tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat Happens Behind Closed Doors Ch. 1

What Happens Behind Closed Doors Ch. 1


Dedication: To C, he has such a warped mind and I knew that he'd like this.

Author's note: This is my first time writing such a fic. I've never written anything like this before.

Feedback: It'd be nice. I might actually be convinced to write another.



Joyce Summers had always been the perfect mother for her daughter Buffy. Even though her and Hank had divorced, she made sure that her and Buffy remained close. Though now the problem was Buffy was growing up into a fine young woman. Which meant her body was developing even more. Her chest wasn't flat as a girl, but was now replaced by breasts. Breasts that was full and round with the perfect size to be held by a woman's hand. She also noticed that her daughter curves and long lean legs. Joyce wondered how smooth it would be if she placed her hand gliding up and caressing her until she felt that firm ass.

"What's gotten into me? I can't be thinking about my own flesh and blood like this. She's my daughter, she's my little girl." 'But yet you want to see her naked and feel her body crushed up against yours. You want to kiss her soft, gentle lips and caress your hands all over her body.'

"I have to stop this kind of thinking. It's no good." Though Joyce knew it wasn't good to be thinking about her daughter with her in a compromising position, it was going to linger on her mind for the rest of the day.


Meanwhile Buffy was up in her room exploring the finer parts of her body. She heard about women reaching their sexual prime at thirty, but Buffy felt at sixteen that she reached it. After her break up with her last boyfriend and then she cane to Sunnydale, she'd been getting highly aroused all the time. She wanted to experience sex. She heard the stories and saw a video and she knew right then and there what she wanted. Her thoughts of having a man make her experience her first sexual orgasm brought a tingling sensation throughout her entire body. So as of now Buffy opted on pleasuring herself. She laid sprawled on her full size bed in her white tank top and matching panties. Her left hand cupped her left breast, massaging it tenderly while her right hand journeyed it's way down to the waistband of her panties as her fingers touched the nest of soft blonde curls. She let her forefinger and thumb delve inside, parted the wet folds and started squeezing her clit to start releasing the sexual tension that stirred within her body. Her fingers continued on massaging her clit. Her left hand went beneath the cotton tank top letting her fingers touching her soft skin trailing upwards to her breast, her eyes were closed and lips parted open moaning at the touches she was giving herself. She let go of both hands from their places for a while, she took off her underwear and tossed it aside. Now she was able to spread her legs for her fingers to be guided inside her slick wet folds. She raised her tank top high enough so she could see a perfect round breasts. Her hands went back to their designated places and started its task all over again.


As Joyce was passing by her daughter's bedroom, she heard her moaning uncontrollably. Joyce stood by the door listening to her daughter masturbates in her room. As the moans increased higher and higher, Joyce's body reacted as if she was hearing a man fucking a woman and her panties were getting moist. Her desire right now was to see her daughter fingering herself in front of her while she'd do the same as well. Needless to say Joyce slowly turned the knob of the door and spotted her completely naked daughter touching her body. Joyce was aroused even more by the sight before her. She couldn't believe how pretty she was that she was the one that gave birth to such a beautiful creature. 'Oh, how I'd like my hands to be at her hips, with my hair sprawled over covering her thighs and I'd let my tongue lap up the wet juices coming from her clit and hearing her moan out my name. Oh, how much I wish that very so.'

Buffy's hips began bucking widely as she continued on fingering herself deeper. Her moans grew louder and she that some point that her orgasm was about to come.


"Oh! I think I'm gonna come!"

"Oh! Here it comes! I'm coming! I'm coming! Yes!" Buffy's body jerked widely lifting her ass in the air as her orgasm took over her. She then closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Joyce looked at what her daughter had done and was amazed by her beautiful body. The thoughts of her wanting her daughter consumed her like crazy.


Joyce made dinner to distract her mind from the scene of her daughter touching herself. She just couldn't get the images of Buffy's hand squeezing her perfectly round breasts. Though the best image was her fingers playing at her clit rubbing and seeing her moaning at the pleasure she was giving herself.

"Oh, Buffy you have no idea how much I want you. The idea of my hands touching, caressing and squeezing makes me hot and bothered. I want to kiss those soft lips and part them open with my tongue to lick yours with mine and lightly massage it. This ache inside of me is just tearing my heart in two. I need to be with you."

Joyce made her way up the stairs to her daughter's room and entered. Buffy was lying nude to her side. So Joyce had a great view of her ass. She made her way over to her daughter's bed and glided her fingertips up the contours of her daughter's smooth, silky skin. Her hands stopped right curve of Buffy's breast. She made little circles especially at the tip of her nipple. Buffy whimpered and Joyce quickly moved her hand away thinking her daughter was about to wake up. That didn't happen, so Joyce was relieved and continued on, but this time she cupped Buffy's breast squeezing it softly to have Buffy moaning under her touch.

"Oh! More," she said in her sleep. Joyce complied with her daughter's request. Joyce just wished that her daughter had been awake to see that she was giving her pleasure and not a man in her dreams. As Buffy's moans became louder, Joyce was starting to moan as well. Though just when Buffy was getting into the moment, she felt the need to wake up. Joyce immediately took her hand and waited to gaze into those green eyes.

"Mom! What are you doing?" Buffy said grabbing her tank top to cover her breasts.

"Oh, Buffy there isn't anything that I haven't seen before. I'm your mother. I just wanted to tell you that dinner's ready."

"Thanks Mom. I'll be down after I change."


As they were both eating dinner, Buffy wanted to ask her mother a question.

"Mom, I was wondering do my breasts look perfect to you?" Joyce nearly chocked on her chicken.

"What? Why would you ask me such a thing?"

"I'm asking you because you're my mother. Besides you just saw them. So what do you think?" Joyce knew answering this question was dangerous territory.

"They look fine dear."

"Just fine? I don't want to meet a guy and when we do make love that they're just fine." Buffy was making it harder for Joyce to really answer her question truthfully.

"They're perfect. No man wouldn't want desire to touch them. " 'Or woman.'

"Thanks Mom. See I knew you could be honest with me," she said smiling.

"Do you want desert sweetie? We have ice cream."

"Sure, why not."


They sat in the living room eating the ice cream away. Buffy was having a great time being in the company of her mother. She loved her mother dearly. As she licked the vanilla off her spoon with her tongue, Joyce's mind was filled erotic images of Buffy in the nude as she poured vanilla ice cream on her and eats it off. The images kept bombarding her mind over and over again that she didn't hear Buffy calling out her name.

"Mom! Are you alright?"

"Yes, dear. I'm sorry, I just zoned out for a minute."

"I'm heading to bed. 'Night Mom," she said kissing her cheek.

"'Night Buffy."


Joyce knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep at all tonight. She knew for sure that masturbating wouldn't solve the aching pain that delved between her legs. She needed a young woman to fill her craving, so she called Faith.

"Faith, could you come on over. I miss you and I need you."

"Oh, Joyce what happened now? Did Buffy do something to get you all worked up?"

"It's Buffy. Just hurry over. I need you," she said pleading.


In no time Faith made it to the Summers residence. She was glad to see Joyce. She maybe B's mom, but she was one great lover. She gave Joyce what she wanted and Joyce did the same as well.

"Mmm. It's good to see you," Joyce said after releasing the kiss.

"You too." Faith leaned her head closer and captured Joyce lips and kissed away. Faith flicked her tongue at the opening of Joyce's mouth and Joyce obliged letting her lover's tongue join hers. Their hands started roaming around each other's body. Faith's hand found it's way underneath Joyce's blouse and cupped her bra squeezing her breast causing a moan escape Joyce's lips.

"I think we better head upstairs, don't you?" Faith suggested.

"Uh huh."


Upstairs in Joyce's bedroom, both her and Faith continued on kissing. A part of her wished that it were a petite blonde in her arms instead of a brunette. Though for how she didn't mind Faith's company at all. Faith gently unbutton Joyce's blouse and unzipped her skirt leaving her only red bra and matching panties. Faith looked her over and loved what she saw.

"Oh, Joyce I surely see you've been working out lately. Fantasizing about Buffy really has done some good for you."

"Oh, Faith let's forget about my daughter for now. What I want for you to do is fuck me now?"

"Now, there's something I don't mind doing." Faith returned her lips Joyce's and continued on kissing, while her hands went to Joyce's back and unhooked her bra. Her hands then moved forward and squeezed the breasts that needed to be touched by a woman. Faith moved her lips away from Joyce, traveling down her neck and then finding it's place on a nipple.

"Oh, Faith!" Faith lightly bit into Joyce's nipple causing more excitement to rush Joyce's body. Her arousal in her underwear was apparent. She felt how went she was and Faith didn't even eat her yet. Faith moved over to the neglected breasts and did the same action. Joyce's hand threaded through the dark haired girl lightly massaging her scalp.

Faith then moved on further down her stomach licking her belly button and stopped at her panties. Her hands started rubbing off against the cotton panties and realized that they were moist already. She let her fingers go through massaging her, but not actually putting her fingers inside that wet, moist pussy. It was what Joyce wanted because she moved her lower body further showing Faith what she wanted. Faith slowly discarded the underwear.

"Now open your legs for me." Those were the words Joyce wanted to hear so badly. Faith's hands went directly to Joyce's hips holding her steady, while her head or mainly her tongue started licking and probing the older woman's clit. She knew how to lick every single crevice of her lover's clit and knew what reaction she'd get by doing so.

"Oh, Faith that's it right there. Mmm. Keep it going." Faith smiled and gently bit into Joyce's clit getting a hiss in return. Finally Joyce couldn't handle the feeling any longer as her hips began to buck widely.

"Oh, I'm coming!" Joyce felt an explosion surge throughout her entire body as her orgasm took over her. Faith stood up licking her lips from the juice that she lapped up from her lover's clit. She quickly discarded her clothes and her hand with Joyce's and lay on the bed. Faith straddled her legs to the side of Joyce's hips and looked down at her and smiled.

"Well Joyce tell me what is it did Buffy do today to get you all riled up?" Faith then leaned down and nipped at the pert nipple before her. Her other hand massaged the neglected breast.

"Yes, it's Buffy. I saw her touching herself today," she said out of breath.

"How could have you seen her?"

"She was in her room when I head her moaning and her door was unlocked and I went inside to see her. There she was all naked before me, her hair messed up sweating with one of her hands squeezing her breasts, while the other hand had it's fingertips delved inside the sweet pussy playing at her clit. Then her hips were bucking widely until all her sense overtook her and orgasm.

"You wanted to be that hand, huh Joyce? You wanted to taste those juices that would run off your lips and down your throat," Faith said while moving her finger lower until she found her intended spot.

"Oh Yes! I want to!" Joyce yelled. She realized that was touching her where she needed most. If she couldn't have Buffy touching her there, she'd settle for Faith.

"I'm almost there. Oh! Yes! Yes!" Joyce set her body down after the convulsions that were in her.


Joyce decided to let her young companion have a taste of her own medicine. Since Faith was so gentle and caring to her, why not return the favor.

Faith had already discarded her clothing so she was left in black satin bra with matching panties. She lay their waiting to see what her Joyce was about to do. Things between them had always got very interesting. Sometimes it'd be kinky and then at times it'd be sensual and romantic.

Joyce laid her legs at the side of Faith's hips and straddled her. She looked down intently at the dark haired just ready to devour like a meal. As she leaned her head down and captured Faith's lips, Faith's hands went automatically around her hips holding her. Joyce's breasts lightly grazed over the satin bra causing Faith to moan as well causing her nipples erect. Faith's hands roamed up her lover's bareback sending jolts electricity surging through her fingertips and Joyce's back. Joyce moved down continuing kissing as she reached the nape of Faith's neck, lightly licking and sucking the sensitive skin. Her lips proceeded onto her breastbone, while her fingers moved to sides of the bra straps and lifting Faith to unhook it. Her hands went to cup the padded breasts massaging it ever so gently. She released the bra and tossed it aside letting her lips replace her hands on the breasts. Swirling her tongue and lightly nipping it to elicit a moan from the woman beneath her. Her lips went to the other neglected one, while the other stayed wet from the suckling.

Joyce's hands had a mind of their own. The left on went wandering down a journey from Faith's sides; hips and gliding, by letting her fingertips send little jolts of electricity and accomplishing her task. Faith's breathing was getting erratic from the touches. The other found its place firmly on her behind. Her lips went down kissing the hipbone from either side. Then she continued lightly blowing at the nest curls, which made Faith laugh. Joyce let fingers delve inside Faith's slick, wet folds stroking in and out of opening. Each and every time she added another digit rubbing Faith's clit in her fingertips, Faith's moans grew louder and louder.

"Joyce! Oh, yes! More!" Joyce did what she request, but already added her tongue to stimulate Faith's nerves to high that was never reached before. Though before she gave the young girl the ultimate satisfaction, she needed her to do a favor.

"Faith. Can I ask you to do something for me?"

"Huh? What?" she said out of breath. She wondered why Joyce stopped.

"Can you do something for me?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"I'd like you to convince Buffy to make love with me. Can you do that?"

"Sure. Though I doubt she'll do it." Joyce gently bit down at her clit not liking her response.

"I'm sorry. She'll give in. I promise you."

To be continued...

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