tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat Happened to Your Wife

What Happened to Your Wife

bySammy Man©

Your wife, Janet, and I work together in an office downtown; the place has the usual office politics, back stabbing, gossip, etc. And one Saturday, when you were out of town, Janet invited me over to your house; she had wanted to discuss some office problems away from anyone who could overhear us.

Janet is in her mid 30's and I have always admired her looks. Admired? Who am I kidding–hell, I wanted her. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and an hour-glass figure with a tendency to some fullness in her hips and ass. She had already had two children, and I know she had been wanting another but you had not. Anyway, she met me at the door and asked me in. She wore a light blue sweat suit; the jacket was loose but the pants clung to her ass as she walked. I could feel my cock tightening already. I had planned well for this afternoon, and, when she wasn't looking, I slipped some of one of those new "designer" date rape drugs into her soft drink. The guy I bought the drug from assured me it was completely colorless and tasteless. "She'll never know what hit her, and she won't even remember you ever being there," he had told me.

She drank her spiked drink. As we sat and talked, I watched her face begin to get that far away look; soon her eyes closed and she slumped over on the couch. Before she passed out completely, she said she wasn't feeling too well and could I help her to bed? I helped her walk and partly carried her into your bedroom where she practically fell unto your bed.

The drug had taken affect, and Janet lay on her bed in a deep sleep. I needed to test just how deep, since the last thing I wanted was for her to wake up "in the middle of things". I stroked her long blonde hair gently – no response. I leaned over and lightly kissed her, ready to jump back if need be – no response. I reached down and grabbed her right tit through her clothes and squeezed – no response. I then grabbed a nipple in each of my hands and pinched and pulled like I was milking a cow – she only moaned and began to breath a little faster and then went back to sleep. Last test, I thought,grabbing her crotch through her sweat pants and rubbing fiercely against her mons. A little deeper breathing again, maybe a moan, but otherwise she lay there waiting for my use.

Quickly, roughly I undressed your unconscious wife. I pulled her tight blue sweat pants down around her ankles and all the way off, followed by her white cotton panties. I ripped her T shirt off, not wanting to waste any more time and finally her bra. She lay there and I looked at her nude, waiting body. Her red lips were partially opened, her C-cup boobs were firm and she had large dark brown nipples. She had a belly button ring,like a girl half her age and a belly showing only a few signs of the children she had already had. So you want another child? I thought, grinning.

But before getting to her baby box, I rolled her over to take her ass. Her cheeks were round, full and she had the cutest little brown asshole just winking at me. Looking around, I discovered a small bottle of K-Y massage oil and poured some on her ass, inserting the tip of the bottle right in her back door and filling it with lubricant. Between the warm oil and her deeply relaxed muscles, my hard, stiff cock penetrated your wife's ass hole easily, meeting little resistance. I then fucked your sweet wife in her ass, long and hard, sinking my shaft all the way up into her bowels. One thing, when the lady is unconscious like this, is that the cock using her can ususally get very deep into whatever hole he likes. Her round ass felt so fantastic under me, like a pair of big soft pillows and I unloaded a sperm enema deep into her. Do you like hearing about that? Does that disgust you, or turn you on? The thought of my sperm and your wife's shit mixing it up in her colon? I pulled my sticky cum and shit covered cock out of her ass and was reaching for her panties to clean myself when I had a better idea.

I rolled Janet over unto her back and straddled her face. I waved my smelly cock under her noise, which involuntarily wrinkled in disgust at the smell. I forced her mouth open with my hands and inserted my dirty cock between her lips. I'm guessing she sucks your cock a lot because of what happened next. It was like she had a computer program for cock sucking in her brain, because as soon as my cock passed her lips, she began sucking like her life depended on it. She was beautiful; her cheeks sucking as her tongue worked up and down my shaft. She sucked like a baby nursing on a tit for life giving nourishment and she soon had my cock hard again, licking cum and her own shit off my cock. I could have cum again, then and there, deep throating her but wanted to save myself for the main event.

I pulled out of her mouth, spread her thighs and dove to her cunt. I wanted to taste her clit and pussy before filling her and preceded to eat her out. Your wife's cunt was delicious; her juices were flowing, and I swear she had a mini-orgasm despite being unconscious. I shoved my cock into her wet cunt and began to fuck her deeply. I pushed in and out using her for my pleasure. As my shaft sank deep into your precious wife's married pussy, the head of my cock hit something hard. What the fuck? I pulled out of her and shoved my fist into her open, helpless cunt exploring her. She had a damn diaphragm inside, covering her cervix! What the fuck, I thought again. I put two and two together–I knew you, her husband, was out of town and that she had invited me over for the afternoon on a fairly flimsy excuse. Had she been planning to seduce me, while I had been plotting how to rape her? Damn. If possible my cock got even harder at the thought. My fingers were still inside her and I pulled her diaphragm out,exposing her vulnerable cervix and presumably fertile womb to my loaded cock. I re- entered her, fucking and screwing your wife as hard as I could. I could barely hold back as I pounded her hole hard. Your going to be too sore to walk after this, I thought. One more deep thrust and I felt the head of my cock meet her now open, waiting cervix. One more push and I penetrated her last barrier and felt the wonderful tightness as her cervix grabbed my cock head. I exploded into your wife's womb and flooded her most private, personal, intimate place with my potent man-cum. I spasmed again and again into her, imaging my little guys swimming up deeper into her and finding some eggs fertilize. I lay on top of her, panting and spent, leaving my cock inside her. When I recovered enough to move, I pulled my cock out and replaced her diaphragm, covering her cervix and effectively plugging her womb so my sperm couldn't escape. I kissed her flat belly, blessing the union of my sperm and your wife's eggs, and left her there......

That was all several months ago. I've seen her at work almost every day and have watch her belly swell with her new baby. I"ve wondered what she told you but haven't asked. I mean, some things should be left private. She looks even more beautiful to me pregnant. Lately, I've been plotting how to get together with her again, but that's for another story.

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