What Bears See


Rita was surprised to find a package in front of her dorm room door when she returned from an early morning class. The package was roughly circular and half as tall as she was, wrapped in Valentine's Day paper with hearts and cupids. It was three days before Valentine's Day and she had no idea who it was from, the card with her name on it was unsigned.

She went inside and tossed her books and laptop on her bed. As she pulled the package through the door, she found it was quite heavy and she tore the paper as she moved it. Closing the door, she unwrapped the gift.

It was a very large overstuffed bear with golden brown fur. The head was large with big, dark brown, glass eyes. A big, red, felt tongue hung out of the corner of its mouth. With it sitting down, the arms were long enough that the paws reached the floor. The legs were shorter than the arms and bigger around.

She grinned as she squatted down and wrapped her arms around the plump body and lifted it. It was only six inches shorter than she was but then again, she wasn't that tall. Looking around, she decided to sit the bear in the chair in the corner opposite her bed.

Stepping back she smiled and whispered, "Now that is a big teddy bear."

Backing up, she sat down on the side of her bed, and studied the bear. She still had no idea who it was from. It had to be expensive and that bothered her. She had dated a few guys over the last year and a half but had not been serious with anyone since she left home for college.

"Maybe it's from someone who wants to date me," she said aloud. Then she sighed and added, "I wish they had signed the card. It would have made things easier."

She stood up and moved her books and laptop over to her desk. Returning to the corner of the bed, she studied the bear for a few moments and then shrugged. "I guess I'll find out sooner or later," she whispered softly and sighed again.

Between classes, studying and trying out for the cheerleading squad she had neglected her love life for the most part. Rita grinned as she started to unbutton her blouse. "If it wasn't for masturbation, I'd have no love life at all," she told the bear.

Glancing over at the second bed in the room, she sighed. "Or I could be like poor Maggie and party my ass off. Of course, she had to drop out because of bad grades." She paused a moment and wondered why they had not assigned someone else to the room.

As she took her blouse off, she grinned at the bear. "You're almost big enough to be my roommate. Anyway, I like the privacy and quietness. It makes it easier to masturbate and to study."

She took her plain white bra off and ran her hands over her small breasts feeling her nipples harden. The circles under her nipples were perfectly round and several shades darker brown than her skin tone. She did not really need the bra but she was raised to wear one, so she did.

Looking at the bear and smiling, she caressed her breasts with both hands. "How do you like these Mr. Bear? I don't think they are big enough but they are all I have."

Using a single finger on each hand, she rolled her nipples around and whimpered softly when she pinched them lightly. "They are very sensitive and I love the way they stand up. I had one guy that nibbled on them with his teeth lightly and I came like mad." She shivered at the memory.

With a grin, she stood up. As she unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, she said, "You are a very good listener, Mr. Bear. Too bad that is all you can do."

She wiggled her hips to loosen the tight jeans and then she sat down to take them the rest of the way off. Her panties were also white and French cut at the thighs. There was a hint of a dark shadow from the jet black hair on her mound that matched the hair on her head.

Tossing the jeans on the empty bed, Rita stood up. "Do these panties make my legs look longer? I think they do and as short as I am, I need all the help I can get."

She turned around and looked at the bear over her shoulder. She ran her hands over her ass and smiled. "Now this is one part of me I am very happy with." Her ass was high and round. It sounded and looked solid as she smacked it with her hand.

"As solid as a rock," she whispered with a chuckle. "All the women in my family have fine asses."

She ran her hands over her ass, caressing it. When she placed her hands inside the panties and caressed herself, she asked the bear, "Want to see more of it?"

Her eyes went to the door and she walked over and locked it. "Better safe than sorry, I never have visitors but it would be my luck for some stranger to walk in and find me showing my ass to a stuffed bear."

She gave a little quivering shiver as she walked back over to the corner of the bed. "Now if he was a good looking stranger with a tongue as big as yours...," she whispered and shivered again.

"There's a big fantasy there," she admitted to the bear with a grin. "My old boyfriend before college is the only one who ever went down on me and he didn't do that great of a job. Not the way I thought it would or should be done at any rate."

Rita turned and bent at the waist, placing her hands on the bed, her ass high in the air. She took a half step to the side with each foot and wiggled her ass from side to side. Holding the position, she reached up and back to slide the panties down below the cheeks of her ass.

She wiggled her ass again as she asked, "So, what do you think?"

The panties still covered most of her small, low slung pussy, but her brown crinkled anus was perfectly displayed. "Are you an ass man Mr. Bear? I would certainly hope so."

She reached back with one hand, caressed her ass, and then used a single fingernail to tease the very sensitive skin around her anus. She whimpered softly and shivered hard. "I love to tease myself back there. I sometimes stick a finger in as I start to come. It makes me come even harder." She was looking at the bear from between her thighs.

"Would you fuck me in the ass? It's never been done before but it's on the fantasy list," she whispered with a quiver in her voice. She grinned and added, "I have a lot on that list, don't I?"

She moved her hand back to the bed and sighed as she slowly moved her ass from side to side. "I'd better leave that alone or I will be masturbating very shortly. I wouldn't want to subject you to that on your first day here."

Straightening up, she looked at the bear over her shoulder. With a coy smile, she whispered, "What, you wouldn't mind watching me anywhere and anytime. That's good to know because I do it a lot. That's what happens when you aren't getting any."

Rita brought her feet together and slowly pushed the panties down as she bent at the waist. Her breasts were touching her legs and the panties were around her ankles when she stopped moving.

She smiled at the bear around the side of her leg and whispered, "Yes, I'm much more flexible than most people think. I can do the splits forward and to the side. I can do a back bend and almost put my hands beside my feet."

She shivered and whispered, "I've often wondered what it would be like to get my pussy eaten in that position."

Without straightening up, she took a half step to the side with each foot as she took the panties off. With her legs spread, her small oval shaped pussy was in full view. She could now look at the bear from between her legs. She ran a hand up the back of each leg until her palms were on her ass.

"This position feels so good. It's the stretch in the back of my legs and thighs mostly but it is also the idea of what I look like with my legs parted and my little pussy showing. This is the position I would love for that stranger to find me in. The things his tongue could do."

Rita shivered hard and grinned at the bear. "Yes, I know, my pussy is so wet. It's your fault partly and my imagination even more so."

She ran her hands down the back of her legs again and then reached between her legs with her right hand. Her hand hovered over her pussy for a moment as she asked the bear, "Are you sure you want to watch me masturbate? No one ever has before. Watched me that is, I'm sure quite a few would want to."

A moment later, she traced a fingernail down the cleft of her ass. She teased her anus for a second and then moved to the slippery opening to her sex. She teased herself there and then slipped the finger inside as she took a hissing breath. "That always feels so good," she whispered as she curled the finger inside her, feeling her nail lightly scratch across her g-spot.

She pulled the finger out and rubbed the slippery coating on it along her slit. She dipped her finger back in her sex and then rolled her clit with it. She whimpered loudly.

"I am so horny with you watching me," she whispered to the bear, a soft groaning in her voice as she continued to roll her clit.

Her hips flexed slowly back and forward, rocking her body. She moved her finger back to her opening and plunged it inside as she straightened up. "Time to get more comfortable," she whispered as she climbed up on the bed.

Rita was kneeling but leaned forward until her chest was on the bed also. Her finger could be seen moving in and out of her sex as she spread her knees wider. "Much better," she whispered as she brought her left hand around and teased her anus with a fingertip. She whimpered and rocked her hips up and down.

"I can already feel my climax building," she whispered. She paused the finger in her pussy and scrapped her nail across her g-spot. She groaned as she moved her hips up and down. The fingernail on her anus made firmer contact as her ass rose and the finger in her pussy moved deeper as her hips fell.

"This is so good," she whispered. "If only you could give me a hand or a tongue for that matter, I'd explode in a few seconds."

A second finger joined the first in her pussy. She moaned loudly and moved her hips faster. "Too bad you don't have a dick, Mr. Bear," she said and then groaned loudly.

Rita turned her hand slightly and her thumb grazed over her clit. "Oh yeah," she said loudly. "That's the right spot."

Less than a minute later, her hips were shaking and quivering. Her right hand was flying, her fingers plunging as deep in her pussy as they would go. Her thumb was now firmly rubbing her clit and the orgasm was towering high above her, ready to crash down.

The fingertip of her left hand pressed firmly to the opening of her asshole. The second it broke through the tight ring of muscles guarding her rear, she exploded in an awesomely spectacular orgasm. Her hips were jerking and bucking. The finger in her ass slipped even deeper, which added fuel to her internal fire.

As the orgasm tapered off, Rita slowly wiggled forward until she was laying flat on the bed. The two fingers were still in her pussy but the finger in the rear was once more teasing the sensitive skin around her anus. A few moments later, she moved her hand away from her ass and rolled over on her side. Her thighs clamped down on the other hand.

She sighed and looked at the big golden bear in the chair across the room. The fingers in her pussy were curling just enough to rub her g-spot lightly. She shivered and sighed. "That was the best one in a long while," she told the bear.

She sighed and curled up a little more, the two fingers just barely grazing her g-spot now. "I feel a nap coming on," she whispered and then grinned at the bear. "You are a nice addition, a good listener and a good watcher. Maybe one day soon, I'll find out who sent you, so I can thank them."

With a yawn, she whispered, "Good night, Mr. Bear."


Ron clicked the mouse to close the program and Charlotte stood up quickly from his lap, turned, and sat down on the edge of his computer desk. They were both naked. She spread her legs wide and put a foot on each arm of his chair. She had one hand rubbing her pussy and the other pinching and rolling her right nipple.

With a grin, Ron asked, "Need another hand?"

Charlotte moaned and shook her head. "Nope, but a tongue sure would do wonders. Damn, that was hot."

Ron grabbed Charlotte's legs behind the knees and lifted. Her sex rolled up toward him and he leaned forward to plant his face in it. He ate her pussy wildly. It was less than three minutes; Charlotte gave out with a long loud yell and came all over his face.

Returning her feet to the chair, Ron leaned back and licked his lips. "That was quick," he said as his eyes wandered over the naked young woman in front of him. She was gorgeous and had a body to die for. In fact, he would die if her boyfriend ever found out about them.

"You have how many of these cameras out?" Charlotte asked between ragged breaths.

"Nineteen between the five dorms and three in different sorority houses."

"Is this one typical of what you see?"

Ron smiled. "This one was outstanding, wasn't she? I've been watching her for the last four months around campus and had an idea she would be hot." He paused and sighed softly. "Unfortunately she is not typical. Most of the young women take a lot more time to get comfortable around the bears."

"You mean like the way I tossed him in the corner and left him," Charlotte said with a big grin. "You can thank my boyfriend for putting him on that bench."

"I have a lot to thank your boyfriend for but I think I'll pass on doing it. He's way too big and mean for a geek like me to mess with."

"You don't seem to mind eating and fucking his girlfriend though but I guess that's my fault. I shouldn't have fucked his best friends and teammates in my room with that bear watching."

"Those were some of my luckiest day so far," Ron said with a grin, as his hand went to his hard dick in his lap. "They boosted my ratings right off the charts. Not to mention getting a hold on you."

Charlotte watched his hand move up and down the long thick shaft and shivered. Who would have thought a skinny geek would have a dick like that. Not to mention a tongue that reached places she never realized she had. She had balked at his blackmail scheme at first and then he had unzipped his fly.

She loved big dicks but her boyfriend was only a medium as far as she was concerned. That he was the captain of the football team made up for it as did the access to the rest of the team it gave her. There were half a dozen nice, big, thick dicks to play around with but nothing like this one.

She shivered again and scooted forward off the desk. As she knelt down, Ron spread his knees to make room for her. Her hand replaced his a moment later. Her fingers would barely touch in the middle of his shaft and came nowhere near touching around the base. She moaned softly and leaned forward to lick the head.

As she sucked on the head and swirled her tongue around, Ron asked, "Do you eat pussy by any chance?"

Charlotte whimpered softly and looked up at him, his dick still in her mouth. "Well?" he asked sharply and she nodded slightly.

He grinned and said, "Rita said she had only had her sweet looking pussy ate one time. I wonder what she would do if we tag teamed her. Your full lips and sweet face between her legs one minute and my long tongue twisting and turning in uncharted territory, the next, she would either die or explode."

Charlotte moaned around the dick in her mouth and closed her eyes. The thought of eating Rita's sweet looking little pussy had crossed Charlotte's mind way back when. She raised her head and released his dick as a shiver ran up and down her spine. "With or without the bear watching?"

Ron laughed. "You are the full package, aren't you? You fuck everything with a big dick, suck a mean dick, eat pussy, and are an exhibitionist and voyeur. What else could a man ask for?"

Charlotte went back to sucking the head of Ron's dick as he leaned back and looked thoughtful. A few minutes later, he slowly shook his head. "No, we'll let her be for a while. She is going to put "What Bears See" on the map and make me an even bigger fortune. Later, we can have our fun and eat her too."

Looking at the back of Charlotte's head, he sighed deeply as it went up and down. Her warm wet mouth was doing wonderful things. A minute or so later he groaned softly. "Ok, time for you to get on my bed, on your hands and knees. On the corner like Rita was with your fabulous ass in the air. I want to be able to fuck you deep and hard."

Charlotte was on her feet in seconds and headed for the bed at a fast walk. After watching that hidden camera of Rita and having her pussy eaten, she'd gotten off, but that would be nothing compared to Ron's big dick in her. At the bed, she looked around at the three golden brown bears scattered around the room.

She whimpered softly as she climbed on the bed and laid down with her ass high in the air. Having it all recorded would just make her come even harder this time and every time she watched it on the website. Charlotte groaned deeply and said, "Hurry, please, please, please."

Ron laughed and stood up. "The work is never done for the smart and totally wicked."

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