What Big Sister Wants Ch. 01


In the morning, I woke to the sound of the garage door opening and then closing. Mom was running Dad to the airport before going off to her store. I slipped out of bed and stood naked at the window. I watched as Mom and Dad drove down off the street in a steady rain. No tanning outside today. I smiled to myself and let my hand run lightly across my stomach, fingers slipping to brush my already moist labia lips. No tanning for me and no yard work for Danny, but I was pretty sure I could keep us both busy.

There was a knock at my bedroom door and I felt all warm and tingly. Little brother was anxious to pick up from yesterday. "Come in, little brother," I sang out as I turned around.

The door opened and Danny stood there. He still had on his briefs and as far as I know the same massive erection he'd had the night before. "I -- um, was wondering if you were awake, Meggie and I ...," he trailed off as he saw me standing naked and unashamed against the window.

I gave him a few minutes to digest it all, although he'd seen me practically naked the day before. I hoped I came up to his fantasies and expectations. My hair was sleep tousled, but I think that's a good look for me. I spread my legs apart just a little more, allowing my already aroused pussy to bloom outward, exposing my glistening pink flesh to my brother. I gave my shoulders a shimmy to make my high sitting, pert breasts bounce a little, feeling my nipples swell and stand up, anxious to be sucked and nibbled.

"Good morning, little brother," I said huskily. "Do I meet my brother's approval?" I beckoned him towards me. "Naughty brother, letting his cock get all hard and long over his sister's naked body." I beckoned him again, urging him to come to me, feeling like the spider urging her mate into her web. I felt a trickle of pussy juice ease down my thigh.

Danny took an uncertain step and then another and then came to me, his eyes full of lust and desire and love. As he reached me, I fell to my knees and yanked down his underwear in one swift motion, allowing his magnificent tool to slap me in the face.

"Danny, this is a monster cock!" I whispered earnestly before I slipped my lips over the head of his cock. It was a bit of a stretch, no denying it, this was the biggest hunk of dick I'd ever encountered! Still, I sucked a goodish portion of Danny's cock into my mouth and began to suck and lick my brother for all I was worth.

Danny groaned as I swirled my tongue expertly around the crown, savoring his musky, un-showered taste, his hair pubes tickling my chin and cheeks as I took more of him in. I felt his knees almost buckle against me and then sensed that he was leaning forward, his hands stretched out and gripping the window sill behind me for support.

It felt absolutely sinfully delicious to imagine the erotic image that might be seen if one looked up and into my bedroom window to see my brother's naked body obscured by my bobbing head. What would the neighbors think? Screw them -- well, okay, I already had fucked Mr. Smith, the elderly gentleman that lived next door. That's a story for another time.

"Oh Meggie, that -- your tongue is fantastic!" Danny moaned as I rolled my tongue up and down his thick shaft. I then let all of his cock slip out except for his massive cock head and sucked and teased it something furious with my tongue as I massaged it with my lips. My tongue danced and played, teasing his piss hole one second and then fluttering over his flared ridge the next. All the while, I slipped my hand up and down his saliva slickened pole.

Little brother began to jitter on the balls of his feet and I knew I was taken him to the point of no return. "AAUUGGHHH, DON'T ST-STOP MEGGIE, PLEASE YEEESSS, I'M CUM CUMMMING!" And my baby brother did! He let loose with a virtual torrent of hot semen that exploded into my mouth. It had that salty sweet clean taste that only a young man's sperm has and I gobbled it down as fast as I could, barely keeping ahead of the flow. Danny certainly had healthy balls to produce so much baby juice.

I let Danny slip from my lips just as his last ejaculation weakly spurted out, frosting my lips with his hot seed. Danny grinned down at his big sister as I licked his cream off my lips like a cat finishing up a saucer of milk. I rose then, kissing my way up his body, bestowing a kiss on that still mostly erect slab of cock meat, then his pubic hair, rubbing my face against his wiry pubes, then his stomach and then kissing and licking his hard little nipples before kissing my brother on the mouth with as much passion as I could muster. I thrust my tongue into Danny's mouth, allowing him the pleasure of tasting himself. He didn't seem to mind as he kissed me back. My brother wrapped his strong arms around me, pulling my naked body against his body as he showed me how well he could kiss.

When he finally let me go, I was a little weak-kneed myself. "Thank you, Megan," Danny whispered to me.

"You're welcome, baby brother," I cooed back at him. "But if you really want to thank me, maybe you could return the favor." I stepped back and sat down on the window sill. I spread my legs, showing off my pussy.

Danny stared down at my cunt, his face reddening as he slowly knelt down on the rug. "Um, Megan -- I um, I haven't done this before." He confessed.

"Well, it's high time you learned, Danny. If you can eat pussy, there isn't any woman you can't please!" I reached down and spread my labia wide apart to reveal the folds of my wet snatch. "Just bury your face in my honey box and have at it. We'll work on technique as we go along."

Damned if that's not what my little brother did. Like a starving man, Danny shoved his face into my pussy, eagerly lapping with his tongue. I began to cum almost immediately, maybe because he was a born pussy eater or maybe because it was my little brother, my flesh and blood licking and lapping my wet cunt! I slipped my hands into Danny's longish hair and tugged and directed him as he ate me out. Again, I wondered if any neighbors were watching me sitting in the window, my naked backside squirming as my brother fluttered his tongue over my sopping wet pussy flesh.

My baby brother was an excellent student, taking notice of my sighs and moans as he tongued me. When he licked a special spot, he paused and focused on it, learning precisely what I liked and practicing it until I was shaking with passion. Then he would move on to find another spot, occasionally returning to the earlier places as if reminding himself of what I liked. Danny was patient and eager and he seemed content to eat me for what seemed like hours.

Before long, I was seeing lightning flashes of great orgasmic intensity as Danny had my pussy throbbing with pleasure. His tongue just seemed to instinctively know where to go and it seemed like it was everywhere at once. I sobbed as he probed deep into my sugar walls, licking the cream right off my pussy flesh. I cried as he ran his tongue up and down my labia lips, pausing to suck the meaty folds into his mouth. I screamed as he played tag with my clitoris, teasing it and taunting it and eventually sucking it like a tender nipple until I was in full orgasm, grinding my crotch into his face.

Pleasure washed over me for what seemed an eternity and then I realized that he'd stopped and that he was kneeling between my legs, most of his face glistening with my cunt cream. I wiped tears out of my eyes and said, "Wow! Danny, I wish I had thought to do this a long time ago. Little brother, you can eat me any time you want!"

Danny rose to his feet and we kissed again, this time my brother sharing with me my own taste. We kissed and kissed and as we kissed, we began to rub against each other, enjoying the sensation of naked flesh on naked flesh, my hard nipples tracking across his mostly hairless chest. Best of all was the sensation of his long cock, fully erect, rubbing against my belly, dribbling precum across my skin.

Lust enflamed us both. The fire between my legs demanded new attention. I craved his cock, needed it in me as I have never needed cock before. Without words, we eased over to my bed. Danny pushed me down onto my back and then climbed up after me, scrambling to get between my legs. I spread myself wide for my brother, offering him my sex, flinging my pelvis upwards, anxious to have him bury his monster cock inside my wet, insatiable pussy.

Kneeling between my thighs, Danny's cock jutted out, so hard and erect that it slapped up against his belly. From that perspective, it looked so fucking huge and a little part of me shivered in fear of his enormous penis. Then Danny thrust forward, using his hand to guide his penis to my blossomed cunt. I slid my hand over his and took over and guided it forward until it was nestled in the opening of my pussy, the head partially inserted.

In a little girl voice that I used to use on Daddy to get my way, I whimpered, "Fuck me, baby brother. Give your big sister what she wants -- what she needs!"

Danny's eyes glazed over and with a growl, he thrust eagerly into me and I thought the world imploded around me. OH MY GOD! MY BROTHER'S COCK WAS BIG! BIG AND LONG! I screamed in absolute sheer pleasure that bordered on pain as Danny plunged deeply inside me, seeming to never stop, to sink ever farther into my womb until unbelievably finally, his pelvis slammed into mine, his wiry pubic hairs tickling my bare labia.

My scream took Danny by surprise and I think he would have immediately yanked himself out of me, but my cunt muscles slammed down tight around his wonderful cock and with a mighty effort I was amazed later that I pulled off, I raised my legs and wrapped them around my brother's back, trying to hold him into place. As I did so, his cockhead slipped marginally deeper inside my womb and I thought I might pass out, so intense was the pleasure coursing through my body.

"Don't you fucking move, Danny!" I sobbed. I could feel the tears coursing down my cheeks. I've never felt so full, so packed with cock in all my years and yet there was more to it than just a big, damn cock. This was my own flesh and blood -- my baby brother joined to me, cock and pussy, giving me pleasure.

"I love you, baby brother," I cried out in a sing song voice. I think I finally understood the allure and sweet taboo of incest. Suddenly, this was more than just another conquest, another adventure. As I rode a wave towards orgasm, I knew that I'd traveled to a new country, one I would never want to leave.

"I love you too, Megan," Danny gasped and I knew it was true. No man had ever looked at me the way my brother did, with such passion, desire, love, knowledge of me that no other man could ever hope to have. We looked into each other's eyes for long minutes as we savored the feel of our joined flesh, throbbing and pulsing, each second growing stronger and stronger.

"Ohhhh, Dannnyyyy," I moaned as my orgasm washed away all restraints. I began to buck and convulse against Danny, grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him down as I hunched my cunt against him, seeking, demanding that his cock find a way to get deeper within my womb. As I writhed underneath my brother, he began to slowly thrust in and out of me, each sweet motion of his cock taking my orgasm to greater heights.

I suddenly realized that my orgasm wasn't subsiding, that Danny and his huge dick were sustaining and increasing my pleasure with every passing second. Seconds became minutes. My energy ebbed and flowed as Danny pounded me with his wonderful penis. I came and came and came, sometimes thrashing about wildly, flinging my pussy upwards to meet his thrusts and sometimes lying there spent, happily letting his cock abuse my throbbing pussy.

Our bodies became coated with sweat which seemed to mix with the heavy scent of my pussy juices that poured out of me and thickly coated Danny's cock. I clawed the sheets and I clawed Danny's back and we kissed and I bit his shoulder and bit his chest, drawing a trickle of blood. I writhed and begged and pleaded for him to stop, to not stop, to fuck me forever. I cried and I laughed and I screamed and went completely out of my head until the sun exploded and I felt my insides being bathed in hot, molten semen and my orgasm simply expanded until all reality was transformed into absolute pleasure and then I spiraled into semiconsciousness.

My last glimpse of reality was the sensation of Danny kissing me, his body on top of mine and both of us whispering words of sweet love to each other. We feel asleep then, the sound of rain splattering against the window, the two of us still joined cock and pussy, my last wish being to never let him slip from inside me.

I woke to the sound of Danny calling to me. I was alone in my own bed and it was still raining outside. I glanced at my alarm clock. It was almost noon. I sat up and stretched, smiling as I savored the sweet sensation that comes from a nice long stretch after mind blowing sex. My pussy throbbed with the memory of my little brother's cock buried deep inside me. "Meggie, wake up!" I heard Danny hollering from downstairs. "I've fixed us something to eat!" Was that bacon I smelled? I realized I was ravenous.

Naked, I strolled downstairs and into the kitchen. Danny was bare-chested, wearing only jeans. I admired his strong, well muscled chest. My brother gestured to the table, gawking at my naked body as only an eighteen year old could. "I've fixed us breakfast, er, maybe lunch. I smiled delightedly. On the table were plates of scrambled eggs, bacon and out of the can biscuits. No lover had ever made me breakfast before.

"Aren't you sweet, Danny!" I exclaimed as I hugged him, grinding my body against his. I felt his penis pressing against the denim material. I kissed him, wanting to let the kiss go on forever, but had to also deal with my hunger. We sat down and began to eat, hardly able to keep our hands off each other. We both wound up eating with one hand and touching each other with the other hand. I unzipped Danny's jeans and freed that humongous cockstand of his, slowly stroking it, while his hand caressed my breast, teasing and pinching my nipple.

"You're making me so wet, little brother," I said between bites of scrambled eggs. "Mom's going to be pissed when she sees pussy stains on her kitchen chairs."

Danny glowed with pleasure. "Well, then maybe we should go back upstairs, Meggie." He gulped down the last strip of bacon and washed it down with a big glass of orange juice.

Hand in hand, both of us giddy with the delight of new lovers, we walked upstairs. We never made it to my room as Danny tugged us into his bedroom tossing me on the bed. He shrugged off his jeans and I scrambled to the edge of the bed and took my brother's cock in my mouth again. I could taste both his semen and my juices on his big dick. I wanted to taste his seed again, but my pussy needed immediate attention too.

"Want to do a sixty-nine with your big sister, Danny," I said coyly after letting his penis slip from my mouth. I looked up at him hopefully.

"Hell, yeah!" Danny exclaimed, his eyes wide with excitement. I knew he knew what a sixty-nine was and what young man would turn that down.

I tugged him up onto the bed and pushed him down on his back. I swung around and straddled his face, my pussy hovering scant inches above his face. I looked down between him and was amazed to see pussy juice literally dripping out of my wet cunt and splatter against my brother's face. Danny had his tongue extended like a kid trying to catch snow flakes.

"Thanks for lunch, baby brother, now here's dessert!" I giggled and I lowered my cunt, grinding it into Danny's face. I moaned as his tongue assaulted my tender and sensitive flesh, and then quickly devoted myself to pleasuring my brother's cock. I began to lavish all my cocksucking talents on his massive pole, using my tongue to caress and bath and clean his rigid meat.

I licked Danny's monster cock while his tongue explored my pussy, revisiting and confirming all my sweet spots that he'd discovered only a short time before. We both quickly began to make garbled moans of pleasure as we made love to each other. Danny's hands were caressing my tight ass, spreading my ass cheeks, tracing a line down my ass crack and tentatively teasing my asshole, quickly learning that teasing my puckered hole brought very enthusiastic moans from his big sister.

I sucked and licked and danced my tongue around Danny's penis, becoming a little erratic as he fluttered his tongue over my clitoris and made me cum. Suddenly, I needed to have his cock inside my pussy again and as he cried in protest, I fell off him. His protests died quickly as I growled, "Fuck me, little brother! I need your cock in my cunt right the fuck now!"

I moved to straddle Danny and attempt to impale myself on his pole, but Danny moved quickly as well and in an eager voice asked, "Can we please -- um, can we do it doggie style, Megan?"

Danny's earnest and eager request delighted and thrilled me. I was happy to comply and scrambled to my hands and knees and waggling my tight ass at him, said, "I'd love to get fucked by my brother from behind!"

"I love you, Meggie!" Danny gushed as he moved behind me. He was so excited, it took him several attempts to line up his cock with my pussy. I raised my hips upward, lowering my head down, offering him a better angle and with a triumphant cry, my brother drove his cock home.

I responded with a scream of delight as again I felt my pussy become stuffed with so much cockmeat I could barely stand it. "I love your big cock!" I cried again, thrusting myself backwards to help Danny completely bury his rod in my womb. He ground himself against my taut buns and leaning down against me, slipped his arms around my waist, sliding his hands upwards to cup my breasts.

"F-fuck me, Dannnnnyyy!" I wailed as my cunt muscles tried to clasp his long shaft. "Fuck m-me with that biggggg dickkkk!" Danny began to slowly thrust in and out of me, his shaft and cockhead literally scraping the walls of my womb, making me feel sooo full. My nipples throbbed as they scraped the palms of his hands. Danny's fingers sank into my tit flesh as he sought leverage to better his movements in and out of my pussy. I tried to help, thrusting back as best I could, but my senses were overloading with pure, ecstatic delight and it was all I could do not to gnaw on the sheets.

"I love fucking you, Meggie," Danny gasped through clenched teeth. "You are so hot. Your pussy is so hot and ummm, tight! I love you, big sister!"

My little brother banged me like we'd been doing it for years. Perhaps in our incestuous love, we were operating on an instinctive level, fucking as brother and sister just coming naturally to us. For the first time, I felt things that I'd never felt before. I felt the need to get Danny deep inside me, to let him give me his seed at the deepest level -- to make me pregnant with his child, to be a vessel for his life giving seed, to orgasm with the knowledge that we were joined with the holy purpose of bringing new life to the world. Even as I knew this wouldn't happen as I had long been on birth control pills, I ached to become mother to my brother's child. Just the thought brought me crashing into orgasm, my pussy bathing his cock in my steaming juices.

Sweat flew from our bodies as we fucked, the room thick with the scent of our sex as our bodies slapped wetly and loudly together. "CUM IN ME, BABY BROTHER, GIVE ME YOUR HOT SEED, DANNY!" I wailed. I worked my cunt muscles, massaging my brother's mammoth shaft, urging him to cum. My orgasm was growing stronger and I wanted, no, needed to feel my brother's thick, hot semen bathing, filling my womb.

"OHH, MEGGIE!" Danny moaned and he rammed himself deep inside me one last time. His fingers dug deep into my tit flesh, reminding me that pain was part of pleasure as well and then it was my turn to scream as his cockhead swelled and then my brother began cumming inside me, hosing my insides with his sperm.

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