tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat Goes Around Cums Around (Ladies Night)

What Goes Around Cums Around (Ladies Night)


Two years had passed since Diane Jackson had been humiliatingly forced to resign as a teacher from Lynton College in Somerset. Thanks to her overbearing manner she had earned the enmity of almost every student. This culminated in being filmed having sex with students. Although she had been forced, the edited film made it look as if she had instigated the whole episode. In humiliation, she fled north east, eventually getting a job as a teacher at Hilliard's College in Breesdale Norfolk England.

Diane still hadn't learned anything from her earlier experiences and continued to be as abrasive as ever with the students. She went one step further and alienated herself from certain teachers and others. Unknown to her then, this would eventually lead to her second fall.

Six months earlier, John Dolan, the Vice-Principal of Hilliard's College, had announced his retirement. Diane seized her opportunity for promotion to the coveted position. Despite the fact she was in her mid forties she was still a handsome woman. She was six feet with slim build and wonderful breasts. She knew some of the male teachers lusted after her. She had made sure of this by carefully dressing in not too provocative but at the same time teasing manner. By seducing James Rodgers, the college Principal, Paul Kirkwood, Chairman of the Board of Governors and Tom Goode, Chairman of the Selection Committee, Diane secured her promotion. All her work, however, was to come undone in a most unexpected manner.


It was the end of the school year and the end of year social was in full swing. This was a gathering of teachers and their spouses as well as the Board of Governors and their spouses. The graduating class were also in attendance.

For Diane it was a boring experience having to exchange small talk with these people but as Vice-Principal it was part of her job. Finally however she escaped to the ladies' room.

As she was checking herself in the mirror a woman in her late thirties came up beside her and also checked herself in the mirror. She turned to Diane. "Hello there. Enjoying the party?"

"Yes, I am," replied Diane, unconvincingly.

"I'm Catherine Rodgers, by the way, James's wife."

Diane felt a cold shiver down her spine. Keeping calm, she responded, "How do you do?" While she was speaking to Catherine Rodgers, Diane failed to notice another woman, also in her late thirties, at come up on the opposite side.

"I'm Jane Kirkwood," said the other woman.

The usually calm and collect Diane suddenly panicked and made a dash for the door of the ladies only to find it blocked by a third woman. "I'm Sarah Goode," she said in anger.

Diane tried to push her way out but Catherine and Jane held her fast. She tried to struggle but then she felt something like an electric shock which made her numb from her waist down and she fell forwards into Sarah's arms. Catherine and Jane dragged her out between them as if she were drunk. Sarah meanwhile turned to a uniformed young man who was obviously an employee of the hotel and handed him a sum of money.

In the room they threw Diane on to the bed. She could feel the numbness of her lower body beginning to dissipate and she spoke up. "Please, what are you going to do? What do you want from me?"

It was Sarah Goode who responded. "Did you seriously think you could fuck our husbands and get away with it?"

"Look, I don't know what your husbands told you..." Diane was cut off by Jane Kirkwood. "They didn't tell us anything. You were so arrogant and careless that you left a trail any blind person would see. Besides, I know my husband. He'd fall for any tart in a skirt, given the right encouragement. Well lady, you're going to pay for your indiscretions big time, I promise you." In her anger one would imagine steam being expelled from her nostrils.

Once again Diane tried to make a dash for the door, only to be held by Catherine and Sarah. Another electric jolt weakened her and she fell back on the bed.

"If you don't want any more pain, bitch, I suggest you better not try that again," said Catherine with aggression.

"Wh-what are you going to do?" stuttered Diane.

"You'll find out soon enough," responded Sarah with contempt. With that, she nodded to the others and all three pulled Diane to her feet and proceeded to strip her.

Diane was too weak to do anything as the zipper of her three quarter length golden dress was pulled down and the loosened garment fell freely to the floor, revealing her full black slip. While Catherine and Jane held Diane upright, Sarah, using sheer brute force ripped the garment to pieces exposing her low cut black lace bra and matching knickers that were surrounded by flesh coloured tights.

"Well, well. Who are you wearing this for? One of her husbands? Or maybe one of the students?" asked Sarah, as she examined the sexy underwear. When Diane was naked her arms were tied to the head of the bed.

Sarah placed tape across Diane's mouth and turned to Catherine. "Ok, let him in."

Catherine opened the door and twenty-two year old Stephen Collingwood, one of Diane's students appeared. "Hallo Ms. Jackson. So you think I'm slow, eh? Well I've wanted an opportunity to show how really good I can be," he said with a broad smile on his face as he dropped his pants.

Diane had deliberately humiliated Stephen as an example to the other students in her class and he was out for revenge.

A muffled "Nooo," could be heard from Diane as she screamed through her gag when she realised what was about to happen. She tried to break free of the bed but her bonds were too strong.

Stephen mounted his prey and slowly inserted his huge erect cock and began to pump her. His speed, slow at first, picked up paced with each stroke. Despite the predicament she was in, Diane's body began to react to Stephen's movements and gradually they settled into a mutually satisfying pace.

Diane couldn't help but moan as her love juices began to gather. This was not missed by the women. "My God, she's really enjoying it. Listen to that moaning," said Catherine.

"What do you expect from a tart?" responded Jane and they all laughed in unison.

Diane was now beyond caring about what anyone said or thought as her orgasm began to build. Her breathing was becoming deeper and deeper as was Stephen's. Finally, as the collision of Diane's Juices and Stephen's cum occurred, they both gave sighs of sexual joy.

For a moment Stephen paused to take a breath then he began to lick Diane's huge breasts. Starting with her right nipple, the circling movement became larger as he moved further and further away. The excitement was too much for Diane as she repeatedly moaned at the gentle touch and tingling of his tongue. Her moans increased as he worked down through the deep chasm between her breasts and up to her left nipple. There, the process began all over again, as did Diane's moans of satisfaction.

Suddenly Stephen got up and pulling up his pants, he spoke sarcastically, "Well Di, that was great fun but I mustn't be selfish." With that he left the room and another of Diane's students replaced him. In fact, Diane Jackson spent the whole night being fucked by all twenty-two male students of her class.


It was early the next morning when it came to a halt. Sore, sick and exhausted, Diane was grateful for the reprieve and only wanted to sleep. The reprieve, however, was to be short lived. When she was released from the bed she was forced to her knees and Sarah spoke to her firmly. "Now you listen to me lady. You better do exactly what you're told or you will suffer. Do you understand?"

Diane nodded with fear in her eyes. The door was opened and four men walked in. Sarah removed Diane's tape gag in one swoop and Diane quickly moistened her lips and then began to scream only to silenced by another electric shock.

Sarah grabbed Diane's long blonde hair and looked down at her. "There's no one to rescue you tonight sweetheart. The porter has kind of taken the night off. Now these men are waiting to be satisfied so get to it or else."

The men opened the zippers of their pants and extracted their huge cocks. Before she had time to protest one of the men drove his cock deep inside her mouth and she had no choice but to suck or suffocate. At the same time her arms were seized and she was forced to hand fuck two others. The fourth man adjusted her arse up and began to pound it hard.

Diane's head was bobbed in and out with increasing speed while her hands moved almost symmetrically. The cock ravaging her arse almost matched in pace.

"Mmm," was all Diane could utter and not from enjoyment. She hated oral sex, even more so when it was forced upon her. Finally as cum exploded in her mouth she tried to spit it out, but her head was yanked back and she was forced to swallow it. At the same moment cum from those she hand fucked was smeared on her large naked breasts. The burning sensation in her arse signalled a huge orgasm. At least it was all over now or so she thought until, like the changing of the guard, four more men came in and it started all over. It happened eight times. At the end Diane collapsed in a heap from sheer exhaustion. Unknown to her at the time Sarah had filmed her on video and Catherine had taken photographs.


"Wake up. Do you hear me? Wake up, you stupid woman."

The voice became louder as Diane slowly began to come around. The light of the morning sun was almost blinding and a vicious headache didn't help either. As the fog in her eyes slowly cleared Diane gradually became aware of a well dressed mature man, clearly the hotel manager, and two uniformed women, probably the cleaning maids, standing in front of her. It was only then she realised she was naked and her body was sticky. She screamed as she grabbed a white sheet to cover up.

"What the hell has been going on here? No, don't answer that. I don't want to know. Just get dressed before I call the police," the man said.

Diane searched in panic for her dress but could only find a red one piece and no underwear. She reluctantly put it on. It was a tight fit and the low cut revealed more cleavage than she would usually allow. Even her shoes were missing. There were a pair of very high heels. Once again they were not her style but it was all she could find. Her handbag and keys were still there and she hurried as fast as she could to her car and drove swiftly from the hotel car park.

It was only when she paused at traffic lights that she became aware of a medium brown envelope and a smaller one together on the passenger seat. She pulled into a lay by and opened the larger envelope. To her horror there were a number of photos of her clearly having sex with her students and the older men.

Diane opened the smaller envelope and found a hand written letter.

Well Ms. Jackson,

You had a great night didn't you? Not only content with fucking our husbands you were fucking your students too. I doubt the school authorities will take too kindly to that. If that's not bad enough you fucked the fathers of your students as well. In their case they paid handsomely for the privilege. You'll find one hundred pounds in the envelope as your cut. The is, shall we say, compensation, for me and the other wives that you offended. If I were you I'd keep driving and never show your face around here again; as well as the photos we have some excellent video footage.

Sarah Goode.

Ps. If it's any consolation, all the men gave you a good review and you were worth the money to fuck.

Like history repeating itself, Diane Jackson drove to her home, collected her bags and fled town, never to return.

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