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What a Ride


I didn't like taking the train, back then, especially the night train. But then there was really no other way from Warsaw to Wroclaw if you didn't have a car.

To save time, I took the night train which left Warsaw at about 9 pm arriving in Wroclaw about 6 the next morning (it stopped for a couple of hours between Wroclaw and Poznan). Usually I got a sleeper car (with two bunk beds or three depending on the class). They were sold out, so I got a first class ticket, hoping that it would not be either full (six seats) or empty except for me (not so safe).

As I boarded the train and found my compartment, I was disappointed. An older man, clearly drunk, was passed out lying across one side of the two facing rows of seats. The stench was awful, but after a quick check of the train's other compartments I realized I was out of luck.

As the train started, I cracked open the window and buttoned up my coat, it was going to be a long night of choices between the winter air and noise of the train moving and the smell of a drunk.

You might wonder how I knew so much about traveling in Poland. I was a graduate student of Slavic linguistics working at a couple of universities in Poland on updating the teaching of Polish to foreigners on a fellowship. It was 1992 and there was tremendous change in Eastern Europe. I was excited to be there.

I also didn't look like a stereotypical PhD student. I was 26 but looked several years younger. I wasn't that tall but well built and sporty from years of swimming and rowing. Very American looking, which was a good thing because the local women were quite aggressive: there seemed to be a link between political repression and sexual repression. They were glad it was over and so was I. It was good to be young.

The trains clacking slowed as it stopped in Konin and broke my reverie. My compartment opened and a middle-aged woman, in her mid to late 40s entered the compartment. She was a little disappointed to see the drunk and me (I think she was trying to figure out if we were connected or I was dangerous). After a few seconds, and a wan smile from my face, she dropped her bag and wandered off, probably looking for better quarters. A few moments later she returned to sit down, acting like she forgot something.

My eyes spied over the novel I was reading. She was wearing a long dark woolen skirt and tights that hid her legs pretty well, a fairly tight wool sweater revealed large breasts. She had old fashioned, and not fashionable glasses, but her expression was pleasant and the shape of her face and curve of her neck were slim and well formed. Her hair was short and sort of boyish. Probably a schoolteacher.

The cold air though was bothering her; she closed the window but within 5 minutes gave me a long look as the smell of the drunk got to her. I smiled looking for some empathy; she kept my eyes almost measuring me up, but didn't say a word. She went to her bag and got out a light wool comforter Ð why she packed this in her suitcase I don't know Ð and pulled up her legs into the middle seat covering herself. As she did this she looked at me with an invitation and gestured that I could use it as well.

Gratefully I removed my shoes and put my feet under the cover as I slid my legs into the middle seat as well. It felt good to get my feet warm.

Despite the cold I wasn't wearing socks, which she reacted to immediately, raising an eyebrow. Our toes touched underneath the blanket and the warmth of her feet Ð against the cold of mine Ð seemed to light a spark, I was embarrassed to look up at her. She surprised me again by retreating to get up and turn off the compartment light.

When she sat back down, her feet immediately touched mine and seemed to go further along my ankles and calves. The warmth of her toes was soothing and I could feel my dick starting to harden, thank God I was under the blanket.

I looked at her; she had closed her eyes and removed her glasses, almost as though I weren't there. As her feet had moved, my own had gotten tangled inside her skirt and I felt them rest on her ankles and as I moved Ð to get comfortable Ð they inched up her calves.

She shifted and stretched. Very quickly, I was near her knees and the tights stopped. I stretched my toes out on the back of her knees and thighs. Her skin was silky and smooth, soft É I stretched my hips feeling my erection lengthen and I was sure I saw her eyes open taking in my reaction.

Slowly her own legs extended till her feet were resting on my thighs. I reached my hands out and began to massage, very gently her feet. Her legs opened in response, allowing my right food to slide up further underneath her skirt until it reached the V of her thighs and my toes felt the cotton of her panties.

We stayed like this for a few minutes, acting asleep while I was rubbing one of her feet and slowly rotating my toes and foot around looking for access to her pussy. Then her second foot slip up and pushed against my cock. My erection throbbed as I pushed slowly back at her foot. With this she opened her thighs further allowing me to push the ball of my foot against her cunt. I could feel its warmth through her panties.

Then the door to the compartment opened and the ticket controller entered, jarring our eyes open. I had to remove my foot, I am sure he realized where it was, from under the cover and her skirt, as I needed to stand and collect my ticket from my backpack.

Ignoring the drunk he then looked to my lady companion who pulled her ticket out from her purse, as she too had had to sit up. I watched her eyes as they eyed my erection in my blue jeans. I was so excited I could be sure what she wanted so as the conductor left I decided to take a risk.

Mumbling something in to her about comfort, instead of putting my feet out to meet hers, I put my head on my coat and placed it at the edge of her seat about waist high and outside the blanket. I then pulled the blanket over my torso and feet and arms, which I rested on her skirt-clad thighs.

She didn't react at first, but slowly extended her legs down to my thighs, which I pulled up giving her access to my cock (although I'd lost my erection). I reached up one arm to the level of her head and she rested her head near my hand, allowing me to twirl her short hair.

My other hand slipped down and underneath her skirt meeting no resistance as I reached her knee. With my fingers gently kneading her thigh, I moved upward (erection returning).

She hesitated feeling my cock harden and realizing the location of my hand. Her legs squeezed slightly together, not sure whether she was protecting herself or seeking more friction. I waited for a couple of moments before continuing my journey. She began to open her thighs succumbing to my kneading, her thighs supple and buttery.

By the time my fingers found her panties, the ball of her foot was rubbing slowly up and down my cock and her dampness was evident. I quickly reached under her waistband and discovered that she had thick pubic hair and large cunt lips. My fingers played along the edge pushing it aside to feel her moist slit and then to her clit where I teased her, causing a moan to escape from her lips and she opened her mouth for my finger which she began to suck in rhythm with my hips pushing back against her foot.

Her hips also began to gyrate as she opened up to take two fingers. Suddenly she bit my finger and stiffened in an orgasm on my hand sending a small but noticeable stream of love juices over my fingers. At this feeling, I came in my pants as she masturbated me with her foot.

We both lay out of breath for a second, suddenly aware of our intimacy and the fact that we had hardly looked at each other.

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