tagLoving WivesWhat Got Into Me?

What Got Into Me?


I'm a normal, busy, even conservative minded married woman. I don't know what got into me.

It was after work and I'd gone with some of the other people from the office for a couple of celebratory drinks. It was a mixed group from several offices in the company and, outside my own small group, I rarely saw most of the other people.

Maybe I got a little more into partying than normal but after a couple of drinks I was dancing with a great looking guy from a different department. The fact that he'd probably had more to drink than I had and seemed to have another hand to touch every part of my body at one time or another was only partially my imagination. His sincere sounding compliments that started with my department's role in the new business we'd gained and were celebrating, and got around to my looks and body did nice things to my libido.

But, as sometimes happens to me, the third drink and his continued flattering attention to me, changed to a kind of longing for the things I hadn't really had since I got married. The attention of a good looking guy reminded me of the days when my husband showered me in his attention. Worse, it reminded me of how hard we'd tried to have a baby during the last year and how unsuccessful we'd been at it for no apparent reason.

Why in the world would my thought just pop out of my mouth.

"I want a baby so bad," I told my temporary companion, much to his consternation. He chuckled and squirmed in the chair next to me. "No no," I said with a laugh. "I'm married. We've been trying but ..." He visibly relaxed. Then he seemed inspired.

"You know? It takes two to make a baby," he said softly. "And a lot of the time, it's the man's sperm level or uh, what's it called, mobility or something like that. Anyway it's the man that's the problem not being able to." Of course I knew that.

"Well, my point is that I can take half the equation out of play. That part of it I mean."

I think I understood what he was saying right away but blushed and tried to act innocent enough that I wouldn't possibly know. I doubt it worked but his hand went to mine on the table.

"Listen. I'm married, too. I've made love to my wife exactly two times without either a condom or her being on the pill." He smiled. "Two times." He reached for his wallet and flipped it open. "This is Timmy and this is Bobby Junior."

His hand moved to my knee below my fairly short skirt and absently made a little circle with a finger.

"Nobody in the world can make guarantees but, if the problem is your husband and if my wife and I didn't just luck into things, you sure could be pregnant soon."

It didn't cross my slightly fogged mind what he was really saying. I was busily thinking about diapers and sweet baby smells and having a new life inside me. It took months before I thought more cynically that what he was thinking was that he was going to get a good free fuck with almost no effort.

No, I wasn't thinking straight but at least exerted the smallest part of some sense with his help. While he went into the lobby to get a room, I said goodbye to the other people there and went straight out the front door to my car in the parking lot.


A few minutes later, I saw him come out the door and walk toward the motel section of the building, up to the second floor walkway, and to a doorway where he stopped and looked down at me. I moved my car to the far end of the parking lot from the lobby door and went up the stairway there to meet him.

I'd like to say I was flushed from the exercise but, when I went past him into the room, I really don't think that's what it was at all. Of course I was thinking about babies but I was also thinking about this much different man who was very obviously not my sweet, loving husband. As he closed the door and we turned to each other up close, I realized fully that I was looking at his chest level as he pulled off his suit coat and tie. He was easily a foot taller than me and probably half a head taller than my husband. While he took off his shirt and showed me one of those T-shirts with the shoulder straps and almost low cut neck, I took off my jacket and marveled at a man this hairy and obviously solid.

He bent to untie his shoes as I unbuttoned my blouse, feeling very self-conscious and wondering why it had taken me that long to think about it. I know I blushed as I took it off as he stared openly at my little lace bra that I knew didn't completely hide the darker skin around my already hard nipples. He grinned broadly as he undid his pants and watched me unzip my skirt, let it drop to the floor, and lifted it on one heel like I always do. He chuckled as he pushed his pants down, sat on the end of one of the beds, and pulled his pants off. I thought how odd boxer shorts looked on a man after being used to my husband's little briefs.

He looked up just enough to watch me adjust the matching lace bikini panties I was wearing.

"God, I love the look of thigh high stockings and high heels. Leave them on okay?" I nodded and watched him pull his T-shirt over his head. While he put it on the bed with his other clothes, I had a good chance to see the way his biceps flexed and stomach muscles rippled with hair covering absolutely everything. He stood back up, his cock dropped out of that hole in the front of his underwear before he tucked it back in, and looked up at me with a nervous grin. I reached behind my back and undid my bra and pulled it off. While I'd done that, his nervous grin had changed to an appreciative smile as he stared at my breasts. I blushed.

We stood like that for a minute, me blushing and him staring at me, before he seemed to click back to the present, look into my eyes, and close the step that separated us. Protectively I think, I put my hands up on his chest as his went around me. When I looked up at him, he kissed me and, when I started to back away from that (somehow not connecting a kiss with what we intended to do), one of his hands moved to my butt to pull my center into his thigh while the other went to the back of my head to pull me into another, much longer kiss that included his scotch flavored tongue almost in my throat.

The kiss excited me more than I had been by anything in a long while but his hands virtually forcing me against him and into the kiss were even more exciting. The way his big hands cupped the back of my head and almost the entire cheek of my ass, that one kneading the admittedly fatty mass, showed me his gently masculine dominance of me that my husband has never shown. When his hand moved into the waistband of my panties and returned to kneading the bare skin, it was far more exciting.

In close-up, he smiled at me as he worked my panties off my hips and down onto my thighs before he turned his head to the other side and covered my lips with his slightly opened mouth, his tongue diving back into my mouth. I know it drew a moan from me as I felt myself taken over by his strength. Since I was so completely ready for what we'd planned to do and could feel the hard rod against my stomach that showed he was ready too, I thought he'd lay me back on the bed any second and do it.

Instead, he reached all the way between my legs from behind and found my clitoris with a long finger. That lifted me onto one tiptoe with the other leg up clear off the floor. Given that added access, his hand rubbed everything between my legs and his thumb was between my ass cheeks. I had a blinding orgasm like that.

If it could get weirder, when my orgasm had nearly passed, his finger moved into my vagina and back to my clit several times, unbelievably lifting me further with each touch and penetration. The first I was aware that my arms were tight around his neck and the kiss had extended an unbelievable time was when his thumb started moving against my asshole. No one had ever ever done that to me or even thought about it. But I knew he meant to do it as a couple of his fingers pressed hard against my clit and his thumb pressed into my ass.

I know I was squealing into his mouth in spite of his tongue being almost down my throat. Then, somehow, he had a finger in my vagina, another touching my clit, and his thumb completely up my butt and I was absolutely vibrating with orgasms.


I might not have realized things had paused if he hadn't chuckled to tell me he wasn't kissing me at that moment. Opening my eyes and working them to focus, I could see him smiling at me from a few inches and holding me up only on that hand between my legs and the other between my shoulder blades.

"Time to make a baby," he said softly and let me sit down on the foot of the bed rather than falling in a heap on the floor.

I didn't know what he was doing or what he wanted me to do when he walked around the bed and got the thick pillows. Then he brought them to the foot of the bed and piled them high beside me.

"Lay back and I'll put them under you," he said and I fell back on the bed. I didn't quite understand why he was doing it but still couldn't believe it when he bent over, lifted my ankles above his shoulders to lift my bottom, held them in one big hand, and pulled the pillows under me. At least it was more believable that he could hold my legs up after he had my weight back on the piled pillows. It bent my back a little uncomfortably and I was definitely in a very vulnerable position as he slipped my panties up my legs and off before he used his hand to push his boxer shorts down to where he could step out of them.

I'm sure my eyes got as big as saucers when I looked between my legs as he held my ankles in each hand and spread me. His cock looked only partially hard, bent downward by gravity, but was very big around. My perspective as it touched between my legs didn't really give me much idea of how long he was though I knew it was far longer and thicker than my husband's.

"If you want it, put it in your cunt," he said softly but the word startled me so that I stared at it with my mouth open. Or maybe it was just the size of it. For whatever reason, I froze until he chuckled. "Do it, honey."

I looked up into his smiling face, my wide spread legs framing him strangely, and nodded. It wasn't too hard to reach between my legs but the thing seemed to weigh much more than I expected or was used to. I rubbed the textured head of it between my labia and felt it jerk in my hand. He watched what I was doing and pressed forward slightly every time it came close to my vagina. The third time we did that, I saw a string of our combined fluids between us. The next time, I held it against my opening and squirmed a little to offer it entry to me. He obviously recognized the offer and pressed forward harder until the flared head of it seemed to pop into me.

I know I squeaked at the mass inside me and probably did much more when he pressed forward into me more firmly before relaxing back slightly and pressing forward again. I could do absolutely nothing as he began slow strokes out and quicker strokes back into me. Then his strokes steadied into regular in out moderately paced fucking. That was the only word for it. He was fucking me and my body was reacting by stiffening, my legs flexing with each thrust, almost like he was pumping me up like a tire.

My orgasm snuck up on me but crashed through me like a truck. It was magnified ten fold when I felt as much as heard him grunt and blast shot after shot after shot of hot cum into my insides.


It was somewhat anticlimactic when he pulled out of me.

For a long time, I think, I just laid there in the afterglow of the orgasms and the considerable amount of exercise. It's even possible that I fell asleep for some time. Whatever and however long, when I opened my eyes he was still standing there holding my legs in the air, to make sure his cum found a home, he explained. After a few minutes, he eased them down toward the floor, though they didn't reach that far and really demonstrated how high (and lewdly) the pillows lifted my middle.

He talked to me while he put his clothes back on, still laying there that way. It made me feel like a whore when he patted my pussy while he grinned down at me before telling me that he'd paid for the room and all I had to do was leave the key when I went home. Then he thanked me and left.

It took a while longer before I rolled off the pile of pillows and then the bed, finding my legs as flimsy as I feared they might be. Since I'd done it to get pregnant, I went to the bathroom relieved my bladder, and washed off the evidence of my infidelity but I purposely didn't try to clean his cum out of myself.

I spent some time looking for my panties but never found them. (He showed them to me when I went to his office at work a few days later.) But I did put my bra on before replacing my suit, straightening up my make-up, and leaving.

At home a few minutes later, I felt like I'd just arrived from a visit to another planet. Talking to my husband about the celebration party, that I had a little trouble even remembering, was very strange. Somehow, I kept thinking about telling him that we might be having a baby and almost had to slap myself not to.


The reason I went to his office, where he showed me my panties he'd taken from a desk drawer, was that he'd called me. Although it shouldn't have, it surprised me when he asked me whether I was going to meet him at the motel on Thursday or Friday after work. There was no question in his mind, apparently, I was going to meet him. It was just a question of when.

I considered for the rest of that day and all the next whether I was going to or not, vacillating between guilt, embarrassment, the need to insure I was really pregnant, and simply wanting to feel him fuck me again.

After work Friday, I found myself in an identical motel room after being stripped and bent over at the foot of the bed. He gave me several orgasms with his fingers on my clit while he fucked me from behind. He left me standing that way after he came inside me, another pair of my panties for trophy that he displayed by smelling them on his way out the door.

The next week, pregnancy tests still saying I was negative, he told me that he was only free Thursday. Again, feeling more guilt and less of the positive things, I met him at the motel and quickly found myself naked and very turned on. He was still dressed when a knock on the door interrupted. I had quickly covered myself with the dress I'd been wearing held against me when he admitted one of the other guys from his department.

A few minutes later, his co-worker sat at the room's table drinking a beer while he watched him fuck me on all fours on the bed. Not long after, he dressed and left me with his friend who fucked me again and left me to my tears and the sincere fears of what I'd done.

The next day my period started just a day late.


It didn't surprise me the next Monday when I went to talk to him in his office. First, I intended to tell him it was over and that it hadn't worked. Instead, I somehow found myself not only proving I was having a period by showing him the Tampax string, but pulling it a little out of myself to show him it was necessary. Amazingly, to me, he was excited by that and insisted I get on my knees right then to give him a blow job.

Told that I would be the topic of conversation throughout the office if I refused, Friday after work I met the two guys at the motel knowing in advance that they would be there. I didn't know there would be a third or that, after the two had filled me with their cum, he'd insist on depositing his cum up my virgin ass.

It wasn't as terrible physically as I was sure it would be when he started but it definitely reduced me to feeling just exactly as slutty as I was. It took a lot longer for me to stop crying, clean up, and go home that night.

The next Monday when I went to tell him it had to stop, he bent me across his desk and fucked me, leaving my panties to contain his cum for the rest of the day. Thursday they took me to the motel together and took turns with me until they had each filled my holes twice, including my mouth.

I hoped to stay away from them the next week but found myself passed from office to office two days that week, both my vagina and ass used.

By then, I didn't want any of their babies or even want a baby anymore. Typically, my home pregnancy test was positive.

In spite of that, it didn't take me by surprise when they took me to a local park and fucked me - cheaper than a motel, they explained.


I had my baby last month and he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

I'd almost gotten used to being fucked at every opportunity for my first six months when the guys decided I shouldn't have vaginal sex any more. Instead, they used my ass and mouth until the baby was born and gave me the last month to recuperate.

Today we had a celebration party.

They just left me in the motel room to recuperate before I go home to my husband and son. They said it was a start on the next baby.

But I think there were at least ten of them in their office and I'm very sore.

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