tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat An Exciting Party Ch. 02

What An Exciting Party Ch. 02


What an Exciting Party, Chapter 2

Returning the favor

As Kate stood in the shower, she simply wouldn't get Alexis out of her head.

She remembered what it had felt like having the girl's lips sweet and innocent on hers.

She remembered exactly what it had felt like to ravish her mouth in a tongue-battling french kiss full of passion.

She remembered clearly what it had felt like having seen the girl's body reacting to her touches.

She remembered very vividly what it had felt like having pleasured Alexis Castle till she had climaxed.

She remembered with a heated blush on her cheeks what it had felt like having watched her face in pure lust and ecstatic pleasure while riding out the waves of her orgasm.

Wow! I still can't believe it what happened there. Have I really had a sexual encounter with Alexis Castle?

I haven't had the slightest idea that she would respond so passionately to my touches. Oh boy, and how'd she responded ..., she'd not only responded, she had been going crazy wild over my groping hands and stroking lips.

Oh, and boy, had she been beautiful in her sexual high! Her dazed looks and the quivering wet rosy lips at the moment she climaxed, Beckett wouldn't forget any time soon.

This must be a very exciting dream. I can't help it but this was kinda hot. I mean HOT, HOT, HOT!

Who would have thought that a not so innocent teenage girl could turn me on like that?

All her memories didn't help her though to calm herself down. She still had a strong urge for relieving herself. She had been horny all day long. And then there had been Castle's party. She had a lot of vodka martinis. But that hadn't helped her to forget that she felt the primal need of jerking herself off the whole evening.

First, she'd witnessed Kevin fucking Jenny on the balcony. That had made it impossible for her - not even after three vodka martinis - to forget she had been horny like hell. Next she had a vision of Lanie and Javi in the bathroom.

And then the evening had taken this totally unexpected turn. She 'd stumbled on Alexis and her two best friends; both of them engaged in sexually stimulating Alexis Castle. From this time on she couldn't have done anything to stop the events that happened after that.

Was it only five minutes ago that Alexis had left her standing in the bathroom after a sweet kiss? Was it only five minutes ago that Alexis had left after she had pleasured the girl to her first real orgasm?

Alexis had been stimulated by her friends. Beckett had watched them and got busted because she had gotten so worked up while watching the three girls having some arousing body fun. But then Alexis had been abandoned by them without any release of her sexual need.

Hm, kinda glad and a little proud of the fact that I had been the one she'd trusted enough to have helped her out of that misery.

All Beckett could think of now was the almost pink erect nipples of Alexis Castle in contrast to her light skin and the red hair. There was no way all the cold water would help getting down from her high. She needed to get off.

She still was at Castle's because all their friends would stay overnight after the party, too. And Beckett was certain that in two of the other rooms there were Kevin, Jenny, Javi and Lanie fucking like bunnies. Actually, that thought didn't help, either.

So, what now? It's not like I hadn't masturbated before. But here? In the holy castle of Rick Castle?

With Martha and Alexis in the adjoining bedrooms? I don't know. That's a little fresh! But I like it. That would be so cool. Martha had gone to bed hours ago. And I guess, after the treatment I gave little Castle she certainly would sleep quite well, too. So, nothing to worry about.

After having dried herself up, she only slipped in her black lacy panties and laid down in that huge king bed. First she really tried to find some sleep. But after some time her only existing thought had been of giving herself some badly needed body pleasures, she finally gave in.

She put her hands on her breasts and started to press them. Then she let one hand slip between her legs and under her panties to stroke her pussy lips. And with all the memories of the last hour she closed her eyes to envision what got her there and she began to rub her clit. Brain sex finally started to become sexually stimulating.

At first she didn't notice someone was in the room. But then she heard a sound. She stopped breathing for a brief moment and held her breath. That wasn't easy as she'd started to get aroused and panted a lot heavier than normal. But right at the moment she saw a shadow standing in the door of the bedroom, she heard that someone breathing. She knew, before she heard it, that this someone was the young Castle.

"Beckett, are you awake?" She heard the girl whispering.

"Of course..., I am wide awake. I 'm still too worked up to sleep. And you, princess, are the main reason I cannot sleep like a baby right now. You wanna have a second lap? Have I been that good?"

She asked, giggling, partly being ironic and partly amused with herself having the decency to joke right now instead of kicking the girl out of the room. Beckett moaned, lifted herself up and switched on the bed lamp. Alexis wasn't the least impressed with Beckett's tone and even less embarrassed about her implication as it seemed.

She just grinned lasciviously and stripped off her night shirt. She was standing bare naked in front of the bed for just a second. But Alexis moved too quickly to could have been stopped. In a split second she was at Beckett lying down beside her, still grinning but also still without saying a word.

"So, kid, what do you think you're doing here?" Beckett asked curiously.

She met Alexis's blue eyes. And as it seemed that Alexis noticed hot firing sexual desire in Beckett's eyes, the girl licked her lips.

Beckett began to smile as if she knew that she'd been right. Alexis, indeed, was ready for a second round.

But just like half an hour ago Beckett wouldn't dare to solely act on an assumption. She wouldn't want to be the one starting any kind of sexual actions on the girl. She waited for her to say something.

But instead of saying something, Alexis bent over her and gave Beckett a quick kiss.

Kate was too surprised by this to even react. So she just looked at the redhead with a curious expression. She still waited for a confirmation what was going on here.

And there it came: "No..., actually I wanted to return the favor."

Beckett was absolutely stunned by that, she must have had opened her eyes in complete surprise because she heard Alexis laughing about her facial expression.

"What?" Alexis giggled.

Beckett didn't know how to react. She still tried to process the meaning of Alexis's words. As it dawned on her, she only smiled.

"Hey, girl, listen, there's absolutely no need for you to offer me something like tha...."

Beckett was stopped midsentence with a hand wink of Alexis who only said:

"Kate, this, a few moments ago, that was just about me. That was so sweet of you to have taken care of me in such an amazing way. I didn't expect that at all. And I couldn't take such a favor for granted. I'm here on a free will to offer you the same."

"Oh, that's nice, sweetie, but I couldn't accept that offer. I can take care of myself. Thank you. But sorry." Beckett smiled at Alexis and let her eyes speak.

Alexis only had one thought:

Wow! Now I know what Dad means when he says that Beckett could talk with her eyes. That's amazing what I can see in those green eyes. And see, there's not only the determination to refuse my offer, there's sexual lust in them, too. I can clearly see that. I am not stupid.

So, the girl just stated:

"Beckett, don't even try to stop me. There's nothing you can say that would change my mind. I'd liked the way you pleasured me, very much, as a matter of fact. Right now, you're extremely worked up and so needy for sexual release that you can't think straight..., do I have made a point? And as you'd put my sexual pleasure before your own needs, you haven't had the chance to come and relieve yourself. So this unresolved sexual tension must still be working you up all the more."

With that, Beckett had to smile about the obstinacy of Alexis. Oh, this sweet girl! But she wouldn't take advantage of a young girl just for her own satisfaction. It was one thing to give Alexis what she had needed then. But it was something totally different if it was about what she herself needed now.

So she sighed:

"Alexis, look, it's one thing that I helped you out there and I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I think, it's really nice of you to think about me now, but it's something totally different if I would use you to..."

Beckett was stopped midsentence again:

"Beckett! I am no stupid! You really think that I would just offer you that because I felt an obligation to do so? Oh, man, you're so wrong." Alexis giggled.

"That "thing" with you was the best that ever happened to me. That was so sexy ..., so hot. It was hot and it was sweet. It was absolutely great that you gave me that kind of experience."

"Huh." That wasn't meant as a question - more like a statement as for not having words to express herself but Beckett was, indeed, at a loss for words. She simply didn't know what to say.

But Alexis had taken it as a question and answered:

"Oh, girl, you're freaking damn slowly for a woman with your intelligence. Just in simple words: I loved it. I find you kinda hot, too. I just wanna kiss you again. That tension must be killing you. And I would so love to pleasure you, too."

"Oooh..." Beckett was feeling somehow stupid right now. Usually she was better in getting what someone else was saying.

"So, got it? Penny dropped by now? Coming to you has not the least to do with feeling an obligation to do it. I want it, too. And I would love to do you."

"Uh-uh... no! No objection anymore, Detective! Please!" Alexis cut in as she recognized that Beckett still wanted to say something against her argumentation. There's one thing you could say: Alexis was exceedingly devoted if she really wanted something with all her heart.

All the time she had pressed her absolutely naked right side on Beckett's naked chest. She looked down now just to see the nipples still erect. Beckett followed her glance and almost lost it right there. She moaned.

"Alexis ..., please, don't make it so hard ..., I have to resist you. I am the adult here. I cannot use you the way you want. That wouldn't be right. That's ... whooaah..."

Beckett had looked directly in Alexis's eyes when she started her last objection. But then she suddenly felt the girl's hand stroking between her legs, pressing all the right places above her panties. She gasped and bit immediately her bottom lip for to not cry out lout. While pushing her hand between Beckett's legs Alexis hadn't lost eye contact. She stared into the green orbs of Beckett and could see pure delight as the detective felt her touch.

Fascinated by the sultry looks of Alexis and the very seductive but unconsciously made licks of her lips and her moving hand between her legs, Beckett had been effectively silenced through the young girl. Alexis definitely seemed to be very determined to have it her way.

Finally the girl broke the eye contact just to pull her hand out from between Beckett's legs, cupped her breasts and pressed them in a rhythmic way. Then she made her lips wet again and started to brush her lips on Kate's left breast.

"Whoa, girl, wanna kill me immediately?"

She gasped at the unexpected excitement there. Alexis didn't even react on that.

She just continued to lick the erect nipples and pulled the flesh into her mouth. She bit down a bit, making Beckett gasp once more.

Beckett stared in disbelief at the sight in front of her like she still couldn't believe what was going on. This vision brought her on the edge of sheer ecstasy. She wanted to close her eyes to enjoy only the more the wet tongue strokes Alexis made.

But she couldn't. She stared with wide eyes - fascinated by how aroused she immediately got at the sight of Alexis nipping at the dark aroused upright standing buds.

Feeling the steady pressure on her breasts and the warm tongue of one hot girl on her nipples made Beckett almost faint. She began to moan..., rhythmically just like Alexis provided the delicious strokes. As if not only she herself would want more of that but also Alexis, the girl now took the tip of the nipple and pressed it on her teeth by using her tongue while sucking on it.

"Aaaahhhh ..., girl, you're good..." was all she could say before Alexis proceeded to suck harder on her nipples like she wanted to drain some milk out of them.

"Ohmygod ..., please ...," Beckett cried out loud as the overwhelming feeling of extreme want and arousal hit her like a train.

"You were saying?"

Beckett realized that she had closed her eyes in spite of what she actually wanted. She reopened them only to see a fat smirk on Alexis's face.

This brat! I will get her back for this, one thing for sure!

But Beckett couldn't finish her thoughts because now Alexis shoved herself over Beckett's chest and up to be head to head with her.

She whispered: "You like this?", she smiled happily and kissed Kate's pulse point on her throat. Kate's only reaction was shivering with desire.

Then Alexis disappeared under the sheets. And suddenly Beckett felt the redhead's fingers parting her pussy lips.

Clouded with lust and in full expectation what would be coming next, she groaned. Only for a second she was able to think clearly when the question formed what actually had happened to her panties. She even couldn't form the question because she was stopped effectively in her thinking process with an electric jolt her core was sending through her whole body until it reached her fingertips and her toes.

Because she then felt Alexis's warm tongue entering her pussy at her core, feeling the girl's nose stroking accidently her clit, and the redhead licked then from the core of her cunt all the way up to her clit.

"Ooohmmm ..., uuhmm ..., uhmmmm ..., yes... just like this ..., this feels so good...," Beckett groaned in highest pleasure. Her hips thrust up like being hit by lightning.

One second she was down there, the other second Alexis was putting open mouthed wet kisses on Kate's jaw line that went up to her left ear:

"Do I make that right?" She smirked at a really impatient groaning Kate Beckett.

"If you don't go back down there, I will cry out loud! You wouldn't want that, would you?" That should have been her ace in her sleeve. But Alexis just laughed loud enough to awake the others. This seemed to be no possible threat to the girl, though.

One second later Beckett felt the hands of Alexis parting her pussy lips again. And a split second later once more she felt the tongue of the girl lapping her folds with quick strokes.

Beckett reacted with an animal-like scream and let her hips erratically thrust up again. To stop her wildly thrusting hips Alexis held them down by leaning in on her parted thighs with her forearms and the weight of her whole upper body.

Beckett was overwhelmed with the feeling of pure lust. She only bit her lips and lifted her right arm to her face to cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Not being able to cry out as loud as she would normally do during her sexual encounters, she had to bite her forearm.

So she began to rhythmically groan to the lap strokes Alexis were providing to her clit. She almost fainted when she felt Alexis licking and kissing her pussy as if she would be kissing her mouth. Her tongue swirled around her little bundle of nerves; she nipped on her outer lips, parted her with her tongue, entered her core, lapped up all the juices and came again to press her clit.

My, had the girl learned fast, how to provide the highest possible pleasure!

The brunette was almost on the edge of losing control of her body. She felt a tremendous orgasm building in her lower abdomen. She arched her hips to get a better hold of the friction of Alexis's tongue.

But Alexis stopped her sensationally and perfectly executed tongue strokes again and came up from under the sheets.

Beckett opened her eyes just to see Alexis licking her lips - just like a kitten that just had her milk. The wet shimmering on Alexis's lips and her chin brought Beckett almost to the verge of insanity.

Alexis shoved herself up again over Beckett's chest. And she kissed Beckett with open lips and a tongue battling passion so the woman could taste her own scent. Beckett now felt the same Alexis had about half an hour ago. She wished for Alexis having two or three tongues to finish her job in her pussy, to pleasure her nipples and to go on kissing her mouth like that.

Beckett grunted with disappointment as Alexis broke off the kiss and immediately lifted her head like she'd be seeking the girl's mouth again..

"Oh, my, aren't we impatient right now?" Alexis smirked.

But Beckett was too far gone to be furious about that remark. She laid all her lust and arousal in her eyes and made a silent plea.

That didn't work on Alexis, so Beckett croaked: "Please?"

"What do you want, Kate? You have to tell me!" Alexis teased her. But Beckett wasn't in the mood, so she only shook her head.

"Please, don't make me beg."

"You would like to get finger-fucked by me?"

"Ah, now I know, what you're up to, you little brat, you didn't know you liked dirty-talking up until now, right?"

"Or should I continue to tongue-fuck you?"

"Do whatever you like, bitch, as long as you do it fast. Now!"

With that Alexis pushed her right hand back into Beckett's pussy lips and circled the clit.

Kate had just closed her eyes to enjoy that further as she heard: "Beckett..., open your eyes..., I wanna watch you when you come."

Alexis saw the question in Kate's eyes.

"You watched me, too, as I had my orgasm, right? How was it for you? Was it just as arousing as I think now?"

Beckett only nodded. She was too wanton hearing the girl's dirty-talk. That was so hot, she almost came right there.

"See, that's why I wanna watch you, too."

Then Alexis pushed two of her fingers inside Beckett's core and wagged them to find a certain spot. Then she began the strokes. In and out, in and out, slowly in again and slowly out again, way more slowly in... and waggling. All the while she watched Beckett's eyes intensely.

She grew wet only to see Beckett's eyes darkened with lust, making silent pleas to finally finish her up. She watched Beckett licking her lips, and with some more really slowly executed strokes she also watched her mouth forming the horny grunts.

And she definitely loved the lust-clouded orbs - focused on nothing - when forming her lips into words that didn't come on command and were only merely audible until the power of passion pressed them out of her center into her vocal chords.

Alexis really got dripping wet watching Beckett being hot like this. She could get addicted to that sight.

"Uhmmm ..., uhmmm ..., uhmm...,"

Seeing what she - as the inexperienced girl she was - could do to a grown up and sexually active woman like Beckett, made Alexis ready and hot for more. Proud of herself that Beckett actually let her do this and really enjoyed what she was doing to her, actually did give Alexis a certain kind of satisfaction.

But she also got extremely hot flushed with pure desire jolting through her lower abdomen on the absolutely gorgeous vision of the sexually highly aroused and ecstatic writhing Kate Beckett in front of her. She had never thought that she would be able to provide this woman so much pleasure.

Alexis knew she couldn't draw that out much longer now, but she wanted to see how far she could go before Beckett came in an earth-shattering orgasm just like herself.

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