tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhat A Wonderland

What A Wonderland


Alicia had woken up and walked to her shower, still naked. The water felt very nice on her heaving breasts, and she was soon awake mind and body. She washed herself with soap and shampoo, did her hair, sprayed and creamed and applied her various cosmetics and hygienic products, and pulled up a shiny blue thong into the crack of her ass. She got dressed, wearing a white blouse, a black miniskirt, pantyhose, her blue thong and a pair of high heels that could kill. She never wore braziers to work anymore.

After a full day of overworking, underpaying, and blatant sexual harassment, she was ready to go home and rest. On her way home, however, she saw a bouncing rabbit hop by. She followed the rabbit, intrigued, as it jumped into a sewer that seemed to expand as she got near it. She looked around, and, as if taken over by some kind of adventurous spirit, she jumped in after the little critter.

The fall was much like that of her dream. She fell very slowly, and there were lots of things on the walls. She spotted a toilet chair, a sink, some soap, a humorous amount of dirty magazines, and other various items. She fell past a man sitting on a chair, reading one of the numerous dirty magazines, stroking his cock and grunting in ecstasy. She stared- his penis was gigantic! It had to be at least 14 inches. She had never seen such a beast before!

He looked up, "It's a long fall, so you'd better do something to pass the time, like me!" She took the man's advice and grabbed a seat of her own. She was falling faster than him, so he soon disappeared upwards. She grabbed a dirty magazine out of the air. 'Puss Ream Magazine' it was called.

She opened up the magazine, and on the first page was an article about what household objects felt best when women fuck themselves with them. Next to all the words was a huge blown-up picture of a hot Asian woman sticking the point of a football into her cunt. Her face was a picture of hard ecstasy.

Alicia slipped her thong down to her ankles and it fell off and floated away. Alicia didn't notice, though, because by then she had her eyes closed and was rubbing her pussy with two fingers.

With her other hand, she turned the page a few times and found a big black man fucking the hell out of this woman while another woman sat on his mouth. The two women were facing each other and fondling each other's breasts. Their faces and hand motions were just too erotic for Alicia and she used both hands to bring herself to climax as the magazine floated away.

Alicia drifted off to a happy sleep at that point, with her skirt rolled up and her pussy completely revealed. When she woke up, a giant and a midget and a guy standing on one hand were giving her a cum-bath. They stroked their magnificent cocks and soaked her white blouse until it was completely see-thru. Her nipples were very puffy and hard by then.

The mean all wandered off into three different doors. The tall one went into a little door, the little one went into a huge door, and the guy walking on his hands (one now very sticky) climbed a ladder with his feet and went into a door in the ceiling.

Alicia felt very alone after that, and after her stomach growled, she realized she also felt very hungry. She saw a table with three keys on it and three muffins. There was a big key, a small key, and an upside down key. The muffins were purple, pink, and white.

First, she ate the white muffin. Soon after she swallowed it all, her breasts shrunk into an AAA size! She screamed in horror as her big beautiful breasts withered and died before her eyes.

Then, with turbo speed, she grabbed the purple muffin and popped it in her mouth, chewing rapidly. After swallowing, her breasts grew as rapidly as she had chewed into a size that pooped several buttons on her blouse and ripped little holes where her nipples were. Her nipples were now sharp, pointy, and the size of coffee filters. She didn't want her breasts to be THIS big! It was uncomfortable, unattractive, and it made her feel bad about herself.

With a sigh of annoyance, she popped the pink one into her mouth, and her breasts went back to normal size. But now, she was missing several buttons and she still had holes that her nipples pointed through.

She sighed and wondered what would happen next in this twisted Wonderland...

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