What Bill and Kate Want...


They loved each other. They were secure in that knowledge, and they had played with other people and couples within the boundaries and limits of their marriage and club life. Disillusioned fairly often with the politics and drama of those type clubs they rarely stayed long and had often spoken about finding a girl friend to share. Kate smiled, the girlfriend had been her idea as she had grown increasingly bi curious as she matured.

After telling her about his fantasies, Bill and Kate had shared stories, pictures and blogs they found online of younger women who craved being looked after by older lovers and father type figures. That little girl type of unsuppressed adoration and obedience was what Bill fantasized about. He wanted that dominant role with a lover as well as his marriage. Being submissive wasn't a role Kate could undertake needing her own freedoms and loving her partnership with her husband but the more they explored together the more excited she became about the fantasy. She found herself equally attracted to the young women they met and read about on line.

Last year after a particularly romantic valentines day she had turned to look at him. Stroking the side of his handsome face, Kate smiled, "I think we should have babies," she whispered. Bill had been shocked and pulled back gauging the expression on her face. It had always just been a fantasy, and he tried to read his wife's sincerity in her eyes. She had laughed, "Put one in my belly, and I will help you find a fantasy girl, but you will have to share her with me."

Bill's face split into a wide grin, "Really? You seriously want to do this? Not just for me but for us?" His voice was incredulous. Kate nodded giggling at his questions. "Best Valentines Day present ever!" Bill laughed and rolled his wife over, "Lets make a baby, then go searching for one." He plunged into her deeply aided by their earlier love making as she laughed happily.

The task of finding a girl who would want a menage a trios with a happily married couple was much harder in reality. They began combing the dating sites for bi women that they both were attracted to. After several disastrous affairs and no success on the pregnancy front, they had gone back enjoying their cosy life, content with each other. Kate though had continued to search for just the right girl that would make them both happy even though she hadn't stopped trying to fall pregnant.

"It's a new year with new possibilities," Kate said to Bill the next morning. "She's perfect isn't she," Kate said picking up her phone.

"Who?" Bill asked, looking up from his ipad.

"Merri, the girl from last night," she rolled her eyes at her husband.

"From what Julie said she sounded a bit messed up to me, Kate," he was watching his wife carefully not wanting to commit himself either way.

"Oh Bill, she just seemed so fragile when Julie blurted that stuff out, brought out my protective side. Especially when Julie told us more of the story after the girl had left and Shaun went to find her," Kate was gazing at the image of the Merri sitting in her husband's lap that she had caught on her phone the night before. "Look at that picture and tell me you're not interested in getting to know her better. I am certainly am," Kate waggled her eyebrows at Bill, and he laughed taking the phone.

Bill adored his wife, she was loving and exciting and his best friend. She let him were the pants in the house not because she thought men should but because she loved him enough to see his need to be the king of his castle. The girl in the photo though brought out a different side of him, she was the complete opposite of his wife, small and fine boned, seeming to lack confidence and need guidance. She was quiet and compliant, easily doing what others told her to do. He remembered the feel of her held snugly in his lap and felt the corners of his mouth turn up into a small smile.

He was excited by the idea of her, but he showed no emotion as he looked up at Kate, it had to be something she wanted, as well. He loved Kate and wouldn't hurt her for the world, "You think so?" Kate nodded enthusiastically, "Well," Bill said as if considering, "It can't hurt to get to know her, I guess, want to see if she wants to go to lunch tomorrow?"

Kate snatched her phone up and made the call, "Hello Merri? It's Kate from last night. Yeah it was fun, hope I didn't wake you. Oh good. Look Bill and I are so grateful for you babysitting me last night when I didn't know anyone that we would like to take you out to lunch tomorrow our treat. Oh come on it will be fun and you said yourself everybody can always have more friends. Great we will pick you up at 1.00, wear something pretty then Bill can't just take us to pizza kingdom." Kate laughed poking her tongue at Bill, "Okay, see you then, bye."

Kate was bubbling with excitement and Bill had a hard time hiding his anticipation but given their track record, he wasn't banking on anything yet. Standing and putting out his hand to Kate Bill said seductively, "Let's go back to bed while we still have it to ourselves."

Kate grinned up at him taking his hand and standing she kissed him deeply. "I love you my husband, so very much," wrapping her arms around him tightly, she whispered, "I really do think she is the perfect one to make your, no our, fantasies come true."


Merri hung up the phone she was tired of feeling old and sad, why shouldn't she go out and have some fun. She should be looking for a job that's why, she berated herself. She would go to the local job centre and check-in in the morning before lunch that way she could go out with a clear conscience. She told Julie of her plans when her friend finally woke up, holding her head and grumbling.

"You know they want to get into pants right?" Julie had smirked.

"No, they're just lovely people. Kate and I got on really well last night," Merri tried, but the idea was rolling around in her head.

"Hey, I am not one to judge," Julie said, "I mean look at me and Shaun. I was just giving you a head's up about it."

The conversation degenerated into Julie's sexual exploits at that stage with both of the girls laughing and lounging around as the day dwindled away.

The following morning Merri got up and ran the errands she had set for herself before coming home and dressing up for her lunch out with Bill and Kate. If she got nothing else from her marriage, Michael had impeccable taste in clothes, and she always managed to look good. 'Plus, if Julie was right, it wouldn't hurt to show a little skin,' she thought as she looked at her reflection.

She had enjoyed kissing Kate last night more than she wanted to admit out loud and the image of the tall Amazon like woman was clear in her mind. Merri's memory of Bill was a little shakier and she couldn't quite picture his face, but she remembered the toe curling kiss and the way it made it feel. 'Fuck it,' she thought, 'As far as rebound relationships go, this could be a lot of fun.'

The door bell sounded and Merri jumped nervously, her stomach knotted, and she giggled like a school girl, "This is just friends and lunch,' she reminded herself cursing Julie for getting inside her head. Opening the door she smiled up at Kate who looked fabulous, "Ready?" Kate asked. Merri nodded dumbly, and Kate bent to kiss her full on the mouth, "You look good enough to eat. Come on then, I am starving!" She led the way to the car and a smiling Bill.

Bill looked at her as she climbed in, "Nice dress Merri, better buckle up."

"Yeah," Kate said. "Bill's only knows one speed, fast." Kate laughed as Bill turned in his seat to wink at Merri.

After 45 minutes of banter while they drove east toward the bay, they pulled up in front of a hulking old fishing shack that Kate navigated them to. Merri was confused, and Bill said "What? You're going to make us catch our own lunch?"

Kate took their hands and walked happily between them saying, "Just trust me, you will love it. It's the best kept secret in town."

They walked through and old door into a modern lobby area. While they were shown to their seats, Merri marvelled at the place looking around. The long kite shaped room extended out its polished wood floor over the bay like a small pier surrounded on the two sides by glass. At the far end, the glass wall opened up onto a big deck for alfresco dining in the heat and smell of the sea. "Wow," Merri whispered, "This place is amazing!"

They sat at a square table for four, Kate and Bill facing each other and Merri sitting between them on the adjacent side. The wine waiter arrived before they had opened their menu's and Kate caught Merri's hand holding it softly, "Let Bill order, he loves it."

"Sure," Merri was actually relieved she didn't know much bout wine and Michael had always done all the ordering when they went out.

Bill ordered wine and asked for more time with the menu. "I am thinking," Bill said, "If we take our time ordering and eating we should see the most extraordinary sunset from here."

Merri checked her watch, it was already after two, and she smiled. "That would make it the perfect date," she blurted then blushed heavily, "Oh I didn't mean... it's just that... You know in those magazines when they ask you what would be your perfect first date?" Merri's voice faded out as she explained lamely, "This would be it."

"Oh you are so adorable," Kate grinned, "That's exactly what this is, the perfect date." She leaned over and put a hand to Merri's cheek kissing her softly and tenderly then she reached out and took Bill's hand. "We, the two of us want to date you and all that entails." Kate could see a strange look enter Merri's eyes, "I hadn't planned to tell you like that. It's just that you're so fucking adorable, and I can't help myself. I genuinely want to get to know you better and well more intimately."

Merri could see the sincerity in Kate's eyes and pulled her eyes away from them to look up at Bill. He too was smiling but could see the confusion in her eyes, "You have an amazing effect on Kate, I have never seen her quite like this, and yes is the answer to your question, I want you just as much if not more."

When Julie had told her that this couple had wanted to get into her pants, Merri had scoffed at the idea. Julie had said it would be perfect if they did, dating without all the drama and entanglements plus she got the best of both worlds and she might find that she liked women better than men. Julie regaled her with stories of her own experimentations conceding that while it was fun she liked men more.

Merri admitted to herself that she had made up her mind last night but asked the same questions in her mind. Why shouldn't she date them? It's not she like had offers to go out beating down her door and though she loved Julie and Shaun dearly, she knew she was cramping their style with her constant presence in their house. She looked at Bill and Kate again, "I'm just a little... I mean I just thought..., and well you don't honestly know me, I am a bit of a wreck at the moment."

Bill stopped her, "You don't have to answer now let's enjoy lunch and see what happens, plus Julie told us about your ex on new years no need to bring that up now if you don't want, but we could maybe help."

Merri drew a deep breath and smiled widely at them both, "In the interests of honesty because you have told me of your intentions, Julie told me yesterday that she thought this might happen. So I have actually had time to think about it." It was their turn to look stunned, so she continued on doggedly, "Yes my ex did a number on me and I am still a little... messy, to say the least, I need a job and a place of my own. I am not the best prospect to date you see," she continued to smile though inside she was cringing admitting her total uselessness at the moment.

She took both their hands, "You make me feel wanted, desirable even, which I can't tell you how good it truly feels to someone like me. So, I am going to go over to that fabulous wall aquarium and count the fish for a few minutes and give you both s few minutes to talk. Then we can go back to having lunch, and I can feel better that you know what I basket case I am." Merri was shaking a little she was not the type to take charge of a moment, and she could feel the tears welling in her eyes even as she smiled at them both.

Bill wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around the girl and hold her and tell her everything would be okay. Instead he let her go and watched her walk stiffly away before looking up at his wife, she was strong, passionate and independent a female copy of himself, and they couldn't be closer, but Merri's vulnerability brought out the hunter, protector, genuinely masculine side of his nature and he wanted her even more now.

Not wanting to put Kate off with his own excitement over the idea of having this girl in their lives, he had been playing it down and letting her take the lead, but as Merri walked away he took his wife's hand, "You were right, she is perfect for us." Letting his enthusiasm show for the first time he grinned at her, "You are the most amazing woman."

"I know right! Don't you just want to hug her tight and kiss her to death?" Kate's face was bright, "and well other things," she said softly as the wine waiter appeared with the bottle and filled their glasses.

"Can you do me a favour please?" Bill addressed the wine waiter. "See that lovely young lady over there?" The waiter looked and nodded his head. "Could you let her know that if she is not back at this table within a minute, I will be most disappointed," Bill smirked.

"Of course Sir," The wine waiter hurried over to Merri who looked up in surprise and walked backed to the table quickly making Bill smile widely.

During the overly long lunch, a hand would settle onto her thigh or a leg would entangle with hers under the table from both of them but above the table and to the restaurant patrons they were smooth like ducks on a pond. They lingered over dessert as the sun set magnificently in oranges and pinks around them, reflecting off the water of the bay.

"Can I see your phone Merri," Bill said suddenly. Without thinking Merri grabbed her bag and fished her phone out handing it to him and his face split into a wide grin. "You're such a good girl aren't you?"

He quickly typed in a text message and hit send before returning it to her. Merri chewed her lip and read the message before looking up and laughing. Kate looked at her curiously, and Merri showed her the phone, reading quietly Kate smirked, "Date going exceedingly well. You were right. Don't wait up. See you tomorrow."

"Oh goodie," Kate said, "Let's go home."

Merri felt a little light headed from all the wine as she rose from the table grateful for the arm Kate wrapped around her waist as they walk toward the door.

The ride home went swiftly, and Kate apologised in advance that the place was in a bit of disarray as they were in the process of completing renovations. It was Bill's family home and was in need of a few alterations. She explained that Bill's mother had her own section of the house, sort of like a granny flat that was self contained but that she was not there at the moment. She had fallen and broken a hip and after surgery had chosen to go to a retirement of sorts to recover from the surgery.

"No need to talk about that now," Bill murmured his eyes on the road.

"I know, but I just can't help it," Kate looked back at Merri, "I am just so very excited by the idea."

Merri watched as Bill reached over and caress his wife's thigh, "Plenty of time, my love, plenty of time." Merri said nothing but the excitement Kate felt was building in her too. Here, she was going home on a first date with a couple, had she finally gone insane? She shook her head, she didn't truly care, all she knew was she was excited by this couple, and it had been such a long time since she was intimate with anyone.

They slowly went up a winding drive, and Merri gasped, "You live here?"

Kate and Bill both smiled at her, "The house has been in my family for a few generations, we just keep adding to it. Not that, we have large families, more like oversized hobbies," Bill laughed.

He drove around the back and pulled up in front of a garage that was almost as big as the house. Kate helped Merri from the car and pulled her close cupping her face and kissing the girl, letting the kiss deepen as he hands stroked down her body. Merri lifted her own hands to wrap up and around the woman's neck closing her eyes enjoying the sensation of the soft warm body against hers.

Bill cleared his throat, "Geez Kate, at least let her get inside."

Kate murmured something unintelligible into the kiss, and Merri suddenly found herself picked up in Bills arms as he laughed and dashed toward the house with Kate running after them. Putting her down to unlock the door Merri felt Kate pull her close again from behind pressing her large breasts into Merri's shoulders. The door opened wide, and Bill threw his keys into a bowl on a small table.

Kate dragged her inside through the short passageway to the living room before turning and bending to kiss her again. Bill walked behind his wife undoing the zip of her dress and easing it slowly down her body as the women kissed. He undid her bra and reaching around Kate he took hold of Merri's hands and lifted them to the pendulous globes of flesh. Merri's hands kneaded the soft flesh finding the nipples and breaking the kiss to look as she played with the hardening nubs. She lowered her head and kissed each one softly testing the skin on her lips before sucking on one rolling her tongue around it and nibbling softly, the way she liked her own teased.

Kate groaned as she stepped out of her panties, feeling Bill caress her naked legs his hand ending at her pussy delving into its wetness testing her arousal. Kate's hips moved in small circles as she twisted her head to kiss him still holding Merri to her breast. Kate slowly unzipped Merri's dress, sliding it down her body to pool at her feet as Bill had done for her. Her hands deftly undid the bra and tossing it aside she kneaded Merri's breasts.

Bill stepped back to watch, pulling his shirt off and loosening his belt, the two naked women fell to the couch and Kate kissed down Merri's smaller body teasing her with fingers and tongue. Bill had never seen Kate so excited with another woman before, and his cock hardened all the more. He watched as Kate began to lap at Merri's pussy making her whimper and lift her hips in pleasure. Stripping his pants himself not wanting to wait any longer he wedged himself in behind Kate's up turned ass and entered her deeply, groaning and staring into Merri's eyes.

Merri felt Bill enter Kate with the bump of her nose against her clit. She looked up at Bill's groan and stared into his eyes almost feeling the man fuck the woman who was eating her so divinely. Bill had barely touched her today, Kate had made all the moves, and as she stared up at him with lustful eyes Merri knew she wanted him badly. Merri was the first to cum her legs clamping around Kate's head as she squealed and shook. Kate lowered a hand to her clit rubbing hard and came within minutes her cry of pleasure vibrating into Merri as her spasming muscles worked around Bills cock and he roared as he came.

Pulling out of his wife he cupped his hand below her catching the small river of leaking cum, before moving up to Merri's head and feeding it to her. Watching avidly as she sucked his fingers clean and lapped at the palm of his hand like a kitten. Kate had moved up and lay her head on Merri's chest teasing at her nipples watching her husband feed the girl their mixed cum. She was so hot and squirmed as Bill moved to press his cum covered cock against Merri's lips.

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