No. She was a bitch." We laughed a for a good few minutes talking about my life, but mostly what a terrible person my ex was. I didn't mention this, but she taught me so much with sex. What a woman liked, how she liked to be touched, when she liked being dominated or controlled. Unfortunately, I hadn't had anyone since her to sex up at all. "Well, what about you, Laila? What's your story?"

"Hmm," she sat her hot chocolate down on the table and smiled back at me with those stunning eyes, "Hm. I have no story, Addy. Same ol' same ol'. Living with two people back in Texas, one of which is my ex. He cheated on me so I left him. He was alright as a boyfriend but an asshole after the ordeal and still continues to be. Still working towards my design major. Umm, That is pretty much it."

"What of the other roommate?"

"Oh! Sandy. She's super sweet in person and a freak when she parties, a bit much for me sometimes."

"Haha, there is no way that is all that has been happening in your life!" I said. She laughed and retaliated.

"Yes it is! Don't be mad you never talked to me before now."

There was a pause. "Why...did I never talk to you before now? You seem really nice to talk to and stuff."

"I don't know, Addy." She looked down at the table and her smile slowly started to fade.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked, getting confused.


"Nothing is always something Laila. Tell me." It appeared that it took her forever to sum up was she was trying to say.

"Well, Addy...I had a really big crush on you from the time you started high school til almost the first year of college for you."

"What? No way!" I was so, so shocked, I couldn't know how to reply to that statement. I knew she had a crush on me, but for that long? "Well...wow...umm---"

Laughing, "It's okay, it was a really long time ago and we're both adults now. I just never thought you were interested in me, that's all. I told Candace on accident and didn't want her to tell you so she said she wouldn't; Candace has a bug mouth sometimes."

"Oh, that explains why she never answered."

"Answered what?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Hm, well anyways Mr.-Nothing-is-Always-Something," shrugging her shoulders, "I was pretty fascinated with everything you did back then. You were the first guy I had ever wanted to kiss. I had always thought what it would feel like." She glanced at me and I felt like I was in a hold by her look she gave me. "But, I was in middle school. Cheesy, right?"

I didn't break the hold that we had up but I pulled up a smile and simply replied to her, "No, not at all." Laila's eyes got bigger and she pulled her look away from me and cleared her throat.

"Well. Thanks for the, um, tea, I mean, hot chocolate. It was really good, but I think my pillow is calling me name."

"No problem, I enjoyed catching up, really. It's nice to finally know more about you personally."

"Yeah, same here."

I got up when she did and grabbed her cup, "One second, I'll walk you back to your room, I'm going to take a nap too." As I rinsed out the dishes, I looked over my shoulder to where she stood. Above her head was a mistletoe, and she was completely unaware of it being there. Being sneaky and coy, the dishes were put up and my body started going towards hers. We both stood under the doorway and she raised an eyebrow.

"What? Why are you staring at me like that?"

I cleared my throat and pointed a finger up at the mistletoe. "It seems we are under a mistletoe."

Blushing, "Addy...no." She laughed and began to walk away. I touched her shoulder and she stopped in her tracks. Once I was in front of her again, I leaned down and placed a small kiss onto her cheek. Her eyelids remained towards the floor, her lashes elongated.

"C'mon, I'll walk you to your room." The walk to her door had to have been the longest travel in my life. The tension built up.

"Alright, um, thanks. I'm just going to sleep for two hours. It's only about 11:00A.M."

"Right. Well I'll see you in two hours, I guess." I guided myself away from her and to my room. "But, Laila?" She stuck her head out her door and glanced down the hall to me.


"Just for the record, I really don't think it was cheesy." That was the last thing I said to her before shutting myself up in my room to sleep. Before I started to doze off, I kept thinking about that peck on the cheek. I wish I could know her better, start something new. Maybe I should've gave her a peck on the lips, but that wouldn't be friendly, right? Well, it is only the first day with her being here and everyone else should be here tomorrow. What was the worst that could've happened?


A loud rumble woke me up out of my sleep. I flew out the bed when my phone was buzzing. I picked it up, "Hello? Hello?"

"Addison Lemack?"


"Lemack, this is Mr. Roy coming from the base of the cabin resort. This is an emergency. An avalanche is heading towards your cabin right now."

"Shit! Well We can run down---"

"---NO! You'd never make it to your car. It's too far. Stay inside the house. Go into a room with no windows. I know you have one more person there, get her and go now. I'll notify authorities, but this is one hell of an avalanche, the roads will be covered and that's the only what we can find you. We'll get to you before the week is over, when the snow storm ends. Wait it out and do not go near any doors leading outside. This is one of the worst storms we have had here in a long time."

I'm not going to lie, but I panicked. This was some shit luck I was having. This was supposed to be a Christmas holiday break, not some tortuous prison. "Damn it, well Mr. Roy, contact my sister and let her know. I will call as soon as possible." I threw my phone on the bed and ran out to get to Laila. I busted through her door and screamed her name, "Laila, get the fuck out of bed, there's an avalanche that's headed our way!"

She rose up, screamed when she saw me, and shouted, "What the fuck? Addison get out of my room, I'm half naked!" Of course she didn't hear what just said. I ran to her bed and pulled her arm,

"Get up. There's an avalanche and we need to get to the bathroom right now." The lights flickered and went out. Great. I stormed to her bedside and grabbed her.

"What?! Avalanche?!" She fell out the bed with the covers wrapped tightly around her body. Hastily, we went into her bathroom for the lack of windows. I shut the door and told her to get in the bathtub. I joined her and she started freaking out, unaware of what was happening. That was one hell of a way of waking up from a nap, I'll tell you that. The rumbling got louder and louder until we could hear the chunks of snow fall and hit the cabin. I could see the light from under the door turn into a shaded, dark area. Laila twisted in fear and held onto me. I held her in my arms, her head against my chest as the entire event occurred. About twenty minutes, we stayed in the same spot without moving. I didn't know when it was safe to get out, and I didn't know if I should. I never heard anything break, so hopefully none of the snow got inside, but it was becoming extremely chilly. I felt Laila start shivering underneath the sheets. I had forgotten she was naked.

"Oh shit, you must be freezing. Here, put my shirt on." I unbuttoned and took off my long sleeved shirt and gave it to her. It was pitch black in the room and she fiddled around for me when I pulled away from her.

"It's okay, Addison."

"Addison? Wow, you must be really shook up to call me my full name. Here. Take the shirt and put it on. I'll even turn away. But please, keep yourself warm." My back was facing her and I heard her sigh and shuffle around as she put the shirt on.

I convinced her to stay in the bathroom while I checked out the rest of the house to make sure it was safe, get the generators out, and light some candles.


It was about maybe 6:00P.M. I spent most of the time trying to calm Laila. None of the windows or doors were broken, but I did get some wood planks I found in the basement and nailed the main doors and windows that seemed to be weak. There was no signal, no one ever reached Mr. Roy again. I turned on the first generator. Each generator lasted about sixteen hours on about seven gallons of fuel. Balancing that between the candles, we should have been fine. I sat on the couch in the living room while Laila paced back and forth. She was still wearing my shirt, but had just put some black sweat pants on. Despite her worry, she looked really good in my shirt. After while I spoke up.

"Sit down," I told her in the most serious voice I could summon.

She sat..

"Look, we will be alright. The snow storm will pass in a few days. I know we're trapped here, but we have to keep this off our minds right now, right? She looked away from me.

"No, but I know you want me to," she said back, I saw the fear almost burst from her. I hated that this had to happen to us, but her mostly. I wanted to make sure she would be safe and I would comfort her when she felt scared. She was so delicate at this moment that she could have had a mental breakdown if I wasn't there to keep her calm.

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