tagLesbian SexWhat Are Friends For?

What Are Friends For?


Graduated! Yes! My best friend Tina and I had just finished school, and celebration had been a long time coming. We had agreed to make another year's go of it together by finding an apartment together, and by signing a one year lease, it made both of us stick to our goals...finding a good job, and maybe a good man too. We had a year to do it, but Tina lucked out with the man part of it early on. She had met Troy at the employment center of all places, but they hit it off right away. They were the same age, but he had just moved to San Diego and was still trying to find a job and apartment. He was indeed hot, really good looking with dark hair, tanned skin, tight body, and some very sexy looking tattoos. A little rough around the edges, more my type than Tina's, but hey, she found him first, and good friends know that means hands off and don't even think about it. Besides, I was more into the new job I had just landed with a great advertising firm. I was really fitting in so far, and life was looking good for Tina and I.

Tina had been seeing Troy for about two months now, and even though we made an agreement that Troy was not moving in with us, he was staying over with her a couple nights a week. He was a sweetie, definitely not a mooch, but instead helping her out when he could. She seemed kind of distant from him though, like she was not telling him something. Whenever I asked her about their relationship, she would smile, but she was just not saying something on her mind. I was soon to find out what was going on.

I had come home from work that day a couple hours early. I had a pounding headache that was not relenting, and even though I was new, my boss gave me mercy and let me head out. I pulled into the parking garage at our apartment, and reluctantly drug myself to the stairs. I slowly climbed the stairs to our floor, and as I felt the warm California air on my face, I knew I was heading down to the pool when I got in. I came in and all was quiet, I figured Tina was out, looking for the right job like she had been. I didn't hear a sound as I retreated to by bedroom to put on my bikini, I already felt more relaxed knowing the rest of the day was mine to enjoy.

After I slithered out of my clothes, I dug through my drawer to get my suit. I heard a faint noise, like a slight moaning, so I stopped moving and listened again. I heard the same noise, and I knew it was Tina, she was moaning kind of like she was in pain. I got my robe on and went across the hall to her door. I could hear her louder now from behind her door, but I began to think she was not in pain. She was moaning like a pleasure moan, and I was so embarrassed. I froze, not knowing whether to make some noise so she would know I was home, or just to get dressed and get out and let her have some privacy. Why on earth would she be masturbating when Troy was always around? I should have been the one playing with my pussy in the middle of the day...not her! I was a little irked at the thought so I knocked on the door.

"Tina...I'm home, I didn't feel well so I left work early. Is that you?" I said through the door. A brief pause ensued, and then I heard her moving about the room.

"Yes, hold on a sec...I'm coming." she said. Yeah, I bet you were, I thought. I backed up a little from the door so she could answer it, and when the door opened she too was in a robe.

"I didn't mean to wake you, I thought I heard someone, like they were sick or something." I said. She turned red, more than she already was, and for some reason I wanted her to admit what she was doing.

"Oh, yeah, I have some stomach cramps, I was just laying down to see if they would let up." she said, sweat glistening on her forehead. Boy she must have been ready to cum before I surprised her. She was almost breathing too hard for someone "resting."

"Do you want to go down to the pool with me?" I asked, "It might make you feel better."

"Nah, I'm gonna lay down instead. Thanks anyway. You go ahead without me." she offered. I smiled and said okay, as she closed the door. I was kind of giddy at the thought of catching her pleasuring herself. I knew she would be finishing herself off when I went out the door, but I wasn't going anywhere. I wanted to listen in, hear her cum as she played with herself. Hell, I wanted to see it, but I couldn't do that...how could I? My mind was racing at the thought of that closed door flying open and seeing her fucking herself with her fingers, or rubbing her clit with her legs spread. My heart was pounding, and now my pussy was wet. God, how horny was I? More like desperate to get off. I had to quit this, what was I thinking? I began to rummage through my drawer again for my suit, but I couldn't find it. Where the hell was it? I stood straight up, Tina had borrowed it last. She had it, maybe in her room. Could I get it out of there? Now I had a reason to go back to that door and I crept up to it.

I was acting nuts, my heart pounding, my cunt dripping...I even untied my robe letting it fall open. I listened, hearing nothing, so I slowly turned the knob, the door ever so slightly falling open. I was so shocked at what I saw...it was Tina all right, face down on the bed, ass in the air, one hand working on her clit and the other hand trying to work something in her ass. She was oblivious to anything but her own body, and didn't hear me at all. I spied as she pushed ever so slowly on what I could make out to be a black dildo into her ass. She worked the head in with a popping sound and with that I gasped. She flipped around on the bed, naked and shocked to see me there in the same condition...robe open, naked and shocked! No one said anything for what seemed like forever, until finally I stammered to apologize. "I'm uh, so sorry, I was just going to get my bikini I lent you, oh god, I'm sorry," I was breathless.

"It's not what it looks like, I was just, uh, well, Troy wanted me to try it, I was gonna try it by myself first." she stammered. I felt like an idiot, a horny idiot. She didn't know what to say, and neither did I. I turned to leave the room, but she yelled, "Wait a sec... have you ever?"

"Ever what Tina?" I blurted.

"Ever been, you know..." she paused, "Fucked in the ass?"

Was I supposed to answer this??? Help! Oh, let me out of here, my brain said. Stay here and help her out, my pussy said. What should I do?

"Um, Tina, what's more important is you doing it what makes you comfortable. If you want to try it, then I'm sure Troy will be more that willing. If you aren't ready, then say no. I can't help you with that decision." I was struggling. She smiled sweetly at me and patted on the bed for me to come over. In my confusion, I forgot my robe was still open.

"Come here, don't be so embarrassed, we are two educated single girls, we can talk about this." she said. Apparently, my brain bowed out of this conversation and I went over to the bed and sat down. My naked and quite gorgeous best friend wanted me to sit next to her and talk about anal sex. This was definitely a first for me. I pulled my robe shut, and she smiled again. She poked my in the side, and I jumped.

"Come on, talk. You just seen my in the most compromising position, the least you could do is tell me if you ever had your backside prodded...and did you like it if you did?" she said. She was killing me, I had to be redder than a lobster.

"Okay, here's the deal. Yes, I have, and yes I did like it. Happy now?" I shot back.

"See, was that so hard?" she said, "Now, how do I know if I will like it?" she grinned.

"You looked like you had a good start, so why don't I go so you can experiment?" I started to get up but she grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the bed. I fell sideways on the bed and my robe fell open again. Before I knew it, Tina was straddling me, naked and sitting on my hips with her dildo still on the bed.

"Let's experiment together, I know you have to be horny after two months of abstinence." she joked. She reached down and pinched one of my nipples. I squirmed, and all I could do was lay there. She began to lean over me, and I could see her moving in to kiss me. I closed my eyes, and next thing I know, she was kissing me, deeply, wetly, slowly. It was achingly good, like I had needed it my whole life. Oh boy, I wasn't leaving now. I could feel her cunt on top of mine, her tits pressing into mine, her tongue in my mouth. She broke for a second and gently whispered to me, "Will you fuck my ass? I trust you so much...." I wouldn't have told her no if she were the devil himself. "Okay," I whispered, "If you really want to, I will."

She started to slide down my body, kissing me down my neck and chest. She moved slowly and started to suck my tits, swirling my nipples in her mouth. I was dying, ready to cum at the slightest touch. I felt her hand reach for my pussy, still sucking my tits, and then two fingers found their way inside me. I held my breath as she began to fuck me. It felt so damn good. I finally exhaled as she broke our kiss.

"Cum for me first, cum all over my hand before you fuck my ass." she whispered. She was acting like nothing I had ever seen. I was so turned on as she lay on top of me, fucking my cunt and talking dirty to me. She put another finger in my pussy and her thumb found my clit. She gritted her teeth as she began to fuck me hard, slamming her hand in and out of my crotch. I couldn't take it and I felt my orgasm building.

"Oh god, Tina, I'm cumming, oh yes, oh yes, Yeesssssssss!" I yelled out and my pussy spasmed on her hand.

"Fuck yeah, cum good and hard" she answered back as she invaded me. I grabbed the back of her neck as the strongest point of my orgasm hit, and I bucked against her. Oh god that felt so good, I thought, I wanted more. I laid back down, and realized I was out of breath. She wasted no time in getting me ready to pleasure her. She began kissing me again, harder this time, like she wanted to suck my tongue out. She grabbed my hand and guided it to her little pussy. I had never done this, but I wanted to badly. I cupped her cunt and like a dog in heat she humped he palm of my hand. Her titties were bouncing as she bucked wildly against my hand. I changed to two fingers trying to find my way to her wet opening, and all of a sudden I was inside my best friend. She rode my fingers like she had never been fucked before. I reached my other hand up to grab her tit, and she moaned out loud. I pushed my fingers hard against the backside of her pussy, stretching her out.

"Oh fuck yeah, do me, fuck my tight little pussy, yeah, yeah, nice and wet for you..."

She was lost in the moment, ready to cum. I pulled my fingers out and sat up on the bed. "Don't stop now," she begged, "Make me cum."

"I'm gonna make you cum alright, get on your hands and knees and show me that ass." I growled. I was like an animal, like I had to have her. I grabbed her dildo, the pretty black dildo that brought us to this point. I had to have some lube to assault her ass like I wanted to, and she must have known what I was thinking.

"In my nightstand, get it, make it nice and wet." she gasped.

I grabbed it, Astroglide, my favorite. I slopped up that black king with the intention of fucking her deep in her tight butt. I got behind her, facing her gorgeous pussy and pink asshole. I squirted a glob on her pucker and began to work my finger in.

"Yeah baby, stick it in, fuck my little ass." she said nastily.

I worked my finger in, poking and stretching that hole. I wanted to get her good and wet.

I pulled my finger out and positioned that dick just like a man would. Slowly, I pushed feeling her yield to the pressure. She was moaning loudly, like a slut in heat. Once again, I saw the head of that black dick pop into her ass, and it was so incredible. I let her get used to it for a second, then I went back to pushing in, till I sunk it in as far as it would go. What a slut, I thought. Practicing my ass, she took that dick in her ass like she had been doing it her whole life. In and out, fast and slow, I fucked her ass like she had begged me to. I reached down and stuck two fingers in her pussy while I invaded her butt hole. She bucked and rode like it was her last orgasm.

"Now I'm gonna cum baby, yessss, let me squeeze that hot dick with my ass...Fuck me deep, oh yeah, here it cums baby, feel me cum baby, oh yeah, like that, harder, oh god, fuck me, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!" She sat straight up as she came on that dildo, bouncing it in and out of her ass. I had to stop her to pull it out, and slowly I withdrew it with a nice hot popping sound. Now she was exhausted, I could tell. She flopped down on the bed, sweaty as hell. She was a sight, a gorgeous little slut, satisfied finally. I was ready to cum again, though. She had made me crazy with lust after seeing her like that. I straddled her hips this time, wishing she had a dick. Tina smiled up at me, like she had planned the whole thing.

"Okay sexy," I said, "Something tells me that you knew what you were doing today."

She let out a little giggle, "Yeah, maybe I did. I've always wanted to fuck you."

"Are you okay with Troy?" I said quizzically. "You seem kinda distant from him."

"Sherrie," she paused. "I like boys like in a friend manner, but I'm really more into women. Troy is great, but I don't really have it bad for him. He is probably a great lover to other women, but I just can't stop thinking about tits and ass. I don't know if I'm a lesbian or what, but I know how I feel, and it hasn't changed since I was old enough to fool around. I thought you would freak if I told you, but I took a chance today."

I was shocked, I never ever thought of Tina as lesbian, she never acted like she wasn't interested in men. I didn't know what to say, I felt like this whole event would change everything between us. She must have known I was dumbfounded.

"Sherrie, I wanna make you cum again. Do you wanna cum again?" she whispered.

I knew I did, badly, but was this right? It took me a brief second to decide my life is mine to answer to, and if I wanted to cum, I had every right, no matter who I was with. I rolled over to her side and smiled at her pretty face.

"Have at it." I said. "What else are friends for if they can't enjoy each other's company?"

To Be Continued...

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