A Friend For Life


"Can I go now?"

"No." She turned towards him and pulled her stool closer. "Kiss me."

"What?" Ryan's eyes shot open. He hadn't heard her right.

"I said kiss me. Lean over and kiss me."

Her hands found his thighs when he just stared at her dumbstruck. They moved up and down his legs for a moment. Each pass went higher up his leg. Her smile went from humored to curious when the bulge in his pants began to grow.

"Is that big, little, average?"

Ryan followed her eyes down to his crotch. He'd hoped she wouldn't notice it growing. "I don't know. At least average to the guys in the locker room."

"That's good. So, that's not why you're shy. Or is it?"

"No. It's more of a..." Ryan lowered his head but her hand lifted his chin again.

"Don't be embarrassed. I can't help you if you aren't honest with me."

"I don't know how long I'd last. I really don't want to be the guy that goes off when a girl sneezes on me."

"Oh." Emily nodded and ran a thumb over his lips. "That's a rational concern. Guys have been known to do that. Has that happened to you before?"

"No." At her doubtful look, he narrowed his eyes. "No. I swear. But that sort of thing gets around quick. I don't need that piling up on me."

Emily slid off her stool so she was standing between his legs. Her hands resting on his thighs with her thumbs brushing gently against his inner thigh. She froze when she felt his cock reach down his leg and run into her thumb.

"You like me touching you. Is it just my touch or is it me?"


"If you need to adjust it, go ahead."

As quickly as he could, he reached into his jeans and pulled at his cock so it was pointing up. He let out an audible sigh at the relief. Ryan watched her reach out and take his glass and take a sip before offering it to him.

"In case you're a little dry." She offered. Her eyes glinted when she said it.

Ryan took a sip and then a larger sip to quench his Sahara-like mouth. Placing the glass back down, he looked back at Mrs. Tan. She was dangerously close. Her perfume invaded his senses and her thumbs were barely in inch from his balls.

"Mrs. Tan? Why are you doing this?"

"I think you can call me Emily." Her hands came up to rest her palms on his cheeks as she toyed with his lips with her thumbs. "You obviously need practice and confidence. And I've been a little out of action since my husband ran out on us. The guys I've dated over the years were a bit too sketchy to bring home to Miranda. I'm not sure how she'd take to a man in my bed. But this morning was nice. I liked you noticing me. Can I ask what you were thinking about when you were staring at my panties?"

"I was trying to avoid staring at your breasts. Then I was staring at the panties and wondering about how you looked in them and how you looked taking them off."

"And you liked the imagery." She leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth before letting her hand return to his thighs. Her thumb traced up the shaft of his cock, causing his entire body to jerk. "Did you cum?"

"No. You surprised me."

"Are you close to cumming?" Her thumb continued to run up and down the shaft in a lazy manner.

"No. I'm okay." Ryan gave her a nervous smile as he tried to control his breathing. This couldn't be happening to him. Wow, her thumb was amazing.

"Good. Now, kiss me. Just lick your lips to get them moist and kiss me as gently as you can."

He kept his eyes open as he aimed for her lips. She had a soft smile on her lips when his brushed against hers. They were soft and warm and perfect. Her free hand came up and curled around his neck to hold him close. Ryan took the hint that she wanted to continue kissing. With just the tip of his tongue, he lightly grazed the crease her lips made as she puckered. It brought out a moan of approval.

Ryan deepened the kiss as he slowly got used to the idea of kissing his older neighbor. He slid his palms down his legs to wipe the layer of sweat he'd acquired. Imitating what she'd done, his hand moved up and down her legs with his fingers curling around to graze the back of her legs. Her grunt caused him to try to pull back from her.

"You don't have to stop. I liked that." She spread her feet a little. "Slide your hands up until you can't go any further. Then curl your fingers and gently scratch my inner thighs."

Ryan was staring into her eyes as he did it. He watched, as her pupils seemed to grow larger. She let out a shuddering breath when his hands couldn't go any further and began to tease her. Emily let out a tiny gasp and then pulled his face closer as her lips crashed against him. Her tongue was hot and demanding as she explored his mouth. It took her several minutes before her tongue lost its ferocity and gentled.

Little by little she coaxed Ryan's tongue into her mouth. Ryan was warm all over. She was by far the best kisser he'd ever experienced. Her tongue twisted and curled around his and then was held still. It took a few more minutes to figure out she wanted him to imitate her actions. Slowly but surely, he grew in confidence until they were simply making out without any effort. Breathless, she pulled back and wiped her lips.

"Okay. You kiss just fine. And your fingers are driving me crazy."

She pushed back and looked around to see if Miranda was around. Taking his hand, she led him through the house and into a study she used as an office. Closing the door, she turned the lock and headed for a small loveseat. Grabbing a pillow she tossed it on the floor and looked up at him. She was at least a full head shorter than his six feet two inches.

"Have you ever had a blowjob?"

"No." Ryan's head went back and forth slowly and then his eyes dropped to look at the pillow on the floor near his feet. The light bulb went off. Mrs. Tan was going to blow him.

"I can't let you go up to talk to Miranda with that thing." She ran a hand across his bulge again. "She might not be safe."

"I would never hurt her, Mrs. Tan."

"I know. It was a bit of a joke, honey. Would you like me to give you head?"

"You don't have to. I..."

"Ryan. Just say yes." She rolled her eyes at him. "You and I are going to make a deal. I'm going to help relieve the pressure so you can go upstairs and talk to Miranda. The deal is you don't come back down unless you kiss her. Understand?"

He had to clear his throat before he could speak. "Not really."

"I'm going to have to teach you everything, aren't' I?" She said as if she was talking to herself. She let out a sigh and then reached out and undid his jeans.

Ryan's pants and boxer briefs were around his ankles in an instant. She pushed him back until he slumped onto the sofa. Reaching down, she pulled his pants off. With the pillow positioned between his legs, she knelt and pushed up his shirt. He shivered when her nails traced delicate lines up his legs and grazed his balls.

"Do you want me to suck your dick, Ryan?"

Her eyes were large and as dark as he'd ever seen them. All he could do was nod.

"Say the words. I want you to tell me what you want me to do. Today's lesson is to be more assertive with women."

Ryan closed his eyes. "Would you please suck my dick."

"Is that a question?" Her voice was teasing.

"Please suck it, Mrs. Tan."

"Emily. I appreciate the manners. Your Mom certainly taught you those, but my name is Emily."

"Yes, Ma'am." Ryan let out a tiny growl. "I'd love it if you'd suck my dick, Emily."

"Wonderful, Ryan."

Her head lowered and began to kiss and lick his inner thighs. He sucked in his already flat stomach when her fingernails slid under his shirt to be dragged down to his body. When her tongue licked up the underside of his cock, his hips twitched.

"Take off your shirt, Honey. I want to see your body."

As quick as he could, he pulled off his shirt and dropped it on the cushion next to him. He was surprised when he wasn't embarrassed. Her nails were sending tiny spasms through him.

"I see all your running as kept you thin. You're starting track soon, aren't you?"

"Yes. I'm already in the weight room. We start up in a few weeks."

"You have a nice cock, Ryan." Her slim delicate hand wrapped around it and stroked up its entire length. "There's no reason to ever worry about it. It's plenty big."

"Thanks. I guess you can do anything you want with it." He let a timid half smile appear on his face.

"Can I?" Emily chuckled and then turned serious. She was quiet for a moment as if deep in thought. Her hands were still moving. Toying with him. "All right, Ryan. We're making a new deal. You're going to lose your virginity to me, if you take Miranda's from her."


"It's simple. I'll teach you what to do with a woman. How to be gentle and patient and caring. In turn, you'll be Miranda's first."

"Do I get to vote on this?"

"You like her. You think she's beautiful. You're a guy." She waggled his cock back and forth. "Obviously, you're heterosexual. I can't think of a guy who would care about her more and not push her faster than she is willing to go. As long as you're honest with her, she'll be fine and everything will work out. I shouldn't have to say this, but our little agreement is between you and I. First rule is to never kiss and tell. It's disrespectful. Not even Miranda can know about this."


"Is that an okay to the deal?"

"Yes. I swear I'll treat her right. I won't ever hurt her."

"Good. Next lesson is that women like to be complimented. If you like what I'm doing say so. Groans and sighs are nice to hear. Vulgarities aren't. Treat us like we're ladies unless we tell you not to. And always warn us when you're about to cum during a blowjob. I swallow because I don't want the mess, but I need some warning."

Ryan nodded and then stared as her head lowered and her mouth surrounded his cock. His ass cheeks clenched as the silky wet and warm pressure slid down his shaft. He groaned loudly and smiled up at the ceiling. Lowering his head, he found Mrs. Tan watching him as she bobbed up and down slowly. He gave her a small appreciative smile as he bit his lower lip and nodded.

"That's amazing." He breathed and then closed his eyes tight when her cheeks sucked in to add more pressure. "Ahh. Wow, Mrs. Tan, I love that."

He felt her soft feminine chuckle reverberate through him. It sent sparks up his spine. She kept with a slow methodical rhythm. Her tongue slid up the under side and curled around the tip. Ryan couldn't concentrate. The velvet warmth of her lips and the tiny sucking motions were driving him crazy. He didn't really know what to do with his hands. At first they were gripping the sofa, but eventually he was brave enough to reach down and run his hand through her silky black hair. Letting it slide under his touch as his thumb brushed against her forehead.

Emily lifted her head to look up at him. Looking at the door, she bit her lip and shook her head.

"What?" Ryan leaned forward. His hand moved down to the back of her neck.

"It's nothing. It's been awhile. I'm..." She smiled, but a slight blush appeared. "You've turned me on. I thought I was doing you the favor. All I can think about is how you'd feel inside me."


"Yes. Girls like sex to. You've ruined my panties."

"I'll buy you new ones if you'd like."

She had to cover her mouth to stop her laughter from being too loud. "You're gonna have to shut up, Ryan. Your sweetness is killing me."

"I thought women liked jerks."

"The dumb ones do. It takes years before they realized guys like you are the prize."

She rose up and kissed him. Her hands gripped his hair as his hand found her waist and pulled her closer. She had to straddle him as the kiss deepened. Between kisses, she whispered into his mouth. "Keep your hands moving. Just gentle caresses with your fingertips and nails. Squeezing my ass works too."

Ryan let his fingers wander up and down her back for awhile. She sighed when they tickled along her side. He pulled a groan out of her when he flexed his fingers and gentle massaged her ass. Her fingers yanked at his hair when he reached between her legs from behind and rubbed. His eyes shot open to see hers wide and hungry. She nodded and then began flexing her hips into his hand.

Pushing away from him, she rose up on her knees and tore at the buttons of her jeans. Ryan was frozen and wide-eyed. He watched as she frantically pulled at her blouse until it was off and drifting down to earth. Her bra fell next. Standing, she pushed down her pants and wiggled out of them. Before him, he saw the curved body of a mature woman. Her breasts hung nicely, with dark, almost black areolas and nipples the size of his pinky finger.

When she straddled him again, he couldn't help himself from reaching out and taking them both in his hands. They fit perfectly when he curled his fingers slightly. He'd felt up two girls when they pressed his hand to them. Both times the girls were fully clothed. The heat and smoothness was mesmerizing. His tongue came out to wet his lips as Emily leaned in until his nose was between her breasts.

"Just be slow and gentle, Honey. You can kiss and suck and massage them. I know it looks like a bullseye, but take your time getting to the nipple."

His tongue came out and licked the inside curve of each breast while his hands started to squeeze and relax. It brought a long drawn out moan from her. He could feel her body pressing tightly to him. Almost smothering him. He was running his cheek across her nipple when he finally realized she was gyrating to the rhythm he'd set with his hands.

Looking up at her, he saw her head was down and her eyes closed. One of her hands was still gripping his hair, but the other had disappeared. Curious, he traced down her arm to find it behind her back with her hand between her legs. When his fingers got to her wrist, she opened her eyes and saw him staring up at her.

"Why'd you stop?"

"I was curious what you were doing."

"Fingering myself. Would you like to feel how wet you've made me?"


Emily pushed back and sat down beside him with her legs spread wide. She took his hand and guided it between her legs. He could feel the heat radiating off of her before his hand even came in contact with her pussy. The dark V above the start of her labia was all the hair she had. The lips were spread and the wetness was obvious. With just a fingertip, he traced around her labia.

"I assume you've seen one of these on the internet. You know what the clitoris is, right?"


"It's not a bullseye either. Take your time down here too. Start with feathery touches at first. The outer lips are less sensitive than the inner. But you can kiss and lick and nibble with your lips all you want. Teeth aren't allowed. Not with me, at least."

"You want me to go down on you?"

"Would you like to?"

Ryan swallowed hard. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to say or do. With a quick shrug, he stood and pulled the pillow between her legs and knelt. He was between a woman's legs. A beautiful exotic woman who seemed to be enjoying the things he was doing to her. The way she was sitting caused a slight roll to appear around her waist. It was non existent when she stood. Ryan realized how truly beautiful she was.

His fingers ran up her legs and back down. He could smell her. It was a rich pungent scent. Jason had talked about it a lot. He liked it for some reason. Lowering his head, he kissed her inner thigh about three inches from the union of her legs. His lips found a bit of dampness. Licking his lips, he tasted what he'd smelled. It had a slight bite to it, but still tasted good to him. Ryan dropped his head and licked up her thigh and right up between her lips in one slow deliberate motion. It brought Emily's ass off the couch as she moaned.

"Oh, Ryan. Just like that. Lick me clean. Please, Honey. Lick me nice and slow."

Ryan's head rolled as he licked up one thigh and then the other. He had to move with Mrs. Tan's hips as she rocked. Her hand would occasionally run through his hair and then move to play with her breasts. Tentatively, he probed with his tongue between the soft folds of her pussy. The scent of her was everywhere. When he cleared his throat, he hips flexed and her hand clamped down on the back of his head and pressed him tightly to her. Her legs came up and locked behind his back.

"Growl really low and use your tongue like you're fucking me, baby."

Letting out a deep-throated growl, he felt her legs tighten around him and her hand press down harder. His tongue darted out. A few sharp probes and Emily pushed him further down until his tongue disappeared inside of her. He could help but chuckle at his own stupidity. Soon, his tongue was darting in and out with the occasional circle around the entrance to her vagina.

Emily's legs tightened and then Ryan noticed the back of her hand was brushing back and forth right above his nose. She was whimpering softly. As close as he was to her hand, all he saw was a blur as she rubbed faster and faster until her entire body straightened. He had to grip her ass in his hands to stop from toppling over.

She let out a shuddering long ended, "Shit." And then collapsed back to the sofa.

Her feet slowly slid to the floor with his help until she was lying stretched out and smiling up at him with a dazed expression. His eyes went from her smile to her heaving breasts. Reaching out, he let his fingers work through the wet patch of pure black hair between her legs.

"This really isn't the way you should lose your virginity, but you can if you want. Just slide it in nice and slow."

Emily spread her legs a bit further and pushed her lips apart with her fingers. Ryan saw a bit of semi-clear liquid sliding down. Inching forward on his knees, he pushed down his cock and caught what he guessed was her cum on the tip of his dick. He groaned from the heat his dick found. Pushing down, he aimed the tip at her entrance and leaned forward.

He groaned even louder when he was greeted by what he felt. It felt like hot silk and velvet mixed with liquid. Her pussy gripped him tightly as he forced it further in. He watched as more and more of his cock disappeared into his neighbor. When he was fully impaled inside her, he looked up and saw Mrs. Tan's strained face. Her teeth were clenched.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No, baby. You have a lovely cock. It's just a really nice fit." She nodded and smiled at him. Emily lifted her legs off the ground. "Grip my legs under the knees and start moving in and out. Nice and slow until you work up to a nice smooth rhythm. No need to warn me when you cum. Just keep pumping into me until you're done."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure."

With his hands holding under her knees, he began sliding in and out with long slow strokes. His cock glistened each time it appeared. He noticed Mrs. Tan's knuckles were white as she gripped the cushion. She let out tiny almost inaudible grunts each time he pushed into as far as he could. His orgasm was already building. Ryan slowed down to try and prolong the experience. With his eyes closed, he tried to forget the beautiful woman under him. The sensations churning in his belly caused him to thrust faster. When he opened his eyes, he saw Mrs. Tan's fingers rubbing once more across her clit. The other hand was pinching and pulling at her nipples.

His hips faulted at the sight of her face filled with pleasure. She actually loved it. Emily broke into a smile when she saw him looking at her. Scooting down a bit further, she lifted her legs until they were resting on his chest with her feet on either side of his head.

"You close?" She asked through heavy breaths.

"I'm trying not to be, but yea. Really close."

"It's okay. Go a little harder and faster. If you can, just keep going until you're too soft or I cum. I'm getting close too."

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