tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat Goes Around...Comes Around

What Goes Around...Comes Around


The feeling of being completely out of control was something Ava wasn't used to. She clutched onto the balcony railing for dear life. She didn't know why but she had started to feel light headed once she had come back from the bathroom. So she had gone to get a water so she could control her breathing. She felt sleepy but sick and anxious all at the same time. Ava had made sure that there was no one out on the balcony before she had stumbled out here for fresh air but the air just seemed to make her dizzier and as she clutched onto the railing she had a fear of falling over it and to her death.

She felt someone's hands on her arm, asking her if she was alright and all she could do was fall into his arms.

Aidan hadn't really thought that the sleeping pills crushed up would work in alcohol but they had and rather quickly too. He'd only just slipped them in the remaining bit of the gorgeous beauty's drink before she had finished it and gone to the bathroom. He had watched as she started to walk into things shortly after returning from the bathroom. She'd gone to get a drink of water thinking that she'd had too much to drink and he knew soon she would be passed out and he could have his way with her down in his car or at his brother's apartment.

No one in the room knew who he was really, his real name she would have recognised straight away but as Kaden McEller, she had smiled at him and been polite. Ever since high school he was known as the nerdy mathematician with acne scars and glasses. Now, after several sessions of plastic surgery Aidan looked very different to the nerd from high school who had been in love with the smart cheerleader. Ava had been the one cheerleader who had passed the HSC and she had always been nice to him back then until he had told her he was in love with her and wanted to marry her which seemed to frighten her away.

Aidan, feeling rejected, had tried to woo her back with lavish gifts sent to her house and flowers sent to her work but after two months of that, Ava had moved house and he hadn't seen or heard from her until five years later when she had moved back to Sydney for work. She was a marketing executive, the youngest at her work at just 23, and she was one of the biggest executives in the ever rising advertising company. She was single, obviously it hadn't worked out with her and her high school boyfriend Ethan, and so Aidan had come up with an idea to re introduce himself but he didn't know how she would react so he had his assistant Abi scope it out and just at the name of Aidan, Ava had cringed and told Abi that she didn't want to talk about any Aidan.

So he had devised a plan to get her alone so that he could talk to her and explain that he had been young and didn't know what he had been saying or doing. But when he had gone up to her at work, she had been talking animatedly with another man and then the man had kissed her which made her smile. So Aidan had retreated back to his office.

Then the next time was at the party just before he had spiked her drink, he had been meaning to tell her who he really was but Abi had told him not to in public where she could have him thrown out and he'd have his job taken from him. So Abi had introduced him as Kaden McEller. Ava had been warm and polite and engaged in some conversation with him about his work before she had been dragged off by another executive to talk shop.

Aidan couldn't see the man that Ava had been kissing the previous day so he assumed she had come alone which meant no one would be looking for her later in the evening.

The sleeping pills would work and he'd be able to get what he had been fantasising about for over five years.

Her body.

Aidan had Ava in his arms and she was quite obviously passed out, so Abi had run over to him to help her to his car so he could take her home. Little did Abi know about his plans to take her back to brothers place and hold her captive until she had listened to him. He didn't really want to scare her but he had wanted her for so long, all his girlfriends had looked just like her and had been in marketing like her...but they just weren't her.

Abi explained to other party goers who had seen this display of Ava being carried out of the party by the new guy and Abi that she had passed out and Aidan was taking her home instead of putting her in a cab.

Once they had gotten down to the parking lot, Aidan had opened his car door and put her in the back seat.

"Make sure she gets in to her building properly, Aidan. She has a doorman so he will be able to take her up to her apartment without trying to find her keys" Abi told him. He nodded and got in the drivers seat.

"Thanks, Ab" he told her. "See you Monday."

He didn't intend on turning up Monday, he couldn't. If he still had Ava with him, he'd not leave her alone and he didn't care if suspicion was cast on him. They didn't know about his other apartment across town. It was where he kept his brother's artwork and no one knew where it was except for his brother. But Caleb wasn't meant to be back for days so that left the apartment completely empty.

Aidan pulled into the parking basement of the apartment building and pulled Ava out of the back seat and carried her in his arms to the elevator to go up to the apartment. She was completely out of it, not even a little moan when he moved her in his arms. But damn she looked beautiful while she slept, like an angel almost.

Aidan stepped out of the elevator and stood Ava up against the wall by the door while he opened it. He had to hold her steady with one arm so that she didn't fall.

Finally, Aidan got the door open and he picked Ava up again and carried her inside. The bedroom door was open so Aidan carried her straight to the bed and laid her down. He knew that Caleb was a bit of a nymphomaniac so he would definitely have handcuffs and ropes. Not that he wanted to do this to Ava but he couldn't trust her not to run when she woke up. He grabbed one arm and pulled it up to the head board and cuffed one wrist, wrapped the chain around the headboard and cuffed the other wrist in the other side. She wouldn't be able to get out of that, he thought.

Aidan then grabbed the rope from the kitchen and tied her ankle to the bed post on one side and the other ankle to the other bed post. He admired his handiwork and left the room so he could go think about what he had done. He could still take her home and act as if nothing had happened. But then she wouldn't know how much he still liked her.

Aidan made sure the front door was locked and retreated to the bedroom and closed the door, not that he needed to but because it made it feel more intimate.

He went to sit next to her on the bed and cupped the side of her face. Her skin was so utterly smooth that he felt like kissing it and so he did. He kissed it lightly at first and then he moved his lips down to hers and softly kissed them. He probed his tongue along her lips and slowly slid it past her luscious lips. Her teeth created a problem but with some gentle probes with his tongue, they slowly opened and he was kissing her passionately, just like he had always imagined in school only he wished she would kiss him back.

Aidan moved away from her beautiful lips and stared down at the bulge in his pants. He'd need to get rid of that and he couldn't think of a better plan than to have her solve his problem. He slid his hand up her bare leg, her dress went down to her knee when she stood up but right now it was almost up to her panties. He kept sliding his hand up her smooth as silk legs and up under her dress, pushing it up over her underwear.

She was wearing black lace panties that didn't leave much at all to the imagination. He could see her shaved muff underneath the thin material and his balls began to ache.

This woman was stunning!

Aidan undid the zipper on the back of her dress and ripped her straps off so he could slide the dress down her legs but he noticed it wouldn't work because she was tied up. So he grabbed the scissors in the top drawer and cut her out of her dress and tossed the material to the floor. She lay in front of him in just her lace underwear. Her bra, one size too small to show off her cleavage. Aidan undid his belt and slid his pants down over his legs and removed his shirt. His boxers were next and then he was fully naked. His erection jutting out in front of him waiting to be inside Ava. The walls of her tight vagina squeezing him while he moved in and out of her slowly.

Aidan grabbed the scissors again and cut her underwear off her and cut her bra so the cups fell off her beautiful breasts. He squeezed one breast in his hand and sucked on the other, biting her nipple a little, and she squirmed in his embrace. He pulled up worried that she was waking up but she was still out of it. He resumed his previous status and moved his hand from her breast down to her pussy and parted her lips and slid his index finger along her slit feeling that she was beginning to get wet for him. He smiled at this and moved down so that his face was buried in her lips, he began to lick along her slit and felt her shudder in response, he looked up at her and she was still asleep. He went back to her lower lips and licked inside finding her clit with his tongue. He licked as ferociously as he could and he could feel her hips bucking. He held them down and they continued to buck under his tongue. She was moaning softly and he knew she would come soon if he didn't stop. But that's what he wanted so he continued to lap at her clit so fast that her hips were pushing against his hands as he held her down. Her back was arching but she remained asleep. God this was making him ache! He needed to be in her, feeling her buck against him or at the very least have her mouth around his cock as he lapped all the cum out of her once she had orgasmed. Which he fully intended to make her do, and soon.

Aidan scooted his body up on Ava's so that he was straddling her chest and he eased his hard cock into her mouth slowly. She opened her mouth and he almost came as he felt her warm, hot tongue on his hot rod. He groaned a deep, guttural sound as he eased himself in and out, but only keeping a few inches in her mouth so that she didn't choke.

This was heaven! He couldn't keep this up though, holding his weight like this as he entered and exited her mouth was killing his legs.

Aidan fell back onto the bed, missing Ava's body by inches and kept rubbing his shaft up and down. Aidan got back down between Ava's legs and started pushing his index finger along her slit, and sliding it up and down missing her clit every time. He could feel her clenching around him and he loved the feel of it. He slid his finger back down her slit and entered her slowly. He could feel her walls accommodating him and he slid another finger in her. He moved them in and out slowly. She was moaning low in her throat and he imagined what it would be like to cover her mouth with his and kiss her wildly. He drove another finger inside her and felt her tighten around him. Her hips were moving with his thrusting and he knew she was loving the attention. He began to kiss her lips and she threw her head back against the pillows in ecstasy, the chain of the handcuffs banging against the headboard loudly. He nibbled on her clit and her legs were pulling against the ropes tied to the bed. She was close...real close. He kept going and started fingering her faster and faster and then he could feel her walls tighten around his fingers and then his fingers were absolutely drenched in her pussy juices. He pulled his fingers out and licked the juices off. He sat up next to her and watched her relax from the climax she had just experienced. She probably wouldn't wake up for another few hours so he had time to prepare for the intimacy he wanted to share with her. He knew he was going to have to do it before she woke up but he just needed to rest his poor body. That had been intense.

Aidan walked to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. What had he resorted himself to? He was raping her!

Before Aidan could do anything, he heard the doorbell ring to the apartment. Who on earth would that be? No one knew he was here! Aidan got his brother's robe from behind the door and opened the bedroom door and then the front door. There stood Abi looking so worried.

"Oh Aidan, tell me you didn't kidnap her!" she said, almost wailing. Abi wouldn't stand still, she kept walking around the living room, pacing.

"Abi, please...what are you doing here?" Aidan asked her.

Abi looked toward the bedroom and noticed that the room was dark. "Were you sleeping?"

"Yes I was, now Abi, please you have to go" he said. Abi moved away from his grasp and headed quickly to the bedroom. Aidan quickly followed her but not before she let out a shocked gasp.

"Aidan! My god...what are you doing?" Abi shrieked. Aidan quickly plastered his hand over her mouth and held her tightly so she couldn't move out of his grasp.

"You should have just left, Ab. Now you have to stay here. You know I needed to have her...and you helped me get her here" Aidan told her. Abi looked mortified.

"Now you can't scream, promise me Abi or I will have to hurt you" Aidan said to her. "Do you understand, Abi?"

Abi nodded slowly, tears streaming down her face. Aidan moved his hand away and she stayed silent. He let go of her enough so that she could move, but only into the room. He closed the door behind them.

"I helped you so that you could take her home not rape her, Aidan!" Abi said. "Do you realise what is going to happen when they find out? When she wakes up? She had a boyfriend looking for her, Aidan!"

"I don't care. Once she's with me, she'll never want to go back to him again" Aidan told her confidently.

Abi looked at him in horror. "You don't expect me to watch do you?"

"I do actually, it's always been my fantasy to be watched and who better than you, Abi? I know you wont tell anyone. You wouldn't dare" Aidan told her. Abi went to grab the door handle to the door but Aidan grabbed her and pulled her back and up against the front of his body. His hand went back to her mouth and she tried to get out of his grasp, the squirming was turning him on and Abi could feel his hard member scratching along her back through her dress. She didn't want this...she had to get away but before she could do anything, she felt Aidan drag her to the bathroom where he put her in the shower stall and turned the tap on quickly before Abi could get out. Cold water tumbled down on her and she stood there, freezing while the water caressed her body. Her dress clung to her like cling wrap and Aidan could see she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples showed through her dress clearly.

"God, Abi, I never realised how gorgeous your body is" he said. She looked up at him through the tears she was crying and he saw something he had never seen before.


She was scared he was going to rape her too. But he only had eyes for one girl and that was Ava.

Aidan pulled Abi out of the shower and shoved her down onto the toilet seat. She sat there shivering while he pulled a towel out from the cabinet and wrapped it around her.

"Now if you don't behave Abi, I will have to punish you again. I don't want to do that, ok" Aidan told her. He lifted her chin up with his finger and she nodded.

Aidan helped her up and took her over to the corner of the room. He put a pillow down on the floor and told Abi to sit. She did so, still shivering and trying not to look at Ava spread eagled almost on the bed completely naked. Aidan walked back over to her and grabbed her feet. Abi looked at him questioningly. "I can't trust you that you wont run, so I have to take precautions, Ab. You understand, don't you?"

Abi didn't answer. She just allowed him to tie her ankles together with rope and then her wrists. He ripped off a piece of tape and taped her mouth so she couldn't scream. Tears started to stream down her face again but Aidan disregarded it. He made sure she had a dry towel to keep her warm and that the pillow was safely under her ass so that she didn't get a sore one and he returned back to Ava. He dropped the gown and saw his erect penis for the first time. Abi didn't realise how big Aidan really was. He was magnificent and for a split second she wished she was Ava.

No...that was wrong...she couldn't want to be passed out and about to be raped.

Abi looked away. She didn't want to see the crime he was about to commit. He had always been good to her and Ava had always been sweet and helpful. She couldn't possibly watch.

Aidan had climbed on top of Ava again and was now in between her legs, his mouth poised over her nether lips waiting for them to be in his mouth when he heard a soft moan. He turned to see Abi looking at him, tears running down her cheeks, and she was crying through the tape on her mouth.

"You want to join in, Ab?" Aidan asked, climbing off Ava. "I can share just this once."

Aidan walked over to Abi and pulled her up by her arm. He ripped the tape off his lips and she screamed in pain.

She looked up at him and begged him not to do this but he was intent on getting what he wanted.

He pushed Abi onto the bed and helped her in between Ava's legs. "Lick her"

Abi looked up at him in shock and shook her head vehemently. "Aidan, please no"

"If you don't want to be punished again, you have to eat her pussy" Aidan said, an evil grin on his face. "Do it now, Abi"

Aidan didn't wait for Abi to decide, he pushed her face right into Ava's hot pussy. Abi was trying to say something and pull away but Aidan kept pushing her mouth into Ava's groin. Ava was squirming now and pulling on the ropes connected to her legs. Aidan was growing harder and harder as he watched Abi try and pull away off Ava.

When he thought she had learnt her lesson for trying to ruin the moment, he pulled Abi's hair up and exposed her neck.

"Did you like that, Ab?" Aidan asked, licking Ava's pussy juice off Abi's lips and chin.

"Aidan...please...let me go" Abi cried. Aidan laughed and pushed her to the side of the bed while he got in between Ava's legs again. "She's nice and wet for me now, Abi. Thank you"

Abi began to sob as she watched Aidan position his head just above Ava's opening. Aidan pushed into Ava slowly and as he did, inch by inch, he was in ecstasy. He felt like he was going to explode. She was so hot and tight for him. Her walls squeezing his dick to no end and he didn't think he would be able to hold off for long. Ava's head pushed back into the pillows again. Aidan began to kiss her neck and her breasts, taking one into his mouth as he slowly thrusted his dick in and out of her pussy, small moans were escaping Ava's mouth and they were driving Aidan insane.

Abi was trying to get off the bed but to no avail as her legs were bound and if she rolled off, she wouldn't land on her feet. She'd land on her face and she didn't want that so much so she stayed where Aidan had shoved her.

Aidan started to pump faster and harder inside her, he could feel her walls tightening around him again and he knew she would come with him. He just had to time it perfectly. But he was positive she was as close as he was.

He grunted as he pumped hard into Ava's body, her hips were meeting his thrusts and he could hear her moaning softly as he pumped into her.

Sweat was gleaning down his back and he could feel his climax, he started to grunt louder and was even watching his dick slip in and out of her body. How beautiful was this?

With one final shove into her body, he felt her climax around his cock and he felt his seed spill into her body.

Exhausted, he collapsed onto her body and rested there for a bit before rolling in between Ava and Abi. Abi still terrified, tried to move a little over on the bed so she didn't have to touch him. But she could still feel all his sweat on her arm and she wished like hell he would push her back into the shower so she could rinse herself. She felt dirty.

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