tagLoving WivesWhat Happened That Summer Ch. 07

What Happened That Summer Ch. 07

byval wrangler©

I waited impatiently at the airport's exit gate. David's plane had landed over a half-hour earlier and there was still no sign of him. Why didn't he use his damn mobile to let me know what the delay was? I had an extreme case of ants in my pants -- and I wanted something else to be there -- something nice and hard going in and out.

When my ever-loving appeared in the doorway, he had a chagrined look on his face as I rushed to him.

"Sorry," he said between feverish kisses from moi. "My phone ran out of gas. My bag took a long time to show up. I was sure it had gone missing. God, you're a sight for sore eyes. I've got the most beautiful desirable girl in the airport waiting for me."

I had dressed in everything I knew made his dick throb: my tightest jeans, one of my cropped tops (emerald green to match my eyes) and sneakers. I know the last doesn't sound sexy but nothing I wear makes his dick harder -- as long as that's all I'm wearing. Well, he does think I look great in just hiking boots, as well. My hair was loose and wild since I'd just washed it. I'd also shaved myself slick between my legs, leaving just a little red tuft above my pussy.

"I was just impatient. You know how it is with us redheads. I have missed you so much!"

Davy flashed a wry grin. "Yeah, I'll just bet. You had absolutely nothing to do. Sat around all day, bored."

"That's not what I meant. I missed you."

By that time we'd gotten to the taxi stand. Once in the back seat, I scrunched right in next to him.

"Where to?" the driver asked.

Davy gave him our address and the cab pulled out. The driver had ear buds so he obviously didn't want to talk and wouldn't be able to hear -- and hopefully not see.

I kissed Davy again and trailed smaller ones across his face to his ear. "You are going to be so well-fucked by the time I let you go to sleep tonight," I whispered, then drove home my point with my tongue, something that drives him crazy.

My hand snaked into his lap. Great. He was already swelling.

He moved my hand away. "The driver might see!"

I put it back. "Let him."

"Jesus! What's gotten into you?"

"You haven't. If I could get away with it, I'd whip out your dick and sit down on it right now."


I grinned evilly. "Why?"

"Did a package come for me in the past few days?"

"Yeah. I put it down in your basement practice room."

"Well, that's a surprise I ordered. If you don't behave, I won't give it to you."

"You won't give it to me, or you won't give it to me?"

"My God, you have a one-track mind."

"I'm just horny. I need to get laid."

"Didn't you get enough from your Claudio while I was gone?"

"We only got together three times."

"Three? I only know about two."

"I went over to his house last night. I was lonely."

"You couldn't have waited for me?"

I checked Davy's face to see if he was hurt or unhappy. He didn't appear to be, so I continued with my little game.

"I wanted to have a nice, loose pussy for you to play with tonight. Your little wife has been very, very naughty."

"Did you record it?"

"No. But if you're good, I might tell you all about what happened. I didn't get home until nearly two."

When we got home, my husband took charge. In the bedroom, he took my clothes off (I obediently stayed still), then, leaving my socks on, he put my runners back on again. (See?)

"Lie on the bed."

"But I had plans for you!"

"I'm in charge. Lie on the bed."

I did. He moved me to the middle, then got out our velcro restraints and fastened my limbs to the four corner posts. Last came a blindfold.

"Are you going to do something kinky to me?" I asked.

"You'll see. I'll be back in a few minutes."

I impatiently waited a good fifteen minutes. As much as I was enjoying learning how to be in charge, I also loved being restrained and manipulated. Lately, Davy had taken to smacking my butt during sex when he took me from behind, and surprisingly, I found I enjoyed it if I was really aroused. Maybe he'd gotten a riding crop or a paddle. The package that came could have contained either.

When he finally returned, he didn't say a word. I felt him kneel between my knees and he began stroking my legs. Because I'd been having sexy thoughts about being spanked, I was already pretty wet.

"This is going to feel a little strange," he said. "If it hurts, tell me."

I answered, "Okay," wondering what he was planning on doing. Had he gotten another dildo?

The answer came shortly. He put something on my clitoral area that made it feel a bit tingly. Mmmm... Nice. Next he pressed something hard around it. What the hell was that. There were two muffled clicks and...

"Holy crap! What are you doing?" I cried out.

Davy's voice sounded worried. "Too much? Does it hurt?"

"No. It just feels very weird, like you're applying super suction to my little lady."

"Very good. That's exactly what I'm doing. I bought you a little gadget to suck on your clit. I also have another surprise."


"Later, my dove. I'll add a little more suction. Tell me if it gets to be too much."

There were two more clicks, but he stopped before he'd gone too far. It felt as if my poor clit was in a vice, but a very nice one. Whatever he'd put on it was tingling even more.

"That should be enough," Davy said to himself.

There was a click as the thing around my clit moved a little. I was liking this.

"What does it feel like when I do this?" he asked and there was a pulling sensation, gentle but steady. I could feel an orgasm starting to build.

"What is it?" I demanded. "What are you doing?"

"You like it?"

"Yes, but I can't imagine what it is."

"It's a little tube. The top is attached to a hand suction pump. If I put it over your clit and pump lightly, it gets sucked up into the tube. The suction also makes your clit bigger -- at least for awhile. Then if I do this," he moved the tube again transmitting hair-raising sensations to my little lady, "it's supposed to provide more stimulation."

"It sure does," I panted. "Keep that up and I'm going to cum."

"I also put a little cream on your clit that stimulates it and is supposed to make it engorge more. Judging by what I'm seeing, it appears to be working."

"Take off the blindfold and let me see."

"No. Not yet."

Davy tortured me a bit more, moving his magic tube until I came massively. Then he undid my legs and arms, turned me over and refastened me to the bed with my ass in the air.

"I want you in my pussy first, please," I told him. "You can have my ass later, if you want."

"That was my plan all along."

There was a click and some hissing then I felt Davy's cock at the opening to my pussy.

He pushed in and my eyes would have flown open if I wasn't blindfolded. He felt very different and...larger.

"Davy. Have you brought someone else over?"

His voice was right behind and above me. "Why? Would you have liked that?"

"You feel so different!"

"You like?"

"Oh yes!"

His cock was buried in me now, and he definitely was fatter and a bit longer. Nowhere near as big as Claudio, but the change was definitely noticeable. He withdrew slowly then drove himself home again. Oh yes, this was very nice indeed.

"You've got to tell me how you've done this," I said as he continued fucking me with hard jabs.

"I bought myself a tube for my cock. It does the same thing for me that it's doing for your clit. Thank heavens they didn't stop me at the airport with questions about it. I've been using it daily the whole time I've been gone, and it is making a bit of a difference, even if most of the effect is not permanent. I know how much you like a big cock."

"And you did this for me?"

"For both of us. I'm glad you like it."

"I love it! Fuck your wife hard, darling husband, with your big dick."

"How about if I do this while I'm fucking you, darling wife?"

His hand reached around my waist and grabbed the tubie-thing around my clit. Pulling on it gently while his cock rammed home soon had me in orbit. Him, too. Our orgasms slammed into us almost at the same time.

Afterwards, he showed me our new toys and how they worked. He pumped me up again, and I was amazed at how big my clit got. It stuck out a good quarter inch more and it was already on the long side.

"But this won't last?" I asked, using a mirror to look at my little lady.

"Well, the manufacturers say it will make your clit bigger over time, but the "Internet Experts" say no; it's only temporary. My cock seems to have gotten a bit fatter and maybe a quarter inch longer during the two weeks I've been using it. But right after I've used the pump, it's a good half-inch longer and most definitely fatter."

"I so want you to keep using it, then. That was one of the best fuckings you've ever given me." I pulled his face to me and gave him the hottest, most passionate kiss I could manage. "I do love you, husband, so very much!"

We fucked once more that night. He also pumped up my clit again and then sucked me off, just as if I had a little dick. That was an absolutely mind-blowing experience. I reciprocated on his big dick, too.

We didn't get up until nine o'clock the next morning and of course he wanted a morning fuck. I rode him until he came inside me. He was right. That pump had made his dick a bit bigger.

Saturday night was the orchestra's first concert of the season, always a gala affair. I'd gotten David a ticket and spent the entire day dithering over whether I should suggest that we invite Claudio out for a drink afterwards. My husband took the decision out of my hands by suggesting it himself.

Somehow I managed to keep my concentration going all during the concert. To help, I stayed away from everyone, not just my husband and Claudio, but everyone. It worked because I got through the entire program with only a few tiny slips (out of tune notes -- hardly unexpected on a string instrument. Bottom line: I felt good about the way I played -- and I'm my own worst critic, as are most musicians.

Concert dress is all-black for women, and since my instrument is played between my legs (no cracks!), I'd worn some beautifully-tailored culottes I'd bought especially for the evening. While the leg portion was very loose and flow-y, the top part was nice and snug, making my derriere quite noticeable. On top I had on a black silk top that fell just covered my bum. With my red hair in a French braid and tastefully restrained make-up, I knew I looked good. I wanted to -- since a couple of nice-looking guys were taking me out afterwards!

The idea was to go to a nearby bar where we could test the waters, so to speak. I had no idea how David would take to Claudio and vice versa. For me, everything had to be just right or this whole thing would come to a screeching halt. If he wanted to continue, David could tell me afterwards. As far as I was concerned, tonight was "get acquainted night" only.

It was all very awkward at first. While David and I found a table, Claudio went to the bar for some drinks. I was like a cat on a hot tin roof, and David kept staring at Claudio while pretending he wasn't staring at Claudio.

"He seems nice enough," David said. "I can see why you like him."

"No, you can't. What I like about Claudio is between his legs. Period. As for the man himself, he'd not too overly conceited, which is why things happened between us, I guess. He does know the power he wields over women, though."

"And you're sure he's not seeing anyone else? I mean, you haven't been using condoms with him and all."

"He's sworn he isn't. After his last affair, the one in Italy, he had himself checked. He won't talk about it, but I get the feeling he was dumped by her. Probably the first time that's happened to him, I'd imagined. He's coming over. We'd better shut up."

As he put the drinks on the table, I could tell that Claudio was aware we'd been discussing him. Small talk ensued, everyone tiptoeing around the elephant in the room.

It didn't take both men long to discover their joint interest in baseball. I sighed and hoped this wouldn't become a jock evening. Sure, I liked watching the odd ball game and David and I had kicked around the idea of joining a softball league, but with his schedule, it wasn't possible at the moment. My mind had wandered into its own channels as the men talked.

"Excuse me, gentlemen, but I have to use the lady's room."

As I took care of business, I wondered what Claudio and David were talking about while I was gone. Was it baseball or me?

Back at the table, it was David's turn to buy the next round. Since the bar was very busy, he got up so we wouldn't have to wait for the server to come around.

We'd taken a round table with a cushioned banquette around three quarters of it. Claudio had been sitting on one of the two chairs facing it. As I slid in, Claudio moved next to me.

"I like your husband," Claudio said.

"I love my husband. And don't ever forget that."

"My! You're prickly this evening," he teased.

"I'm just nervous. This is a very weird situation to be in."

He put his hand on my left thigh.

I moved it off. "Don't."

We looked across at David who was trying to get the harried bartender's attention.

"He knows we're talking about him," Claudio said.

"Of course he does. He's not stupid. What did you talk about while I was in the ladies?"



"We both agreed that, hand's down, you're the most beautiful woman in the place."

I could feel myself blushing.

"He also invited me back to your place -- assuming you want me to come over."

"He did? And what did you answer?"

"I told him I would like nothing more. It's up to you, though, completely."

David came back with another round. I took a big gulp of white wine from my glass. What was hanging in the air between the three of us was a very large step to take.

They started talking the local ball team's chances for making the playoffs and I zoned out again, my mind racing. Did I want to encourage this?

As I was thinking, I suddenly became aware of my husband's hand on my inner thigh. Davy's hand immediately began inching closer to my pussy. I took another gulp of wine, then looked at him. He seemed completely engrossed in the baseball conversation, no indication on his face that he was feeling up his wife under the table.

He had almost found glory when I was shocked by Claudio's hand on my left thigh, joining his on my right.

I suspect my eyes just about crossed it was so unexpected. My first reaction was to stop them -- which I did with a firm hand on each of their wrists, again giving no indication what was going on. They resisted a bit before bursting out laughing.

"You should have seen the expression on your face when we started doing that," Davy said. "I wish we'd brought the camera!"

"That wasn't funny!" Looking over at Claudio, he was grinning like a fool. "All right, what's going on?"

Davy answered. "We just thought it would be nice to get you 'warmed up' before leaving."

"And I suppose that involves diddling me under the table in a very crowded bar."

"We thought it would be fun," Claudio said.

Sometimes my red hair can make me pretty bloody-minded. I generally don't take to being teased and tonight was one of those nights. So they wanted to play around with me? Okay...

I hooked my legs over the closest one of theirs and slid down a little. "Okay, big guys, now what are you going to do?"

They both looked at each other. David looked especially nonplussed. His wife was daring him to play with her in a very public space.

The corner we were in wasn't all that bright, but it was crowded with people walking around us quite a bit, and there wasn't a table cloth to hid anything.

I picked up my wine glass and took another swallow. "What are you waiting for?"

They didn't say a word but since I'd released their wrists, it was clear they could do anything their little hearts desired.

Claudio made the first move, sliding his hand all the way up, cupping my crotch, then leaning in to kiss my neck. Not to be outdone, Davy turned my head and planted a very hot kiss right on my mouth, with lots of tongue.

Claudio was rubbing now, using mostly his middle finger. The fabric of my culottes was thin enough that he could force it between my nether lips. I could feel my clit springing to attention as I began to get very wet. There was something so incredibly naughty about what we were doing. Even though it was dark in the bar, anyone walking by would see one man working my neck over with his lips and another that was obviously doing something under the table, and between them was a woman becoming rapidly turned on -- and that turned me on even more. I'd put myself completely in their power.

Davy told Claudio, "From the way she's beginning to move her hips, I believe she just might cum right here in public if you keep doing that."

As if I wasn't even present, Claudio answered, "And I can feel she's getting very juicy. Your wife is one turned-on woman."

They continued what they were doing and I was on the verge of panting when a server stopped by and said, "You guys should move this to a hotel room. Know what I mean?"

We all snapped to our senses, and I, for one, was very embarrassed. The two guys just burst out laughing, damn them.

Out on the street, they each took me by an arm. I was still a bit wobbly due to the two quickly-consumed glasses of wine but also by the fact they'd had me so close to cumming.

"So," Claudio said to Davy over the top of my head, "My place or yours?"

I looked at him. "Aren't you supposed to use that line on me?"

He smiled. "I guess so. My place or yours -- assuming you're in the mood to play with us.

I looked at my husband. "You guys got me so worked up, if I don't cum pretty soon, I feel like I'm going to burst."

Davy considered. "Why don't we go back to our house? You can sit in the back with Jill and give her that orgasm she's demanding."

"Sounds good to me," Claudio said, "but are you both comfortable with that?"

"I can watch a bit in the rear view mirror."


I stopped walking and turned David to face me. "Are you sure about this?"

He answered immediately. "I am. Just don't get too carried away, though, would you? I wouldn't want to drive off the road or rear end somebody!"

I squeezed his arm tightly. "I'll just make sure Claudio keeps my fire stoked. If I'm going to cum with him, I want you to be able to see it properly. Deal?"

He smiled. "Deal!"

David had rented a car for the evening, and as we walked to the parking lot, I had my arms around their waists and both men had a hand on my ass.

By the time we got to the car, I was pretty nervous again, David, too. Only Claudio seemed relaxed. After all, he'd fucked a few women in front of their husbands before. He was an old hand at debauchery.

Claudio took my hand and helped into the back seat of the car. Both men hopped in and off we went. I noticed at once that my husband was not taking the quickest way home.

Claudio pulled me over against him so that I was viewable easily for David either through the rearview mirror (which he adjusted down) or he could turn around and look between the front seats if he was at a light or something.

"Nervous?" Claudio asked after gently kissing my neck.


"That's too bad. I thought you were very turned-on and horny."

"I am, but my husband's also in the front seat watching us."

He kissed me a few more times on that sensitive spot, adding the odd nip. His right arm curled around my waist, the flat of his hand on my stomach, making it easy for him to slid it up -- or down.

I turned to say something and Claudio's mouth was suddenly on mine. I love Davy's lips very much, but there's something about Claudio's slightly bigger ones that is just so nice. Despite my nervousness, I couldn't help responding. Over the next few minutes, our kisses got hotter and hotter.

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