tagLoving WivesWhat Happened To My Life Ch. 05

What Happened To My Life Ch. 05



So here I am 6 weeks later and my husband Bud had filed for divorce and it's pending. I won't fight it. I know he'll be fair, that's just how he is.

Ray and I were living together full time now and as soon as the divorce was completed we were going to get married. But now as I had him in me every night and was being fucked like never before I began to realize that a big cock is fantastic, but it's not everything a marriage can be. I mean a marriage must be built on, love, honor, respect and dedication to the other person. Those are the foundation building blocks of any marriage. I mean it's what it's all about. I had that once with Bud and I broke it up like I had a sledge hammer on hollow concrete blocks.

It was sad, I mean I still felt like I loved Bud but he wasn't here any longer. I also hungered for Ray's cock but after the fucking was over we actually had nothing much in common. He was younger than me and was out playing sports or parting at night and I was doing my best to keep up with a much younger crowd than I was use to. With each day and week that passed, I realized I didn't love him like I was sure I did when we had fist been lovers. I knew I didn't love Ray like I had loved Bud. And I was the oldest person in the group that we hung out with.

Ray was a huge flirt and always had been. He flirted with women 5,10 or more years younger than me. The mind set between this group was fun, fun, fun and party, party, party, and more so it was sex, sex, sex and enjoying life all the time regardless of what happ3ened to any outside relationships they with other people. The sex we were all having had nothing to do with love. Ray and I were a couple but he played and flirted with every woman he met. He danced with them and I saw him rubbing their much younger and better bodies against each other as they danced. He even stood next to a woman and felt her up right in front of me. And there were times when I knew, I realized, Ray was in the parking lot with one of the young sweeties and I was sure she was either sucking his big cock or he fucking her wildly or both. I was dealing with it all but I didn't like it, not one bit. Meanwhile, when Ray was away with some bimbo, the so-called friends in the group came on to me all the time. But, I rebuffed them staying true to Ray.

Then the day of the divorce with Bud became finalized and I didn't see him again. We signed the paperwork in our lawyer's office and it was officially over. As I walked out of the office I felt sad, empty and alone. Oh sure I had Ray to remove Bud from my brain for a few hours as he rammed me with his big cock. But most of the time when he wasn't dancing or sneaking off with some younger pussy I was with his group of friends that's all I had now. All my old friends wouldn't even talk with me since they all found out what I did to Bud. Bud was very well liked by everyone.

So some nights I would just drive home and waited for Ray to come home later. I had no idea where he was some nights but I had a good idea what he was doing. There were times when he would leave the house and tell me he would be late. Sometimes it was 10 or 12 hours later before he came home. Sometimes he didn't come home until 2 or 3 AM. He never told me where he was or what he did and I was too afraid or scare to ask him. What would I do anyway if he just came right out and told me he was/had decided to sleep and fuck another woman? I knew he had done that already. It was most likely that he had fucked many of these young 25-year-olds in the group. I mean we always party almost every night.

Oh sure Ray told me he loved me all the time. And, the always told me we were going to get married and in fact we had made major plans for the wedding and the honeymoon. It would be in a few weeks from now. But that didn't stop Ray from playing and while I never saw him actually getting sex from these women he never gave me a direct reply to my questions. I knew, a woman knows when her man was fucking around on her. Yet, even if he would leave the bar and be gone for 45 minutes or an hour or more, Ray always came home and never failed to give me what I waited for and wanted when we got home. He had a very high sex drive and each night was like the first time I fucked him. He made me scream and I always had several orgasms before collapsing on top of him and falling asleep. Ray was good in bed. His cock was big, huge, gigantic compare to any man I ever had. But, the sex was just that, there wasn't the same love, devotion or romance with Ray like it had been with Bud.

Except for the past year or so, Bud and I made love and we had that special relationship between a man and a woman that goes beyond the physical aspect of sex, and fucking. Oh hell I didn't know how to explain it, I just knew that I didn't really love Ray like I use to love Bud. But I stayed with Ray and as the time moved on we both knew the marriage would take place and we would be husband and wife.

As I shopped for all the things a bride needs for her "special' day I ran into people that Bud and I both knew. Sometimes they would stop and chat with me sometimes they wouldn't. I found out that Bud was seeing another woman now and it was serious. As I listened to one of my old friend talk, my heart sank, then it broke and I almost started crying in front of them. Somehow I held off and when they told me they had to run, I went back to my car and sat there crying my heart out! I had given the man I loved away, just like that and for what? For a big cock attached to a man who played around and fucked other women just weeks before we were going to get married.

Each time I approached Ray about his cheating he would tell me it was simple fooling around and it didn't mean anything, it was just "man play" and sex. It meant nothing to him except it was a piece of ass. He would tell me like that, like I could take it or leave it. I took it.

Ray would always purchase something for me or take me somewhere to make up of his cheating. He always figured his money would cover his unfaithfulness. And after some time passed I would forgive him as he always took me to new or higher levels in our sex life. His stamina was unbelievable and there were many days after a night of full-blown sex with him that I had trouble walking. He always gave me that warm glow and feeling of being freshly fucked.

I guess it came to a head one night as a new woman had joined our group. Ray and I were to meet at Chelsea's bar where they all hung out. When I arrived they all greeted me and told me Ray would be back shortly that he had something to do. I waited for over an hour and when he walked into the bar he had a really young blond headed woman on his arm and she had the body of a playboy bunny. She was spectacular. He saw me and released the woman's arm. He came over and kissed me, I turned my head and he kissed my cheek. The blond was introduced to me and I found out she was 19 years old and her name was Maryann. She was so young she shouldn't have even been in the bar drinking but who was going to complain she was gorgeous.

Later that night when we got home I blew up and asked him why he did this to me all the time. I told him I had been faithful and never cheated on him like I had done to Bud. I told him I loved him and I knew he was cheating on me. He embarrassed and humiliated me in front of all the friends and people in the crowd. I was ashamed and upset and very mad. He told me it was how he lived his life and he couldn't just change over night. Yes, that was it. Ray's words were, "Look Ann I live my life that way and always have. I see something I want and I take it. These other woman are nothing to me. I fuck them, yes, but I want to marry you. I don't have any feelings for them except lust. I love you baby! You'll realize that as time goes by. Don't I always come home with you? I take these dumb ass women out on the parking lot, bang them, but I always come home to you. The others in our group do it too all the time. We share and share alike. It's just sex Ann, I know you know about that and I know men have offered to fuck you. I know because when we first started out and I fucked you that first night we both knew it was just sex. It grew into something better and more important but that first night it was just fucking, just sex."

I couldn't deny it because that was what it was. He told me he never got serious with any of them and that he loved only me and wanted me to be his wife. He pulled me to him and as hard as I fought him he began to make love to me. He fucked me for about an hour only after having fucked the other woman just two hours before. He worked me over really good and I of course screamed with my lust and passion and like always I was cumming like I always do when he pumps me with that big cock. I realized I was in a catch 22 here. I hated what he was doing to me, but I couldn't leave, didn't really want to leave. My only hope was that he might change after we got married and when he got older.

The day of the wedding came and as I stood outside the church I had a hundred emotions. I was happy, sad, upset angry and nervous. Then I was pulled to the side and was told by my maid of honor that Ray had fucked her the night before our wedding in the back of the church after the rehearsal. She felt so bad about it she figured she should tell me. And just then the wedding music began to play. I saw the first of my four bridesmaids begin to walk down the aisle, then the next and the next and then the maid of honor, the woman Ray had fucked last night. I was sick in my stomach as I took that first step down the aisle. Everyone was watching me as I walked step after step towards Ray. I saw him smile at each woman that passed him and I was sure he had fucked them all at one time or the other. But I continued to walk towards him. Then he took my hand and held it and the ceremony began. I stood there numb!

I don't remember any of the words that the minister spoke or what happened as we turned and walked towards the front door of the church. I was now married to Ray. I was now his wife and I prey to God he would now change. We did the reception thing with the garter and the flowers and cake cutting but as the party went on, I lost sight of Ray twice that day. But I did see him coming back into the hall with a different woman on his arm each time. I knew he had fucked two other women on our wedding day. I broke down and cried like I did that first time that I cheated on Bud.

I was sure now that Ray wouldn't change and now I was going to have to get use to it or leave him. I didn't want to be known as a woman who was married twice and divorce by 33. When we left the reception it was late and both of us had too much alcohol. At the hotel we staying in that night, Ray and I fell asleep. We didn't have sex we didn't even play around. We seemed to just pass out. The next day we took the hotel car to the airport and took our honeymoon vacation. Twenty days in the islands, half on a private sailboat and the other 10 days in an all-inclusive hotel on St Bart's a dream come true to most people but it turned out to be hell for me. It was glorious and romantic and beautiful and I hated it.

Ray had a woman on the boat and during the day he would disappear for an hour or so and I could hear them grunting and the woman crying out just like I did when he fucked me. Then at night Ray fucked me for hours. He didn't take this woman every day but he had her 5 or 6 times in the 10 days we were on the boat. It seems he hired her especially for this act and to keep me company when he went into town with the owner of the boat. She was another woman and I didn't want to think about what he was doing in town. But, deep in my heart I knew what he was doing. His money could buy pussy for him whenever he wanted some. But every night he was back on board and he fucked me wildly.

Then we headed to the resort for the 10 days on land. Our room was fantastic and it of course over looked the beach and water. It gave me a view of the beach and ocean and the seceny was beautiful. It also gave me the view of Ray stopping and talking with other women on the beach. It was a clothing optional beach and with his big cock hanging between his legs most women would start to talk with him. He would say having a big cock was great but it was also a curse. There were days at the resort when I would see him walking away or coming back with some lovely female. I would say these women were some of the most beautiful women in the world and were of all colors too. One thing for sure, Ray didn't discriminate he love all women

Finally we got home and I moved into his big home and sold my little house. Bud didn't want anything we had but I made him split the profit 50/50.

I hadn't seen Bud now for months. I hadn't heard any news about his life. Then one day I saw him and this dark haired woman walking towards me as I was coming from the other way in the mall. They looked very happy. But, when he saw me he turned and walked into a store. I followed him and made him introduce the woman to me. My heart was breaking when he told me Sheila was his wife. He introduced her to me and I shook her hand. My heart was shattered and I didn't really know why. I knew he would remarry he was that type of man.

As Sheila took some clothing into the dressing room, Bud quickly gave me a ten-cent update on his life. He told me Sheila had put her money into the business and it was growing faster than he could hire people.

Then he asked me about my marriage and I told him about the wedding and honeymoon. Then I broke down and cried as I told him about Ray and all the women that he had even fucked before and after we were married. I told him about the night before the wedding when he fucked my maid of honor. I told him about the boat and the woman and what went on below deck. I told him about the resort and what I saw and what Ray did almost every day with a new woman. Then I told him I didn't know why I married Ray except that I was sure I was addicted to his big cock. I apologized to Bud for what I did to him and our life together. Then I started to walk away. As I had turned and was maybe three steps away Sheila came out of the dressing room dressed in a small bikini. She said, "Wait Ann! Don't leave, maybe we could have lunch together."

I turned and looked at her. She was lovely. Her body was good and very shapely and her face was beautiful. She looked very happy, just like I did the first years we were married. He saved me from more embarrassment as he told her that I was late for a meeting. She said, "Well maybe some other time.'

I shook my head and walked away. Later that year I found out Sheila was going to have a baby and it crushed me. Here I was with everything I wanted money, a big house and a man with a huge cock that really knew how to use it. And yet I missed my ex husband and cried almost every night that Ray when Ray went out.

Finally he gave me the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. As I came home from shopping and opened the front door to the house I saw a beautiful but very young woman dressed in only a pair of bikini thong panties walking into our kitchen. Immediately I realized that Ray had brought her home. He had fucked this woman in our bed in our house. It was the first time but certainly not the last time Ray came home with another woman and fucked her as he slapped and rubbed my face in it. They were always younger, better looking and of course much better built that I was. At first I fought with him and screamed and cursing him out but as usual he won. We would eventually fuck or buy me things and make up with me. And like the fool that I was I didn't leave him. I loved my life style and stayed. And the depravity went on and on.

They say you make your own bed and then have to sleep in it. I now understood that old saying completely. As the years went by Bud had two more kids and Ray had taken more than two dozen women every year and bring them home to fuck. He now didn't go out much they came to the house. He would leave me watching TV and take these women upstairs. He agreed not to fuck them in our bed. So he busted out the walls between two of the five spare bedrooms and made a huge chamber of sex as he called it. He fucked me in it a few times and then I never went back in that room again. We fucked in our bed. Ray fucked the other women in that sex room. He had a huge bed and many sex toys, which he tried out on me a few times. I guess I just didn't get off on them like he wanted. He even had chains and handcuffs and a Siberian fuck machine in the room. He made me try that one too, once, but it almost killed me. I guess I was just too old to take it like he wanted me to.

But the women came and went like a revolving door. Then one day he told me he wanted a child. I told him that at 36 I wasn't about to have a kid. So guess what?

Yep, he paid a woman, that 19-year-old beautiful woman/child with the biggest tits I have ever seen for a 19-year-old to have his baby. It was Maryann the girl I saw him with in the bar that night a few months ago. Oh and of course he didn't want to have it any other way than by fucking her. With the size of his cock, it didn't take very long to impregnate her body full of fertile eggs. She was knocked up after the first week I was sure of it. But Ray continued to fuck her day and night for a month. I would sit and listen to her cry out telling him how much she loved his big cock hour after hour. Funny it sounded just like me the first 10 or 12 dozen times I fucked Ray.

Then when we got the news about her being implanted with his seed, he told me she was going to live with us. He told me he wanted to take care of the mother of his child. He moved her into the house and I watched them play and fuck and make love. As she got bigger and her belly grew larger, Ray made gentle love to her at night. He wasn't doing that to me. He was with her now almost all of the time. I was more the woman of the house but she was his lover.

When I approached him and told him I wasn't happy with this setup he told me it would change after the baby was born. The months passed and then Maryann, just couldn't take his big cock any more. Ray came back to me. He fucked me and had Maryann sucked him and cleaned him so he could fuck me again. Night after night the three of us spent hours in the bedroom, our bedroom, my bedroom and we fucked and sucked. Maryann liked to lick him and me clean and she ate my pussy as I straddle her face and she laid on the bed. Her big belly was now a month away from having the baby! Ray would do the same thing fucking her mouth over her large and ever-growing breasts. It was sad what he did to this young woman but she never complained and in fact I was sure she loved every minute of it.

Then the day came when she was taken to the hospital and the baby came, it was a boy and Ray was overwhelmed. Like everything else Ray got what he wanted, a baby boy. I figured OK, now the bitch could leave us alone but after a few days he came home with her and the baby. I was told when I asked him about it that Maryann had to stay with us she was breast-feeding the baby and he wanted the baby in stay in his house. What could I say? What could I do? The only option I had was to leave him. I knew I would get a good separation and would be set for life but I didn't. Don't ask I don't know why I didn't walk out I just didn't.

As Maryann took care of the baby and her body healed, Ray waited and fucked me every night as she watched us and fed her baby. There was one good thing about him having a baby, he didn't bring any more women home and he didn't go out but once a week with the guys. They went to hockey or football games or they went and played cards in Atlantic City things like that. Oh I'm not dumb I knew Ray was fucking someone on those nights he was away until 3 AM. Hell on some nights he stayed over calling and telling me they were all to drunk to come home. But I knew it wasn't that he was drunk but that he was having an orgy in his room. But he was much more responsible and didn't do it but once a week if that.

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