tagLesbian SexWhat a Wild Day Ch. 01

What a Wild Day Ch. 01


Writer's note: This is my first story submittal for Literotica. It was first submitted to Pro_Ball_Player, a Literotica writer I respect, for his opinions/advice. I thank him for his suggestions in making my piece better for the Literotica readers. For final editing I submitted the piece to Mistress Penelope (as part of Literotica's volunteer editor program). I would like to thank her for her assistance in finalizing the story for submittal. If I receive any comments/ responses from the readers I will read them all. I might not be able to respond to all of them but I will respond to as many as I can. I WILL NOT respond to any negative comments/ responses. I will try to learn and grow from it (if applicable). Finally this is primarily a lesbian tale. Enjoy!

Writer's second note: This part is a true story... as I finished typing the interaction between Jenny and Michelle (when they had both just "completed" each other) I looked out the window of my den to see a beautiful rainbow. Isn't that touching?

The story begins...

It was a Saturday that started like any other. I awoke after a night of drinking, took some Tylenol, had a shower, and then headed downstairs. After making some coffee I sat at the kitchen table to read the morning paper. I didn't realize that I had awoken so late; I was to meet some friends at a local pastry Shoppe for breakfast. So I headed back upstairs, brushed my teeth, did my hair, and got dressed.

My name is Lisa. I'm a young woman working in sales at a local distribution company. I'm thin and tall, at about 5'9", with brunette hair and brown eyes.

Jenny, slightly younger than I, is 5'7" with blonde hair and blue eyes. She's a secretary for the law firm where Michelle practices law.

Michelle is closer to my age and is just shy of being 5'9". She's practically my sister only with blonde hair and green eyes.

Susan, my age, owns the bookstore next to this pastry shop which is why we usually end up here; it's our hang-out. At 5'11" she's the tallest of us four and has deep red hair and green eyes.

We've been friends since middle school and know everything about one-another (or so I thought). Our conversation over breakfast started out trivial. We talked about the latest celebrity gossip and pondered what was going to happen tomorrow night on "Desperate Housewives." We made our plans for the day, or actually I did. There was a pair of heels that I had my eye on; we were heading out for a much deserved shopping excursion. It had been a while, due to our schedules, since we had a full day to hang out with each other. The conversation stayed light until there was a comfortable pause. I was about to use that as an opportunity to signal the waiter to bring me the bill for breakfast.

Susan caught my hand, and suggested that we stay a little longer. Over breakfast she seemed distant and we were about to find out why. Looking at the three of us nervously Susan declared

"Ladies, we... we've been friends for a long time now. There's something that I need to share with you. I don't want it to compromise our friendship which is why I've been hesitant about discussing this..."

She looked nervous and we all looked puzzled. I spoke up.

"Whatever you have to tell us... well, you know you can tell us anything, right?"

She nodded her head 'yes,' and took a moment to collect her thoughts and strength.

"Lisa, Jenny, Michelle, I'm afraid I'm not who you think I am." She paused, and then continued "I feel like I've been lying to you guys forever and it's killing me that I haven't been honest with you. So, here goes nothing... I'm gay; I'm a lesbian."

The rest of us were shocked and yet at the same time it just seemed to make sense.

We had a lot of questions for her, like: How long has she known? Does her family know about it? Her mother had to know; she owned the bookstore and sold it to Susan after she graduated from college. They spent a lot of time together as her mother still worked in the store.

"Yes, my mom knows" said Susan with a bit of relief.

She went on to explain that she came out to her mother a month ago and the two of them had grown closer together as mother-and-daughter because of it.

"Things were difficult the first few days after I told her, but I kept telling my mom that I loved her and hoped she would be able to accept what I had just told her. I reminded her that I'm still her little girl and her love and support means so much to me."

Susan continued.

"I didn't expect her to understand but she really did some of her own soul searching and soon fully accepted me for who I am. We're mother and daughter again and I love her so much."

I responded.

"Wow, we're all a little stunned at first, but, we're happy for you. So do you have a significant other? How's your love life?"

We all started asking her a million questions so when she was finally given a chance to talk, Susan stated that she wasn't seeing anyone at the moment. She was in a serious relationship for many years but her ex moved to Europe due to a major promotion. The break-up was the reason that Susan went on a solo trip to San Francisco a month-or-so ago. She needed some alone time, away from home, to get reacquainted with herself. Most of all, Susan needed closure and to figure out what she wanted in her future. She decided that she would just enjoy being single and see where life took her.

A big question we had for her was how she could keep it a secret from us for so long. She hid it well since she always had a boyfriend. Michelle, Jenny and I had never had any clue.

Susan explained that her homosexuality was difficult to hide and was part of the reason her Ex went to Europe. She was tired of being excluded from Susan's life in terms of family and friends. Susan then mentioned that her boyfriends were just friends and that they never "did anything." She had actual boyfriends when she was younger and starting to date but knew that the relationships would never work.

"So, now I've told you my deepest, 'darkest' secret, what are some of your secrets?" Susan asked.

There was a small pause in the conversation and Jenny finally broke the silence.

"Well, since you were so brave with your news, I feel that I should be brave as well. I haven't been with another woman sexually, but, I have had deep fantasies about it and even own a small collection of lesbian DVDs."

As Michelle's mouth dropped to the table, there were some "Ooh's" and "Ah's" and Susan even giggled a little bit.

"What are you laughing at?" Jenny glared at Susan.

Susan went on to answer, "Oh I wasn't laughing at you; it was just cute the way you said that. I think it's adorable and honestly I think it's completely natural for women to have fantasies about other women."

With that Michelle dropped her secret.

"I've more than fantasized about it," Michelle confessed, "I've have been with a woman, too. I don't consider myself to be a lesbian or even 'bi' for that matter, but I have been with women in high school and in college."

After everyone calmed down a bit about Jenny's and Michelle's secrets, all eyes were on me. I did have a secret but I didn't want to tell it just yet.

I said "I'm not quite comfortable telling my secret right now... Listen, let me pick up the check for breakfast; we've got some shopping to do."

The truth was that all of this talk about lesbianism had extended our usual visit to the pastry Shoppe by about an hour. Having had an extra cup of tea and a scone (or two) as well, I was ready to get up and take a stroll along The Boulevard (a favorite outdoor shopping district of ours).

I said "After The Boulevard, we'll head back to my place. There's a new recipe that I've been dying to try-out."

I was getting grief that I had yet to 'fess' up. "Stop your fussing, I'll tell you my secret when I feel comfortable."

With that we left the Shoppe and headed out; our purses at the ready.

At The Boulevard I was able to get the heels I had my eye on. Jenny bought a beautiful sundress and Michelle picked out a business suit. She had a trial coming up that she had to look 'sharp' for. Susan enjoyed window shopping; there wasn't anything on her needs list. As we were shopping we chit-chatted like usual, but the conversation gradually came back to the lesbianism topic. I mostly listened as the other girls discussed their thoughts.

The day was splendid; we were having a great time with each other.

I said, "Listen, why don't we pick up some of Jenny's DVD's as we head to my place for dinner. We've had a long day of shopping and haven't eaten since breakfast. After all this talk about lesbians I want to see what all the fuss is about."

Once we were all at my place we headed into the kitchen. I have a small bar area there and took some drink orders. Michelle wanted a cosmopolitan, Jenny wanted a sex-on-the-beach, Susan wanted a glass of white zinfandel and I grabbed a Heineken for myself. We made small talk while I fixed the drinks and then I walked over to the table where Jenny placed her bag of adult 'material.'

I announced "Let's see what we have here... a few movies from the 'No Man's Land,' series and some others from the 'When the Boys Are Away the Girls Will Play' series.

Hmm, these look interesting, oh and there are some girly mags too. After dinner we might have to watch one of these."

The girls helped out with dinner preparations while we had our first round of drinks. At about the time I was ready to call everyone to the table we were ready for round two. Dinner was good; I prepared a roast the night before and just had to put it in the oven. We had potatoes, veggies, a salad and rolls to complete the meal. Dinner conversation actually drifted away from the lesbian topic for a while setting up Susan for a nice comment.

"Dinner was great; I'm ready for a movie."

The rest of us giggled. Jenny picked up her bag of adult material and led our friends to the living room.

I announced "I'm preparing another round of drinks (we were up to round number three now). Does anyone want to change their order, or can I just get you ladies some refills?"

Refills were fine; I fixed the drinks and met them in the living room. After handing out the drinks when meeting everyone in the living room I drew the shades and dimmed the lights. Jenny popped one of the movies into the DVD player.

My living room is set up with 2 loveseats angled towards the TV. It makes the room seem bigger and allows space for a recliner in the corner next to some bookshelves for a reading nook. I was sitting on one loveseat with Susan and Michelle and Jenny were sitting on the other. We chit-chatted as the "movie" started. As scene one progressed I had to comment that the two women were faking it. Susan giggled and we continued watching. It didn't dawn on me right-away, but the more we watched the first movie the less time we spent chit-chatting. It seemed odd; as the movie continued I became more interested in what was happening on the screen.

After the first movie ended, we all excused ourselves to use the toilet. The rounds of drinks were beginning to take effect. I brought everyone another round (round four) of drinks. Michelle asked, a little too excitedly, if we were ready to start another movie.

Susan called her on it by making a smart comment "My-oh-my, doesn't someone seem a little too excited?" We all laughed.

I responded to Michelle's question with "I suppose."

Returning to the living room I once again dimmed the lights. This time I made the room darker than before. As we watched the second movie, I notice that there was almost no conversation. Whether I wanted to admit it to myself or not, watching these movies was getting me horny. I accidentally looked over at my friend Susan and noticed that her hand had disappeared into her pants.

Oh my god, she's masturbating. My thoughts screamed inside of my head. Then I quickly averted my eyes back to the screen hoping not to be caught peeping. As the movie continued I stole glances across to Jenny and Michelle. Their hands had disappeared inside of their skirts as well. This was nuts, what was going on here? Was it the drinks, the movies, the fact that we needed to get "some?" Was it a combination of everything? I was getting hornier and decided to slip my hands into my pants as well. Fortunately no one heard me unsnap my jeans.

I thought I was being sneaky as I watched the movie. I was rubbing myself through my panties and was trying to steal glances of Susan, Michelle, and Jenny doing the same. As I was glancing over at Susan her eyes locked on mine. I froze; I was caught! She put a finger to her lips as if telling me to keep quiet and just smiled. Then she pointed her finger back to the screen. I was busted, but the secrecy of my glances was safe... at least with Susan. I felt guilty after getting caught and refrained from touching myself for the rest of the movie. I just enjoyed the scenes and longed for some alone time. I was going to need an extended session the next time I pleasured myself.

As the second movie ended Susan spoke, "So Lisa, what did you think of the movies?"

I didn't know what to say and bought some time by sipping my Heineken. Finally I had to answer. "The movies were nice. They weren't what I expected, but they were nice."

Susan continued, "What were you expecting then?"

Before answering I noticed that Jenny and Michelle seemed to be hanging on every word I had to say.

I continued. "I don't know what I was expecting. I just thought that the movies were nice."

The interrogation didn't end. "Define nice" Susan asked.

I was getting frustrated and took another sip of my beer. I knew I wasn't being let off the hook.

I answered "It looked like the women were enjoying each other's company. That was 'nice.' Their love making seemed soft and in tune with each other's needs. That was 'nice.' They really seemed..." I trailed off. "What's with the interrogation anyways? Why do you have a bunch of questions?"

Susan answered, "I had to find out why you were glancing over at us while you were touching yourself. You were supposed to be watching the movie."

I turned as red as a tomato.

"How dare you?" I started.

Susan cut me short and said not to worry. Nobody was judging me and that we were all 'doing it.'

I guess she was right. We were all touching ourselves. I had to know... "Since I saw you three touching yourselves, how many of you saw me touching myself?" Susan, Jenny, and Michelle raised their hands.

"Well then," I continued, "the movies made me really horny. I thought that was 'nice' as well. I just had to do something about it. I'm sorry if I violated anyone's privacy, but it seems that we're all in the same boat."

With that there was a long uncomfortable pause broken, finally, by Michelle's question... "Okay, now what?"

Jenny giggled and blurted, "I have half a mind to seduce one of you right now."

Susan seized upon the opportunity. "Is that the alcohol talking? And please, be serious."

Jenny was now being interrogated and she hemmed and hawed and stuttered as Susan continued with follow-up questions. Susan finally asked her to calmly speak her mind. Jenny did just that and then finally spoke up.

"When I mentioned that I wanted to have sex with a woman, it goes much deeper than that. I REALLY want to, and having the collection of lesbian material hasn't helped. I NEED to have a woman and think it should be with a woman I trust. I trust the three of you and issue an open invitation to you now."

"I'll go get another round of drinks" I blurted and scurried out of the room. When I returned I was being glared at.

"That was rude," Susan scolded. "A friend of yours invited some of her other friends, US, to have lesbian sex with her and you just skip out of the room to dodge the issue."

I responded "I'm so sorry Jenny; I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings or dodge the issue. I just wanted to get some fresh drinks."

I paused, then continued, "Okay, I lied; I was trying to dodge the issue. It wasn't right but I'm going to have to decline your request. I think we should have a talk about this in a moment. Right now, I'm going to make sure that the guest bedroom is set up. I'll have to get pillows and blankets ready; nobody is driving home tonight."

After heading upstairs to set up the guest room I returned to living room and began sipping my beer.

I spoke "Jenny, I think I speak for all of us by saying that we're flattered that you trust us with your offer. As I was making the bed upstairs it dawned on me that your invitation took a lot of courage. I love you and have the utmost respect for your honesty and openness." As I spoke with her I closed the distance between us. When I finished speaking I was close enough to her and gave her a big hug.

She thanked me for the kind words and Michelle was beginning to tear-up.

"What's the matter?" Susan asked her.

Then Michelle answered "The openness and honesty today brought us closer together as friends. I hope nobody holds anything against me, but..." She trailed off seemingly to collect her thoughts. In reality Michelle was collecting her strength.

She then continued "... Jenny, thank you for your honesty and for the invitation." She gulped as she reached deep for the words. "I... I want to accept your invitation." As she said this she took Jenny's hands in her own and looked her in the eyes.

Now it was Jenny's turn to get all teary-eyed. She looked like she was about to melt, and Susan and I were stunned. I'm not sure if it was the beer talking, or if it was me...

I said, "Well you two, I just finished setting up the guest bedroom. Susan and I could give you your privacy; the room's all yours if you want it."

They both looked at me with gaping jaws as if a dream was coming true. They whispered a private conversation amongst themselves and then turned to Susan and me.

Jenny said "we have an invitation for the both of you..."

Michelle continued the sentence "... You can watch us if you want."

Then Jenny and Michelle said in unison "It'll be just like watching the women on the TV screen, but only watching it in real life... up close and personal" At that they looked at us with baited breath.

"Well then," I chimed in, "the guest bed will be too small. I guess we're going to have to take the show into my bedroom. The bed is much bigger. Susan and I could sit on the linen chest at the foot of the bed while we enjoy your show."

With that I had a thought "Oh my God Susan, I didn't mean to assume that you wanted to watch." She laughed and told me to shut up. She wanted me to get the bedroom ready, that she DID want to watch, and that she was going to top-off the drinks.

What was I getting myself into? First, I had spent most of the day talking about lesbianism with my three best friends. Add to that we had spent a considerable amount of time watching adult lesbian movies with one-another. Also, we had gotten ourselves worked up; we were all extremely horny and had been drinking. That wasn't all. The crème-de-la-crème was that I had made the preparations for two of my best friends to have sex with each other AND I was about to be part of their lesbian audience. Susan and I took our seats on the linen chest. I moved it back from the bed a few feet so that we could sit on it, facing the bed.

Michelle took Jenny by the hand and led her to the bed, MY bed. She made the first move. Susan and I just sat back, sipping our drinks, and enjoyed the sight. Michelle drew Jenny into a passionate French kiss that ended up with them lying together on the bed. Their hands roamed over each other while they continued kissing and they began futzing with their clothes. Getting up for a moment, the sundress came off and so did the blouse and the skirt. They started kissing again as if they didn't miss a beat. It was truly a sexy (and beautiful) sight, especially as they began to slip their hands inside of each other's panties. Jenny made a move on Michelle (as if she was trying to sneak the final prize) but Michelle put a stop to that.

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