tagBDSMWhat Friends Are For

What Friends Are For


It seemed like it would be another typical Friday night. Instead of going out, we had decided to have some friends over for dinner and socializing, followed by possibly going out dancing. Early in the afternoon, my two female friends called to say that they were not feeling well, and would not be able to come over. Disappointed, I called you to tell you, when you told me that your friend was going to be coming, but that we would have to work hard to lift his spirits, as he and his girlfriend had recently broken up. I told you to ask your friend to think of all the things that he wasn't able to do in his relationship, and we would try to fit as many of them in as possible.

I finished work early and went to the store to buy supplies for dinner. When I got home, I immediately started dinner, so that everything would be ready when you and your friend came over. As I was finishing up cooking, I quickly changed into a different outfit, knowing you enjoyed coming home to a scantily clad woman in the kitchen. Just as I got back to the stove in my other outfit, you walked in the door. I called out to you that I was in the kitchen, and you came in to greet me. I could feel you looking my body up and down, staring at the back of my exposed legs in such a short skirt, accenting my round ass, my bare back in the small halter top that I know you like. You came up behind me, pressing your hips against my ass so that I could feel your stiffening member as you pulled me close to you. I tilted and inclined my face, offering it up to you for a kiss, which you lightly planted on my lips. When you pulled away, I told you that dinner was almost ready, and I would come through in a moment with drinks, and what did your friend want to drink? You gave me the drink orders, which I prepared before bringing them into the living room, where you both were relaxing.

We had some drinks and then moved on to eating dinner. As the night progressed, the conversation became increasingly provocative and I was increasingly flirtatious with our guest, wanting to make sure that he felt comfortable. When I was clearing the table, you asked your buddy how he was doing with being single. He told you that it was really nice to have the freedom, but that he was not used to the lack of sexual contact. You nodded and expressed your sympathy, but became silent when I reentered the room to get more dishes. Both of you quietly watched as I gathered up the plates and glasses and returned to the kitchen. Your pal commented that it was nice having the attention from me, that he liked watching me strut around, watching my body move. He quickly apologized, not wanting to upset you, but you reassured him, telling him it was okay, that's what friends are for.

The two of you moved back to sitting on the couch, and you called me to you, asking me to stand in front of you both. I was unsure what to expect, but I immediately complied. You asked your comrade if he wanted to see more of me. He looked rather shocked, but nodded nonetheless. You stood up and walked behind me, untying the strings holding on my top. Without the ties, my clothing fell to the floor, exposing my bra-less breasts, my nipples pointing from the cold air, and the arousal of having you near to me. At some point in the evening unknown to me, you had entered into our bedroom, and now you pulled from your pocket my nipple clamps. You carefully attached them to my perky nipples, causing me to cry out softly at the sharp pain it sent through my body.

Pulling me by the chain attached to each clamp, you brought me to kneel in front of your friend. "Time for you to be a good hostess, pet." You released your hold on the chain and went to sit down further away.

Observing the growing bulge in his pants, I held my hands behind my back, causing my chest to stick out further, and looked up at him. "Is there anything I can do for you, sir? I am here to serve." When I said this, he instantly looked over to you, asking if I really meant it, if it was really okay with you.

Nodding, you told him, "She certainly does mean it. She's my pet, and will serve me by doing anything you want. Anything." Your friend looked shocked, and in an almost questioning voice told me to suck his dick. Smiling at the fairly simple request, I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, causing his hard member to pop out. I licked him slowly from his balls up his shaft, causing him to groan softly. I felt your eyes on me as I sucked him deep into my mouth, making him moan and thrust gently into my throat. Gaining confidence, he wove his fingers into my hair, holding my head still as he bucked his hips deeper into me, fucking my mouth. Soon, he cried out and was unable to hold back any longer as he came, shooting his load into me. As he sat there recovering, he said that his ex hadn't taken him in her mouth in longer than he could remember, and how happy he was to have felt the attentions of my tongue and mouth. I smiled and told him it was my pleasure, and that if there was anything else that I could do, for him to just say so.

You called me over to kneel before you, and told me that I had been a very good girl, and should go get our pleasure chest from our room, and to leave my skirt in there. When I returned wearing only nipple clamps and my thong, carrying the box, I found you both sitting there naked, your hard cock standing up like a flagpole, while his was slowly recovering from his recent orgasm. After ordering me to stand in front of you, you told me to stand with my legs father apart. You were talking to you friend as you casually slid your fingers into my thong, slipping them between my lower lips and into my dripping wet entrance. You continued to toy with me, while ignoring me to talk to your buddy. I felt myself approaching a climax, and tried to ask for permission to please cum, but you wouldn't pay attention to me. I was soon unable to hold back, as my moans got louder and my hips started bucking. Just as I was about to orgasm, you pulled your hand away and looked me in the eyes. "Were you going to cum without asking me?" I tried to explain that I had attempted to ask you, but that you weren't paying attention. You shook your head, clearly disappointed with me, and asked your friend if he would want to help punish me; of course he nodded.

I was then ordered to lie across your friend's lap, and you told him to spank me. He seemed a bit shocked, and lightly tapped my bare ass. You laughed and told him not to be shy, telling him to make my ass all red, make me squeal. He still seemed uncertain, until you slapped down hard on my flesh, causing me to cry out. As understanding seemed to wash over him, your friend began spanking me harder and harder, making me writhe on this lap, which also made his cock rise to the occasion. I begged him to stop, pleaded with you, telling that I was sorry, that I tried, that I was wrong. Finally, when my ass was completely red, you told him not to spank me anymore, and ordered me to bend over the coffee table, facing away from you both.

Resuming your conversation with you friend, I heard you also rustling around in our pleasure chest. Moment later, you handed me my vibrator, and while pulling down my thong, you told me to put it inside myself. It slid easily into my juicy hole. Once inside, you grabbed hold of it, fucking me from behind while still talking to your friend. The conversation had turned to your buddy's sexual experiences with his ex; he was saying that she was unwilling to try more experimental things, and that he was really curious and enjoying playing with me. You asked him if he'd ever had anal sex, and he said that he had not.

With that, you ordered me to pull my rear cheeks apart, exposing my ass while you continued to pound my desperate cunt. You slid one finger, still covered in my wetness, into my tight opening. I moaned loudly and started pushing my ass back against you, wanting you deeper inside me. You were clearly just showing your friend how much I liked it, and he decided to take advantage of the situation. He told me to continue fucking myself with the vibrator while he positioned his cock in front of my tight, pink hole. I felt something liquid, and realized that he was coating his dick and my hole with lubricant. He slid one, and then two fingers into me, making me moan and buck back against him. I felt him pull out the fingers, and moments later he replaced them with the head of his shaft.

Suddenly, he thrust his cock inside me to the hilt, making me cry out as he groaned at the feeling of my tight entrance. Slowly, he started pumping my ass, fucking me hard and slow, making me beg him to fuck me faster, to use my desperate body. I felt the pleasure building inside me, and asked you if I might please cum. You nodded, and it was as if I exploded with sensation, my muscles clenching, tightening around the real and plastic cocks inside me. Your friend inside me started to thrust harder, groaning as my body started milking his shaft, bringing him closer to climax. I watched as you started to stroke your member, aroused by watching me used by your buddy; not wanting you to have to pleasure yourself, I asked if you would please let me suck you. You smiled and walked over to me, holding me by my hair as you slid your cock into my willing mouth. I ran my tongue over your head and shaft as you started to thrust into me, creating a rhythm with your friend as you fucked me from both ends. Looking down on me, you told me that as long as I had all three holes filled, I could come as much as I wanted.

Overwhelmed with feeling so very full, I couldn't help but cum over and over again. With my muscles constantly contracting around his cock, your friend soon started to climax with me, shooting his hot seed into my ass. He pulled out of my tight hole, making my cry out at the empty feeling, and also had to force myself to stop my orgasms. I continued sucking you, but looked up into your eyes, silently begging you. You gestured to your friend and the pleasure chest, and moments later I felt my glass dildo enter my rear entrance. I moaned and writhed as your friend started using both toys in my holes, like two pistons pumping into me. At the same time, you continued to hold me by my hair and thrust into me, also grabbing onto the chain on my nipples, having complete control over my body as you fucked my mouth while my other holes were being pounded. I continued climaxing, my orgasms running into each other as I was inundated with pleasure. You started thrusting faster and I knew you were close as well. Moments later, you groaned and started to spurt your cum into my mouth; I continued to suck as you came, wanting to taste every last drop of you, savoring you on my tongue.

Finally, you pulled out of me, and your friend removed the two toys. Exhausted, I collapsed on the floor in a heap, my muscles too tired to move. You and your friend continued to talk for a while as you got dressed and I recovered some of my strength. He started to say goodbye, and you walked him to the door. He told you that he was feeling much better, and thanked you for the wonderful evening and your hospitality, but you told him that you were just glad that we had cheered him up, that that's what friends are for. You came back to the living room and helped me up, then led me by my nipple chain to our bedroom. I gasped as you removed the clamps from my nipples, the blood returning to them and making them even more tender. You stroked my hair and pulled me to your chest, saying how pleased you were with me, that I had served you very well. I smiled and nuzzled up against you, blushing at your praise. My body was sore, but also satisfied, and I felt myself slipping into sleep, proud that I had done what you wanted, happy to be your little toy.

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