tagLoving WivesWhat Bill and Kate Want...

What Bill and Kate Want...


Meredith, Merri to her friends finished dressing. The pink and white fairy costume barely covered her ass and her breasts almost spilled from the top, luckily she was not overly well endowed. She fixed the bows on the top of the fishnets and looked again. She felt sexy. She hadn't felt this good in years, and she marvelled at the twists and turns her life had taken in the last year alone. Valentines Day 2012 was one she would rather forget. This valentines day was going to be incredible!


She had married at the age of twenty while still in college, totally overwhelmed by Michael, he took over her life, treated her like a queen begged her to marry him and took a whopping mortgage on their dream house. He hadn't wanted her to work or complete her degree, he wanted an old fashion style wife at home, baking and keeping house and producing heirs. He'd landed a fantastic job, and they didn't need the extra money so she had agreed and they were content.

She quickly became bored and restless, all her friends worked now, and she lived far enough out of the city that even visiting after work wasn't really an option. Meredith had no car of her own and the few good friends who did make the trek often had to put up with caustic comments from Michael or out right rudeness as he complained bitterly about not being able to come home and relax after his long day being the bread winner. Her friends slowly faded away except one, Julie, who hung onto her doggedly, ignoring not only Michael's rudeness but him in general.

Meredith felt herself slipping away from family and friends but knew she couldn't do anything about it. 'Who would want a frumpy stupid housewife like her, she wasn't like those glamourous women on desperate housewives or whatever she watched all day', his voice would sound in her head chipping away constantly at her self confidence. The beginning of the end came when after a year she had failed to get pregnant. Everyone on his side of the family had large families so it must be her fault he had berated her. He started monitoring her diet and feeding her multi vitamins refusing to go to see a doctor with her.

After another six months he finally snapped, "You fucking stupid, lazy bitch, one thing your supposed to be able to do, and you can't even do that, I should fucking throw you out on the street." Meredith was terrified and begged him, "Please, let's see a doctor about it. It can be fixed, and we can have kids by next year."

He had refused and announced he was leaving her for a woman who could give him what he wanted. He wanted her out by the end of the week. No arguing, no yelling, just a statement of unemotional fact, Happy Valentines Day.

Over the following weeks, Merri stayed with her mother, and suffered the daily "I told you so's" that seem to be a mother's right. Her mother badgered her constantly about school, work, getting a lawyer and suing Michael, but Merri had shut down. The constant badgering made her just feel worse, more useless and unloved. Merri wanted to be numb and she began drinking.

Julie and Shaun her closest friends came to her rescue. They had packed her up once again, which wasn't hard as she had barely bothered to unpack since they had helped her pack that awful night she had left Michel, and moved her into their place. They organised a lawyer that would take his fees from the settlement she got from Michael and pushed her to get her life back on track.

Merri began the slow more sober road to getting past her nightmares and dealing with the real world again. Not having a job Merri cleaned and cooked and did everything she could to make the life of her friends easier. With each small glimpse of their gratitude and words of praise Merri began to feel more like her old self.

Getting a job was harder but with the settlement she got from Michael she was able to think about starting a short course at the local college so she could refresh her skills and reapply to university in the new year. She just needed a part time job to get by on and stop the erosion of what little savings she had from her settlement.


At the age of twenty-three Meredith felt jaded, she looked into the mirror as she began to dress for the party and sighed, "How did I get this old," she asked her reflection. In reality, she looked much younger than her years, but she just felt so old and useless. The legal battles with Michael had been nasty and full of threats. Merri had hidden behind her lawyer through most of it, and it had taken over six months to finally conclude. Now there would just be the simple matter of divorce papers once their year of separation was complete.

She spoke her reflection, "You need to get your own place. To get your own place you need a job, any job, first thing Monday you start looking." Her reflection stared back at her reminding her that she was still unqualified and had no experience in anything except house keeping. All the jobs she had applied for in the last few months required experience but to get experience she needed a job.

"Hurry up, Merri," Julie's voice rang through the house, "It's New Years Eve, and I am not leaving you here and throw yourself a pity party."

Merri emerged from her room, "But it's a swingers cub, I am single now remember?"

"There will be singles there too. It's a friend's party we just know them through the club, gees. Only a few couples from the club have been invited, now come on Shaun is in the car waiting," her best friend had always been bossy and Merri gave up heading out the door.

There were easily a hundred people at the party and Merri found it easy to blend into the background for the most part. She felt extremely self conscious, and she sat quietly in a chair near Julie being fed icy drinks from a daiquiri machine. The alcohol did its work, and before long Merri had loosened up sufficiently to start talking to the people sitting near them and become involved in some of the fun activities going on around her. Taking a dare card from the pack offered, she read, 'Kiss the tallest man in the room' and showed it to Julie, "Everyone looks tall to me," Merri laughed.

"Oh," Julie said," I know who that is, but I am not sure you want to be kissing Shaun," she burst out laughing and Shaun looked over at the sound of his name. Julie held up the card, and he waggled his shaggy brows at Merri. "Let's go for a walk and see if we can find someone taller," Julie urged.

"But Julie..." Merri started to protest as she was dragged along behind the loud and drunkenly obnoxious Julie who promised groups of men the kiss of their lives to anyone who could prove they were over 190cm or 6'3" in the old measurements. Travelling through the back yard to some small groups clustered around tables in the dimness away from the party lights Merri tripped and landed sprawled across the lap of an exceptionally tall woman.

Horrified Merri began to apologise, but the woman just smiled and helped her to stand back up. "How cute is your dress?" The woman said, "They never have anything like that in my size," The woman was still looking her up and down.

Merri blushed and once again apologised, "I really am very sorry, I am such a klutz at times."

The woman held up her drink and winked, "Didn't spill a drop, so it's all good," then whispered, "Not that it would have mattered, its only lemonade but I am thinking one of those daiquiris wouldn't hurt me."

"I should go get a drink too before Julie starts her spiel again, would you like me to get you one? I truly am so sorry," Merri said and the woman reached out and took her hand.

"Oh stop apologising. Stay and talk to me, it's always so boring when you don't know a lot of the people at a party. Bill will get us a drink won't you dear," she kicked a man sitting across from her who was in deep conversation," and grinned when he let out an expletive and looked up.

"Bill be a sweetheart and go get my new friend and me one of those icy drinks," she paused letting him take in the young woman standing beside her before adding, "Please."

"Sure," he had said smiling, "any preferred colour or you want a rainbow effect?"

Merri laughed and shrugged, "I can get it, no need to worry."

He rolled his eyes toward his wife, "The queen commands and I obey." He made an exaggerated bow and walked off toward the makeshift bar.

Merri looked over her shoulder at Julie who was laughing raucously with friends and decided that falling into this woman's lap so to speak might have been a good thing after all. Taking a seat beside the woman Merri smiled, "You're right, you can never have too many friends. I found that out recently, for sure. Hi I'm Merri."

"Kate," the woman responded, "and that was my husband Bill."

The night wore on and more drinks flowed, Julie and Shaun eventually found her still sitting with Kate and Bill and several others laughing at off colour jokes. They dragged over chairs, and Shaun leered at her waggling his eyebrows, "So did you find someone taller than me?"

Julie burst our laughing and uncharacteristically Merri's brain kicked into gear, "We misread the card dummy," she smirked, "It said tallest woman, I found Kate here, we are intimate friends now."

Kate didn't miss a beat wrapping an arm around Merri's shoulder, "Oh yeah," she nodded, "You really missed out, best kiss evah!"

Bill choked on his drink coughing and spluttering, "My wife and another woman!" He looked at them incredulously, "The biggest fantasy a man can have, and I missed it! That's so unfair, do over, I want a do over."

The other men at the table took up the chant, "Do over! Do over! Do over!"

Kate leaned in closer murmuring, "Just remember this was your idea." She took Merri's face between her hands and pressed her lips over Merri's. Merri stiffened slightly, and a silence fell over the group, Kate held her trapped within her hands as her insistent tongue wormed its way between Merri's lips and Merri surrendered to the kiss lifting her arms to wrap around the woman, thinking, 'two can play this game'.

They broke the kiss and looked up to the bemused expressions of the others at the table, "Fuck!" Shaun said turning to Julie, "Why don't you ever kiss Merri like that?"

Julie punched his arm and then grabbed his crotch meaningfully as she laughed, "She's not my type." Shaun yelped as she squeezed his balls, "Don't you be getting any other idea's either." Holding up his hands in surrender as he grimaced she released him and grinned, "Maybe after all those years of kissing that toad and finally realising he wasn't prince charming she is looking for a Princess Charming now." Julie guffawed, "Couldn't blame her for that could we."

Merri blushed, she hadn't thought about Michael all night and now he flooded back into her head, and she wondered where he was celebrating new year's eve and with whom. Shaun saw her face fall and nudged Julie, "Oh Merri I am so sorry, forget I said anything, Fuck, let's go get more drinks," Julie stood up and dragged the girl from her seat hugging her.

A tear ran down Merri's cheek, and she turned and walked away murmuring over her shoulder, "I need to find the little girls room, I will be back in a few." Then she merged into the crowd grateful for the first time that night for her anonymity at the party. Shaun caught up with her as she waited in the queue.

"Urgh a queue," he rolled his eyes, "Me and a few of men have become intimate with the bushes around the side, I don't suppose you can do that," he grinned.

"You don't have to babysit me, Shaun. I'm OK," Merri looked up at her friend," I just didn't want to talk about it that's all. I feel so... so... dumb, I should be over it but its not so easy." Her face fell again, and he pulled her into a hug.

"Michael was a shit, Merri," Shaun said strongly, "You deserve better."

The door opened up, and Merri ducked into the bathroom, feeling relief, not only from her bladder but from the warm feeling she got from Shaun's hug. She hadn't been touched intimately for a long time, aside of the occasional arm around her shoulder from Julie and her mother. She laughed to herself thinking of the kiss and shook her head. Not only had she kissed a woman, but she liked it!

Merri exited the bathroom and found Shaun still waiting for her. "I was about to send out air sea rescue," he laughed easily. "I think everyone at our little table out there wants to kiss you at midnight now, so I found you the perfect glass to toast them all," he held up an enormous tankard proudly, "Now let's go fill it up and head back before Julie comes looking for us."

Merri giggled, "I can't drink that much, and you certainly can't help me, designated driver."

"Bill," Shaun called out looking over her shoulder, "Here take Merri back before Julie throws a tantrum, I am going make her a special drink."

They walked back quietly, and Merri realised the numbers at their table had grown slightly reducing the number of available chairs. Bill sat in the chair beside his wife and pulled Merri to his lap. "This way," he said, "I have a front row seat for the midnight fireworks," he smirked at Kate and Merri.

Kate laughed and checked her watch before turning to Merri, "He is just grateful it's not me on his lap, you must be half my size."

Merri blushed and smiled, "No, you're not that big." Kate stood up and towered over her, and Merri looked up startled. Kate had to be over six foot and while not fat she was big boned and well proportioned like a sexy Amazon warrior woman. In truth, she was beautiful, and Merri blurted, "Wow you're gorgeous, that dress hugs you like a second skin."

"You like it? I have a friend with her own boutique who makes the most spectacular clothes, I will take you one day if you like," she smiled widely genuinely liking the girl sitting in her husbands lap.

Merri considered the woman, how could she tell her that she had no job, no life, no way to go dress shopping. She forced a smile, "Yeah that would be great!"

"Good," Kate pulled out her phone, "That gives me an excuse to get your number without seeming like I am hitting on you." She laughed and winked.

Bill grinned, "As if I would mind!"

Shaun came back placing the enormous tankard in Merri's small hands, and she looked at it suspiciously. "I call it the sweet kiss," he grinned, "My own special recipe."

Merri sipped it and was surprised at how good it tasted, "You're lucky your driving, or I would make you help me drink this," she laughed.

He winked at her, "It's all yours, now relax and drink your medicine like a good girl, doctor's orders."

She rolled her eyes, Shaun wasn't actually a doctor, he was a paramedic and the only reason he was the designated driver was because he had to work on New Years Day.

"Sweet kisses huh?" Bill murmured in her ear, he dipped his finger into her drink and sucked it. That kiss you gave my wife earlier looked sweeter," he smirked.

Conversation went on around the table with everyone laughing and joking in the way that drunken people suddenly lose all inhibitions. A chair on the other side of the table became free, and Merri began to get up, Bill's arms circled her waste and pulling her back down, "Oh no you don't." He said with mock anger, "You're not going anywhere before midnight."

She laughed and looked over at Kate, who shrugged at her, "The man likes what he likes."

Bill went back to becoming engrossed in a conversation with the man beside him his arm remaining circled around Merri's waist as Kate leaned forward whispering, "Lets give him a bit of a show," her eyes were bright, and she spoke excitedly, "a bit of fondling and groping, okay?"

Merri laughed caught up in the other woman's excitement, "Okay," she whispered back.

"It will blow his mind," she managed to whisper before letting out a peel of laughter.

As the count down to midnight began Bill tightened his grip on Merri and leant over to kiss his wife, then sat back up counting "Two... One... Happy New year!!"

Kate wasted no time she leaned close pulling Merri to her and kissed her. The kiss deepened and as they had planned Kate raised her hand to Merri's breast and Merri followed suit. They each moaned lightly into the deepening extended kiss and unable to help herself Merri squirmed in Bill's lap. "Fuck! Now that's a New Years kiss," one of the men on the other side of the table called out and Kate and Merri sat back up smiling.

She was suddenly pulled from Bills lap by Julie who hugged her drunkenly dancing her around. "It's a brand new year, out with the old in with the new!" She was smiling, "Everything is going to be great this year for both of us!" Julie hugged her tightly until Shaun pried them loose, bending to give Merri a chaste kiss. Merri moved around the table kissing all the people she had met that evening and even some she hadn't, somehow ending up back with Bill and Kate.

"Finally! My turn," Bill smiled widely.

"Better make it memorable," Kate said," or you'll just blur into one of the many of people that have kissed her already tonight."

Bill was well over a foot taller than Merri, and he sat back down pulling her to his lap, the palm of one hand resting against the nape of her neck as his fingers stretched into her hair and he leaned her back against his arm. Lowering his head to her wide eyed gaze, he nibbled at her lower lip softly before brushing his lips over hers and finally pressing them fully into a deepening the kiss. In her drunken state, Merri felt herself surrender totally to the sweetness of the kiss and parted her lips softly under his. His lips tilted up at the corners as his tongue snaked into her mouth and felt hers roll around his softly.

"Mm," he murmured and went back to nibbling her lip between soft kisses eventually letting her up. He looked at Kate with a smug smirk, "I was always the better kisser."

Merri was breathless, she looked between Kate and Bill unsure what to make of their bantering. Being held on his lap and kissing them both was the first real intimacy she had experienced in such a long time. Michael had become cold and cruel long ago only fucking her when he thought she was fertile within her cycle.

"Well," Shaun said "Some of us have to be at work in the morning, come on girls, let's make a move," he took Julie's hand and held out his hand to Merri.

"Great meeting you both," she smiled at Bill and Kate relieved to be leaving in a way as the couple made her feel confused. She kissed them both chastely and moved from Bill's lap.

The ride home was quiet as she was lost in her thoughts, and Julie turned the radio up and sang along. Merri couldn't quite believe how aroused Bill had made her feel.


Bill was an incredible husband at various times in their relationship Kate had tried to convince him that he would be a wonderful father. He had said never wanted kids of his own. He had explained that as a GP, he had seen it all too often. Women with insatiable sex drives, before and usually during pregnancy lost all of it shortly after the birth of the child, or babies that were so colicky that or needy that it left little time for intimacy. In short, she was asking him to sacrifice the happiness he had with his loving wife now to have a child that he had told her before they married he did not want.

After many such conversations, he had finally given her an alternative. She could have a baby on the condition that he could have a baby too. Kate hadn't understood at first, but Bill had shared his fantasies with her. They had always had an open relationship and had belonged to swingers and kinky clubs so it shouldn't have come as a surprise but at the time she had been stunned.

Bill and Kate had always flirted on the edges of the kinky type of life style, Bill being very much the dominant in their relationship, he made the crucial household decisions, asking Kate's opinion, but in the end he decided what was best for them as a couple, but he also had an extremely tender and loving side. They did not have a Dominant submissive relationship, Kate was too self assured and independent for that, but she liked that he took charge of the bigger issues in their lives.

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