tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat Goes Around Cums Around

What Goes Around Cums Around


Despite being twice their ages, Diane Jackson was considered very sexy by most of the young men in her class at Lynton College, about ten miles North of Taunton, Somerset England; even one or two of the girls had a crush on her. She shunned the advances of most of her colleagues, especially Gerry Drake, who was fond of tall women with large breasts.

Lynton College educated post A level students in various degree subjects. Diane Jackson had taught mathematics and science there for fifteen years. Her abrasive manner made her disliked among her colleagues, though she felt she didn't need them. Her strict adherence to school rules and her insistence on making examples of students, even for petty infractions, made her public enemy number one as far as the student population was concerned. The head of the college, Doctor James Rollins had attempted to encourage some restraint, pointing out that she could be disliked.

"I'm not paid to be popular," was her response.

Dr Rollins was not a man easily put off.

"You are not paid to be unpopular either, Miss Jackson," came his swift reply.

"Dr Rollins, we have rules here. I simply enforce them."

"Miss Jackson. I am simply suggesting that petty infringements should not be so severely dealt with."

"Are you ordering me to be lenient?"

"No, Miss Jackson," came Dr Rollins' frustrated response. "All I am asking you to do is to consider the reputation of this college when disciplining. That's all."

Diane rose.

"The only danger to the college's reputation is a lack of discipline. Is that all Doctor?"

"Yes, Miss Jackson. You may go."

When she closed the door, James Rollins took up his pen, turned it upside down and began tapping his desk with it. He hadn't won that battle. He shook his head in despair.

Several weeks later Diane was on her way to another class when she noticed some male students looking at female students showering.

"What do you think you're doing?" she yelled.

All five young men ran.

"Don't worry. I know who you are and I'll report you all."

"Come on Di. They're twenty year olds. The girls left the door open deliberately. They were teasing." It was Gerry Drake.

"Miss Jackson to you. That's just the typical adolescent remark I'd expect from you."

"Well Miss Jackson, why do you think the door was left open?"

"Somebody forgot to close it, that's all."

"Diane, I know you're not stupid. So don't act like it."

"How dare you speak to me like that.?"

"Look Di, I'm trying to help you here."

"I don't need your help."

"Ok Di. Have it your own way but be prepared for the consequences of your actions."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean students have long memories. They remember the good times and the bad. They also remember what we did to them. What goes round comes round."

"Don't be ridiculous."

Two days later all five young men were suspended. It left a bad feeling towards Diane through the entire college.

Two weeks later, on a Friday, Diane Jackson walked to her car. It was only five in the evening but it was already dark. She opened the door of the car and placed her briefcase and coat in the back seat. As she closed the door, hands grabbed both her arms and another hand muffled her screams. She kicked at her unknown assailants and wrestled free only to run into two others. She struggled but something stung her ass and then she faded into complete darkness.

When she came round, Diane found herself tied to a bed. She tried to scream but could only make muffled sounds through a tape gag. What was worse was she was naked and five young men stared at her. They were the five young men she had gotten suspended. They too, were naked.

The tallest one, Jim Hughes spoke.

"Well Miss Jackson, you sure did put up a hell of a fight. I'll give you that. That wasn't a nice thing you did to us. We got a hell of an earful from our parents. But you're going to pay for it big time."

Diane screamed and kicked.

"I've always admired your tits, Miss Jackson."

Jim bent over and began to lick and suck her ample breasts, making Diane moan through her gag.

"Alright boys, get her up."

They cut her bonds and dragged her to her feet. Jim ripped her gag from her mouth and Diane winced.

"You bastards. I'll have you all jailed."

Jim pushed her to her knees and placed a knife to her throat.

"By the time we're finished with you bitch, you'll wish you'll wish you never heard of us. Now start sucking."

He forced her hardened cock into her mouth. Two of the students took her hands and forced her to give a hand job to both of them. A fourth student eased her ass up and drove his rod deep inside. The fifth played with her nipples and breasts. Gradually a united rhythm emerged. Diane began to ache all over. She never had so many "lovers" pound her all at once.

Diane could tell Jim was close to cumming, however he withdrew and her fifth "lover" drove his cock in and the rhythm started again.

"Mmmmm" was all she could mumble. Indeed, she got lost in ecstasy. First there was an explosion of hot cum in her ass and then in her mouth, that overflowed and dripped to the floor.

"Aaargh" screamed all the young men as they began to cum. Jim make his own cum explode onto Diane's naked, firm breasts. A female voice cried out.

"What the hell is going on here?"

There were five female students in their twenties, all of whom Diane taught. The young men feigned shock and surprise and rushed to the next room.

"So Miss "Goody two shoes", this is what you really get up to? Fucking our boyfriends over the weekend."

"No. I swear. It's not what you think."

She was cut off.

"It looks pretty clear to me, and look at this, a shaven pussy. I never would have believed it only I saw it."

Diane looked down. All her pubic hair was gone. They must have shaved it while she was out.

"Look this is all a mistake."

"You made it bitch, by fucking our boyfriends."

The speaker was Anne Cotter, Jim's girlfriend. She undid her wrap around skirt, revealing a tiny thong.

"I think she needs to be cleaned up girls."

Anne pushed Diane onto her back.

"What are you going to do?"

Anne answered by going down on Diane's face.

"Start licking my pussy, you bitch."

Diane didn't get to protest as Anne's pussy muffled her screams.


At the same time her legs were forced apart and her own, freshly shaved pussy was being licked and sucked, much to her pleasure. She wanted to moan but couldn't. Her breasts too were being systematically and almost lovingly sucked and licked. Although she ached, her sexual pleasure outweighed it. All the women began to moan.

"Mmmm," was all that could be heard in the room.

Anne's pussy juices began to flow as did Diane's. Anne screamed with ecstatic, Sapphic joy as she climaxed. Diane too climaxed .

"Oh my God." she repeated several times.

Anne got up. Diane's naked body was covered in cum and juice. She ached and was exhausted too.

"I'll have you all thrown into jail," she declared vehemently.

"I don't think so bitch, not when the college board sees these photos."

Anne threw a handful of photos to the ground. They showed Diane kneeling naked and apparently enjoying sucking off her students. She had been so caught up in the moment she never realized the photographs were been taken.

"This isn't what happened," stuttered Diane.

"They say the camera never lies," responded Anne with a grin.

"What do you want?"

Anne threw a pile of clothes to the ground.

"Here are your clothes. Get dressed. Get into your car, drive out of this town and don't ever come back."

A defeated and humiliated Diane Jackson got dressed and left the warehouse she had been taken to. Her car was nearby. As she was about to open the door Gerry Drake, her fellow teacher stood there.

"Oh Gerry. They raped me. All of them."

"I don't know Di. It looked to me like you were enjoying yourself."

"You bastard. You didn't try to stop them?"

"What did you tell me before, Di? You didn't need my help?"

"You were in on this too. Weren't you?"

Gerry just shrugged his shoulders.

Diane raised her hand to strike his face but Gerry grabbed it and held it.

"If I were you, I'd get in that car and drive away. I doubt if you will have a job here on Monday morning."

A humiliated and dejected Diane Jackson wept as she drove away into the darkness of the night, not knowing when or where she would end up.

Gerry Drake watched her drive away.

"Like I said Di. What goes around, comes around."

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