tagFetishWhat are You Going to Do to Me?

What are You Going to Do to Me?


Eloa was a beautiful Brazilian with long, charcoal brown hair and big blue eyes. She was blessed with an olive complexion and a radiant smile that dazzled audiences across Europe. At only 155 (5'3 for the Yanks), she had dazzling 36c boobs and a voluptuous bum that appeared carved from a Roman myth. Classically trained as an actress, Eloa had discovered stand-up comedy as a means to compensate for a childhood of moving from country to country with her diplomat parents. Despite being kindhearted, stunning and brilliant, she had never in one place long enough to cultivate the circle or closeness she desired. A shy demeanor juxtaposed with a penchant for telling dick jokes in front of drunks in smoky basements ensured an interesting evening.

I met her performing at the same show and cajoled her into letting me show her around the city. Initially reserved, we quickly discovered our common bond in being driven to the stage by some mix of madness and narcissism. Red wine next to the river followed a lovely jazz show and soon she straddled me on a park bench and we tongued each other feverishly.

Somehow, I managed to get us to a taxi to my place. The cab ride had cooled things down as I pointed out places of interest and made small talk. When we arrived at my place she kept her distance and made herself comfortable in the kitchen. I opened champaigne and we toasted to us. We began making out but I noticed her kisses lacked the passion they had next the river. I stopped. She pulled back and in a moment of genuine frustration said, "ughhh. I'm so sorry. I want you right now! But it's been a while for me and I just..."

I smiled at her and assured her everything was fine and told her truthfully that I was simply enjoying her company. She was a marvelous kisser. Lots of freak with an element of elegance to keep it together. I would have been fine kissing and caressing her lithe yet curvaceous body all night. I then excused myself to my bedroom for a stick of gum, and when I looked up she was blocking the doorway.

She looked at me with her eye lids half shut and immediately stuck her tongue down my throat and stealing the gum. I threw her into the bed and began passionately making out with her and stroking her gorgeous bum and body. I removed her top and slowly stroked my hand across her still bra-covered chest. She stroked my groin and unbuttoned my pants and began to clumsily play with my cock. I removed her bra and began licking her nipples which bulged conveying her immense pleasure. She moaned and managed to tell me she loved it.

I placed her on her stomach and began removing her jeans from behind and the follies that result from such an effort ensued- we laughed and the mood was for for amazing fucking. I gently slapped her shapely ass and kissed her inner thighes whilst moving up and down her legs teasing her soaking wet pussy at the top. I moved her panties to the side and put my finger in whilst performing the alphabet with my tongue.

She moaned with pleasure and when I pulled back for a breather, turned back and looked to directly at me to say, "I love it when you're nasty with me." I rubbed my pussy- juice soaked hand up from her pussy to her ass and she purred. "What are you doing to do to me?" I came up over her, my stomach over her back and grabbed a handful of her luscious hair and whispered in her ear, careful to make sure my lips were touching hers, and told her, "anything I want to" before kissing her on the cheek and sticking my thumb into her ass, where it slid in easily before giving it to her to suck on.

I went back down and made her spread her ass open with her hands and began rimming her ass. Careful not to tongue fuck it just yet, I would make her beg for it. "Please go EEn" She spoke with virtually no accent, but in her moment of lust it escaped. I obliged her and stuck my tongue deeper and deeper into her ass hole. She said something in Portuguese and I knew to finger her pussy whilst she bobbed her ass up and down on my face. After a few minutes of this heaven I felt her tighten up and then relax.

We looked at each other and she smiled mischievously at me. She was far from finished. I stood up and walked to the couch. She threw a pillow down in front of the couch to kneel down and took me in her mouth. With one hand on my cock she masterfully swirled her tongue and cupped my balls with her other hand. I took my cock in my hand letting her know to lick my balls and she went straight for them. Not a surface of scrotum went without being covered in her saliva. I gently let my cock fall giving her a slight cock smack the face. She grinned like the Cheshire cat. It was time for fucking.

I set her up reverse cowgirl and stuck my thumb in her ass, changing thumb to give her something to suck, whilst playing her with boobs and feeling good about life. "I'm your bitch! I'm your Brazilian bitch! Can I play with your balls?" She grabbed my balls tenderly and I realized just her blue they were. I was going to cum if I didn't think of something quick.

I dismounted her and placed her on her back and licked her pussy passionately making trips down to her ass for good measure. She begged me to fuck her, and I was happy to do so. I placed her ankles up on my shoulders to ensure she felt every centimeter, and slowly I filled her. I made slow love to her pressing almost to her cervix and curving to ensure no spot went uncared for. I lovingly teased her amazing boobs and admired her gorgeous face, completely drunk with sex, while I penetrated her. "You fuck me so fucking good!" Her breathing intensified and then relaxed.

I waited a bit and pulled out. I went to lay next to her and we cuddled. There was only heavy breathing and panting. She told me we weren't done. She brought me to the couch and resume her position on the pillow. She cupped my balls and licked the tip like a lolli whilst I stroked and stared into her longing eyes. "I want you to make a mess on me. My face, my boobs, make me your bitch." I couldn't disappoint. I came so hard the first shot went straight into her hair. She jerked her head up to catch it. The second shot, which was larger than the first, landed on her forehead and down her cheek. The third shot she took in her mouth before grabbing me and pulling it into her mouth to ensure she tasted every drop. She smiled before wiping the rest of my cum off her face and into her mouth.

"Are you going to tell all your friends?" she asked. I smiled before inviting her to a shower. I took her hand and after cleaning ourselves (with much fun in the shower) we watched a show and went to sleep.

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