tagMatureWhat Happens at the Beach Ch. 02

What Happens at the Beach Ch. 02


We walked slowly back to the condo my family had rented holding hands. We came in quietly and the place was dark. We found our way back to our room in the dark and there flipped on the lamp on the dresser.

I pulled her to me and we kissed.

She pulled away and went over to the door shutting it all the way and locking it.

"Careful, remember?"

I handed her her panties from my pocket and she laughed and threw them on the floor. We kissed again.

I unbuttoned her dress and took it off. She undid her bra as I undressed.

When we were both naked I pushed her back to my bed and lay her across it. I got on my knees on the floor in front of it. I rubbed at her pussy, and played with her for a minute, parting her lips with my fingers. Then I licked her. I did not take it as slow as I had planned. I think we both knew we'd soon be sleepy.

She came after a little while and I climbed on the bed and mounted her.

"Ooooommm," she said as I pushed inside her and then whispered: "Are you going to come inside me again?"

"I thought we had to be careful."

"Of your mother and my brother," she laughed. "I think we'll be okay in the other department."


I fucked her for a while on the bed until she told me she wanted me in her mouth.

"I thought you wanted me to come inside you."

"Tomorrow, you have to."

I pulled out and climbed up and straddled her face. She took me in her mouth as I slowly moved in and out. I was worried about being able to come in her mouth still being slightly drunk and having come once already, but her lips were so perfect on me and I was so relaxed with her that I actually came fairly shortly.

"Mmmm," she said as I dropped my load in her mouth.

I pulled out of her and a little dribbled on her lip. I wiped it away with my finger.

She smiled and could tell she still had it in her mouth.

"You actually like it?"


"What's it taste like?"

"Here," she said and kissed me.

"It doesn't taste like much," I said lying back on the bed. She lay back and put her head on my shoulder.

"It's a texture thing," she said. "Plus I know it turns men on. I don't do it for everyone."

I laughed.



She looked up at me and I pulled her to me and kissed her. After a while, I got up and turned out the light and we got under the covers and lay in the dark.

"So," she asked. "Are you going to keep your date?"



"No, I mean, why would I?"

"I don't know."

"9 o'clock is too damn early anyway."

She laughed.

"Are you going to keep yours?"

"I'll have dinner with them."


"But I'm going to be back early enough to fuck you."

I didn't say anything, but my heart kind of sunk.

"Is that okay? We'll have to wait until your parents go to bed anyway."

"Fine," I said. "I kind of want you again now."

"Tomorrow sweetheart," she said sleepily.

"And what about after?"

"We go home?"


"And what happens at the beach stays at the beach."

I woke a few hours later and the sky was starting get lighter out the window. She had moved to her own bed. I went to take a leak and I noticed the door to the room was unlocked and slightly cracked. I took a piss and went back to bed. I looked around on the floor and found my underwear and put it on just in case before I went back to sleep.

When I woke up again, it was light out and she was gone. I got up and went to the kitchen. There was coffee in the pot and I poured myself a cup. I found a note on the counter: "Dad's playing golf. Aunt Susan and I are out walking on the beach. Love, M.

I checked the time on my cell phone back in my room. Almost 10.

I thought about my aunt keeping her "date" and that what happens at the beach bullshit and thought Fuck it. I called the woman from the bar.

"Am I too late?" I asked when she picked up.

"It's late," she said. "He'll be here at noon."

"I'm sorry."

"Just hurry."

I grabbed my car keys- I had had to come down separately from my folks because I had had a college exam that I had had to stick around for back in Atlanta.

I drove quickly, but it took me thirty minutes to find the place. It was a big stucco place with Bermuda grass one of those circular driveways. It had blurred glass tiles all around the door and I figured it cost a fortune.

She greeted me at the door wearing only a black slip. She kissed me, tongue and all. There was a maid vacuuming the living room. I looked at her questioningly.

"I told her you were my nephew," she said grabbing my crotch.

I shrugged.

"What? I don't pay her to speak English," she said rubbing me. "It's smaller than it was last night."


"Yeah," she said. "We'll have to something about that."

She led me to the kitchen and pointed to a Bloody Mary and said it was mine. I asked if she wasn't going to have one also and she told me she had three waiting on me to call and show up.

"I'm sorry," I said, taking a big gulp of the drink.

She led me back through the foyer up a long staircase and to a room in the back with a big bed and very modern love seat that only had one arm.

"I was almost upset," she said sitting back on the love seat.


"Yes, I don't get stood up."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, make it up."

She pulled up the bottom of the slip and showed me her bare pussy, with a neatly trimmed patch of hair just above it. She started rubbing herself. I took another sip of the Bloody Mary and went over and started kissing her. I pulled my pants down.

"Uh-uh," she said. "I'm still pissed."

She pushed my head down to her crotch and I licked her until she came. After that, she melted and she let me fuck her. At one point, I turned her around and fucked her from behind. it was getting kind of boring so I stuck a finger up her ass. She cried out in pleasure so I put another one inside of her. Before I knew it, I was fucking her in the ass.

Normally, I don't do any of that, but I find it's good for taking a woman down a notch and I figured that woman could definitely stand to be taken down a notch. The maid walked in right as I came in her and nearly died of shock. She was so busy coming she didn't even notice.

I put my finger to my lips and the maid went out the door.

I left quickly without any pleasantries other than telling her I would call if she wanted to hook up again. She told me only if I would fuck her ass again and out of the heat of the moment it grossed me out.

Back at the condo, my mother and Aunt Susan were making sandwiches in the kitchen area.

"Where have you been?" my mother asked.

"Lunch," I lied and I could tell Aunt Susan knew.

"Oh, darn, we were making lunch."

I shrugged and went back to the room to shower. In the shower I realized how hungry I was and wished I had come up with a better story. After a few minutes, Aunt Susan came in and I heard her close the bedroom door. A minute later the bathroom door opened. She pulled back the shower curtain.

"Join you?"

"Sure," I said.

She came to me and pulled the curtain behind her and kissed me.

"Mom?" I whispered.

"She ran to the store for mayonnaise for when your father gets home."

We kissed and I reached down and rubbed her crotch. When it was slick I turned her around. I was only half-hard, but when I put my head to her lips it did the trick. I entered her.

"So how was she?"

"What?" I had forgotten her already.

"How was she? The woman from the bar?"


"Exactly, dearest. And I'm sure she was awful if you had."

"A bore."


I fucked her standing there in the shower until she came. It took me a bit longer, but I was able to get off inside her.

"Oh god," she breathed. "How am I going to let you go?"

"Maybe you don't have too."

I left her in the shower to finish cleaning up and I went and lay down on the bed with a towel wrapped around my waist. There was a plate with a sandwich on the nightstand waiting for me.

That night, I went out to the bar after dinner with my folks. No women talked to me and I didn't make eyes at any. Around midnight, I was drunk and drove home. All the lights were already out and I stumbled into the room, banging my knee on the coffee table walking through the living room. I went straight to bed and closed my eyes to not have to watch the room spinning around.

At 3 a.m. I woke up and saw the clock on the nightstand. I realized then that I wasn't just getting head in my dream. I placed my hand on the back of her head and ran my fingers through her hair. She continued for a few minutes and then came up next to me and we kissed.

"Tell me about it," I said.


"It's okay, I'm not jealous now. Not now that you're with me and we can do it again."

"Nothing happened, really."

"Tell me what didn't happen."



She was rubbing the head of my dick against the lips of her pussy to get herself wet.

"Well, I didn't have dinner with them, and drink too much wine."

"I know that's a lie."

She laughed.

"Okay, I did that, but I never made out with her."

"When would that have happened?"

"Probably when he went to the bathroom and she slid over next to me."

"So he didn't see?"

"No, but if he did it would have been when he came back from the bathroom."

"And then what?" I was inside her now.

"Then I didn't help her give him head."

"Then what?" I said grabbing her hips like reins as she rode me.

"Then she didn't lick my pussy while he watched and I didn't watch as they fucked."

"And then you didn't let him fuck you?"

"No- he wouldn't have fucked me even if something had happened."

Then there was no more talk, just the feel of her hips in my hands and her warm, wet pocket that I felt like would swallow me whole until I came in her and the flood brought me back to the surface.

"You too?" I said.

"Oh god yes. Harder than I ever have."

"Me too."

"How am I going to let you go?"

"You don't have to."

"What happens at the beach-"

"Fuck that?"

"See?" she said after a minute. "I'm a good aunt."

I kissed her lips in the dark.

"I don't fuck anybody but my nephew. I definitely don't let any other man lick me."

I kissed her and started kissing my way down.

"No, baby. Not right now."


"Tomorrow morning. Before we leave."

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