tagIncest/TabooWhat Happened At The Wedding

What Happened At The Wedding


I had been looking forward to this day for awhile. One of my aunts was to re marry and all families would attend this very happy event.

There are three aunts with whom I have an intimate relationship with. Two of these aunts lived a few hundred miles away. One such aunt was Betty on my moms side. and she lives a couple of towns away.

She is tall with long dark hair and quite often wore a style of glasses I liked alot. They were the B&Ls Reeves style, brown in a rectangular style,very feminine.

I always felt I could talk honestly with her about things a guy thinks about in his early to mid twenties.

Aunt Betty often asked me to take care of her cats when she was away on business trips. And that was when I would don a womans clothes. Well one day she came back eight hours earlier giving her the chance to see her nephew dressed as a sixty five year old woman.

Betty was rather surprised but quite understanding as well. She loved reading about pyschology and sex. As it was she read that a guy can sometimes be more aroused than ordinary whilst donning clothes of the opposise sex.

Betty was single but still had her desires and one day when I was there, she figured I could help her with some household chores. She had a closet whose ceiling was high and the bulb burned out. So as I am up a few rungs I took a look at her voluptuous bosoms and cleavage and she noticed.

"Like what you see there Raymond?"

"Hell yes aunt Betty, what I would do to mess around with those."

Aunt Betty knew not that I had a lady friend in her sixties, who wore her half-glasses from a string of small pearls, and that I knew what to do with that sexy eyeglass chain so far as her nipples were concerned.

I guess it was the fashion at the time, Betty had a pair of glasses hung by beads as well. Standing on the ladder with an erection I was thinking about making auntie feel better.

"That is one hell of a lump Ray, did I make that happen? because if I did it means I still have it."

"Any chance of you doing something with it aunt Betty?"

"Not now,but when we go to the wedding I will have a room at the courtyard for a few days. We could end up having more of a good time than the bride will. Course I want to check something out and see if you are more aroused in a dress than without. How does that sound?"

The day arrived when an aunt was to re marry and a few hundred people headed off to the church where the ceremony would take place. It was nice but the usual where both the bride and groom swear to forsake all others and to actually like each other at times. Then we all headed to the country club where the reception was to take place. There of course would be much champagne cork popping and drinking. There was a buffet with chicken and macaroni prime rib an vegies I never heard of.

Five hours went by and the crowd was looking like they had enough of a good time and aunt Betty came to me with her sister Gert and said,

"Lets go back to my room."

So we are walking and aunt Betty told Gert she always wanted to be involved in a three-some and asked Gert what she thought about it.

"Oh sure,no trouble but who are we going to have for a man?"

"Raymond, who else?" Said aunt Betty.

Betty had it all figured out. She said we just use first names minus the aunt so incest would not be involved and we stripped with in minutes.

They had this all set up! all the details! Just great. Both aunts wearing a doms style bra with the aureolas and nipples exposed and there were extra high heels around, pink, beige and black patent.

First the aunts wanted to get me aroused by teasing me with their half-glasses and beaded eyeglass chains and yes high heels. When the aunts saw I was pretty rigid they would flip a coin to see who was going to be entered by me.

Gert won and I was very happy about that, been wanting to ball her for the longest time ever. And whilst doing her I would have my head buried in Betty's pussy as far as possible and maybe lick the clit that would send her to the land of orgasms.

Only God knew how long we were all in the sack. And we knew we had such a great time and now we would do other things. Having me in drag and playing with Gerts bosoms as Betty had me fill her heels with cum so she could feel it between her sexy toes with the red nail polish. We had a severe case of the munchies and ordered room service. The guy who brought up the food gawked at me, had he never seen a guy in a dress and heels?

The hour was late and we agreed to go to snoozeville, so we all climbed into that king size bed and went to sleep

Next morning we got dressed and went down for breakfast,and talked about the great time we had.

We all agreed we had a much better time than did the bride and that I should make a real effort to visit my aunts more often.

This was a story basicly meant to try a new means of submiting by c&p and having NO word wrap. However an edited version with much more detail to sex will be available soon.

Thank you.

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