tagLoving WivesWhat a Week Ch. 01 of 03

What a Week Ch. 01 of 03


The following story is split into three chapters as it describes three separate events that I was lucky enough to be a part of. The first two do also contain some mild male bisexual activities during mmf 3sum sex and if you are bigoted enough to be outraged by this please do not read any more and get offended. The last chapter describes an orgy that I was invited to. I do not have the imagination to make things up and this is an absolutely true account of what happened that week and was written to remind me of how good life can be.


In seems hard to believe but I have just had the best week of sex in my entire life. I am a normal guy, recently divorced with two grown up children. I am nothing special but what a week this has been. This shouldn't be happening, the wrong side of 50.

Despite my age, I keep very fit, usually swimming at least half a mile a day. I am the same weight I was when I was 20 and have yet to grow a paunch. The best that can be said is that I look after myself but I am no Brad Pitt.

My life took a turn a few years ago when I started swinging and I loved everything about it. Initially, I wanted my wife to get involved as I wanted to see her shake off the shackles that society impose on women and really enjoy herself. I wanted to see her with her legs spread wide and exposing her pussy to a strange man, and she would realise just how desirable she was by the reaction she would get. To hold a stranger and guide his rampant erection into my wife's warm, wet pussy was a constant fantasy but it was never to be. I honestly never wanted to start swinging to get little extra for myself; I wanted it to be for her and her alone.

Like most married couples our sex life had dwindled and my wife no longer regarded herself as desirable and so would not entertain inviting another into our bed. So, I strayed, and I got invited to a party and then found myself being invited back again and again.

I then had a swinging partner for several years and we came together through a love of a particular fetish but eventually she moved overseas and that part of my life closed and I continued playing with so many of the friends I had made.

Following my divorce, I sold up everything and bought a boat to sail around the world. I know, this is an extreme example of a mid life crisis, but life is too short and one thing that swinging has taught me is that life is to be enjoyed as soon it is all too late.

Several of my friends wanted to arrange a get together before I left the UK and this is a true story of my last week before I left on my travels.

One couple I got on well with was Shaun and Sarah. Both are in their late 30's, Shaun is a typical Sergeant Major type. He is a big burly man in the Army and used to being in command at work, and who I imagine intimidates the raw recruits in his charge. Shaun's favourite erotic activity was to arrange to have men fuck his wife Sarah while he was not at home. He also had very suppressed desires to suck a cock after it had been inside his wife. Sarah, his wife is much more petite. Dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and her body is curvy in all the right places. Curvy is often a euphemism for overweight, but Sarah is not at all overweight. Her body was stunning and her breasts are a wonderful to look at and caress. The curves are accentuated by slim waist before swelling out to her hips. Her stomach is flat and her mons rises invitingly before curving down between her legs. She is always shaved and her sex is delightful. Her outer lips are quite small, but when aroused they became engorged as does her clitoris which is one of her best features as it sticks up proudly, free of the protective hood, as if begging to be sucked and licked.

Sarah loves sex. She also works in the Army and her particular fetish was to be dominated. She loved to be tied up and "helpless" while being "used".

It was Monday evening that I was invited up to being with them again. Shaun was not going to be home till after 8, but he wanted me to get there earlier, so that Sarah and I could play for a while without him.

I arrived and was greeted by Sarah in a black baby doll negligee. God she looked desirable, and her erect nipples showed prominently through the thin material. We kissed in the doorway before she giggled and said that that would give the neighbours something to talk about.

Sarah shut the door, and turned again to me and pressed her body up against mine. She felt warm and soft and so inviting. The scent of her perfume made my head spin as I leant down to kiss her before I held her head and kissed and nibbled her earlobes and neck. She whimpered a bit and went a bit weak at the knees and I held her tight against my chest.

I was fully tumescent and I know Sarah could feel my erection as she pressed her stomach against me, rubbing herself and feeling my desire. My hand roamed across her back as I held her and she in turn reached between us to feel my manhood. Again, she groaned slightly as she stroked my length and then abruptly turned and pulled me towards her bedroom.

The bedroom was prepared. The curtains were drawn and candles were lit around the room, giving off an exotic scent into the room. Music was softly playing from the stereo. It was obvious what Sarah had been doing before I arrived as the TV in the corner was showing a woman being pleasured by two men, and the bed had the impression of a body recently lying on it. On the bed was a dildo, and on one of the pillows were two sets of handcuffs. Next to the bed was also a pint glass full of ice cubes.

"Naughty, naughty" I said surveying the scene before me.

Sarah chuckled.

"Get on the bed and show me what you were doing", I said.

Sarah let go of my hand and laid herself down on the bed. She spread her legs open and the baby doll nightie rode up her thighs exposing her pussy. She was very aroused and her sex was swollen and glistening with moisture. She started to touch herself as she looked at the 3sum on the TV screen.

"Pass me the dildo", I said.

Sarah passed me the dildo, and I could feel it still wet with her juices on it. I brought it to my nostrils and inhaled. It smelt divine and her scent was strong on it.

"Show me how you were using this", I said.

Sarah took back the dildo and turning it on to its lowest setting; she started to rub the tip alongside her lips and up to her clit. She shuddered as she was doing this and it really didn't take long before she was breathing more heavily and rapidly. She was building up to a climax, enjoying exposing herself to me, and I let her get closer and closer.

She stared to buck her hips upwards to meet the insistent buzzing of the dildo and I judged the time was right to stop her.

I leant forward and took the dildo from her and she groaned in frustration.

"Sit up", I told her, and she did.

I leant down and holding the hem of the baby doll nightie I lifted it over her head so that she was naked and exposed.

"Lie back down again, Sarah", I said, and she duly complied. Taking one of her wrists, I shackled her to the bedpost. I then moved to the other side on the bed and used the second pair of handcuffs to fasten her other wrist to the other side of the bed.

Sarah was now lying in the centre of the bed with both arms outstretched, and her chest was heaving with desire. Her nipples were very hard and the areolas were crinkled showing me how aroused she was. She looked splendid in her nakedness and without thinking her legs opened up to expose her sex, very wet, hot, and begging for attention.

I picked up the dildo again and laid it, base down, on the bed, with the vibrating body of the dildo resting along Sarah's pussy. The tip was almost touching her clitoris.

I was still fully dressed at this time and so, while Sarah tried to manoeuvre her body so accept the dildo, I undressed in front of her. Her movements became more erratic and the dildo slipped away from her and she groaned again.

Down to my boxers, with my rampant erection leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, I approached Sarah on the bed. I straddled her chest, and she could see my erection through my boxers. Unable to use her hands, I scooted forward so that she could use her mouth to feel me.

Sarah licked my erection through my boxers, the moisture from her tongue adding to the stain of my leaking cock. The tip had protruded over the top band of my boxers and Sarah eagerly stuck her tongue out to touch the clear liquid at the top of my helmet.

I know a lot of these stories go into details of how massive their lover's equipment is, but in many years of swinging, I have found almost everyone is the same sort of size. A few are much thinner and smaller and even fewer are larger. My partners say I am much larger than average but I don't think so, however I do have a large girth and a helmet that is far larger than the trunk of my cock and most women seem to love that.

Sarah flicked her tongue over my helmet, causing the clear liquid to form strands form the tip of my cock to her mouth as she leant back. It was very sexy.

I asked her to remove my boxers and she used her teeth to hold the waistband as I levered myself up. My boxers slid down to my ankles were I kicked them off. I knelt back down again across her chest so that Sarah could lick the whole length of my erection and it was a delicious feeling.

I then got up and walked to the end of the bed. Sarah was in a spread-eagled position, begging to be used. She looks so desirable there, restrained and helpless and I reached down and turned off the dildo and put it aside.

I had hardly touched Sarah by this point, and so now reached forward to stroke the inside of her thighs. She shivered at my touch and her legs spread even wider, inviting me even more to sample her delights.

I was taking this slowly however, and I caressed the inside of her thighs, slowly working my way up to her sex. The closer I got the more animated she became, begging me to give her the orgasm she was denied earlier.

I spread her legs fully apart as I got closer to her sex, and then I started to lick her ankles. Still caressing her inner thighs, my tongue started to trace a similar path up her legs. As I passed her knee on one leg, I could feel the heat emanating from her and smell that heady scent of a woman fully aroused.

I licked right up to the junction of her legs, and without touching her labia; I licked as close as I could across the side of her pussy and up above her clitoris. Sarah started to buck, trying to get contact on her clit, but I avoided her and preceded slowly down the inside of her other thigh.

When I reached her ankle, I resumed caressing her legs, kneading and stroking her and I moved simultaneously up both legs. I caressed close to her pussy but again avoided contact and then started to press down with both hands on her tummy. She sucked in her breath, thrusting out her breasts, inviting me to fondle her.

I moved my hands up each side of her, pressing in as I reached the swelling of her breasts. Her hands were cuffed above her head and to the outside of the bed so my hands stroked up to her armpits and over to her neck. I rubbed hard and pressed the back of her neck before drawing my hands to her throat and then down the centre of her chest between her tits. Reaching below her breasts I then moved each hand up to cup the underside of her magnificent breasts. I started to knead them and apply pressure to them and then, between thumb and forefinger of each hand I squeezed each erect nipple.

Sarah's nipples are very much part of her erogenous zones and she has told me before she has been brought to orgasm by just nipple play. As I squeezed her nipples, she let out a long low moan and her hips started moving in a circular motion. I don't know if it was my imagination but I thought I could see more fluid dribbling out of her.

Having her perky nipples responding to my touch, I moved my mouth to suckle on her. I took one in my mouth and sucked hard and swirled my tongue around the nipple. Sarah responded by pressing upwards, demanding more attention. I let go of that nipple and resumed rolling it between my thumb and forefinger while I paid attention to her other nipple.

Leaving her wanting more of this stimulation, I then continued to tweak both nipples as I returned to using my tongue on her body. I licked the underside of each of her breasts and then traced a line to her belly button and poked my tongue into her there. I then started to move further down.

As my tongue traced across the rise of her mons, Sarah's wriggling got more pronounced. She wanted contact, she wanted stimulation and she wanted it now. I was kneeling between her open legs, and I spread them wider and up so that her knees were pressed against her chest.

I licked the back of her knees and ran my tongue along the inside of her thighs towards her open sex. Sarah was now moaning as I got close again, and this time I licked down to that very sensitive area between the base of her vagina and her puckered anus. Her aroma was intoxicating, the heat emanating from her was intense and her labia were engorged with blood and she actually had moisture leaking out of her.

I licked up the outside of her lips. My tongue was flat against her skin and I pressed hard down as I moved across the hood of her clitoris and down the other side. Reaching the base of her vagina again I started up, this time I had my tongue in a point as I parted her lips and finally got to taste her. She tasted wonderful and was so wet. I tried to penetrate her as far as I could with my tongue and at the same time I drank in her essence. I licked upwards towards her clit and Sarah was moaning constantly. As I got close to her button I could see it poking out and very red. I circled my tongue around it and Sarah became suddenly very still. Then, as I placed my lips over her and sucked her clit she screamed and bucked hard and came violently. I continued to both suck her and lick the underside of her clitoris as she orgasmed and when she started to come off her high I leant back and looked at her.

Naked, arms spread wide, legs over chest and her shaved sex exposed and open and available she looked so desirable, and I wanted her. That would have to wait a bit as Shaun wanted me to have planted my seed deep inside her just before he arrived. He wanted to come home to find his wife's pussy filled with cum and to see it leaking from her.

As we still had a bit of time, I unshackled Sarah's wrists and redid them so that she was face down rather than face up. I placed several pillows under her hips so that her rear was raised up off the bed. Parting her legs again, I made sure she was comfortable and in that position her puckered hole was visible just above pussy. It was a stunning picture.

I got a towel from the bathroom and placed it under her and then I caressed her rear and kneaded her arse and traced my fingers between her legs. Sarah flinched slightly as my fingers passed over her anus. It was wet from her secretions but I did not want to go there now. I moved my hand lower and with my thumb and forefinger, I parted her lips and then with the other hand I introduced a finger into her.

She was ready.

Sarah was face down with her arms stretched out in from of her. Her body was raised so that her pussy was easily accessible and I straddled her left leg. With my right hand I ran my thumb around her sex and then penetrated her with it. I felt downward, looking for the ridge of her "G" spot. She felt wonderful and I massaged that special area inside her. It started to get excited and I could feel a roughness and hardness as she became more stimulated.

Then, using just the tip of my thumb, I pressed down more firmly while still continuing to rub and massage her g spot. My movements got faster and harder. I concentrated on that bit of her that was rough and hard and it became very intense. I rubbed harder still and Sarah was again groaning and urging me on to be harder and faster. She then said "Oh god....I am going to pee...stop....stop.....ahhhh".

I continued without a pause, and leant across her and nibbled her ears. I whispered "Just relax....let go....you are not going to pee, this is normal, just relax and let it happen."

Sarah groaned out load "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

I felt her let go and then it struck her. She came in a rush and at the same time she squirted and squirted. How I love that feeling as a woman orgasms and she squirts and I kept rubbing hard as she screamed through her orgasm.

It eventually subsided and Sarah went limp. My hand was still between her legs, with my thumb on her G spot, but I was not moving. Sarah's breathing returned to normal and for a couple of minutes I let her relax. Then without warning I rubbed hard with my thumb on her g spot again. Instantly she orgasmed again and it took her by complete surprise. She screamed as it hit her and again she squirted with a complete loss of control and thrashed about on the bed.

I let her rest again, but only for a minute or so, and then repeated the "procedure". For a man, it is such a turn on to be able to make a woman orgasm at will. Sarah had no control over her body and I could just make her squirt and orgasm by rubbing her g spot hard. I am honestly not making this up and have tried to describe exactly what I was doing, so if you do not believe me, give it a try and see what happens. I guarantee your partner will look at you with a new look in her eyes and she will wonder what on earth just happened to her. You won't need the handcuff though....that's just one of Sarah's things.

After about 3 or 4 times, I stopped as the night was young and did not want to her exhaust her. I turned Sarah over and re-shackled her. She was totally compliant and her body was limp following her orgasms. I removed the now very wet towel from underneath her and then looked down at her.

Stretched out naked across the bed she looked the perfect woman. A sheen covered her body and she looked as though she was in her version of heaven. She purred with contentment.

It was almost time for Shaun, her husband to return, and I needed to fill her with my seed before he arrived.

I scooted up between her legs and my erection was painfully hard. A sensation that I love is to rub my cock along the length of a moist pussy. At the base of the vagina, my partners like the sensation of pressing down my helmet so that it parts their lips. I do not penetrate her but have the helmet part the lips and press down on the base of their entrance. Then, covered in her juices which were mixed with my precum, I rubbed my cock along the length of her. I keep pressing down against her so that the girth of my cock was parting her and opening her. When my tip reached her clit, I rubbed slowly up and down keeping her lips enveloping the length of me.

The sensations flowing through my body were sublime. Sarah's body felt wonderful and the feeling of that slippery moisture on our genitals was driving us both on. At each downward motion, Sarah would try to angle her body so that I would slip inside her. It was fun to keep myself outside her while being as intimate as it is possible to be.

"Oh stop teasing for god's sake" Sarah said. "Fuck me now....Oh please God Fuck me".

Being a gentleman who is never able to refuse a pretty girl, I obliged. From my position, kneeling between her legs, I could look down to where our genitals were in such intimate contact. I leant back a little and as I withdrew along the length of her, I then pressed the shaft of my penis so the helmet was parting her. I eased slowly forward, savouring the sensations as it slipped into her and Sarah's body shivered in anticipation and desire.

Then I pressed forward and in one delicious movement I buried myself deep inside her. She let out a long satisfied moan and her hips started to undulate. I savoured the feeling of being inside her again. I could feel her, feel the walls of her vagina, her cervix pressing against my crown and her muscles gripping and massaging my erection.

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