tagAnalWhat Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 01

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 01

byArsehole Addict©

I find Emma in the kitchen, leaning on the counter top and facing away from me as she leafs through some magazine. I cross the kitchen floor stealthily, intent upon my target. In all truth, Emma knows exactly what I'm up to, but it pleases her to play along. As I make my final approach, I appraise her shapely form for about the millionth time. What a lucky bastard I am.

Emma stands around 5'5", with shoulder length dark brown hair and a slender build (perfect hour glass figure: full juicy breasts, a tiny waist and gently flaring hips). Today she's still wearing the clothes she dresses in for teaching; a long fitted skirt and a crisp white blouse (no bra though, I notice, the starchy fabric of her top must be teasing her big brown nipples). Her feet are bare.

As I come up behind her, Emma's studied nonchalance cracks a little; I can see her hands quiver as they turn the pages of the magazine. I gaze down at the taut fabric covering her perfect arse, the material stretched particularly tight since Emma is deliberately putting her cute little rump on show for me. Boy, am I going to have fun with that today.

We don't speak at all, this adds to the tension, the anticipation.

I reach around, under her arms, to cup her breasts, letting the warm flesh of her tits fill my palms. I unbutton her blouse and her tits are free, hanging beneath her panting chest like udders. She moans softy, a throaty, guttural moan of delight as I fondle them, loving it as I squeeze and massage her sensitive tit-flesh. I locate her swollen aureoles, pinching them roughly and teasing her nubs of her nipples into hard bullets.

Reaching down to that sexy waist, I undo the buttons on the side of her skirt. A little awkwardly -- and with a few helpful wiggles from Emma -- I succeed in loosening her skirt to the point where she can shrug it off completely. This leaves the modesty of Emma's nether regions protected merely by the skimpiest of white cotton panties, most of which has rucked up almost completely into the crack of her arse. What a wonderful sight to behold.

In one swift (and, I might add, practiced) motion I yank Emma's panties down to her knees. Almost instinctively my hand reaches up between her legs and caresses the moistness of her pussy, the sweet lips of her vulva parting easily under my touch. I let my fingers trail through the thick bush of her pubes, teasing the swollen lips of her seething twat. I slip a finger between her well-forested flaps and sink it deep into her scalding cunt-hole, rubbing her hardening clit with the ball of my hand. Delightful as it is, Emma's cunt is not my main course today. But, as an appetizer, I cannot resist slipping my finger into my mouth to enjoy its astringent taste.

I spread her buttocks and behold my target, the cringing brown circle of her anus, tiny and puckered between her white cheeks. Her dark curly pubes snake upwards from her sopping cunt to surround her arsehole too with hair. I see her ringpiece bulge outward, blooming like a rose, then shrink back to its natural tightness. Just as a peacock fans its tail in a display of sexual prowess, so Emma fans her anal ring, knowing that her pervert boyfriend will be unable to resist the puckering, pouting magnificence of her most intimate orifice.

Most women believe that the male desire to sodomise women is the result of a desire to demean and control them. This cannot be true. My girlfriend's anus controls me. My desire to kiss and taste her bottom is all consuming. It is the hole that she uses to shit. Think about it. When I kneel behind her, my face buried between her sweaty buns, french-kissing her shithole, what does that say about power relationships?

It is too much to resist now. I want to bugger her, but the urge to taste her hairy quoit is too strong. I push my face between her spread buttcheeks, inhaling the heady scent of her butt. I kiss her wetly on the pooper, swirling my tongue around the tingly ridge of her anus. Emma pushes out her shit-ring, as if she were going to take a dump, to let my tongue snake into her back-passage. I savour the rich taste of her anus, coating my tongue with her anal funk; that intoxicating cocktail that seems to contain so many flavours it defies descriptions. She tastes of butt-sweat back there, but she also tastes rich and "cunty" with that taboo but recognisable hint of shit. I relish that incredibly "bottomy" tang that a girl's butthole always has.

My only regret is that a tongue is never quite erect enough to actually penetrate a girl's sphincter properly. The rimmer who actually gains access to a rectum is a figment of a porno imagination. Interior licking of a butthole is only possible after buggery, when her hole is stretched and gaping. But despite the apparent impossibility of the act I nonetheless try earnestly to inveigle my way into Emma's delicious, clasping rectum. I can't help it. Emma and I swing fairly regularly with our friends Rob and Claire who teach at the same time school that we do. Often Rob and I end up in a post-sodomy 69; not through any desire to suck cock though. I simply have an all consuming lust to experience what my girlfriend's back passage tastes like several inches up.

I lather Emma's butthole with my tongue, literally sucking on her pouting shithole. Four fingers are slurping in her cunt, spreading the fat hairy lips of her sex as I devour her bottom. My lust-driven mind is unable to resolve the dilemma: do I continue to eat her arsehole or do I satisfy my urge to sodomise her? Emma decides for me.

"I want it Tom."

"Where, sweetheart?"

"Up my shitter." Bless her, she still blushes at the lewdness of those words.

They are the first words we have spoken. I stand behind her and withdraw my fingers from her sopping puss. I lean forward and cupping her soft tit, kiss her cheek. She moves her head and her tongue meets mine. She trembles a little, knowing that it is her own arsehole she can taste in my mouth. I pinch her rubbery nipple between my fingers, making her mew like a cat that has had someone stand on its tail, a mewing that quickly turns to purring. My forefinger, now glistening with her juice, traces back in the cleft between her buttocks and sinks smoothly into her furry anus.

Emma giggles, my finger is cold. But the giggling stops as a second, and then third, finger joins the first, gently but firmly massaging and stretching her delightful (and now well traveled) anal passage. She sighs in contentment as my probing digits push deep inside her, my knuckles pressed tight against her arsehole.

I glance down and, using my other hand to push apart the perfect milky globes of her buttocks, gaze in wonder once more at the sight of the brown rim of Emma's arsehole stretched tight around my inquisitive fingers, gently squirming in their exploration of that most delicious, tight anal tract.

The painful bulge in my jeans reminds me that it's time to treat Emma's arse to something a little more substantial. Somehow I manage the delicate balancing act of shrugging down jeans and freeing my prick from the confines of my underwear, whilst maintaining my digital assault on Emma's rectum. It's not as easy as it sounds, believe me. My cock juts into the air eagerly, the swollen head throbbing in anticipation of the delicious tightness of Emma's anus.

There's one final act of preparation: I have a tube of lube in my briefcase for emergencies such as this. With a practiced flick of the thumb I spin the top off and squeeze a generous amount onto the tip of my knob. I massage this down the length of my shaft, careful not to get too carried away, I don't want to spoil the fun.

Once I'm satisfied with the result -- a glistening rod of rock hard flesh -- I throw the bottle to one side. Pulling my fingers from Emma's arse I spread her cheeks. Her arsehole remains dilated and moistly inviting and I'm tempted to kneel down and eat it again, tonguing her to orgasm. But that can wait till later, I want to penetrate her with my cock first.

Still holding her cheeks apart with one hand, I use the other to guide the tip of my prick to the entrance of Emma's anus. Her body stiffens and she grips the counter top tightly as she braces for my first stroke. Over the last few months we've experimented a great deal, Emma and I, and it shows in the way I can slip myself into her anal passage with something approaching ease. Don't mistake me, her ring is still delightfully tight, and it takes lubricant and a little manual warm-up, but it definitely takes less time and effort than our first little adventure in this field.

I rub my cock head around the rim of her anus, just to tease her; building anticipation for the coming pleasure. My prick positioned for action, I move my hands to her hips, so as to steady myself and provide leverage. Emma tries hard to relax her shit-ring, pushing and straining so that it bulges lewdly. I press my knob into the centre of her throbbing anus and she suddenly farts loudly, exciting my cock with the vibrations of her anal ring. The fart allows me an entree, opening her slightly. Moving my pelvis forward and a little up, my manhood begins its journey into Emma's bowels. The way is easy at first; her well prepared sphincter offers almost no resistance, accustomed as it is to my fingers, tongue and cock (not to mention butt-plugs, dildoes and other men's cocks). Likewise, the first inch or two of passageway, well stretched by inquisitive fingers, yields smoothly.

Thereafter, firm, steady pressure is required to burrow my cock deeper and deeper into the exquisitely tight, yet delightfully slick, inner regions of Emma's arse. The first stroke is always my favorite, the sensation of opening up Emma's tight bowels, of introducing her most private place to my cock is beyond description. Briefly, I wonder if she has given anyone else this pleasure. She was an anal virgin when we met, but know she is experienced. Perhaps she has lived out already what I know to be her fantasies. Fleetingly, I conjure an image of Emma kneeling on her teacher's desk, her bottom bare, as a queue of well hung sixth-form lads wait their turn to bang her shit-trench.

It takes me just a few seconds to bury my prick up to the balls on that first stroke, a new record. Emma grunts softly, her white knuckles on the counter top betraying the intensity of the experience. She has only been buggered by one cock longer than mine, and never one thicker. Her beautiful bottom is packed full of nine and a half inches of cock and her heavy breathing betrays this fact. She shifts her weight from one foot to the other, wiggling her hips a little in an effort to better accommodate the hard, unyielding invader nestled deep within her.

I bring my fingers, so recently jammed up her shitter, to my mouth, licking her butt-taste from them. The flavour of her bottom makes my cock throb even harder and thicker in her shitbox. I rest for a second, savoring the sight Emma's arsehole stretched around my prick, the feeling of my bollocks resting against her moist furry cunt. I reach down and probe her there, then raise my fingers to my mouth for a taste. Her juice is, as ever, sweet as can be. I'll enjoy eating her later.

But back to the task at hand -- if hand is the right word. Accompanied by a soft sucking sound, I withdraw the length of my shaft from Emma's arse. Her abused arsehole is now hugely dilated, but begins to shrink rapidly as I watch. Quickly, I re-enter and thrust, forcefully this time, up to the hilt. My balls slap hard onto Emma's pussy, and she mutters something that sounds like 'Ungh'. I withdraw again, lusting at the sight of her obscenely gaping shit-chute and once more resisting the temptation to drop to my knees and begin devouring her inviting anal cavern. Again and again I pull my dick form her slurping fudge-tunnel and penetrate her anew with a single stroke.

Now the real fucking begins. I pound into Emma's arse with long strokes, withdrawing almost to her sphincter then plunging deep inside. On each thrust I try to push harder, straining to press my dick head just a little farther into tight but yielding bowels. As I work up into a steady rhythm there is no sound apart from our ragged breathing and the slap of my balls.

Once Emma's arse has surrendered completely, her warm, inviting anus almost sucking me in on each stroke, I begin to up the pace. Sweat breaks on my skin as the effort of ramming my manhood deep into Emma begins to catch up to me. But it is a uniquely rewarding experience. Emma clenches her anal muscles rhythmically, gently clenching my cock and adding to the already extreme pleasure. One of her hands moves to down to her pussy and begins a vigorous investigation. She's so wet down there that the whole of her hand, slim as it is, could probably slip inside without much effort. I can imagine the long drools of excess juice dripping from her cunt, shaken loose by the pounding her arse is taking.

My balls are now so tight it's painful. The sounds are wet, rutting, and bestial. My deep thrusts have forced air into her guts and now it is escaping, little by little, every time I hump her backside. Her ringpiece froths around my shaft as I pump her greasy, farting shitter. I pull myself in closer, moving my grip from waist to shoulders, and start to fuck Emma with short, sharp jabs. I leave most of the length of my cock within her for each thrust, and instead concentrate on deeper penetration. I want to shoot my cum as deep within her as possible.

I feel the tip of my dick jab into something firm and hot. My prick is buried so far up her behind that I am butting against the shit in her colon. Slowly I feel the delicious sensation of her turd surround the head of my cock and I remember why this sexual activity is known as 'fudge-packing'.

At last I can hold back no longer. I slam my dick home in one final powerful thrust, a grunt of effort escaping my lips. I can feel my entire cock throbbing as I shoot spurts of semen deep into Emma's arse. The cum worms it way even deeper into her bowels than my cock; I have her arse plugged so tightly that there's nowhere else for it to go. I'm shooting my jism into her shit. As the last of my fluid drains into her, I become aware that Emma is gently thrusting and gyrating her hips, fucking herself on the remains of my erection. I also feel her work her shitting muscles, forcing more of her soft, hot turd around the top few inches of my cock. I sense the motions of her hand over and within her cunt increasing in intensity as she brings herself to orgasm. Removing my hands from her shoulders, I play with the thick bullets of her nipples, massaging the firm flesh of pillowy teats.

As always, Emma cums intensely, her whole body shuddering as the pleasure engulfs her. Her shithole spasms around my shaft and I can feel my cock stiffening a little in response. I begin to fuck her arse again, this time slow and gentle. As the waves of orgasmic pleasure slowly decline, I lengthen my strokes, pulling my cock further out of her body each time.

At last Emma is still, breathing deeply, the fingers of one hand still glistening with juice hanging limply by her side. I pull my cock completely from her arse, a dribble of cum following it. Instantly I'm on my knees, my tongue lapping the milky brown fluid from the edge of the gaping hole her arse has become. I probe within, delighting in the mingled taste of my semen and her shit. Her arsehole suddenly flutters and convulses in a loud and wet fart, belching my own thick load into my open mouth. I continue to play, sucking and licking and tasting, until her anus begins to contract around my tongue.

With one last long, slow lick from Emma's cunt all the way up the crack of her arse, I savor the tastes of her cunt cream and her butt and the salty tang of her sweat. As I stand, Emma turns about and we kiss deeply. Her tongue eagerly explores my mouth, searching for the same tastes I have just experienced. I see the surprise in her eyes as she find those tastes. Anal sex has never been this messy between us before. She realises exactly what I have been licking from her back passage for the last few minutes and this seems to make her all the hornier to share it. We hold this embrace for a minute or two, our hands roaming over each other bodies.

Without warning, Emma drops to her knees and sucks my dick into her mouth. I gasp, in surprise -- and pleasure. She doesn't seem to mind the taste at all, in fact she seems to crave it, if the vigorous sucking and inquisitive tongue probing are any indication. I look down as her, sweat dripping from her upturned nipples, my shit smeared tool being eagerly licked. If only her mother or her pupils could see her now, eagerly licking her own poop off of her boyfriend's cock. My once flaccid cock stiffens rapidly and soon Emma has to work to get it all into her mouth. She is an expert these days though, and can slide me back down into her throat without gagging almost as though it was second nature.

As I stand there, lost in bliss, accompanied by the slurping sound of the girl whose arse I've just violated deep throating my prick, I can't help but think that it can't get much better than this. Well maybe it can: in a surprise move Emma slips one of her slim fingers deep into my own arse -- a taste of my own medicine.

This takes me over the edge and I deposit my second load of the day into Emma's waiting mouth. I can't manage as much as before, but it's still a good mouthful. Emma sucks me for a few seconds more, then pulls back, looks up and opens her mouth wide to let me see the cum pooled over her tongue. Then she closes her mouth and makes a great show of swallowing, before opening up again as though part of some magicians act: look, I can make cum disappear!

She withdraws her finger from my arsehole and licks it, as if it were a cock. She looks wickedly at me, her face streaked with cum. Nothing is said, but seconds later our bed is covered with large towels and I am lying on my back. Emma is squatting over my face wildly frigging her hairy vadge. My tongue is madly flicking across the crinkled rim of her delectable arsehole. I sense something unprecedented in our sex life is about to happen and Emma's sudden grunt confirms it. I open my mouth, still not entirely sure why, but sure that our sex life is about to enter new, unchartered territory.

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