What a Travel Day


I saw the flight attendant with his back to me pouring a cup of coffee and Brooke standing outside the galley. She flashed a subtle thumbs up. The coast was clear.

Maybe it was the rush of everything that just happened or maybe it was my brain wanting to make sure it could commit this memory deep into my consciousness, but as soon as I sat down at my seat, I was out like a light.

I woke up to the Captain announcing we would be landing in Jacksonville shortly.


After we landed, I waited for Brooke at the arrival gate. She was rubbing her eyes as she walked into the terminal. It looked like she had drifted off as well.

"Pleasant flight?" I asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Pretty good. Kind of uneventful to be honest." She said it casually, but couldn't quite suppress a grin.

As we walked through the airport, making our way to the bus terminal, we chatted. It was the kind of chatter that usually happens first.

She told me about her sister's wedding, how she had gone out west for a two-year Master's program, and how she was looking forward to moving back east.

I tried to explain what I did for my job, but since it's something I'm not exactly proud of, I ended up telling her more about my family and how I was hoping to quit soon.

"If you want to quit, what are you waiting for?"

It was a fair question and one that I had asked myself a lot lately.

"I guess I'm just waiting for the program to end. It's four years, so I've already done most of it. Plus I've heard you can get some really great jobs once you finish it."

"Jobs you'd like to have more than this one?"

Yep, she was cutting through the BS I had been telling myself. I thought about it for a minute.

"No. Not really. But they do pay a little bit better."

"Alright Jake, I know you're not asking, but I'm going to give you some advice anyways. I've met a lot of guys in fancy management programs and at big, important investment banks. You're not like them. In fact you're nothing like them. And that's a really good thing. I know you got started down this path, but it doesn't mean you're stuck on it. No one's making you do it. You have a choice. It's a big world out there. You're the kind of decent person who can accomplish something really interesting in it."

She didn't say anything else and I didn't say anything either. I spent the rest of our walk thinking about what she said. I didn't fit in at my job and I definitely didn't like it. I didn't know what I could accomplish in the world, but I did know that I wasn't going to find out in conferences rooms like the one I was at today.

For such a crazy fucking day, I was starting to feel pretty at peace.


We threw our bags under the bus and made our way on board. With the flight and time change, it was now a little bit after 11pm. As you'd expect, the 11:07 Greyhound leaving from Jacksonville wasn't particularly full.

I handed my ticket to the bus driver and scanned the scene in front of us. There were maybe 10 or 15 people on the bus, most were sleeping, and the ones who weren't shifted their focus to Brooke. A few eyes flickered back to me in apparent confusion before settling back on Brooke. If she noticed the attention, she didn't show it.

We headed about half-way back to a pretty desolate part of the bus. Brooke sat down. I went a row further and sat behind her.

"Really?" she said, with an eyebrow raise.

"Hey, I didn't want to make any assumptions... we just met each other after all."

"Very funny. Get up here."

I smiled and sat down next to her. She had already lifted up the arm rest.

"You've got a very big day tomorrow and need your rest, but before you fall asleep, there are a few things I have to give you."

"Excuse me?" she said, with genuine confusion.

"The wedding is tomorrow, but we have something to celebrate today. Don't think I forgot what you told me back at the check-in counter. Yesterday was the last class of the last credit of your Master's program. That means we've got to celebrate you completing your Masters!"

I reached down to briefcase and pulled out a bag. While Brooke was in the restroom in the bus terminal, I made a quick trip over to the news stand and gift shop. It wasn't exactly the best selection of gifts, but I made it work.

"I hope you don't mind that I didn't have time to wrap them. To be honest, I'm really not very good at gift wrapping, so this is probably a better situation anyways."

When I looked up at Brooke, she had a hand over her mouth and didn't say anything. She seemed to be in genuine shock.

"Well, don't get too excited. You don't know what's in here yet."

She moved her hand from her mouth to my knee. "Jake, it could be a bag of peanuts and it would still be the most thoughtful gift someone has given me in a really long time."

"In that case, bad news first. They were out of peanuts."

She let out one of her big laughs. Someone a few rows in front of us looked back.

"First up..." I reached into the bag and pulled out a thick softcover book and handed it to her.

"This is the 2017 Farmer's Almanac. I thought maybe you could use a little help with your weather related planning. I was told by store clerk that the forecasts in here are very accurate. Keep this with you at all times, and you'll never get caught in a snowstorm unaware again."

Brooke was laughing as I handed it to her.

"Ohhhhh yes! This is perfect. You know I was running out of space on my phone, so now I can finally delete all those weather apps. Thank you Jake!" She squeezed my knee as she said it.

"Alright next up..." I reached back into the bag and pulled out a neon green hoodie sweatshirt brightly emblazoned with pink 'JAX' lettering. Shockingly, I had pulled it out of the clearance bin.

"So, when we were in the lavatory, I couldn't help but notice, that you looked a little bit chilly. Next time, you can just pop this on."

I handed her the sweatshirt. She was shaking her head, fighting back an even bigger grin.

"Oh, you would have liked it if I had covered up a bit more in there?"

"You know, I'm not really one to comment on other people's wardrobe decisions, but I'll say this. Being topless just doesn't seem all that practical for travel."

"Shhhhhhh" she laughed, looking around to make sure no one could hear us.

"Alright, last present..."

I reached into the gift shop bag and pulled out the last gift. It was a hardcover copy of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss.

"I know it's a little weird to give a Dr. Seuss book to someone you just met... or any adult probably... but I don't know. It just seemed kind of fitting."

I handed the book to Brooke. She opened the front cover. I was hoping that she wouldn't notice the note I had left her until a little bit later. It was a little bit awkward and sentimental even by my standards, but she found it, and read it out loud:

"Dear Brooke,

You found me at the Waiting Place and reminded me that there is still a lot of fun to be done. I won't forget it. Your strange bird,


She closed the book and put it down on her lap. She leaned over, put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"These are some of the best presents I've ever gotten. Thank you, Jake. This was really sweet of you."

She paused.

"But, you weren't the only one who did a little shopping though."

She opened her bag up and pulled out three airplane size bottles of alcohol. "I heard through the grapevine that you're a whiskey guy." She handed me three little bottles of Jim Beam. "I tried to get a bottle of champagne, but I'm going to have to make due with this". She pulled out a small cardboard box of red wine.

"Now, this is officially a celebration!" I said. Brooke pulled out two plastic cups and poured our drinks.

"What do we toast to?" I asked.

"To an excellent adventure." She lifted up her glass.

"I'll drink to that". We touched glasses. I made the obligatory 'clink' sound and we started drinking.

The next hour went by like a blur. The drinks were flowing and we were laughing and chatting about all of the things that new acquaintances talk about: pets (we were both dog people, thank god), favorite foods (meatball pizza for her, ice cream with rainbow sprinkles for me), favorite movies (WALL-E for her, the Godfather for me), favorite president (both Abe Lincoln; this would have been a dealbreaker if she had said anyone other then George Washington or Abraham Lincoln), and childhood celeb crush (Jamie Lee Curtis for me, John Stamos for her).

As her wine box got lighter and and I knocked through each of my whiskeys, we pushed closer and closer together until finally, Brooke was laying with her head in my lap.

"I'm breaking my promise that I wasn't going to keep you up" I said to her. It was well past midnight now. Everyone else on the bus seemed to be asleep.

"Yeah, well maybe I feel a little bit like Cinderella. If I fall asleep, I'm going to wake up and my Prince Charming is going to be gone."

I shook my head almost reflexively. In what world was a woman this beautiful calling me her Prince Charming. I couldn't stop myself from pushing back a little bit.

"Oh come on, Brooke. You're a smart. You're funny. You're beautiful. There must be princes lining up around the block to sweep you off your feet."

Brooke pulled her head off of my lap. She looked suddenly serious.

"When you gave up your ticket today, why'd you do it? Why did you give it to me?"

"What do you mean why?"

"I mean why did you decide to give me your ticket so that I could go home and you were going to get stuck there?"

"It wasn't that big of a deal. I'm sure anyone in my situation would have done the same thing. I didn't need to be home and you did. You were going to miss a really important day. It was just the right thing to do."

"Did you think you were ever going to see me again?"

"I thought I was probably going to be spending two more nights by myself in a hotel, so no."

"Did you do it because you wanted something from me?"

"Want something from you? No. Like what?"

"Like my number."

"Brooke, If you had given me your number, I probably would have been too intimidated to even call it. Yeah, I thought you were pretty. But I'd hope someone would do the same for me if I were in your same situation."

"Well, Jake, the fact that you'd think most people would do that says a lot about you. I'm not sure what your definition of Prince Charming is, but that's pretty much mine. And, no, I don't meet guys like that very often. I attract more of the Gaston types."

I chuckled. Gaston, I was most certainly not.

"Well Belle, maybe you've finally found your Beast."

I winced. Really, Jake? Dropping Disney lines?

"So your're a Beast, eh? You know... that's actually something I could be into right now."

I raised my eyebrows. Brooke started pulling open the plastic bags that held the disposable blankets on our seats.

"If you don't mind just getting up for a moment," she asked.

I stood up and took a look around. Things had thinned out even further in the stops since Jacksonville. The six or seven people remaining on the bus seemed to be sleeping. Taking a look back, there was no one seated behind us.

Brooke seemed to notice the same thing. She motioned to the back of the bus.

I followed to a seat a few rows from the very back. We had a clear view of everyone in front of us. We grabbed a few more blankets and ripped them open and laid them out on the seats to make something of a makeshift bed.

"After you." I motioned to the blankets now covering the backs and bottoms of the seats.

"You know, you can take the man of out the Diamond status program, but you really can't take the Diamond status program out of the man."

I snickered. It wasn't the best looking place to lie down, but it would have to do.

As we sat down, I leaned into Brooke and whispered, "Given our space constraints, the fact that technically I might owe you one now for whole best day in a long time thing, and because no one is going to notice us back here for a very long time, I'm absolutely going to make you cum."

She laughed. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you've learned from a very wise person when it comes to transportation sex."

Brooke pushed the seat as far back as it would go, and started pulling off her clothes. I followed her lead and pulled off my shirt. I took a quick peek up the twenty or so rows to the next person to see if anyone had noticed us. We might as well have been on the bus by ourselves. It was totally dead.

I unbuttoned my pants and slid them to the floor. Next to me, Brooke's yoga pants were already in a bundle next to her top. Last to go were my boxers and Brooke's thong.

As I looked down at Brooke's naked body, I realized that I never saw her pussy during our first romp. She kept it neatly trimmed and it was absolutely inviting. I couldn't wait to get a closer look.

The seating made things tricky. They weren't wide enough to lay down and they only reclined about 20 degrees. We were going to have to get a little bit creative.

Maybe the alcohol had gone to my head or maybe I felt like I couldn't make a wrong decision that day, but the idea of starting slow was not appealing to me. No more than a moment had passed after Brooke pulling off her thong, that I leaned in and began kissing her passionately. She returned every bit of passion. Our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. She bit me on the lip so hard that I thought it could be bleeding. I kissed and bit her neck. It was electrifying passion.

After a few minutes, I began working my way down from her lips, to her neck, to her shoulders, then slowly down to her breasts. Not knowing how sensitive she was, I started softly, licking and then kissing every inch of her spectacular breasts. As I licked, Brooke's nipples hardened. I traced her areolas with my tongue and very gently sucked on her now fully-hardened nipples.

As I played with her breasts, I noticed her hands had moved from my body to grabbing the blankets to balling them up in her fists. She moaned. I had found a good spot to linger at for a little bit.

I began to work more methodically. Both of my hands had moved to her breasts now. I began rubbing her breasts, alternating between kissing and licking each nipple, passing over them with my thumbs, slowly adding more pressure. I was looking for any sign that it was too much, but the more forcefully I kissed and rubbed her breasts, the more Brooke moaned into my ear.

With my left hand massaging each breast, and my lips now alternating between her neck and nipples, I began to slide my right hand down Brooke's stomach. As my hand inched towards her pussy, I felt Brooke's body begin to tremble just a little bit.

I was in no hurry to get there and I let the anticipation build.

My fingers were now just an inch or two away from her clit. Brooke was moaning even louder, occasionally nibbling on my ear, almost pleading for me to complete my trip.

Finally, in one swift movement, I slid my hand the rest of the way down to her pussy. She was absolutely soaking wet.

"Mmmmmmm" Neither of us had said anything since we sat down.

I moved my fingers up and down the lips of her pussy. I wanted them to be totally wet and slippery. Once they were, I started to slowly trace two fingers around Brooke's clit. The reaction was immediate.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," she said with a deep exhale.

I began to build up speed and pressure, dancing my fingers around her clit, while occasionally dropping my fingers lower to engage with the rest of her pussy. Like with her tits, Brooke liked a little bit of extra pressure on her clit.

This went on for a few minutes. I was in no hurry and Brooke definitely didn't seem to mind that I was taking my time. I was starting to feel pressure building in her body. She was pushing her pussy harder against my hands and arching her back up off the seat.

I began rubbing her clit even faster and harder. At this point, she was grabbing at anything around her. The blankets, my legs, even trying to stroke my cock. I wasn't worried about any of that right now. All I wanted was to make her cum.

She was close. Her body was rocking up and down in her seat. She couldn't keep still. With my fingers working up and down her clit, I leaned down towards her breasts. This time instead of kissing and sucking them, I began to very lightly nibble on her nipples.

"Oh ohhhh oh ohhhhh... ohhhhhh"

Her body began to tense. I nibbled a little bit harder.

"Oh please don't stop. Oh please don't stop. Please. Please. Please."

I rubbed her pussy a little bit more forcefully. I felt Brooke's body begin to contort. Then, she went totally rigid in the seat, and began to spasm in pleasure.

"OHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh." She covered her mouth to muffle her moans.

"Jake. Jakkkke Jake." Her body was still spasming. Then, she want totally slack. I lifted my hand off of her pussy.

"Oh my god," she breathed more than spoke.

I looked at her. She was, of course, still beautiful. But this time, her forehead was beaded with sweat and her jaw a little dropped; she looked like she had just gotten off of a roller-coaster.

She looked at me, sighed, and then rested her head on my shoulder. We sat just like that for a few minutes.

"Now," she whispered. "What are we going to do about this?"

She motioned towards my lap. The few minutes had given me some time to cool off, but my cock was still very much aroused. She reached down and began gently stroking my semi-hard dick. Her touch felt so good. I felt myself getting hard again in her hands.

"I seemed to remember promising you something in that airplane lavatory..." She kept on stroking my cock. "I can't quite remember what it was though."

My cock surged at the thought of it. She must felt the pulsing in my cock, because she smiled at me.

"Unfortunately, I don't have any anal lube with me, but it seems like you might have given us a little something to work with." She traced her fingers around her clit. "I think we can make something work."

With that, Brooke kicked her left leg off of the seat and draped it over me, so we were now facing each other. She pushed me back into the seat and motioned for me to slide down a little bit further. With the seat reclined as far as it would go, and Brooke pushed tightly against me, her body stayed just below the seats in front of us.

She grabbed my cock from between her legs and pushed it up against her pussy. Then she slid herself onto me. It was the first time I had been insider her. A rush of electricity flew through me.

Her pussy was tight around cock, but I slid in easily. She was still very wet.

"That feels really nice," she whispered in my ear.

Our precarious position left me unable to really move and certainly unable to thrust into her, so I was at the mercy of her movements. Brooke rhythmically rocked up and down, starting with just letting the tip of my cock enter her, and then moving deeper up and down, until I felt her slide her all the way down to the base of my cock.

Brooke hadn't put her shirt back on, so her soft tits were pushed hard against my chest. As she reached the bottom of one of her strokes, she leaned in and nibbled gently on my ear.

"Ohhhhhh" Now, it was my time to moan.

I felt pleasure flooding through me. The angle put a lot of very good feeling pressure on my cock. But Brooke seemed very careful not to move too quickly or get me too worked up. Each of her movements was slow, relaxed, and calculated. She was totally focused on my every breath and quiver. When I started breathing particularly heavily, she slowed down and lifted her pussy off of my cock for a few moments to let the build up dissipate.

"I can't let you come quite yet," she said softly. "I still haven't lived up to my side of the bargain."

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