tagIncest/TabooWhat Happened

What Happened


There's no way to start, but from the beginning.

I knew something was going on, I just couldn't say what. Several times, my wife and son had acted nervous around me. Especially, my son Chris. Loving and trusting Sharon, I couldn't imagine what was happening, was happening. But, once it unfolded, my perverted mind took over.

Anyway, one day, I got to work, only to be sent home. The office was shut down by a major power failure, within the building. One that wouldn't be fixed for a couple of days. I returned home, barely an hour after I left.

Chris had classes and Sharon was working at the Senior Center. As I approached the house, I noticed something between the shrubs and steps. It was a black camera bag, laying upside down, so it had obviously rolled off the steps.

At first, I thought it belonged to Chris. This one wasn't labeled and all of his stuff had his name plastered all over it. I opened it, and even the camera was plain. Chris always engraved his name on everything.

'Who the hell does this belong to?' I thought as I emptied the contents of the bag on the kitchen table. There was a card in the camera and a bunch of them in the bag, so I figured I'd look at one to see who was on it. That should tell me who owned the camera.

Sharon was in the video, walking around town. 'Ah, it is Chris,' he's filming his mother shopping.' Then I got a shock. Sharon flashed her bare ass, in public, for the camera. Then she turned and pulled her sweater up. Her tits swaying in full view. 'What the fuck! What the hell's going on?'

The bare ass shot flashed in my mind, so I backed it up. Sure enough, when I looked closely, I could see her pussy. Sharon was exposing herself to our son, in public. At least, I hoped it was our son. No, I didn't! I damn sure didn't want it to be another man, either.

I turned it off and sat back, shaking. I couldn't think and pulled the card from the computer. I wanted to get rid of it and everything else in that bag. But, I couldn't. I had to see what else was on the card, what was on all of them. What else had they done? My wife and our son, or, whoever was holding the camera.

After a few minutes of mental turmoil, I put the card back into the computer. The entire thing was, Sharon shopping and flashing the camera. She was doing it all over town. I never thought my wife would do something like that. Giving the camera full views, even in closeup, of her ass, pussy and tits. I fast-forwarded to the end and it was always the same activity.

I spotted a card that had Tim, written on it. I thought, 'Surely not, Timmy from next door.' I put it in and Sharon was doing dishes. Someone came in and it was Timmy. They exchanged 'Hi' and small talk. Then he walked over and pinned Sharon against the sink, from behind, as he reached around and grabbed her tits.

"Tim!" Sharon exclaimed. 'Yeah, that's it. Now turn around and slap the little shit.'

"Ya know what I need, Mrs. Thomas." He said as he pushed against her and went after her tits.

"Not now, Tim!" Sharon said as she tied to push back. "Can't you wait, until I finish the dishes?" 'What the fuck! What's this, can't you wait, shit?'

He jerked her blouse up, then her bra, exposing her tits and quickly grabbed them. "Aw, shut up and enjoy it, Mrs. Thomas. Ya know, ya want it."

He began pulling her nipples and she put her hands on the ledge to brace herself. Laying her head back, she moaned. He kissed her on the ear.

"Ya want me to fuck ya. Right here, Right now. Don't ya, Mrs Thomas?"

'WHAT! NO! FUCK HER! That little son-of-a-bitch! We've known him since he was born. Babysat him, changed his diapers. He grew up with our son, Chris, for Christ sake.'

He was already pulling her skirt up. "Say it, Mrs Thomas. C'mon, say it!" Sharon moaned and he slapped her ass. "SAY IT!" 'He's mine!'

Sharon weakly said, "Yes." As he pulled her panties down.

"Yes, what."

"I ... I want you to fuck me. Right here, right now."

"That's more like it, Mrs. Thomas." He said as he dropped his pants. "?Yur, m'slut, aren't ya?" He growled as he dry humped her asscheeks.

Sharon dropped her head, without saying anything.

"Ur my slut. Aren't ya? Huh?"

"Yes, Yes. I'm your slut." Sharon moaned wantonly.

Timmy moved back slightly and rubbed his cock on Sharon' pussy. "Ready. Tell me ta fuck ya, Mrs. Thomas. Tell me ta fuck ya."

"Fuck Me, Timmy. Fuck Me." Sharon moaned out loudly and pushed her ass back. The boy entered her to the hilt, in one movement. "Yes Baby, Yes. Fuck your slut."

'Shit, I've never heard Sharon talk like that.' He began thrusting into her as she pushed back to his pounding. Minute after minute after minute, he kept thrusting into her as she pushed back in response. 'Damn, I remember when I could fuck like that.'

After several minutes, the camera angle changed. It showed her juice running down her legs and dripping off his swinging balls.

"Gonna cum, Mrs Thomas. Ya want yur hot pussy fulla boy cum, don't ya, Mrs. Thomas?"

"Yes, yes, yessss. Give it to me. Gimme your cum."

His balls tightened as he slammed against her, filling her pussy with cum. Sharon began shaking harder than she had throughout the whole time.

"Oh God Yes, Timmy!" Sharon cried out.

When the boy finished twitching, he pulled out of Sharon' pussy and wiped his cock on her ass.

"Woo Hoo, that was a good fuck, Mrs Thomas. See ya, next time, I need ta get off." Then he kissed her bare butt and left.

It went black. The damn thing was over. 'Jesus Fucking Christ! I can't believe this shit.' Even though I was pissed as hell, I had a damn hardon. It turned me on, watching that young kid, fuck my wife as if he owned her.

I felt betrayed. I mean, how could she? If she walked in right now, I'd fuck her just like he just did. Son-of-a-bitch, this is turning me on. AND, Who The Fuck Is Holding The Camera!? My mind is telling me, it's our son, Chris. Is he fucking her too? Is our son, fucking his mother? I guess, if he is, it'll be on one of these cards.

The next card, I saw, had Jack on it. 'Jack? Jack? Jack, who? Jack, her boss? Jack, at the grocery store? Jack, at church? Jack, who?' I put it in.

Sharon was sitting on the couch, crocheting. I could hear the front door followed by footsteps. Then hands appeared on her shoulders.

Sharon glanced up, smiled and cheerfully said, "Hi there."

"Hi, Mrs Thomas. Guess you heard the door, huh?"

"Yes Jack, you weren't very quiet."

He came around and stood next to Sharon' legs. He was only visible from the waist down.

"What are you up to, Jack?" Sharon said, without stopping her crocheting.

"Well, Mrs. Thomas, you owe me something."

"And, what might you be referring to?"

"Come on, Mrs. Thomas. You said, you'd do something, if I graduated. I graduated top of the class. I even beat Chris and that bitch, Stephanie."

Sharon looked up. "Yes Jack, you did. And, I'm very proud of you. You went from almost failing, one year, to top of the class, the next."

He unzipped his jeans and pulled his half-erect cock out. "Well Mrs. Thomas. It's time you paid up and suck me off, like you said you would."

"Jack! You don't have to be so crude. Now, put that away, and sit down. We need to talk."

"Naw, the talkin was done, when you said you'd do it." He reached out and pulled her head to his cock. "Now, get to suckin me off, like ya said."

I recognized the voice. It was Jack Peterson from down the street. His family moved here, when Chris was six. 'When did kids get aggressive like this. I mean, shit, when I was their age, I never woulda done that.'

"C'mon, Mrs. Thomas."

I could barely hear Sharon. Her voice was muffled from being pulled against the young man. "Jack. You have to let go, so I can."

Sharon moved back, took his cock in her hand and looked up at him. "Jack, can't we talk a little, relax and work up to it?"

"It's all I've thought about, since graduation, last week. Now, I want what you promised, not to talk."

"OK, OK! You'll get what I promised." Sharon said half-heartedly, as she stroked his now fully hard cock.

"Then, Do it, Mrs. Thomas! Suck me off, like ya said."

Sharon put his cockhead in her mouth and started one of her, very familiar to me, blowjobs. Her lips moving up and down his shaft, gripping tightly. Her tongue massaging as she moved her head back and forth. Tickling his balls, with her fingertips. Man, I could feel it myself.

"Oh God, Mrs. Thomas. That feels good. I hope ya didn't lie. I really hope, ya didn't lie, about lettin me cum in your mouth. ... Oh, Jesus, Mrs. Thomas. That feels, really good!"

I noticed Sharon had moved her free hand between her own legs. She was rubbing away, getting herself off, as she sucked his young cock.

"Oh God, Mrs ..." The boy didn't finish. He grabbed Sharon' head and jammed his cock deeper in her mouth as he started cuming. His head fell forward as he grunted loudly while his body jerked in orgasm.

Sharon was having an orgasm of her own. Her lips were milking the boys spewing cock as her hand was buried in her pussy causing her to shake. As Jack' orgasm subsided, Sharon gripped his cock and sucked hard to get every drop of cum.

Letting his cock out of her mouth, Sharon leaned back and pulled her fingers out of her pussy. Jack' jaw dropped as he watched. She quickly licked and sucked her juices from her hand. Suddenly, Jack grabbed her legs and pulled them up, pinning her down.

"Damn, Mrs. Thomas! You ain't wearin panties!

"Jack! Please! Let me go!" Sharon objected and squirmed to get free. "I've kept my promise. Now, let me up."

"Ooooh, I don't think so, Mrs. Thomas. Yur pussy's all wet. And it ... it looks all red and swollen." He moved forward, touching his still hard, young cock to her pussy. "Bet a cock'd feel better n yur hand."

"Don't! Jack!"

He was moving his hips, rubbing his cock up and down her pussy. "You sure bout that, Mrs. Thomas? Yur pussy's gettin wetter and it sure feels hot. Ya sure, ya don't want me to?"

"No-o." Sharon said weakly with her eyes closed.

He pressed harder against her and began moving faster. His hard young cock was parting her pussylips and rubbing across her clit. Her hips began moving as she was responding to his movements.

"No, what, Mrs. Thomas? Ya want me to, don't ya?"

Sharon' breathing increased as her own movements matched his. She moaned, "Yes."

"Ya want me ta fuck ya, Mrs. Thomas? Do ya? Ya want fucked?"

It looked like she was trying to out move him with her hips and get his cock inside her. "Yessss! Fuck me."

He had a sly smirk. "Remember when I was little and you always made me say the magic word?"

"Yes, Please."

"Please, what, Mrs. Thomas?" He stopped moving but she was still trying to find the end of his cock, with her pussy. "Please, what?"

Sharon opened her eyes with a frantic look. "Oh God, Please! Jack! Please, Fuck Me!"

"That's better. You can put my cock in yur pussy, now." He said, as he let go of her legs and straightened up.

Sharon grabbed his cock with one hand and opened her pussy with the other, like a streetwalking whore. 'Oh, Shit! I shouldn't be thinking my wife's a whore.' Wiggling her ass and pulling on his cock, she got the head in. She squirmed around and looked at him, pleadingly. But, he didn't move.

"Oh, God, Jack, Fuck me. We don't have much time." She was begging.

"Time? What ya mean, Mrs. Thomas?"

"My husband'll be home." She moaned as she wiggled around on the head of his cock, trying to urge him on.

"Yeah, Shit, we don't want your ol' man catchin us." He said as he pushed his cock into my wife' pussy and started pounding away.

Sharon closed her eyes and started moaning with her head back as the boy pounded his cock into her pussy. 'Shit! He can fuck!' She was getting wetter and wetter making the noise of their slapping together louder and louder.

"Show me yur tits, Mrs. Thomas. I wanna see them tits."

Without hesitation, Sharon pulled her top and bra up, in one motion. Her tits bouncing up and down, to the boys pounding cock.

"God, they're nice! Not saggy and wrinkled, like my moms." He said as he reached for them. "These things feel as good as my girlfriend'." Sharon moaned loudly and began shaking, obviously having an orgasm.

The boy began grunting as he mauled her tits and jack-hammered his cock into her pussy. Sharon was having multiple orgasms. I could tell from her flushed face and chest, along with her breathing, moaning and shaking.

I don't know what gave the boy his stamina. The beginning blowjob, youth, or a combination of both. But, for almost twenty minutes, it was rapid, full-length, blinding fast, thrusting into my wife. I have to admit, I haven't fucked her like that, for some time and was envious.

"Gonna cum."

"Not in me! PULL OUT!"

"Ohhhh!" He grunted. "Gawd! Too late."

"Oh Shit! Do it Jack. Do it." Her legs wrapped around him as she grabbed his ass. "Unload your balls, Baby. Give it to me."

He looked like he was having a spastic fit, jerking around, as he dumped his load in her pussy. As he stopped cuming, he slowed down but kept thrusting, slowly, and fell on top of her.

Breathing heavily, he gasped, "Was I good, Mrs. Thomas? Was I good?"

"Oh My God, Yes! Jack! You were fantastic, baby, Fan-Tastic!" She replied as she kissed all over the side of his face. There was the sound of traffic, outside. "Shit! Charlie's home! ... Get out the back, quick!"

Jack jumped up. Pulling his pants up, he hurried toward the kitchen and back door. Sharon, moved a little slower, but still went quickly toward the bathroom. And, this card video went black.

I had to take a break. I couldn't believe, I had a painful hardon from watching my wife fuck two neighbor boys. Damn, this was the hottest porn, I've ever watched. I just didn't like it being my wife. At the same time, I was never more turned on in my life. My perversion had me wanting her fucking our son, next.

I needed a drink, and I don't drink much. I fixed myself a big one and walked around, mumbling to myself. The perversions in my mind, went into overdrive. I knew the cameraman had to be Chris. And, if he's recording his mother doing these things, well, he must be tapping it too.

I was into my second glass when I started thinking about our daughter, Sherry. Fuckin her. Hell, everybody, fuckin her. Mostly, I thought about my wife and those boys. And, our boy. Was there a video of it? There were a few left to watch. 'Jesus, I hope so.' I thought.

The next two were more of one or the other boy taking charge of Sharon. Like she had no choice in the matter. She was going to suck them off or fuck them, no matter what she was doing. She didn't really resist much, it seemed. Just letting them do what they wanted.

They fucked her, in the kitchen, the living room, bathroom and back yard. I got a start at the end of the last one.

The camera was looking into the kitchen from the outside. A hand came up, tapping on the window. Sharon looked out and smiled, then she turned and looked back. There I was, sitting in the living room, watching TV.

Sharon dried her hands and went outside. As soon as she was out the door, she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. She was braless as she was a lot, in the evenings. The camera swung to Jack' smiling face. Then the camera swung back up to show me.

Sharon walked over to Jack, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. As they kissed, the camera went back and forth, showing me and then her with her young lover. After several minutes of kissing and Jack playing with her tits, she slid down in front of him.

She began undoing his pants and again the camera showed me. When it went back to them, she was already stroking his hard cock. Then she began blowing him. She put her hands on his hips and slowly took his entire length in her mouth.

A mouth only, blowjob. Slowly in, slowly out, keeping her hands on his hips. Every couple of minutes, the camera would go up to show me and back down to her sucking Jack. Several minutes passed as I watched this panning back and forth. I tried to think of when it could have happened.

When Jack put his hands on her head, I knew he was going to cum. Sharon moved her hands to his asscheeks and pulled him to her face. 'God, I love it when she does that.' When Jack finished cuming, she let his soft cock out of her mouth with a smile.

Slowly she stood and kissed him again and his hands went to her tits, like magnets. Jack pushed her back and bent to suck her tits. She held his head as he suckled each one several times. When he straightened, they kissed quickly and she went inside. The camera showed her sideways, facing me and buttoning her blouse, before going black.

'What's next? Fuckin her in the kitchen, with me in the background!' I fixed myself another drink. 'Better slow down dumbass, before you get drunk.'

I went back and put the last card in. I had to focus, the shot was from outside the kitchen window, again. There was Sharon and I, sitting on the couch, watching TV. To the side, stood Chris. I shook my head and focused again. Sherry was on her knees, sucking Chris' cock.

'Holy Shit!' I didn't expect that one. Sherry was only home for a couple of days, before starting summer classes. But, there she was, sucking her brother' cock. 'Wait a fucking minute! If that's all of us, who's holding the goddamn camera!?' (I found out later, no one was. Chris had it on a tripod.)

There Sherry was, going after her brother' cock, like her mother had. With her mother and I in the background. 'Shit! Everybody's gettin some, but me!'

Sherry stood and bent over, sticking her ass toward Chris. She was watching her mother and I as Chris entered her from behind. Chris fucked her for a bit, then she went back to her knees and sucked his cock. Evidently, she liked the taste of her pussy on his cock, cause she kept doing that rotation, until Chris unloaded in her mouth.

I was hoping this last one would show the ultimate, Chris fucking his mother. But, it didn't. The only other thing on this card, was Sharon giving a no hands blowjob to an unidentified young man. The young man was holding the camera. 'It's gotta be Chris.' I thought. 'It's gotta be.'

One thing was certain, Sharon was giving this young man's cock, special treatment. The irritating part was the camera bouncing around. Still, I could see her cheeks suck in as she pulled her pursed lips up his shaft. Her tight lips didn't break contact as she'd slowly go back down it's full length. As her head twisted from side to side, I could see that she was massaging his shaft with her tongue.

Ever so often I saw her tongue dart out and go side to side on his cock. Which always made the camera bounce around. The camera really moved around when the boy started cuming. Still, he somehow managed to keep Sharon getting a mouthful in frame. It might have been in one of the four corners, but he got the shot.

(I found out much later, it was Chris, Sharon sucked off. It was the first time, Chris got his mother to let him use the camera, when they did something. AND, they had been fucking for some time.)

I got another drink, and I shouldn't have. I wished I had a much clearer head for what I was about to discover. Feeling depressed, about not finding a video of Chris fucking Sharon, I started to put everything away. I noticed something white, in the bottom of the bag.

I tried pulling on it, but it wouldn't come out. That's when I noticed four little hooks holding the bottom. I got them loose and lifted the bottom out of the bag. The white thing, was the corner of an envelope. 'Very Private,' was written on the envelope. In the envelope were two cards. One marked, 'M n M,' under that, 'got an A.' And the other, marked, 'M n M 2.'

My hands were shaking as I put the M n M card in. Hoping I'd struck gold, I hit play.

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