tagFetishWhat Did You Expect?

What Did You Expect?


Sitting handcuffed to a chair wearing nothing but a thick, cute, pink princess diaper watching my wife of four years sucking a much thicker and longer cock than mine was not how I planned to spend last Wednesday night. And yet, that's exactly how it turned out. As soon as we finished dinner - which I, as always, cooked - Elaine told me she wanted to try something new in the bedroom. I've known for a long time that I not exactly up to snuff when it comes to sexual satisfaction. It's not a micro-penis, but at just under five inches long fully erect, and less than two thick, it's far from average. I've dated a few women before, all of whom expressed a lack of enjoyment from my sex skills. I almost always finished in a matter of minutes (which is part of the reason why they all demanded I wear a condom every time - including Elaine). I would use my mouth and fingers to get them off. Even then, I never was that great. So, when Elaine told me she wanted to try something that would actually feel like she was having sex a real man, I eagerly obliged.

Of course, I always oblige her wishes, no matter what they are. I mean, in addition to being small in the pants, I'm not exactly an assertive person. I like avoid conflict, and this do pretty much whatever anyone tells me.

Anyway, on that night, Elaine had me strip down and lay naked on my back on the bed. A moment later, she produced two adult sized diapers. Not the medical, discreet kind that people who actually need them wear. These were full blown adult baby diapers, the fetish kind. One was pink and had small pictures of crowns and castles on it. The other was mostly white with baby blocks and bubble letters.

"This is the only choice you get to make tonight," she told me sternly. "You have 30 seconds before I spank you as hard as I can, and make the choice for you."

With little hesitation - she spanks really hard - I asked for the pink one. It's a cute color. If we were gonna do some roleplay, I at least wanted to look cute. I misunderstood what her intentions were. She diapered me with expert skill, then say me in a chair next to the bed. When she cuffed my wrists and ankles to the chair legs, I began to wonder where this was headed.

"You are not a man," she informed me after I was successfully locked up. "You never have been. You are a pathetic pussy. And now, a diaper baby. In a few minutes, a someone is coming over. A real man. With a real dick. And you're going to watch him fuck me until I can't walk. I want you to know what a real man looks and fucks like."

She checked her watched as all the color drained from my face. "Oh, and he's not going to use a condom. I made you do it cause you're pathetic. Real men nut inside."

The doorbell rang and she left me. My heart pounded in my chest. I felt a tingling sensation run through my fingers and down my legs. My wife was going to fuck another man in front of me. The idea seemed impossible.

A moment later, Elaine reappeared. She was followed by a tall, muscular man.

"This is Mike," she told me. "I've been fucking him for the last four years, pretty much every day."

I stared at him, my eyes wide. He was taken and bulkier than me. It was no surprise why she would choose him over me. But why she hadn't left me for him, I couldn't fathom. I wasn't rich. She made more money than I did!

"The fuck is this bitch wearing?" Mike laughed.

I suddenly remembered the diaper. Dread filled me as my body went numb. Elaine laughed loudly with him.

"This little fucker doesn't have a dick," she explained. "It's a little baby clit. So, I made him pick what diaper to wear. No bathroom breaks while he's watching us."

Mike continued to laugh until Elaine kissed him passionately. She unbuttoned his shirt and in short order, they were both naked. Mike's dick was already hard, standing at nearly nine and a half inches long, and easily five thick. The sheer enormity of his cock made me shudder. When I did, a trickle of piss leaked out into the diaper. No one noticed, but I blushed as red as a beet.

There were no words as they climbed in the bed. Her mouth was all over his. She paused for a moment to look at me. She held my gaze as she lowered her lips to his dick. Staring intently at me, she let him fuck her throat, moaning in pleasure the entire time.

I felt my own little pecker stiffen. The diaper was too thick to notice my erection. Elaine seemed to figure it out, though, because she grinned wide. She pried her mouth from Mike's cock; angled herself so I could easily see her shaved, dripping pussy; and guided his massive member inside her. Instantly, she seemed overcome with pleasure. She moaned louder than I had ever heard. Moments later, he was pounding in and out of her like a freight train.

Somehow, the act of watching my beautiful wife get utterly ravaged by a much bigger dick thrilled me. I was so excited, I didn't notice the diaper getting heavier. Not until Elaine cackled.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed. "He's pissed himself! I didn't think he'd actually do it!"

I looked down. Sure enough, the pink diaper was soaked. And I was harder than I ever thought I could be. Mike didn't care one way or the other and rammed himself harder into her. She gasped and moaned. I was ignored again.

As Mike tensed, so did my own dick. It was nearly an hour before he grabbed her have and pulled back. He growled ferociously, then spasmed. I watched as he pumped load after load of his hot white cum into my wife. She shuddered, her toes curling, as she bucked against him. Her juices ran down his dick.

For several moments, they lay there, connected, not speaking. Then, she looked at me with a wicked smirk.

"Time for you to clean us up, bitch," she said.

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by Anonymous

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by Tootight101/24/18

good story

I have worn a diaper before while playing games with my wife, it was ok, but not earth shattering for me. There is a line in this story that told the whole thing to me. "This is Mike," she told me. "I'vemore...

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by jimmcdonald60910/10/17

Wetter the Better

Not my usual cup of tea; but well done

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