tagErotic CouplingsWhat Does Wendy Desire? Ch. 03

What Does Wendy Desire? Ch. 03


Wendy woke with a splitting hangover. Robotically she got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She drank a glass of water to alleviate her dry mouth, started the shower and climbed in. Only then did she allow herself to recount what had occurred the previous evening, with her brother-in-law Conway.

She took a deep breath as she recalled returning home, knowing Conway was waiting for her. He had told her as much, saying he'd wanted to show her the kitchen cabinets he had installed for her and her husband.

"He's done a nice job on those cabinets," she thought, allowing herself to get side tracked for a second.

She had known full well that showing off his handiwork was merely a ruse. Yet she had come home anyway.

"Why? Why would I do that? I knew what would happen. For heaven's sake Wendy, you know what kind of a man he is and still you came home to him," she thought, berating herself.

She turned the hot water higher, so it stung her bruised breasts and nipples. She knew she would have to hide these from her husband for at least a week.

"Pig!" she said out loud, recalling how rough Conway had been with her. "He got what he was after; there was no need for that."

Then the shame crept in past the anger. She recalled how she had fully entered into their lovemaking. She had not held anything back, once they began touching and kissing.

"I wanted it as much as he did," she recalled and began to weep. "Oh Wendy; what's the matter with you?"

"And now he wants more," she thought. "Of course he does. It's never just once with this type of male. They won't take no for an answer and just proceed as they please."

In the full knowledge he'd be back for more, she now needed to decide what to do about Conway. She'd told her husband she was weary of him, but John had merely told her not to worry so much.

"Well now he's fucked me John," she spoke aloud again. "I hope you're happy about that. A great protector you were. And I liked it. No; I loved it John. A huge bronzed foreigner, fucking me on our kitchen table."

Wendy cupped her mound as she recalled Conway driving deeper into her than John ever had. He had touched a spot deep in her stomach that sent sparks throughout her body.

"My god the length of that thing," she thought, the memory beginning to cause warmth to flow though her lower stomach.

Wendy abruptly pulled her thoughts away and turned off the shower. Her breathing had quickened and her decision was made. She would not fight it, despite the guilt and shame.

"I enjoyed it. He's handsome, he's... very well endowed and if he comes around again then whatever happens..."

With that decision made Wendy dressed and went to work.


John returned from his trip and was waiting for her at home the following evening. He told her how well the trip had gone and how happy his employers were with his performance. There was the chance of a promotion. His mood meant Wendy knew he'd be keen for sex, but she put him off. She tried to convince herself that she couldn't risk John seeing the marks Conway had left on her breasts. However, the truth nagged away. The fact was; sex with John would be a let-down.

Conway made no attempt to contact her in the following week and Wendy was thankful for that. Ironically it was her husband who contacted him after he saw the cabinets for the first time.

"That's a great job Conway. Thanks so much, what do we owe you?" Wendy heard him saying on the phone.

Conway had said he didn't want anything in the way of payment.

"Of course he doesn't," thought Wendy. "He's already had payment enough and that was just the first instalment."

"I talked Conway into taking some cash for that job Wendy. He said he can't get over here this week, but will call by to pick it up on Monday. I'll give it to you because I'm away that night."

"Does he have to come...?" Wendy began, but quickly bit her lip; knowing talking about Conway to her husband was fruitless.

"You alright with that?" John asked her, clearly sensing his wife was about to complain about Conway again.

"Yeah fine; that will be fine," she said, then thought, "I'll give him the money and then he'll fuck me, you naive man."


The first Wendy heard from Conway was a text at the weekend.

"I cum over on Monday 7pm to collect payment. Won't have long so b sure you home," the text bluntly read.

"Christ what an arrogant bastard," Wendy thought, but merely replied that she'd see him then.

On the Sunday night the soreness in her breasts had long gone and she made love with John. It followed their usual routine and she encouraged John to enter her quickly. She didn't orgasm, but felt relieved. It was Wendy's way of absolving herself of some guilt over what she had no doubt would occur the following night.

The following day Wendy immersed herself in her work, before arriving home after 5pm. She had a slight fluttering in her lower stomach partly from nerves and partially from expectation. Her mind began to drift as she sat on the sofa with a wine.

Wendy knew her relationship with Conway would continue, because that's what had happened with her step father Dan. Both Dan and Conway were tarred with the same brush. Strong forceful types, both physically and sexually.

"Brutes," she said out loud.

Dan had been demanding and taken full advantage of her subservient nature. They had continued sleeping together after she began seeing John. Their liaisons had continued right up until her wedding day. Her thoughts drifted back to her last liaison with her stepfather.

On the morning of her wedding to John, Wendy had been woken by Dan standing over her. He placed his hands to his lips when she had shown shock.

"Don't wake your Mum," he said softly.

Wendy was quite taken aback. They hadn't been physical for over two weeks and she thought it was at an end, with her wedding so near.

"Dan I'm getting married today," she whispered as he took off the boxers he slept in.

"Then this will be my wedding present to you Wendy," he replied, holding his thick cock in his hand.

He drew the blankets off her. Wendy had been sleeping in shorts and a T-shirt. Dan immediately drew the shorts down her thighs and off. She offered no resistance. She never did. When Dan wanted sex, they had sex.

He'd pushed her legs apart and begun to lightly kiss her inner thighs, just as he had the first time he took her. He'd lingered there, before moving closer to her sensitive lips. When he arrived at them she was ready for his touch, knowing they were already soaked with her juices. He lapped, kissed and sucked on her outer lips, while she lay back and ran her hands though his hair, massaging his scalp.

Eventually she'd felt his tongue flick and tease her clitoris. He'd brought her to a beautiful oral orgasm. Once she'd come down from her orgasm he'd risen over her and lowered his lips to hers. She'd tasted herself on him as she had many times previously. While they kissed he guided his engorged tool to her opening.

Wendy shivered recalling the thickness of Dan's cock. She'd always felt trepidation as he lingered at her entrance. When he'd pushed up inside her he rose up and she watched him screw his face up, relishing the moment. She raised her legs higher on his flanks to ensure he had the perfect angle to access her. Anything less caused Wendy discomfort.

Dan had begun to ride her. Half-way in, then a little more, before his strokes were fully entering her. He always filled her so completely, touching every sensitive nerve. The memory of this saw Wendy's arousal grow and she took a deep drink of her wine. She lightly touched her breast at the memory.

Dan had continued to fuck her for a long time that wedding day morning. Eventually she had felt the tell-tale signs grow increasingly stronger. She'd clamped her eyes tight shut and willed herself on to another wonderful orgasm.

She had finished her delight when Dan finally shortened his strokes and thrust in rapidly, the sign he was near. When she felt his girth increase, as it always did just prior to his finishing, he'd moaned with contentment. She'd worried about his having stretched her and that John might notice when they made love that evening, in their wedding bed.

As they lay recovering, Dan had told her that it would be the last time he would come to her unless she asked him too. So it proved. Once married she'd never given him any sign and he'd never touched her intimately again. Part of her felt relief at this certainty, but another part missed his gigantic reassuring frame, and the thick cock that touched all parts when he entered her.

Wendy snapped herself back to the present. She could feel some perspiration on her lip. She could also feel the dampness on her lower lips. She reached down between her legs and found her panties damp. Now she was looking forward to Conway's arrival.

She rose and walked to her bedroom. There Wendy quickly stripped out of the black suit she had worn to work. She let her hair down, then proceeded to dress in a light blouse with no bra and a loose fitting skirt. She kept her panties on, but went barefoot. She looked at the image and liked what she saw.

"He'll like this," she thought.

It was the look of surrender. The village wench saying, "You can have me whenever you want me."

Wendy returned to the sofa. There was a firm knock on the apartment door.

"Hi Conway, I've got the money for you," Wendy said quickly, opening the door, not wanting it to appear as if she was taking the lead in anyway.

"I'm not here for the cash," Conway answered bluntly.

"I..., but," Wendy stammered, handing him the envelope John had left for her.

"Thanks," Conway said, placing it in his rear pocket without looking at the contents. "Now the skirt; quickly. Don't play coy, last week we fucked on that table right over there. Mary can only stay with Alison and the kids until eight."

"Mary knows you're here?" Wendy said, suddenly a little concerned about what her sister-in-law might think of Conway coming around with John away.

"Of course she knows. She doesn't care and it's none of her business if she does. Mary does what she's told."

Conway's description of his sister-in-law in this manner perplexed Wendy, but she put it out of her mind and began to act on his instruction. She removed her skirt and folded it over the sofa, standing before him in blouse, panties and bare feet. She felt nervous under his gaze. He let his eyes rove over her.

"Fuck you're hot," he said, moving a hand to her blouse.

Conway ran his fingers lightly across her chest then discovered her untethered nipple standing erect.

"Oh, you naughty girl Wendy. You're such an enigma. Always saying no, but signalling yes," he said, moving his head to hers.

His words stung, yet Wendy made no move to avoid him. They were the truth, so she closed her eyes, accepted his lips, returning his kiss in a passionate manner. Their tongue's touched, lightly at first and then more aggressively.

When they eventual y parted, Wendy took a large swallow as Conway stepped back and removed his shirt. With a flick of his eyes he indicated she should do likewise. She began to unbutton her blouse.

Before she could finish this Conway had already stepped back in, bringing his hands to her breasts. He molested them roughly.

"Don't be as rough as last time," she asked him. "The marks have only just gone."

Conway laughed and pushed her backwards so she was against the wall.

"Take my cock out," he ordered her.

Wendy immediately did as he asked. She was keen to see it again. She recalled its length and the way it had touched her very extremities, when last inside her. She wanted to touch its magnificence and hurriedly unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them down his thighs.

Wendy pushed her hand into his boxers as he ran his tongue around her ear. She released her breath when she felt him, already fully erect.

"You do that to me," he said breaking their kiss, causing Wendy to feel a swell of pride in her chest.

She drew her palm and fingers up the length, then repeated this action. His length fascinated her. He felt impossibly long and she could not believe she had taken all of him. She cupped his balls and felt his cock rest along her forearm. It came past her elbow.

Conway slipped off her blouse. She pushed her breasts into his lower chest; in order to both feel them upon him and too prevent him molesting them too roughly.

Denied her breast Conway ran a hand down her stomach and pushed under her panty line. She had hoped he would do this, despite knowing he would find her fully aroused.

Conway gave a small laugh as he began to circle his hand around her wet, swollen lips.

"You were very happy to see me tonight, weren't you baby?"

Wendy didn't answer his boasting, merely swallowing hard and encircling his cock with her small hand. She began to lightly pump his length, while pushing her body into his. She breathed in his mixture of expensive aftershave and raw male odour. They began to kiss again.

"It's true; I am happy to see him; to have him embracing me; kissing me; touching me," she thought, as she became lost in the moment.

Wendy began to increase the urgency with her hand, letting him know she was ready for him.

"Whoa; slow down there baby, you'll finish the job early if you're not careful. Now tell Conway what you want," he said as he took her hand and placed it so both were around his neck.

He let his hardness fall against her upper stomach. He began to gently move it while he continued his manipulation of her lower lips, now slipping in a finger in to run deep in along her slit.

"Come on; say it," he prompted her.

She knew what he wanted. He wanted her to ask. For a minute or so she kept her eyes down and said nothing. His fingers found her clit and began to revolve around it, brushing lightly upon it from time to time.

"I want you inside me," she finally whispered, now desperate for it to happen.

"To fuck you?"

"Yes! To fuck me."

"There that wasn't hard was it?" he said patronisingly. "C'mon let's go to your bed."

"No; not there," she said, unsettled by the thought of taking Conway to her marital bed, the bed she shared with John.

Despite what was occurring she still loved John. However Conway wasn't to be dissuaded. He merely took her by the hand and led her down the hall to her bedroom. She padded along barefoot and virtually naked behind him.

"Please Conway; we can do it in the spare room or on the sofa. Maybe even on the table again."

"I want to fuck you right here," he answered crudely, pushing her back onto the bed and pulling her panties off.

Wendy lay before him, entirely nude for the first time. She made no effort to cover herself.

"Jesus you've got some body," he said lustfully, while pulling his pants and boxers off.

Looking at him standing before her, bronzed and handsome, with a long erection standing proud, Wendy dismissed any doubts about the location. She just wanted that long circumcised rod inside of her.

"Please; quickly" she said, motioning with her hands for him to come on top of her.

Conway smiled and crawled onto the bed between her legs as she raised them, bringing her thighs back to her breasts. He hovered over her, propping himself with one hand while the other grasped his cock and brought it to her pussy. He rubbed it along the length of her wet slit to lubricate the head. Locating her hole, he pushed in forcefully.

"Ohhh god," she moaned, as he began to fill her.

"Yes, you like that. Don't you my sweet?" he said, again taunting her, as he withdrew briefly before spearing her deeper.

Wendy clamped her eyes shut and bit the back of her hand to stop herself moaning. She was already close to orgasm.

Conway dropped lower and began to fuck her with a purpose, his strokes becoming increasingly rapid. She clamped her thighs into his flanks, rocking her pelvis to meet his thrusting. Wendy lost herself in the act and felt the flames growing in her loins.

She ran her hand across his tight back and then down his upper arm feeling the well-defined muscle there. She breathed in his odour and felt his hardness moving within her, now lightly bumping the end of her tunnel with every stroke.

There was no holding back. It was soon upon her, as natural as anything. Like they were long term lovers. A feeling of absolute relief and pleasure radiating out from her pussy, through her entire body. She let out a long loud moan as the orgasm engulfed her.

She heard Conway give a small chuckle as he proceeded to fuck her forcefully. After what seemed an age he jammed his cock hard inside her. Wendy felt it grow and pulse. The sensation of fullness and the knowledge that he was releasing himself inside her, saw another smaller orgasm take Wendy by surprise. She let out a long moan of delight. He collapsed on top of her.

They lay exhausted, covered in sweat, basking in the feeling of their mutual orgasms. She felt him begin to soften inside her. Then he pulled out and rolled to lie on his back.

"Fuck! You are one great fuck my beautiful sister-in-law. I knew we were right for each other, but you were a bit shy. I didn't think you'd fuck like this. You haven't learnt that from little Johnny. Someone's taught you to love sex. Who was it?"

Wendy was brought sharply back to reality by his inquiries. She didn't like her husband being put down while they were lying in the bed she shared with him. And she didn't feel comfortable with Conway getting so close to the truth.

"It's no business of yours where I learnt anything. Mine and John's sex life has always been just fine. No; it's better than fine; it's great thanks."

"Well well; the little shy girl suddenly becomes a spitfire after a good fucking."

Wendy was angry now and went to rise from the bed. Conway put a hand across her chest and pushed her back down.

"Hang on baby, we haven't finished yet. You'd like a little more wouldn't you?"

"Not if you're going to continue to be a prick."

"Oh a prick am I? A prick with a prick that you like the feel of, I do believe. And I further believe you'd like the taste of."

Wendy knew full well what he was asking, but he was just so smug. She continued to lie there fuming.

"C'mon baby we've both got the hots. There's no way we're leaving it there," he said bringing a hand to rub circles around her lower stomach.

"God; am I that easy," she thought, the sensations beginning to rise again. "This man only has to touch me and I start to feel it."

Wendy let him continue as the circling fingers drew lower, onto her mons. She breathed in deeply.

"That's nice," she said in a more conciliatory tone, before moving her lips to kiss him for some minutes. His fingertips slipped up and down her vulva causing sensations that saw Wendy arch her back. He located her hole and without hesitating, inserted two fingers.

"That's real nice," she said, before resuming the kiss as he moved a third finger into her slippery opening.

Conway began to manipulate her clit with his thumb, while he moved his fingers in and out of her. The feelings in her lower stomach and down her inner thighs began to intensify.

While their lips never parted, Wendy let him slowly bring her to completion. Nowhere near as intense as her initial orgasm, but very pleasant nevertheless. He held his fingers in her as she contracted around them.

"You like that?" he said, finally breaking the kiss and removing his fingers.

"Yeah," was all she replied, knowing what he would now want. She moved her lips to his neck and a hand to locate his cock. She found it semi-hard and began to lightly rub her fingers along it.

Wendy kissed across his broad chest, lingering at both nipples, which she sucked hard, partly to pay him back for what he had done to her a week earlier. Conway laughed, appearing to take pleasure from this pain. She moved on down and worked her tongue around his belly button, feeling his cock grow in anticipation. She became more vigorous, pumping and twisting her hand along its length.

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