tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhat Did I Do Last Night? Ch. 02

What Did I Do Last Night? Ch. 02


Hi, Ruta here. I'm telling you more of the story of what happened to Sybil at a party we had a while ago. Sybil is a sweet, pretty, shy girl who has a problem asserting herself sexually. She waits for the guy to take the initiative. Then if she likes him, she gets drunk so she'll loosen up before she can fuck. We're her friends and we're here for her, to help her out.

A year ago, Sybil wrote up a "sexual power of attorney" with a lawyer, which gives us the legal authority to say OK to sex acts performed on her when she's incapable of making a decision herself. Like when she's drunk, like then, or fast asleep. That way we can keep her safe but satisfied. Sybil gets her pleasure twice – at the time and watching the video the next day when she's sober!

The guests who weren't fucking each other in various places around our apartment gathered around to watch, staying out of Don's way as he moved around with the cam. The couple that messed up the bed in our guest bedroom finished copulating and came out when they heard Sybil moan to see who was coming, but hadn't put all their clothes back on. They were standing there with nothing on below the waist and, even after all their sex, the man was getting hard again watching Sybil and I'm sure the girl was getting wet again. (She was kind of dripping as she stood there but we always get our carpet shampooed after our parties anyway.) They went back into the guest bedroom after Sybil finished screaming from Henk's fine cunnilingus and started to sink back down on the sofa. (Our apartments are soundproofed – one of their great selling features.)

"Henk, you might want to finger her a little, too. To loosen her up. Sybil can be awfully tight, even when she's ready and eager and has already cum!"

Henk blinked at the advice but took it and while Sybil slumped to the side, half conscious, he pulled her legs apart and felt around for her hole. He pushed his middle finger into her up to the first joint. "She's tight like a virgin!" he exclaimed.

"Yep," I said, "and she'll squeeze your dick like one all during the ride."

Henk could not believe his good fortune. I saw a big drop of precum ooze out of his dick.

He pushed further and curled his finger so that he was pressing on the front of her vagina. Sybil groaned and cupped her tits – she loved being fingered! Henk pushed in further and then added a second finger, then a third. Sybil was rotating her hips now, like she was trying to fuck herself on his fingers. He obliged by pulling up behind her pubic bone while he pushed her down with his other hand on her belly. He was not only playing her G spot but his middle finger was knocking on the hard, round, dimpled cervix and pushing her uterus around. Most girls hate that but it turned Sybil on to have men handling the very core of her sex and she was moaning and bucking her hips when the second orgasm hit her.

This time she flushed face to navel, beet-red, and screamed through a convulsion that rocked her pelvis even more on Henk's hand. It seemed to go on for a long time before she started to settle down, panting, and groaning.

I knew she was thirsty after all this, so I lifted her head and held the glass to her mouth and she sipped, not thinking about anything but the throbbing in her cunt.

Sybil was still deep in postorgasmic bliss when I came up behind Henk and kneeled down behind him while he continued to finger Sybil's pussy. "Got to get you ready!" I said to him, and reached around to unbutton his shirt and then unbuckle his belt. He was rocking back and forth while he gave Sybil head and his butt was grinding on my own crotch. I didn't mind! I can fluff with the best of them!

I got his shirt off and his pants down to his knees as he knelt, and then with a last kiss on Sybil's clit he stood up and let his pants drop the rest of the way down. Now they were both naked!

I leaned over Sybil and whispered, "Sybil dear, this nice man is going to fuck you hard and deep with a big stiff cock. You want that?"

"Oh yeah, oh yeah...." Sybil murmured.

I reached under the cushion of the sofa and pulled out one of several condoms we keep there just in case, to promote spontaneity. I tore the package open and then pulled Sybil to her right so she lay down on her side, and lifted Sybil's left leg. She has beautiful pale, long, thin legs and the sharp heel of her shoe dug into the back seat cushion, so she was firmly planted with one foot on the back of the sofa and the other on the floor. Her pussy was right there on display, wet, relaxed from her orgasm, and ready for penetration!

Henk didn't just stand there. He got on the other end of the sofa and got ready to mount Sybil as soon as I got out of the way.

"Got to be sexually responsible!" I told him and I reached down to grab Henk's stiff cock. It must have been painful by now, it had been erect and waiting so long. He let me roll the condom on him and then he got on top of her. It was a little awkward to get the right angle and I knew he wanted to be inside her and screwing without delay. I pulled him right up to her sweet entrance and rubbed the tip of his prick up and down her slit. "Sybil, honey," I whispered to her, "you're getting fucked now! Have a big wet sloppy cum for us – we'll all be watching!"

I nodded to Henk and while I held his dick at the right angle he pushed forward and into Sybil's sweet, wet, tight, heavenly, almost-but-not-bare cunt. She gasped and threw her arms out, almost hitting me in the face, as she felt the penetration.

"Damn, she's still tight!" Henk muttered, as I moved out of the way so Don could get a good shot of. Henk was straining but then he suddenly popped through and entered her about an inch. "Are you sure she's not a virgin?" Henk marveled.

"Positive! Know for a fact. But if you want to think you're breaking her cherry, fantasize away!" I said.

Another thrust and another inch up Sybil's lovely, tight love channel. Sybil was whimpering sweetly with her eyes closed, savoring the penetration, and had her hands on his shoulders now, pulling him into her.

Don panned with the camera from Sybil's sweet face with her eyes closed in a look of ecstasy, down her body, lingering on her heaving tits to where their crotches were joined. Since this wasn't a porn set, where everything is for the camera, he couldn't get a really good shot of Henk's penis slowly pushing up deep into Sybil's passive but sexually responsive feminine body. Instead, he got a picture of Henk driving further into her every time he thrust, an inch at a time at first, and then for the last couple of inches he just slid in because by then Sybil was juicing and she lubricates, everything gets wet. She's still tight but the penetration suddenly goes fast because the guy – Henk in this case – always can't believe it feels so good and stays hard as a baseball bat even though he has to push so hard against the tightness it almost hurts! And then it gives way and he is pushing against less resistance and rams it in! The men tell me it feels heavenly, that Sybil's vagina is like nothing else on earth. And when Henk finally hit bottom as Sybil grunted. She must have felt him slide past her cervix. (Happens to me all the time 'cause my cervix is set low like Sybil's.)

When Henk pulled out again, he lifted up so just the tip of his cock was inside her and Don got his video shot of their connection and then Henk thrusting deep again to the same mysterious place in her cunt beyond the reach of mortal men!, or something like that. Sorry, I got carried away there with the poetry.

But it was awesome to watch. Henk was not just fucking her – he was making love to her cunt with his cock!

Sybil was loving it and thrusting her sculpted hips up to meet him, stroke by stroke. Her tight pussy gripped his generous cock hard and every time he pulled back a dark pink rink of cunt pulled out of her, stretched out from the friction, and glistening in the light. Over and over again. Sybil had her eyes closed and she was panting, head thrown back, gasping, then suddenly she stiffened up and made a choking sound, opened her eyes and started at him almost creepy-like for a couple seconds, and then started bucking her hips like her pussy was on fire and the only way to extinguish it was to stamp out the flames with his pubic hair. Which come to think of it was pretty close to what was happening, except that pubic hair didn't have anything to do with it. Oh, it was a sight to see! She turned bright red in her face, all over her chest and tits, and down her belly almost to her pubes.

All this action had roused her up and so she was moving right with him! After she came, you could almost hear the "sploosh" sound as Henk's rock-hard dick churned her tight cunny and her cunt fluids were spraying and dripping all over my sofa! Then she fell back – whether it was the booze or she was exhausted – and moaned as Henk went into overdrive and started thrusting into her like his dick would die if he didn't.

Sybil just lay there and took it as he pounded her until suddenly he stopped, pushed as hard as he could to get as far up inside her as anyone ever could. (Mercy, he's already in way past her cervix! This girl's vag is deep! But hey, we knew that.) And then he let loose, holding her ass in his hands and grunting, bucking against her twat like the only way he could get his cum out was to shake it loose!

It was so much fun to watch! Sybil was still flat on her back – this whole time they hadn't changed position!

Henk leaned back, sweat on his forehead, and when her tightening cunt pushed his softening dick out you could see that the condom was full to bursting with thick white semen and the outside was coated with her cunt juice. She even dripped a bit – on my clean sofa! – just from making her own lube.

When he was out, the audience of our guests started applauding. Henk looked around, startled, and found about a dozen people around them, watching, not counting me helping Sybil and Don doing the video. Some of them were masturbating, most of them were groping someone, and one guy had cum from his girlfriend wanking him and was dripping on my rug.

"That was sensational!" Henk gasped. Nobody disagreed.

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