tagGay MaleWhat a Night!

What a Night!


I thought I might surprise my wife and head home a day early from a long boring conference in Chattanooga. However the surprise was mine when my fan belt broke on the interstate about a hundred miles from home.

I coasted into a truck stop in the middle of nowhere. There were only three trucks there so it was pretty quiet. I walked into the store there was only one cashier. Which I thought was kind of odd I smiled at her and she smiled back. I made my way to the rest room. I could see the feet of some one in the shitter. I unzipped my shorts and proceeded to drain my cock. I finished pissing and turned as I was zipping my pants. That's when I seen my cock was inches away from a tongue that was sticking through a glory hole.

"Shit" I said to myself

No one was around so what the hell. I pulled my cock back out and laid it upon the sweetest lips that I ever laid my cock on. My newfound friend was sucking my cock like it was the last one on this world. I dropped my shorts all the way to the floor and stepped out of them, while my cocksucker worshipped my cock.

He was sliding my cock in and of his mouth. I was slamming my pelvis against the wall. I was trying to force all of my cock down his throat.

I was getting close to cumming and my friend sensed this and took his mouth off my cock. His stall opened up and out walked this gorgeous stud wearing nothing. His cock was hard and standing about 8 inches tall. My mouth found his as we explored each other's mouth. I could taste my cock on his breath and it drove me insane. It had been 10 years since I tasted a cock and I thought I would never taste one again.

I dropped to my knees kissing my lover all the way down his chest. To his stomach and finally I was inches from his cum dripping cock. I licked the head, scooping up all his cum I could. He was leaking lick a faucet and tasted soooooo sweet.

I opened my mouth and he drove his cock down my throat. Lighting flashed through the small window as I sucked him like a wild whore. I closed my eyes as more lighting flashed. He was fucking my mouth hard and fast. I knew he couldn't hold out much longer and then he stopped and pulled out of my mouth. I started to protest but he turned we around and pushed me up against the wall. He rubbed my ass sliding a finger up my love tunnel. He stroked his finger in and out and then I felt him breathing on my boy-pussy. His tongue sent shock waves through out my whole body. Damn I was going cum with his tongue in my ass. His tongue play ended and he replaced it with that monster cock of his. He slide it all the way in. I felt his balls smack mine. He reached around and started stroking my cock.

Damn it must be coming up one hell of a storm out side it is lighting ever few seconds now.

My lover fucked and stroked me in perfect rhythm. I started cumming shooting my cum all over the wall. My lover let go off my deflating cock and started really fucking my ass. He would shove it all the way end and pull it nearly all the way out. I was about to pass out when he shoved his cock in as far as he could and began filling me up with his love seed.

After he squirted what had to be a gallon of love seed in me he pulled out. I could fill his cum running out off my ass and down my leg. I slumped over a urinal to catch my breath. I opened my eyes and I was alone. I gathered my shorts. I slid them on there wasn't any paper towels to clean up with. I wipe as much of his spunk as I could with my hand and licked them clean. Damn I felt so alive.

I opened the door of the rest room. I had forgotten all about the cashier. I walked past her trying not to make eye contact. I could see her staring at me with a little smile on her face. Did she know? Did she hear? Oh my god did she see us? I made it out the door and hurried to my car. I stared up at the stars and smiled. I needed this night. Maybe I'll find my way back here again.

A day doesn't go by that I don't think about the fun I had at the truck stop. I made it home. My wife was at work. I changed out of my clothes and took a long shower. My ass was still sore from that fucking I took.

A couple of weeks later I was home alone and I was surfing the net. I was looking for pictures of some hot hunks. I came to one site that advertised amateurs. In one gallery something seemed so familiar and then it hit me.

The pictures were from that truck stop. There I was sucking cock, getting sucked and being fucked. How could this happen.

"Ah shit" I murmured. "That explains all the lighting and no rain"

Who took the pictures? I thumbed my way through all 150 pictures, saving every one of them. There I was on my knees sucking cock like a whore, getting fucked in the ass by my one night lover.

I had to go back. I had to. My knees were shaking as I walked into the truck stop. The same cashier was on duty she smiled as I walked past her to the restroom. I don't think she remembered me. I opened the door. No one was in there. I went to the stall stripped out of my clothes except for my panties. I waited and after ten minutes I heard the door open. Two men were talking. I peered through the glory hole one was at the sink. He was about 50 years old. The other man stepped up to the urinal. He was a lot younger about 25. I watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest black cock I had ever seen it had to be 15 inches long and all muscle.

"Hey Yank looks like we got a lot lizard in the shitter."

"Ah shit Cowboy, I don't want none of that."

"Well it's been a long ride and I think I'll just see how much I can stick in this hole."

I heard the door open and close as Cowboy turned and started feeding me his cock through the glory hole. I licked the head. Savoring his salty cock. It was all I could do to get about half of his love stick in my throat. I was sucking his cock as if there was no tomorrow. I could feel his cock beginning to swell as I pumped him with my hand. He pulled out my throat until his massive head rested on my lips. Then I opened my mouth wide as he shot his white love seed into my mouth. After he finished cumming all over my face, I sucked up and down the sides of his cock. This was driving him wild. He was screaming out in pleasure. Finally it was all he could take and he pulled his cock out of the glory hole and shoved a twenty-dollar bill through the hole. I waited about ten minutes after he left and I got dressed and left the restroom. I picked up a pack of gum and headed to the cashier.

She looked at me and said. "Will this be all"? She had a wicked little grin on her face.

"Yes that is all I need for now."

"Cum Back tomorrow and what you were looking for will be here waiting on you."

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