tagLoving WivesWhat Happened To My Life Ch. 01

What Happened To My Life Ch. 01


So here I was at 1AM on Saturday night lying in my big king size bed, in my own bedroom, in my own home with an absolutely handsome man, 8 years younger than I was. Ray and I met about 8 months ago at a club when I was celebrating my dearest friend Betty's 30th birthday.

And, now my husband was not around and I was sharing my home and he shared his with me. We were now living together actually under two roofs. Some days and nights we would spend here in my home, while others we would spend in Ray's house. What made things really wild was Ray was a man that very hot-blooded American woman from 16-76 fantasizes about at some point in her life. I rolled over on my side and looked at this gorgeous man lying next to me. Yes he was absolutely stunning. I watched him as he slept.

Let me tell you about him. He was very tall maybe 6'4", dark, no not black, dark like an Italian. A northern Italian I guess since his hair was blond and his eyes were blue. He was well built too with a big chest and a real six pack stomach and strong legs and arms. He had a chiseled face sharp nose and chin and smooth almost silky skin. He was his own boss and did what he wanted, working only when he felt like it. I had stopped working and we were now together almost all the time. We did things together and went everywhere together and we always slept together. About 4 years ago, his family had hit the multi-million-dollar lottery and he inherited all of it after they had died in a terrible airplane crash a year later. He was the only member of the immediate family that wasn't on the plane when it went down.

Now, worth an estimated $4.7 million he had money and he loved to spent it. And, he spent it on me like it was water. Anything, I mean anything, I wanted I got. I met him 8 months ago and we had been seeing each other for about 5 of those 8 months. But we had been living with each other for two of those months ever since I left my husband. Well if the truth be known it was Bud who left me.

Ray and I both had our own house and I wouldn't give that up until I was married to him. We planned to be married in June, just 3 more months from now. During the two months that we had been living together, we had been to the Caribbean twice staying at only the best places and checking out a number of islands and hotels for the wedding. When we found one, we set up most of the things needed and then enjoyed the rest of our week.

The second time we finished up with the wedding process and everything was set for June. The resorts that we stayed at were always clothing optional resorts and Ray always opted for us to NOT wear them. He told me he couldn't get enough of my body and quiet frankly I enjoyed his looks and smiles. Plus he was simply a hunk and I loved to look at his body too, especially his cock, which had given me so damn much pleasure.

The sex with Ray, well it was fantastic, there's no other word for it. You see besides being gorgeous, Ray also has a really long cock. It was big and thick and very hard. Ray also had another wonderful quality and that was he stayed hard even after he shot his cum in me the first time. He could then go for a very long time before cumming again. After his second cumming and only then, did he start to deflate and become semi-soft. But even semi-soft Ray is as big as my soon to be ex-husband Bud was hard.

Ray also has a large set of balls that could and did pump huge amount of his seed into me whenever we have sex. I knew once I went off the pill he would give me a child the first time we made love and I was fertile. There was no question about it since he insists on having sex often, twice a day at least.

Yes, since that grim and horrible night I came home with Ray to show him off to my husband and tried to humiliate him, Ray and I have been having sex everyday. Well maybe ex-husband would be the correct term now. I'll get to that later on in my story.

Oh it was going to be a grand wedding with only the best of everything. The marriage would take place in the islands on small clay owned and hosted by the hotel. Ray was flying everyone in my family down for it. Since he had only a cousin or two left in his immediate family, he wanted all of my family to not only enjoy the ceremony and reception but he making reservations for them for a week in paradise booking 10 rooms.

When they heard about the wedding, they of course all accepted and we were now making final plans almost everyday with my mother and father and family. There would be a total of 26 people attending the wedding and around 10 or 12 of them would be staying for the entire week. It was costing Ray a mint but he didn't seem to care and told me he loved pleasing me and that money was to enjoy and spend.

Now about my husband, yes, I had or have a husband at least another five weeks until our divorce is finalized. He was one of those men who loved me dearly and tried to give me everything I wanted that he could afford. He wasn't rich and in fact we were somewhat poor. But Bud was kind and easy going and actually worshiped the ground I walked on. I have to say Bud was a good man who had a decent job and we had a nice home. No, we didn't have any children thank God that would have made this entire situation so very much harder.

Our house, where I was living now was nothing like Ray's huge house but at the time I was with Bud; our home was everything I always wanted. Our sex life was good, not wild like it was with Ray now. But we had sex 4 or 5 times a week. But Bud could only cum once and then he would soften and I would have to work on his 6 ½ -7 inch cock a long time with my mouth and hands in order to get him hard enough to fuck me again. We tried a bunch of different things and experimented with a great deal of positions and methods with each other and only each other. Bud had no desire to share me or wanted to swing and he would never be a cuckold. I should have realized that then but it's to late now to take back what I did to him. He always told me he was extremely happy with me and needed no one else. He was, like I said, a very loving man and would always work very hard to make me climax 3 sometimes 4 times every time we made love.

Bud loved to give me oral sex too, well so does Ray. And usually it was the oral sex that got me off so much with Bud. But saying that, he would always fuck me and make me cum again bring me off maybe two more times that way. Oh yes, I was very satisfied and wasn't looking for anything else. So what happened you are asking.

Well now as I lay next to Ray I wondered just how all of this had happened myself. How did I not see what I was doing to my husband all those months? How did it grow into a hate/love relationship so quickly? How did I have the guts to cheat on him for real and then finally bring my lover home to rub it in his face? Why did I push and push and push the fight we were having so much until it reached a point where we were so mad and so far apart it could never get back to what it was? God how dumb I was to think I could do what I finally did to my husband and not know it would be the end of our love, marriage and relationship. I only wanted to win the damn fight!

We escalated our attack and fight and each time we did, it got more heated and much more aggressive. And it did so very quickly too. We were both so mad at each other that I decided to push it, to move it to an entirely new level, a much higher level indeed. That's how it happened but it ended because I wanted to win so badly. And I did! Now I was leaving one man and going to marry another one within 8 months of meting him. The only problem was I didn't love Ray, no, not at all.

So, now that you understand a little of what I am facing and where I am at this point in my life, here's my story. I'm writing it in hopes it will help another couple and give me some peace and move on.

It all started when I told my husband, "I'm going out tonight with the girls from work tonight Bud."

I said these words so innocently that night to my husband as he was coming out of the shower. "Dinner is on you, pot luck I guess Bud. I'm sorry but this just came up this afternoon and it's a surprise party for Betty. She's turning 30 and is so depressed we felt a party would do her some good. It's just the 6 of us girls as usual. I'm sorry I had to drop this on you without warning babe, but since we can't afford a cell phone, I had no way to let you know earlier. Sorry."

Bud stood there still dripping water from his wet hair. He was drying his strong tight body with the towel. Then he looked at me with the towel over his head still drying the nice straight black hair on his head. "Damn it Ann! Why can't you just give her a present and spend the night here with me. You know I have been work very long and hard hours these last few weeks and finally when I have a night off, you're going out.

Bud said it softly and with a little sadness in his voice. I said, "Oh Bud! I told you! It just came up today and we all decide to cheer Betty up. You remember how I felt when I turned 30, how depressed I was for weeks afterwards. Now I'm the oldest of the group I can give her some of my wisdom and advise and tell her life isn't over at 30! I'll be home as soon as I can get away without upsetting everyone."

He said, "What about me? You're upsetting me now. Come on Annie stay home"

I remember exactly what I did. I put my hands on my hips and said, "Look Bud! It's Friday we'll have the entire weekend together and I'll make it up to you I promise. Now I have to get dressed or I'm going to be late. Come on move out of the bathroom so I can shower too! God I hope you didn't use all the hot water. You know we need a new hot water tank." I said with a little chip in my voice.

He walked away finishing his hair. I watched his strong ass walk into the bedroom. I always liked Bud rear end it was a real man's ass. He was putting his shirt on when I came out wrapped in a towel with another one wrapped around my head. He asked me again, "Come on baby stay home with me I'll make it worth your while."

He smiled at me and came over and as I stood there in front of the mirror he reached up and undid the towel and when it fell to the floor he cupped my breasts taking one in each of his hands. He kissed my back and licked my neck as he played with my breasts and pinched and rolled my nipples around in his fingers. He knew all of his really got me hot to trot quickly. I lay back against his body and felt his cock hardening as it rubbed up between my thighs. I moaned a little and told him how nice it felt as he held my breasts in his hand trying to please me. I knew he was trying his best to get me to stay home with him but I really wanted to go out with the girls and have a little party. And I knew he would be there for me when I came home. I promised myself I would really fuck him tonight when I got home. Plus I knew a little booze would help me loosen up and I knew I would make it up to him.

So as Bud played with my tits, I started thinking that maybe I could get him off quickly right now, make him cum and then go out. I would take care of him properly when I got home. I turned and quickly dropped to the floor. As I knelt in front of him I took his cock in my mouth! He held my head and moaned as I started sucking and licking his cock head and shaft as my hands cupped and played with his balls. I had Bud moaning and slowly fucking my mouth in just minutes. He was very horny tonight. For a second I was thinking I could always be late getting to the restaurant, but no I had promised the girls.

I figured if I could get him to cum in my mouth, he would leave me alone and I could then get dressed and go out not making him any madder than he already was with me. In fact I might make him not mad at all if I did a good enough job. And I would then promise to fuck him wild when I got home.

I worked hard and fast and soon he was thrusting his hips and fucking my mouth as he held my head gently making me hot too. I smelled and tasted his cock and his musk filtered into my nose and mouth. I had to get him off now! I had too. I sucked his cock head and licked around it teasing him as my hand jerked the shaft fast. And then I took him down my throat. That always made him cum. And tonight wasn't any different. He moaned loud and I felt the squirts of his cum pumping into my mouth as I drank it down.

As he finished I looked up at him and smiled as I used my fingers to cup his balls and stroke his shaft as I sucked his cock head and milked a few more drops out of him. I finish him off completely and then used my fingers to wipe the few drops of cum from my chin cleaning it off of my face. I licked my fingers and stood up. He pulled me to him and kissed me hard. He said, "Come on Annie, let's get in the bed so I can repay you. Please baby! Don't go out tonight."

I said, "NO! Damn it Bud! Wait until I get home then you can please me and pay me back babe! I'll be so ready for you by then! I'll want your hard cock so much when I get home I'll rape you if you're asleep."

What I didn't realize is that my words sounded to him like I was going out and play. That I was going to get hot from playing with other men as we celebrated with Betty. I didn't mean it that way but now that I look back on it, I guess it actually did sound that way.

Bud released me and held me at arm length. He looked at me and I asked, "What?" What's wrong?"

He said, "When you come home you'll be so ready for me you'll rape me? What are you planning to do while you're out tonight Ann? Jesus Ann you sound like you're going out with the girls to look for men and to get them to work you up and then if you're not lucky enough to have one of them, you'll come home to me and fuck your poor old husband."

I took a deep breath as I felt my blood get hotter. How dare him! I said a little louder now, "Oh for God sakes Bud! No! I didn't mean it that way! I only meant I would have to wait so long for you to fuck me that I would really be ready for you. Just for you Bud for God sakes, there are no other men!"

He sat on the bed now as I stood there as he said, "Well it sure as hell sounded like that to me. Look Ann I want you to stay home with me. I'll call your friends and tell them we have plans. You can say you didn't know about them or you forgot or it was a surprise. Or something."

I said, "Look Bud, I'm going out to the party and that's it. You'll have to deal with it. I want to go. God knows I don't go out without you very often at all and you can live without me for a few hours. When I come home....." (I was going to be sure to use the right words this time)... you and I can make love. It's the weekend and we can stay up all night making love and fucking our brains out!"

I turned and started to get dressed. He said, "You're going out even if I ask you not too? Even if I tell you not to go out you'll still go out? What's going on Ann? Why is this fucking night so important? What are you planning to do, meet your boyfriend?"

I said, "WHAT! What are you talking about? Boyfriend! I don't have any boyfriend. I told you it's a party for Betty nothing but women I work with! No men, no boyfriends, just 6 women having dinner and drinking a little I'll be home before midnight. Now please stop bitching at me. I'm going out tonight."

I turned and was putting makeup on when I heard him walk out of the room. I started to feel guilty and then said to myself, "No damn it! Don't feel guilty, he goes out with the guys every once in awhile so why can't I go out with the girls. I mean fair is fair. Jesus! He's like a old woman."

When I came down to the kitchen where Bud was sitting he looked at me and said, "I'm going to ask you one last time. Again Ann, please stay home with me. I have a very bad feeling about you going out tonight."

I told him that was dumb and said that he goes out with the guys now and then so I had a right to go out with the girls tonight! He told me that if I had asked him not to go out with the guys at any time, which I never did, he would have stayed home. He said, "If you would have asked me like I'm asking you now not to go out, I would have stayed home with you."

I said, "Why? Why don't you want me to go out with Betty and the girls? What do you have planned for us here at home tonight anyway?"

He said, "I don't have anything planned Ann, I only......"

I interrupted him before he could finish and said, "Then I'm going out. I'll see you before midnight. OK?"

I didn't wait for his answer I grabbed my purse and left. I got into my car and looked at what I was wearing. I had on jeans and a blouse nothing fancy or sexy. Yes I had on underwear, for God sakes! I was dressed like I was going shopping. I didn't even have much makeup on or my hair styled very well. It was only dinner and a few drinks with the girls. Oh sure, maybe we would dance a little and maybe even dance with a guy or two. But it was harmless fun. Nothing bad, evil or could be considered cheating at all. I wouldn't do anything to harm our marriage I was sure of it. "Hell", I said, "Bud knows I love to dance and I have danced with other men when we go out together sometimes. Nothing wrong with having a little workout dancing and besides it was one of the things I loved to do. I knew Bud was a good dancer too but he wouldn't be with me tonight so I would dance with someone else. But that's all, just dancing, I'm not going to let some guy in my panties tonight since he danced with me a couple of times. For god sakes."

I saw Bud standing in the doorway as I pulled out of the driveway and headed to the restaurant. Guilt again flowed over me for a few minutes as I drove, but when I got to the place there was a small three-piece band there and I forgot about it. On Friday nights there's always a band and when I saw the girls I smiled and acted like nothing was wrong. They were all already there; two of the girls were already dancing while the other sat around drinking and talking. We all said hi and I sat down and joined in with the conversation.

We ordered drinks and dinner and talked and laughed and Betty got some really cute gag gifts. I gave her an expensive scarf that she wanted. Since she was my best friend I had no gag gifts to give her since Bud had held me up so long. I didn't have time to stop and buy her one. I was a little resentful at first but then as the night went on I seem to forget about his attitude and complaining and being upset about me going out.

9PM came and we all started drinking more and dancing together and yes with a few guys. No one was one on one with anyone that I could see. Sure I danced with a couple of guys but no slow songs and I kept a reasonable but not ridicules distance between me and the men I was with. Finally we all seem to drift apart and danced ore. Then when I came back to the table some of the girls were sitting and talking while the younger ones were still dancing with the men. Finally we all were back at the table when the band took a break. The men had now joined us. There were for of them and they sat around the table and we were all yelling over the music coming from the jukebox and laughing and caring one. But it was just clean fun, nothing serious or sexual about it!

11PM came and I was wondering if I should perhaps get ready to leave but the girls talked me into staying another hour and told me it was Friday and I didn't have to get up early to go to work. They all kidded with me saying my husband could wait another hour to have sex with me. Since the men were sitting around us now I blushed and we all laughed.

We laughed and the band came back again from break and we danced and yes drank a little more than I should have, but I wasn't drunk I swear. I can't use that as an excuse that's for sure. And then it happened.

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