What An App!


Finally she said in an exaggerated Japanese accent "Okay, Hot Wad. We need to clean up and do some more work on our pitch."

He smiled and asked "Don't you mean Hot Rod?"

She laughed. "No I mean Hot Wad, and tasty too! One of your better features." They both laughed.

Cindy stood up and pressed a panel on what looked like a plain vinyl wall covering. It slid open to reveal bathroom and shower, which they used together. Jason got distracted and ended up on his knees in the shower kissing her ass cheeks and telling her how wonderful they were, which she somehow didn't discourage. They finally got dried off and back into their clothes.

Before they started looking at the pitch, Jason said "I think the key is to get the committee members completely involved and drawn into the app before we pitch the market size and growth. Once they realize how compelling this can be, they will believe in the project.

Cindy agreed, but noted that meant they would have to replace the current 'canned' demo with a really high functioning interactive demo, meaning more programming work before the meeting. She realized they could 'cheat' by trying to discover the committee member's proclivities beforehand so they could still use a limited database for the demo. Jason, who had been assigned to internal security when first hired as a programmer, knew a backdoor to get their browsing histories as a clue. They also built up some 'phishing' websites with push links that they thought would attract the committee members, and then used the subliminal short time image routines running on the sites to gauge their interests. Soon they had a pretty good idea of what each member like to view and fantasize about, and were even able to realize that some were complementary. They built some characters into their demo that would interest several committee members at the same time.

Jason began working on the demo, and Cindy started putting together the potential market penetration numbers, beginning with early sales to existing important customers who they could close early. She worked out a market validation plan that would tell them how many more page views and return visits the new system could generate on exiting pages, plus a few scenarios for creating new website 'playrooms' of various varieties. Soon they broke for the day, agreeing to go to their individual homes for some sleep, but with Jason planning his morning ride to "Haruko's Geisha House' for a morning assignation rather than going direct to the office. When he arrived drenched in sweat from his hilly thirty mile ride, he suggested that he take a quick shower, but Haruko was already naked and simply began licking the sweat from his body and seeming to enjoy it very much. Soon he was getting some additional exercise that was much more enjoyable than his bike ride, and then they showered together again.

The product review committee consisted of the marketing VP, two senior sales reps, two experienced programmers, an operations manager, a senior attorney from the legal department, and the COO. The marketing VP and the two sales reps were alpha males with very similar profiles -- they all loved doing anything and everything to a woman with great big titties! One programmer was a submissive guy who was captivated by the idea of being taken by a Dominatrix, but had never actually experienced it. The other programmer was a normally meek but very well built woman with fantasies of being a Dominatrix. Hello, serendipity! The operations manager was a wild and crazy 40 year old bisexual man, seemingly willing to try anything, if he hadn't done it already. The attorney was very stacked and attractive but known inside the company as a ball busting feminist, but her browsing history and time on their phishing sites indicated that she wanted to be dominated and spanked and publicly humiliated by both women and men before they finally allowed her to come. The COO was an uptight CPA/MBA type who secretly wanted to be an exhibitionist swinger, watching his wife get gangbanged as they starred as a couple in porno movies.

They crafted a demo that would draw each member of the committee into a character that would take them into scenes that fulfilled their individual fantasies and also draw them into a final climatic scene that would involve all of them getting off together. The meeting turned out to be a Friday afternoon before a three day weekend, and everyone was anxious to get out of the office and get home, but was also in a bit of a 'schools out' kind of mood. Cindy has stocked the conference room with wine and cheese and a huge platter of iced raw oysters. She and Jason drew out the conversations for a while to make sure everyone had a chance to drink at least two glasses of wine before the demo started. Cindy wore a very out of character basic black dress and heels that showed off her figure to great advantage while she pushed oysters and wine like a cocktail waitress on commission and showed a lot of cleavage. Jason told her she looked hotter than anyone who had ever been in their building. Cindy soon announced that everyone should now go into their individual control booths and start the demo.

Each committee member had a very high performance whole head VR headset and a set of laser driven sensors to read their movements and translate them into game actions. Speaking via an HD video link into their headsets, Cindy introduced the group to the mission from the CEO to find a new way to address the porn market, and inoculated them the idea that they needed a new paradigm that would draw people in the way Twitter and Facebook had jump started social networking. They asked each person to imagine that they had just come home from a stressful week at work (not hard to do), had no plans for the evening, but were feeling a little 'randy' and decided to check out a new 'adult networking' site that they had heard about. They would each be a completely anonymous character in the game scenario, or take on multiple characters. Each member finished off their wine glass and donned their headsets. Jason and Cindy watched their laptops instead of using headsets, having set up multiple displays to let them see the actions of each individual player, plus an overall scene.

The marketing and sales guys found themselves walking together down a virtual street filled with neon signs advertising various topless and nude dance reviews. They were subliminally directed by images that told them the women the in the 'Wild Horse Saloon' had by far the biggest and best breasts. They sat at a table and enjoyed the show, soon enjoying lap dances from some of the most incredibly built woman they had ever seen. Entering the same street scene, both programmers and the attorney found themselves drawn to the 'Whips Cabaret' by amazing images of hot women in black leather corsets and collars and long boots turning their attentions to good looking women and men kneeling before them. The operations manager walked to the entrance to a club called 'Maze' which promised 'a little bit of everything everywhere you turn.' The COO walked past those virtual attractions but soon discovered 'Platos' steered by subliminal images of group sex.

After a few dances and big tips to 'Big Bertha', the beautiful girl next door with 44DD cups, one sales rep was getting very chatty with her. Bertha told him she could see that he was the kind of guy who could really appreciate a big girl with big appetites, and he readily agreed. She suggested that they meet after the club closed at a wonderful party at a rich customer's house, and give him a card with an address and gate code. Soon the marketing VP and the other sales rep had similar invitations, and passed the time with lap dances at the 'Wild Horse' while waiting for closing time so they could take a cab to the party.

Meanwhile, at 'Whips' the male programmer found himself buying drinks for a very fetching young lady who gradually became more and more demanding. She kissed his neck suggestively, and then told him to put his hand on her boots and feel them. She asked if he liked how they felt, and he said yes. She then grabbed his ears and pulled his face down to the top of her boots and commanded him to kiss them. His first impulse to resist turned into excited fascination as his lips touched the leather and felt the taut thighs beneath it. Soon he was on the floor kissing her boots as she sat up on a stool with one heel up on his back pushing him down toward the boot he was kissing. She threw him on the floor and straddled his face, making him eat her pussy. She ground her weight down on him until she came, then shifted her ass to his face and did the same. He really loved this! After teasing his cock by slapping it for what seemed like an hour, she finally took him in her mouth and let him have a tremendous orgasm. As he lay back to catch his breath, she said "You are a good fuck, but this scene is a little tame for me. Here is an invitation to a private party later after this club closes." She handed him a card with an address and gate code and walked away tantalizingly.

The female programmer was asked by a nice looking blonde if she wanted to change into a 'more suitable outfit', and was led to a room filled with leather boots, bustier tops and riding crops, along with a 'catgirl' mask which she quickly donned. The blond said "that outfit is really you", took her into another private room and then knelt down in front of her and put her hands on the back of her knees. The programmer was encouraged, and said "eat my pussy until I come!" and the blond enthusiastically went to work. After several orgasms, the blond put a strap on dildoe onto the female programmer and begged her to fuck her ass with it, which she did.

After the blonde came, she kissed the programmer on the lips and said "Why don't you come to party later after this place closes", and gave her a card with an address and gate code.

The operations manager was enjoying a cornucopia of sights and sounds at the entrance to the maze. A sign said 'there are no wrong turns in the maze, just variations!" He started into the maze and came to the first junction. There was a black man gently stroking his huge erect cock with a kneeler in front of him on the left, and on the right a beautiful black woman holding her legs apart and gently tweaking her pussy, also with a kneeler in front of her. Both were pitching him on why he should choose to pleasure them. He figured he couldn't choose wrongly, so simply used the 'eeny, meeny' rhyme. When he emerged from the maze an hour later, he had had 3 more sexual experiences that he always wanted to try, but never did. He was blown away, literally.

The black man that he did not choose at the first maze junction walked up to him and said "I was sorry you didn't choose me, but maybe we can meet up at this party in about an hour?" and gave him a card with an address and gate code.

As the COO's eyes adjusted to the dim lighting in Plato's, he beheld a scene out of 'Caligula.' There were threesomes and foursomes all over a set of huge leather couches. Each grouping had at least one opening for him, and several of those openings were attractive women beckoning him to come fill their mouths while someone else worked on their other orifices. He had never been so excited in his life. An hour later he was still incredulous at what he had seen and done, and realized the club was closing and he had a party to get to that he did not want to miss one second of!

The sales and marketing contingent piled into a car and programmed to address of the party house into the navigation system, talking in excited tones about what might be there. They found the address and stopped at the gate, looking at the wide screen monitor that was built into it. When they entered the code, letters swam out of mist and they strained to see the message.

The submissive programmer caught a cab outside the club and gave the cabbie the address. He smiled and said "luck guy to get invited that place!" and drove for several miles up into the hills. He let him out at the gate, and he punched to code into the keypad, then watched letters form on the screen and tried to make out what they said.

The newly emboldened female programmer strode boldly out of the club, still wearing her leather outfit and mask, and hailed a cab. She laughed with delight as the cabbie jumped out the open the door for her and said "Yes, Mistress!" When she gave him the address he smiled and said "you are dressed perfectly for that place!" and drove her up into the hills on a winding road. She arrived at the gate and entered the code, and watched a message form on the screen.

The COO jumped out of his cab at the same time the operations manager jumped out of his, and they both ran up to gate. They entered the code and watched a message form on the screen.


They all instantly clicked on the link.

Cindy appeared on all their screens with a wry smile, and segued perfectly into her close. "There is no live application yet. We are asking you for funding to get from this concept demo to the penultimate stage gate approval before launch. Our estimates show that 80% of all 'free porn' advertising revenue based sites in the top 50 could at least double their revenue by licensing and installing this new product, which would conduct the same kind of free demo you just experienced. For the specialty sites that they send traffic to, the revenue gains will be even greater, as the subscription rates and usage stats will skyrocket when they can micro-target each user. If this funding is approved, at the next committee meeting next quarter we will present a complete market study and sales plan." The vote for funding was unanimous, and the entire committee volunteered to be beta testers!

The committee members were unabashed in their enthusiasm, and talked excitedly about how to improve the product and who to sell it to as they left for the weekend. Jason congratulated Cindy for her incredible selling skills, and took the occasion to also tell her how proud he was of her and how wonderful he personally thought she was.

Cindy was feeling the incredible rush she always got when a new product idea seemed to gel! She got an evil grin on her face and then kissed Jason on the cheek and whispered in his ear "Why don't you come home with me? I will introduce you to Haruko's cousin Mangako. She looks just like Haruko, but she insists on dominating a man for a while before she submits to them!"

Jason smiled, and said "Well if she looks like Haruko I will do anything for her! Have I told you I am in love with Haruko?"

Cindy melted into his arms and kissed him deeply, but then she said "It is wonderful to hear that, but I must warn you that Mangako will not show you any mercy! She will make you satisfy her every whim before she releases you and submits to you!"

That sounded like a hell of great weekend to Jason! Monday they would have to form the development team for the new product. He wanted to make himself head of play testing!

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