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What Friends Are For


As promised, I hope I still have your attention. This is the final confrontation and the last chapter.

Continuation ...

We spent the rest of the afternoon going over different scenarios of how to break up this party and finally settled on one that seemed to have most chance of maximum impact with minimum effort. It was going to easier than I had first thought, and with Lennard's help, just as easy to organise.


I stood in the shadows watching and waiting for the right moment to make my presence known. I was wired; feeling jittery like I was ready to take on the entire army. I steadied myself by thinking of all my friends who had stood by me. I recognised one of the men from the photos as he parked his car, in my fucking driveway. That cunt has balls, I gota give him that, no brains, but you can't expect everything!

He rearranged his package as arrogantly as you please, probably thinking that parking in my drive was ok, since he was here to park himself in my wife. As he walked back out the gate, I stepped out of the shrubbery lining my front boundary, and fronted him, slamming him up against a car parked at the curb. I was growling, "Ok dickhead, I know where you're going and why!"

The guy was taken totally by surprise. "Get the fuck off me, ya prick!"

I kept my weight on him. My mood lightened as I saw the fear in his eyes. "Steve is it? I'll tell you what Steve; I'll give you a break, but only if you help me out here."

Steve looked now at the three of us, not just me, a sickly expression creeping onto his face. He may have been a sleaze ball but he was an intelligent one, well enough to know which side his bread was buttered, who he was dealing with, and why. Recognising me as Kelly's husband gave him all the information he needed. "What are you going to do turkey? I can just walk away now, and you can't prove anything."

"So says you fuckwit! You're parked in my fucking drive, so if you go back in there I'll have you arrested for trespass. I have photos of you and my wife from the last time you were knocking her off. How do you think I knew why you're back here tonight? So while you're cooling your heels in the slammer, I'll be including you in the law suit for alienation of affection along with the rest of those fuckheads."

Steve laughed feebly. "Don't give me that shit! You've been reading too many paperback detective stories or watching too much Boston Legal, ya dickhead! We don't have Alienation of Affection laws here in Australia!"

I smiled menacingly. "I just thought that since you're stupid enough to be fucking someone else's wife, then you'd be dumb enough not to know what Loss of Consortium is!"

The look on Steve's face showed he didn't know what I was talking about. "Just as I thought, the American's call it gas, we call it petrol. Same shit, different label, it doesn't mean shit! But what it does mean, is that you'll be working for the next twenty years, paying off that debt, along with all the other cock-sucking bastards inside. That is, if you don't do what you're told!" I knew I was bluffing. I actually wasn't sure how I'd fair with the legalities of a lawsuit and the only photo I had of this guy was going into the house that Kelly was already in, which wouldn't be much use in court.

Steve crumbled. "What do I get out of it if I help you nail the slut?"

"As I said, you get to walk free and I suggest you keep walking too, or better still, make it fucking run."

Me, along with Trent the private investigator, and Colin, an off duty police officer, who was one of Lennard's good mates, gathered just out of sight as Steve nervously knocked on the front door.

It was opened by Chad and he welcomed the young man in. "Welcome to the house of harlots. Come in and take a number ... we have one hot and willing piece of gash here tonight!" I shuddered at his reference to Kelly, my supposed loving wife. Chad was laughing, so hard, that before the door could be closed, I exploded through it, followed by Trent with camera in hand and ready to start snapping pictures. Colin had his badge out and ready to quell any heated exchange that may occur.

All you could hear was the static snapping and slightly eye blinding flash of light from the camera. "Fuck, he must have that on auto?" It's amazing what you think about at times like this, and I almost broke up laughing at the thought of Trent doing a James Bond, diving commando style into a room with both guns blazing, snapping off shots.

Kelly was on all fours on the lounge plugged airtight, as was her wish, one in each hole she had on offer. As Trent went to work snapping off pictures right, left and centre Malcolm was under Kelly and Ben behind her, I don't know who the guy was that had her by the ears as he shoved his cock down her throat.

Kelly's eyes popped wide open when she saw me standing there watching, and struggled to unplug herself. I suppose it's not easy when you've got nowhere to go. It wasn't until the prick feeding her face turned to see what the commotion was about, that she was able to dislodge her mouth from his cock, then extradite herself from the other two behind and below, rolling, not so gracefully over the back of the couch, trying to hide. Benjamin just stood there with a dumb-smuck look on his stupid face wondering why his dick was getting cold.

I almost laughed again at her antics; what'd she think? I hadn't seen her getting plugged? Fuck that woman is stupid. She popped her head back up with that stunned-mullet look on her face, squeaking, "Ohhh God no, fuck my blue dog! No, no, no, this can't be happening!" That was when all hell broke loose as men and women started diving for cover. Kelly was cowering behind the couch trying desperately to find something with which to cover herself.

"You don't do that anal shit huh? Could've fooled me ya fuckin whore!"

Chad just stood there in total shock at the speed of the invasion before offering any opposition. "Who the fuck are these people and what in the fuck do you think you're doing barging into my home uninvited? This is against the law Barrymore and I'll have your arse in court so fast your head'll spin." I looked around at a naked Chad, his cock already starting to wilt considerably; somehow, I imagined he'd have a bigger dick than that.

I looked over to see Pam scrambling out of a strap on harness. Fuck me dead, maybe it wasn't Pam doing all the screaming on the occasions I heard the pricks? Ohhh well, you can only work with what you got, right now he just looked pathetic and his anger amused me. Steve had done a runner as soon as the others were in the door and no one noticed.

I sneered at Chad, "You're right about being in court you miserable piece of shit, but it won't be me getting sued."

I looked to Trent. "Get what we need?"

"Yeah mate, sweet as, more than enough and prime quality too, all their faces as well, not to mention a lot of the action."

"This is home invasion you arsehole; anything you got here won't be admissible in court. You got jack shit and we both know it." Chadwick's face was a mixture of scared and angry.

I pulled a mini tape recorder out of my pocket. You guessed it ... it was the one I was meaning to buy for a while now, and this seemed a pretty good reason to lash out the fifty bucks. Senior Sergeant Peters had warned me that I needed proof of invitation, otherwise it could be construed as a home invasion. I didn't care, and we'd sort out the legalities later. I hit rewind, then play, "Welcome to the house of harlots. Come in and take a number ... we have one hot and willing piece of gash here tonight!"

I turned to Colin, "That sounds to me like an invitation, Senior Sergeant Peters. What is your professional opinion on the matter?"

Colin flashed his badge and chuckled, "It couldn't be more of an invitation if it was gold inlaid!"

I sneered at Chad as his face paled, "Just as I thought you fuckwit, you and your ilk are toast; start counting your cash."

While all this was going on the others were finding clothes and trying hard to become invisible. Kelly was crying buckets of tears and struggling to get into her blouse, still not managing to find her bottom half. She had cum in her hair and all over her face and tits. I felt sick seeing my wife of six years, with it slithering down the inside of her legs.

I walked over to the table where I spotted Kelly's handbag. Upending it, I found her keys and cell phone, and sorted through the other paraphernalia. Apart from the usual petty shit she keeps in it, there was several dollars in her purse, which I decided to leave. "There's nine dollars here and some shrapnel, which makes about a dollar fifty for every year of marriage! Significant when you think about the scene we have before us; you're not even a fucking two dollar whore, you stupid bitch! Don't bother coming home, as of now you don't have one."

Kelly stopped what she was doing, "Please sweetheart don't say that. I made a ..."

"Shut your cock sucking mouth, you slut. There is nothing you can say that I have any interest in hearing." Picking up her credit card, I flicked it at her. It did a nice spiral as it flew, and bounced off the couch just in front of her, making her cringe. "That piece of plastic is now only good for scratching your diseased ridden arse. All your cards and bank accounts have been frozen until the court case for our divorce. I hope all that cock you got was worth it."

Kelly slumped to the floor and cried her eyes out.


Lennard and I were sitting in our favourite watering hole. "You know Kelly rings and leaves messages for me to talk to her on a fucking hourly basis. I've deleted every one of them. I can't think of a single reason she could give me that would make an ounce of difference. But you know what really blows my mind?"

Lennard took a swig of his beer. "No mate! I know what blows my mind and I can only imagine yours. You still love her, don't ya?"

I nodded, "Yeah, there's that, but the other thing is, what am I going to do with Steve's Trans-Am? I must have really put the wind up him! The little fucker did exactly what I told me to do and ran. Well he certainly didn't drive, his fucking wheels are still sitting in my front yard, so I can't even get into my own fucking garage!"

Lennard looked blankly at me, "Ahhh, yeah well, that might be a little bit of my doing. You see, I parked in behind him when you blokes went next door to break up the party. Steve came out of the house like his arse was on fire, saw that his car wasn't going anywhere and pissed off down the road on the hoof. Fucked if I know what he was thinking. I don't think he knew right just then; it was a matter of getting the fuck out and as far away as he could."

Lennard was chuckling to himself when I asked in a more sombre dejected tone, "How long before it stops hurting?"

Lennard's face went sombre as well while he traced circles on the bar with the bottom of his bottle, "Speaking from experience here James. The simple truth of the matter is, it doesn't; at least not right away. You're going to be hurting for a while yet. But you will get past it with help from good friends. Trust me; I'm living proof of that. If it wasn't for you and some of my other friends, then I'd have cut my throat years ago."

I nodded dejectedly as I looked at Lennard's sympathetic face. "Six years for us to build that marriage mate, and it only took her six months to tear it down, not to mention how many weeks for me to bury it!"

Lennard patted me on the shoulder. "Look at it this way James, It's always the darkest before dawn!"

I wasn't sure if it was the look on Lennard's face or what. I looked at him for a minute, and then laughed hysterically. "Where the fuck do you come up with this shit Lennard. That'd have to be the lamest, over used statement I have ever heard."

Lennard smiled at the change in my disposition. I had to admit whenever I felt down, my sense of humour has always bailed out on countless occasions.

"The lack of oxygen up there in the stratosphere where your head lives must be sapping your grey cells son. I got two, not one like you gonna have, but two ex-wives, and I've heard them all, more than twice over. I got more, you wanna hear'em?"

"Fuck no! Something I've been meaning to ask you, have you talked to Colin?"

Lennard shrugged, "Yeah, he asked me if I was with you last week and I told him we'd gone fishing for the whole week to get you away from all this crap for a time ... Why?"

"He asked me the same question. Did he tell you why he wanted to know?"

Lennard took another swig of his beer. "Nope, just nodded and said he'd see me later. Are you interested in knowing?"

I raised my beer bottle. "Not particularly! To the ex-wives club, may they all rot in hell!"

We had just finished clinking bottles. "So it's true then, you two have split up?" A female voice peeled from behind.

I saw Lennard mouth silently, "Ohhh shit, this could be a little awkward."

He went to tell me who it was behind me, but I held my hand up to stop him. "Hello Marcie; how'd you find me?"

Marcie chortled feebly, "Where else would you be, there's only one place you drink at, and that's The Tavern! So who's at fault here?"

I still hadn't turned around, and was staring at the rack of spirit bottles behind the bar. I knew I'd have to talk to Kelly's parents sooner or later, but was just hoping it would be later. "Well let me see if I've got this straight. Kelly's most likely at your place crying on your shoulder, telling you how I'm some sort of bastard, and I still have the house and contents as per the prenuptial. You're a smart woman Marcie; you work it out!"

There was silence and Lennard looked a little uneasy at being around, so for his comfort I got the attention of Gary, the bartender. "Another beer and I'll have a Chardonnay for the lady!" I patted Lennard on the arm. "Stay here while I have a little heart to heart with Kelly's mum. Can you drop the drinks over when they're ready?"

Lennard nodded and went back to looking over the bar. "Sure mate!"

I wandered over to a table in a quiet corner and pulled a chair out for Marcie. "Little more private, don't you think?"

Marcie nodded grimly and she took the proffered seat. "Was what that stupid girl of mine do ... bad?"

Sitting myself down I nodded, "I'm not going to go into details, but yeah, about as bad as it gets I'd say! I do have photo's if you really need to see the evidence?"

Marcie sat looking into her lap and held her up hand without looking up. "No...no, I don't need to see how my daughter has ruined her marriage. My imagination is running riot as it is."

I think Marcie was hurt by this as much as I was. She was quiet for a minute, then spoke in such a low whisper that I almost missed what she was saying. "I'm sorry James! Kelly was the last person I thought would cheat on her marriage, especially after knowing what I had gone through!"

Lennard dropped off our drinks and quietly slipped back to the bar to give us a bit of privacy just as my cell phone rang. I looked, and saw that it was Marcie's home phone. I showed it to her. "Answer it if you would please James, but put it on speaker and don't let on I'm here; it won't be Conroy, he's at work." I laid the phone on the table between us and hit the speaker button.


"James, is that you sweetheart?" The tremble in Kelly's voice was noticeable.


"Can I come home? We need to talk darling; this is all a big mistake. No one needs to know what happened. They made me do all those things. I love only you sweetheart, truly I do! It was all their doing sweetheart, and I'm so sorry you got hurt. Please, we have to talk; you have to let me explain what happened. You always said that we can work out any problems as long as we talk about them. Please sweetheart, I'll be the best wife you could ever have darling. I'll never cause you to worry ever again."

Marcie was taking a pen out of her bag, and flipped a bar coaster over, while Kelly was pleading with me. She wrote 'damage control?' and pointed to the phone.

I nodded and said, "Who don't you want to know what you did Kelly?"

There was silence for some time and I prodded, "Well?"

Marcie decided to put Kelly out of her misery, "Would that be your mother, Kelly?" She asked in a flat menacing tone.

You could hear the gasps as Kelly realised that her mother had heard everything she'd just said, "Ohhh God help me, is that you mum?"

"You want to pray that God helps you my dear, because you have made damn sure that there is no one else that has the slightest inclination of doing it!"

You could hear the sobbing as Kelly realised that her world had finally imploded, "Mum, I'm so sorr..."

"Shut up Kelly!" Marcie snapped without raising her voice. "It's obvious to me now that my daughter hasn't got the brains God graced a grasshopper. Don't try thinking anymore Kelly; that has got you the trouble you're now in. All I want to hear out of your mouth from now on is 'Yes mum!' Is that clear?"


"Kelly, listen to me for once in your pathetic life, you insolent child!"

There was silence for a minute, then, "Yes mum!" I now know where Kelly got her acid tongue. I was feeling chastised and she wasn't even talking to me. Marcie's voice never raised past a low growl. Most women scream in a high pitch when they're angry and losing their cool, then once losing total control, their scream starts to become ear-piercing.

Not Marcie, she was as controlled as you could get, as she continued with Kelly, "The way I see it now, you have two choices here Kelly, but even a pea brain the size of yours should be able to make this choice. One: You hang up that phone and sit on that couch, with your legs together young woman, hands in your lap, and your head down! You will wait for me to get home, and I will have a long talk to you!" Marcie paused for effect. "Notice I said to, not with; do you hear me child?"

There was another long pause, "Yes mum!"

"Choice number two: If you decide you can't handle number one, then you hang up that phone and get off your stupid whoring arse and walk out my front door... and Kelly! You'll only take with you, what you have from your destroyed marriage to a wonderful man!"

There was silence you could cut with a knife apart from the ever present sobbing. "Yes mum!" The entire spark had disappeared from Kelly's voice. Any other time I would have felt distraught listening to her like this.

"Now I will give you thirty minutes to make this decision, even a moron of your calibre should be able to make the right choice in that amount of time, but know this as well Kelly!"

A chill ran down my spine and I had to look away to Lennard, who sat there grim faced. I felt as though the lever on the gallows was about to be pulled as I heard Marcie continue, "If you decide to walk, then you best keep walking my dear, and don't you ever darken my doorstep again. You'll be on your own you stupid girl, and I can't see you lasting more than a couple of months before you're laying on a slab in some morgue. Are you hearing me Kelly?"

As angry as I was at what Kelly had done, I couldn't help but feel a little for what she'll be facing in the future. She replied, "Yes Mum!"

"Good, thirty minute from now Kelly. I am hoping you make the right choice, but I'll leave it up to you. Now I want you to apologise to your hus ... to James, for all the trouble you have caused him and then say goodbye!

There was a lengthy silence, "KELLY!" Marcie snapped angrily.

Then came a gasp from the phone and then crying, "I'm sorry James; please forgive me. I don't know what got into me; I'm so, so sorry! I'm sorry mum. I'll think about what you've said and make a good choice, I promise mum!" Kelly was blubbering into the phone by the time she finished.

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