What Big Sister Wants Ch. 03


Mom moaned and toppled off my little brother. With a dreamy, pleased smile, she turned around and began kissing her son, smearing her lips with her own juices that covered Danny's face.

I tried to pull myself off Danny's still hard cock, but I was trembling and shaking and weak from my orgasm which seemed to have gone on forever and which still impaled on my little brother's horse cock, threatened to erupt again. I couldn't do it and to be honest, I wasn't sure how much more pleasure I could take. "Danny," I whimpered. "Help me! I can't get off your big dick."

My baby brother grinned evilly as he lifted his head to see his big sister stuck on his cock. "Seems to me you already got off – several times in fact!" He and our parents began to laugh. I tried to laugh, but it brought me even closer to another orgasm. As I moaned, Danny took pity on me. Sitting up, he took me by the waist and lifted me up. The awesome sensation of his thick pole scraping along my throbbing cunt sent me over the edge anyway and I began to cum again, culminating in a heartfelt scream as his swollen cock head popped out of my pussy.

I collapsed in a heap on my arms and knees, trembling like a little frightened animal as pleasure jolted my body repeatedly. A few minutes seem to pass by before I felt hands caressing my body. Soft lips kissed their way down my back. A wet tongue traced a trail along the crack of my butt, circling around my cum-filled backdoor and then slithering into my sperm flooded cunt.

"No! No more, please!" I whimpered in a pleasure filled purr that made me a liar. In the past week, I had become very familiar with that tongue and now I wiggled with pleasure as Mom scooted underneath me and began to eat her son's baby juice out of her daughter's pussy. I squealed with pleasure as Mom pressed her lips to my cunt hole and literally sucked Danny's sperm and my cream out of me. She delved with her tongue, finding little blobs and deposits of semen and gobbled them up.

My orgasm simply extended itself – not as violently intense, but incredible all the same. I sighed happily as Mom's pussy eating slowed down and then ended. Then I felt Mom spread my taut ass cheeks. Before I could protest or cheer Mom on (I'm not sure which I would have done at this point!), Mom pressed her mouth to my sperm packed asshole and her tongue dug in and began scooping up Daddy's seed from my butthole.

From around us, I heard groans and I opened my bleary eyes just in time to see Daddy and Danny resting against the headboard. Danny was grinning and Daddy was all agog. As he stared avidly at us, I realized his cock was already hard again. I guess that just goes to show you what happens when a father watches his daughter's mother eat his jizzum out of his little girl's ass! Again, Mom seemed to alternate between tonguing and literally sucking semen right out of me. My fingernails dug into the sheets as I reveled in what seemed to be a forever orgasm. I had lost the power of speech and could only cry and moan to show how wonderful my family had made me feel.

Then Mom climbed up and over me and was kissing me, sharing remnants of Danny's and Daddy's seed with me as our tongues communed and our breasts mashed together. We didn't have long because suddenly Mom was dragged away.

"Mom's turn!" announced Danny! Mom's carnal display with me had both her men aroused and now it was father and son taking on Mom. I crawled up to the headboard to watch my little brother and Daddy wrestle Mom around until she was sinking down on Danny's pussy, grinning nastily as she took every inch of his thick, long penis inside her pussy.

Her eyes locked with mine as she leaned forward, her heavy tits swinging like pendulums as Daddy moved behind her and spread her ass cheeks. "Fuck me, lover – show your children what their Daddy does to Mommy!" Mom moaned as Daddy slowly wormed his cock up Mom's ass even as Danny's cock filled her cunt completely.

I then watched the fucking of a lifetime as Mom's husband and son fucked her with gusto. Any possibility of a hair trigger ejaculation was long gone and Daddy and Danny were in it for the long haul. I watched avidly, Mom's gaze always returning to mine. Her eyes betrayed her feelings of lust, pleasure, love and undeniable incestuous desire. Mom gave as she good as she got for a long time, throwing herself against her men's cocks, seeking to take them deeper with each thrust. Eventually she had to yield to the tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure that rendered her into a rag doll, buffeted helplessly by two hard cocks, her tits bouncing and swinging as she shook and convulsed in thrall to cock induced orgasm after cock induced orgasm.

As she struggled to stay coherent during her constant orgasms, her gaze at me began to have a pleading quality. I struggled to my knees and crawled over to her. Mom held out her arms and we embraced tightly, her lips again finding mine. I became her anchor then, the source of strength that allowed her to not be swept away, lost forever in orgasmic bliss. Arms tightly wrapped around each other, I felt her hard nipples pressing against my tits even as my stiff, swollen nipples pressed into her soft, pillowy breasts, as we kissed passionately, minute after minute until she lost control of herself as Danny and Daddy finally flooded Mom's ass and pussy with their hot, delicious semen.

Exhausted and exhilarated, one by one, my family fell asleep in a tangle of bodies and limbs. Daddy and Baby Brother fell asleep first (men – I swear!). Mom stayed awake a little longer, unable to rest as I tongued her pussy clean of Danny's semen. Finally though, as I gently tongued her gaping asshole for Daddy's seed, I heard Mom's moans and sighs gradually turn to snores. Then I fell asleep, my head between my mother's legs, Daddy's seed on my lips and Danny's cock nestled against my bald pussy lips. I couldn't see, but I bet we were all smiling.

And so my story comes to a close. My initial little naughty adventure has changed the lives of my entire family. We are closer than we have ever been before. The rest of the summer was one long family orgy. Plans have been changed.

I am in med school out west. Danny changed universities and is attending the same school as me as a freshman. Daddy shocked us all by retiring. He sold his accounting firm, saying it was high time he started enjoying life and his family. Mom has appointed a store manager who runs her store now and Mom devotes most of her time to family concerns – of course, the primary concern in our family is being together and continuing our exploration of the world of incest.

Daddy rented a large one bedroom apartment (all this naughty family needs!), for Danny and me and he and Mom are out often, staying for weeks at a time. Mom and Daddy travel a lot, seeing all the places they were too busy to see while raising us kids, and according to Mom, catching up on years of lovemaking.

Danny and I occasionally find someone outside the family that we fuck, but we both mostly are too attracted to each other to even notice other potential partners and when Mom and Daddy are in town, well – the rest of the world just ceases to exist.

We're all looking forward to this summer. Daddy has already rented a place on the Gulf coast for the entire season. I am excited about all the family being together again and Mom and I have a new bet going on – see, my sister Karen is coming home on extended leave in early June. We've all missed her and cannot wait to see how she fits into our redefined incestuous clan. If you're lucky, I'll have more to tell you soon!

Probably Not The End!

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by dannyboy6610912/09/17

Now that I have read all 3 parts, loved them all, how things progressed, and played out for the 4 of them. I find myself wanting more, I would love to see an addition that brings Karen into the actionmore...

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