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Hi guys, sorry I have taken so long to write another 'Lisa' story. I have no excuses, so hope you like this one. This could have happened to anyone. If you have not read any of the 'Lisa stories,' I would suggest you do so first. Sorry it is so long, but please let me know if you prefer shorter ones.

For those who have not read my stories, let me explain what I look like. I am 5-9, 34-24-34, a true genuine blonde, hair which goes past my shoulders, slim ... I love to swim, scuba dive, keep fit, a non smoker, and just a social drinker. I am very outgoing, love meeting, and talking to new people, married to a husband who I love, no children, live in a small country town, in West OZ (that's Australia).

My best features, so I have been told, are my green eyes, my original blonde hair, and my bum, which with regular exercise is kept firm, and tight, along with my legs.

Some of my stories of when I was younger are true. It's very hard to get through UNI (College) if you do not have parents who can help you on the money side of things, and I did not want to work in coffee shops, which I had done before

This is what happened when the world lost billions, to greedy people, and the ordinary people had to pick up the pieces. I suppose I did not have to do any of this, but I chose to do it for others. I was thinking of the misery some people I knew would have to endure as they, like millions, could not help it.


Chapter One

"Hey Lisa," my girl Friday shouted from her office outside, "pick up the phone, Greg wants you."

Greg, along with his wife Pam, first started the business I work for, in advertising, and if you have read my other Lisa stories you would see that I have been pretty successful at selling. I have to admit that I have enjoyed it along with my husband, who has always wanted to see another man have me, which they certainly have. So Greg and Pam asked me if I wanted a partnership in the business, which of course I jumped at, and it has made my husband and I very comfortable, being able to put the kids into a private school, and invest in other properties. So at this point in time we did not have any money problems, until the world money market collapsed.

So I picked up the phone, "Hey Greg, what's happening?"

"Could you come here and see us, I have some great news, for you."

I quickly put the phone down, wondering what it could be, all sorts of things running through my head. What with the way the market was going, and thousands of people losing their money in the world crash. Thank God we had put most of our money in property, but then again thinking of what some of the people renting our property were going through, I felt real sorry for them, as their husbands might lose their jobs, then what would their children do.

The door to Greg's office was open as it always was, it's a policy of his, and I have modeled myself on a similar approach to staff relations.

I went straight in, seeing his beaming face, with Pam sitting there smiling.

"So what do you have to be so happy about?" I asked smiling too.

"Well, you know that big contract you have been chasing?"

"Yes," I replied.

I had been chasing a big contract for a few months, flying over to see Derrick, the guy in charge, the owner of the business, whom I had got on very well with. He was older than me, around his late 50's, about the 6ft mark, slim. His wife was the same, but never seemed to relax, she always seemed on edge, I wondered what was going on between them. At times I thought she wanted to talk to me, 'woman's talk' as we got on quite well.

I thought back to the time when I had met with Derrick, and his wife, Paula. I had taken my husband along with me, just to make it a bit of a break away from the kids, and give us some time together. They had taken us out for dinner, and we had all danced together. As my husband danced with Paula, I danced with Derrick. Now I don't know if it was because he'd had a few drinks, but when the music slowed down, he seemed to pull me into him, and I could feel his manhood, and felt his hands slip down near my bum, gently pulling me onto him.

I looked up at him, but he just smiled. At one point, he commented on my bottom, telling me 'how firm and tight it seemed.' I was wearing a fairly tight light blue dress, which clung to my bum, which I have been told, is one of my best features. I only wore a very small light blue thong beneath it, the same colour as my dress ... I could not wear panties for you would have seen the panty line and that would have spoilt the effect of my dress. It was one that my husband had picked out for me, with no back, so I could not wear a bra, and it was tight across my breasts, and made my nipples stick out, which he loved. It had small thin straps over my shoulders and that showed off my tan, which was all over, for I love to lay in the sun nude if I can. Sometimes, if my husband wants me to, I just wear a very small thong, which barely covers my pussy, so that I have little white lines, on my belly, and on my bum, as I am completely shaved, have been for quite awhile, it also feels cleaner.

I knew why he picked it because he loves other guys looking at me. I could feel guys looking at me, which every girl enjoys, and he has hinted when we have been having sex, how much he would love to watch me with another man, black if possible. It has been one of his fantasies that we talk about, when having sex, he loves me to tell him what it feels like, having a big black guy pushing his big thick, black cock into me. He has read one of my Lisa stories and it makes our sex very hot. I have watched porn movies with my husband, and have seen how big and thick most of the black guys seem to be ... it has made me so horny at times. When I am alone, or just driving, I think of some big thick black stud between my thighs, really giving it to me. I have often wondered what it would be like, with a big black guy, on top of me, going so deep inside me, I wondered about the girls who made those movies, how did they feel afterwards, would they be able to feel a normal size cock?

I guessed that Derrick would love to get his hands on me, because each time that I have met him in his office, I have always worn a tight skirt that has a small slit at the side, with black hold-up stockings. Whenever I have crossed my legs, I can see him try to see what might lie between them. Sometimes when I feel a bit sexy, I cross them more slowly, feeling his eyes burning on my legs, hoping to see what I have on underneath, or even just my bare leg, above my stocking tops.

I always wear high heels, which tightens up my bum, and makes my long legs look longer. Standing at 5-9, making sure he has seen my bum with no panty line, and have even left a button or two undone on my blouse, so that he could see down into my breasts that are encased in my half-cup uplift bra. They looked ready to be held, and kissed ... he has commented many times how sexy I look, and that he thought I would be very demanding in bed, and I have just replied, "Hey you could be right," with a mischievous smile on my lips.

So thinking back to that time when we had gone out to dinner with Derrick and Paula - as I say, I had taken my husband – I remembered pre dinner with my husband in our hotel room. After I showered, I walked into the bedroom and saw what my husband had laid out for me that night. I looked at him and asked, "Do you want me to get raped wearing that?"

"Oh god Lisa, I would love watching you get gang banged, taking 4 to 5 well hung guys at once, that would make my day, do you think you could manage it?"

Knowing his fantasy, I fuelled it some more, "Oh god yes, that would be very nice, even if they were all black guys, with huge black cocks, they would make me scream." I watched his eyes light up, saw his hand go down to his hardening cock.

"Hey, you better leave that for now, I have to get ready," I said giving his cock a squeeze, "make sure that is ready for later," which it was, thinking back to it now.

So yes, I remembered Derrick, for this contract would help us get through the bad times that we knew where coming up. This would really make us, we just had to get it, I thought that I would do whatever I can to get it.

I picked up my phone to ring Derrick, hoping that accepting our deal was what he wanted me for, to go there and sign the contract. I even crossed my fingers for the first time in my life, and I am not the superstitious type.

After a few rings, I was about to give up, he must be out of his office, and then I heard a breathless voice say "Derrick here, how can I help you?"

"Hi Derrick it's me Lisa, hope you have not forgotten me?" I said in a joking manner.

"Now how can I forget someone as sexy and beautiful as you?" he replied.

I started to laugh, remembering how he touched me as we danced, feeling him pushing his manhood onto me, which I had to say, felt quite large.

"Well you never know, with all your girls chasing you."

"Oh, I wish," he said, "no, you are the only one for me."

The way he said it got me really wondering what he had in mind. I was soon to find out.

"Well," said Derrick, "how are things going for you with this downturn?" he asked.

"To be honest Derrick, things could be better, even though we have some things put away, they are not paying like they should be, it's going to be hard."

I was meaning the houses that we have, they are all fully occupied, but with this downturn, a few of the tenants are struggling to pay their rents. They have been good over the years so we would not like to put them out, they all have children, and they have promised to catch up on the rents when thing get better. Even if we wanted to sell them, we would find it hard to get what we paid for them, so rather than letting them sit empty, and getting trashed we have said okay, as long as they can pay the power bills. They are all happy with that, and I would not like to toss them out on the streets with their kids. I would not be able to handle that myself, I would feel awful doing that.

When I explained that to Derrick, he said that was a good thing you are doing as long as they do not take advantage of it. I don't think they would do, as we have known them for a while.

"Hey I hope you don't have the same problem."

"No, we are good to go, we should have no problems, we hope," he said with a laugh.

"But seriously I know lots of people really going under, I feel sorry for them, after all the hard work they have put in, but we are good."

"That's good to hear, so what can we do for you?" I asked.

"Well I think it's more what we can do for you, I think," Derrick said with a smile in his voice.

"Wow, now you do have me wondering," I replied with a laugh.

"Now Lisa, you know we have got on fairly well over the last few months, my wife thinks highly of you, and so do I, if you know what I mean," he said with a laugh

I laughed with him, "Yes I think I have got the point," then we both laughed together.

"Well I have something to say, and please do not take it the wrong way."

"Now you do have me wondering Derrick, it's okay, over the last few months I have got to like you and your wife. You and my husband have got on very well which has been a great relief to me, so please go ahead and say whatever you want to. I promise I will not scream, and remember what you have to say is just between you and me okay, this has nothing to do with your friendship, so I hope that helps with what you want to say."

My stomach was starting to go into knots, thinking how much we needed this contract. When I was explaining to Derrick about the houses we had, and no money coming in from them, it made me realise how tight it was going to be. I am sure that the kids' school fees will rise again, they do every year, we could be in trouble ourselves.

"Ok here goes," Derrick said, "as I say, please don't take it the wrong way, but I guess there is only one way to take it, but lets hope it does not spoil our friendship, and as you said this is between you and me."

"Hold on Derrick, let me shut my office door, you never know who might be listening, and don't worry ... once the door is closed, no one can hear what is being said, we had the rooms made that way."

I got up, and my legs were shaking, wondering what Derrick was going to say, just as well nothing had gone on between us, I thought, I just hope my husband had not made any advance on Derricks wife, but I knew he would have not.

I picked up the phone again, "Okay Derrick, I'm all yours," I said, trying to lighten the mood, which had gone a bit tense since Derrick had started.

"Jesus," Derrick said nervously, "I wish you where all mine."

Oh God, where did that come from, me and my big mouth, I thought, what has got Derrick on edge?

I started to laugh, "Hey Derrick, I never took you for the nervous type."

"Yes I know, but this is the first time I have done anything like this, it's just that we have got on so well."

"Hey Derrick you are starting to get me all worried, please just say what you have to say, then I will throw the phone at you," I said with a little laugh in my voice

"Oh god Lisa thanks, now I don't feel quite so bad," Derrick replied with a sound of relief in his voice. "Okay Lisa, are you sitting down, I don't want you collapsing."

"No I am all good, so go for it, although you have got me all nervous now."

"Okay, here goes, if I go too far, please tell me to stop. Lisa, the contract is all yours lock stock and barrel, no one else, you can have the whole lot, it will be yours for the next two years, unless we both agree to terminate it."

He had been talking at splitting up the advertising between two companies, but I didn't want that. I was greedy, but when he said that I could have it all, I screamed. It was just as well I was sitting down, he had well and truly saved us.

"But," he said "here is the condition I would really love Lisa, as I say it's all yours, you have it for two years as per the contract, but this could be yours for longer, for as long as you want it, on this one condition."

I heard him take a deep breath, then he continued, "That you spend one night with me every three months, as long as you have this contract, no one else is to know about it, just us two, so what do you think, I bet that took your breath away Lisa," he said with a bit of a laugh.

He was right, it did take my breath away, I never thought he would proposition me this way. Yes, I did like him, and yes it would keep us above water, and save all the houses for us, and the people in them, oh God what could I do?

"WOW Derrick, you sure know how to take a girl's breath away, I just don't know what to say." I have to admit that I was a bit taken aback, as much as I really enjoyed Derrick's company, even enjoyed the bit of flirting we did when I was pitching the business. When he tried to feel me up as we danced, I knew he would love to have me. I could tell from the way he looked at me, as I teased him in his office, or when we met, as we both went out for lunch talking over his contract, but I thought that was all in fun. But now this from him ... this was serious.

My heart was going crazy, as was my mind, Admittedly, I had done something like this before and I knew my husband got so turned on with this. My husband's lovemaking had been like when we first got married, many a day I had to go to work sore between my legs, because the night before, he had been like a wild animal at times.

"Hey, you still there Lisa?"

"Sorry yes, it's just that you caught me unawares," I told him with a laugh in my voice, "is this for real Derrick or are you having a joke with me?"

Derrick gave a little nervous laugh, "No Lisa, this is for real, I just hope it does not spoil our friendship, but I cant help myself, I have never felt like this with any other woman. You are so easy to chat with, and get along with, beautiful with it. From the first time I saw you, I thought of having you, but I guess you know that," he said laughingly.

"Hey can you give me some time Derrick? I just need some time to get my head around it ... what if I ring you tomorrow to let you know, and Derrick it will not spoil our friendship. My husband has a lot of time for you, and your wife, just give me till tomorrow, okay?"

I heard a big sigh of relief from him.

"See what I mean Lisa, I was half expecting you to slam the phone down on me, and call me names. Yes, you can have even more time if you want"

I laughed down the phone, "Hey, I am still in shock, just wait till it sinks in, then you will know all about it."

He laughed with me, "Hey, do you want to know a secret? he asked.

"Ok what is it?" I said hesitantly.

"Are you sure?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, now you do have me worried," I said slowly, but with a smile.

"Well, the first time I saw you, I thought wow that is the sexiest girl I have ever met, and I knew I just had to have you. I am sorry that it has to be this way, making it part of a deal. Also, when I talk with you, I feel like just getting hold of you, and making love to you. I walk around for the rest of the day thinking of you, and when I get home I make love to my wife, with you in my head. I nearly shouted your name one day," he said laughing.

'Wow, he does want me badly,' I thought, I could feel myself getting a bit wet down there, now knowing how badly Derrick wanted to - well to put it bluntly - fuck me. So all those times that I was teasing him, he went home to his wife, thinking of doing me, I wonder if that is why his wife, and I got on so well?

I could feel myself blushing, I wonder if his wife knows what he's asking me to do? For like all girls - and I suppose all men too - when you want someone, you start to wonder what they are going to be like, how well hung are they? How do they make love? What do they like to do? All these things go through most girls' minds, when they are thinking of taking a lover for the first time.

That was going through my mind, I had felt Derrick push his manhood on me, as we danced, it did feel nice, hard, and full, but until now, I never considered how well hung he might be. Maybe that would be a BIG surprise.

He was older than me, but that did not worry me, as when I was younger, I had enjoyed older men (read my other stories). I had enjoyed their experience, their ways of making love, I have enjoyed what they had done to me.

"Derrick I have to go now, but please don't think I am saying no, okay. I will give it a lot of thought overnight and will call you for sure tomorrow."

"Okay Lisa, thanks for not getting mad at me, and I am really looking forward to tomorrow, one way of another, take care sexy." With that he put the phone down.

I sat there in a bit of a dream, first of all thinking 'Oh God, our dreams have come true, we will have no money problems, but what do I say to my husband, and to Greg?'

Greg won't be bothered about what Derrick wants of me, so long as we get the business. Do I even have to tell him? This is between Derrick and me, but what do I say to my husband? It's not as if he will not mind, after all our lovemaking is so hot when I tell him that I have just been with another man. But that is mainly in fantasy and it really turns him on, so what do I do with this real-life proposal?

I went to see Greg, and explained that we could have the big contract we were hoping to get. I did not mention what Derrick had proposed, that was personal, so I told him I was going to go home early, and go through it, and just see what else I could do, to tighten it up.

Greg was happy with that, and remarked "Let's hope we get it, we both know what it will mean to us."

By the time I got home it was around 4-30pm, my husband was already home, as were the kids.

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