tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat Happens Behind Closed Doors Ch. 3

What Happens Behind Closed Doors Ch. 3


* 4 year later*

Buffy enjoyed her time with her mother, but her little sister was all grown up and became a beautiful teenage lady. She was eighteen and her looks were much more graceful. Lately whenever Buffy would pass by her sister's room she'd catch a glimpse of her kid sister getting dressed up. The curves on her teenage body were showing even more. Buffy wondered what it'd be like to kiss her sister.

"Would Dawnie allow me to kiss her or would she find it totally weird and disgusting? I hope I can show her that kissing her sister is something nice and worth her while."

Buffy came home from school and figured her sister was home up in her room probably starting her homework before the weekend started. She went inside her room, drooped her books nearby her desk and made her way to her sister's room. When she saw her sister dressed up in a black knee length skirt with a cute cartoon t-shirt that said "LOVE ME." Buffy smiled at the words on the shirt.

"Hey Dawnie! I was wondering if I could ask you something?"

"What is it that you want? 'Cause I'm a bit busy and I have plans for tonight."

"Gee, someone's being a little bitchy today. Let me leave you and not bother you ever." Buffy made her way to leave when Dawn called after her.

"Buffy, don't go. Please stay. I miss talking to my big sister." Buffy smiled. 'I got her right where I want her.' Buffy turned around and walked towards her sister's bed and sat down.

"So where are you going tonight?"

"I'm heading to The Bronze and hang with my friends."

"Oh, I thought that maybe you'd keep me company and we'd make it a girls night in," Buffy said sadly.

"Really? Well then I'll cancel my plans and we can stay in together for the night."

"You really don't have to Dawnie. I'll just go hang out with my friends."

"Oh, no. I insist. I haven't spent some time with my big sis. We can do all the fun things."

"Sure. I can't wait," Buffy said smiling. Buffy knew that after tonight that her and Dawn would be closer than ever.


Buffy had to gotten dressed in her pajamas, which mainly consisted of a big buttoned down shirt. She made sure that she had everything set for her grand seduction for little sis. Buffy figured a little kissing, will lead to some fondling and then touching and playing with her sister's pussy. Just thinking about her hands and her fingers toying with her sister's clit made her breasts hard and her pussy dripping wet. She wondered if she could hold on for her sister to touch her there as well or should she masturbate. She chose the latter.

As she lay in her bed, she slipped out of her panties and tossed the aside. Her fingers found it's merry way down her flat stomach to the hairless mound of pussy down below and gently began toying with her clit. While her fingers delved into her wet channel feeling the slickness of her clit rubbed up against her fingers. Her other hand which was unattended found it's way and opened a few buttons until both her breasts were fully exposed. She placed her hand on her breast squeezing it ever so gently as her eyes were closed, mouth parted as she was feeling the pleasure she brought upon herself. Buffy loved picturing the image in her mind that she'd kiss Dawn and make her moan and feel this sheer sensation that only a woman can bring to another. As the images of her and her sister kept fluttering through her mind the squeezing of her breast became more intense as to her fingers, which were dripping even more.

"Oh! I want you Dawnie! I want you so much," Buffy said as her hips jerked from left to right, up and down. The uncontrollable rush of an intense orgasm was about to take its hold. Her moans grew louder and louder. All she wanted was to have her little sister's lips upon hers and their naked bodies touching one another.

"Oh! I'm coming!" Her body rocked until her orgasm over took her, which left her body shaking and feeling very calm and sated.


Buffy was dressed in her clothes before and waited for her sister to arrive. As if she heard her name being called Dawn came walking with a pair of shorts with a tank top. She spotted her sister on the bed and smiled at her.

"Hey! So are you ready for our girls night in sis?"

"Yep. You have no idea what fun we'll be having tonight." Dawn made herself enter the room and sat beside Buffy. Buffy stood up and got a movie and popped it into the VCR and sat back to watch.


As time went by both sisters revealed secrets to one another. They found out a lot of revealing things though the next thing to happen would have Dawn surprised and hopefully Buffy will be very happy.

"Have you ever kissed a guy before, Dawn?" Dawn was a bit surprised by the question.

"No, but one of these days it'll happen. Why you ask?"

"I thought maybe I could give you some pointers and when you kiss the guy of your dreams you won't feel to awkward."

"I don't know Buffy. You're my sister. It's weird to kiss a girl let alone your very own sister." Buffy moved closer until she was mere inches from her sister's face.

"Don't you trust me Dawn? I'm your big sister. I would never cause any harm on you."

"I still don't know. It just seems kind of funny."

"Okay. Here's the deal. We'll try to kiss and if you don't like it then we'll stop."

"Okay." Buffy looked into her eyes and gave Dawn a sweet smile.

"I'm going to lower my lips on yours and I want you to relax and close your eyes while we kiss." Buffy then proceeded on and lowered her lips on the young lady before her. She kissed her sister softly with such gentleness. As their soft lips have met one another for the very first time Dawn didn't find her kissing her sister weird at all. She actually loved the feeling and she wanted more. Buffy's hands went sliding up her sister's bare arms, and then cupped her cheeks to deepen the kiss even more. Buffy released her lips downwards and laid wet kisses upon the side of Dawn's neck causing her sister to moan out her name.

"Oh, Buffy." Buffy smiled against Dawn's neck. She then stuck out her tongue and licked the exposed skin that sent shivers down Dawn's spine. Her lips moved back upon Dawn's and continued kissing her once more. It was Dawn's turn to caress her sister's face and slide her fingers into her blonde hair. Then moaning between the two sisters intensified greatly. They both were enjoying something that was forbidden and considered disgusting to others. As Buffy released her lips from her sister, she moaned from the sweet release.

"Why'd you stop?" Dawn asked with her lips swollen and out of breath.

"I want to try kissing, but this time I'm going to place my tongue with yours and massage it." Dawn nodded. She was willing to learn anything that her sister brought upon her. Buffy smiled realizing that she got her sister there she wanted her. Buffy began kissing Dawn again, but this time parted open Dawn lips with her tongue and found it's rightful place with her sister's. As both tongues massaged feeling the other both women were feeling the heart rising in their bodies. Buffy couldn't hold herself any longer she had to feel her sister's body beneath her fingers. Her right hand moved along the cotton fabric of the tank top and gently cupping the breast giving it a nice squeeze. At first Dawn was surprised by the unexpected touch, but gave in and moaned blissfully into their kiss. Buffy's other's hand found it's place on the neglected breast and squeezed it as well. Dawn's moans became more forceful when Buffy's hand made its contact with the other breast. Buffy continued on her assault in the breast, but left her lips and kissed the other side of the bare neck.

Buffy then moved her hands way from the pair and moved downward until her little fingers were inside the cotton material. Her fingers then continued threading up higher removing the article, little by little until it was tossed aside. Buffy stared at the lovely breasts before her and looked into her sister's eyes and squeezed each breast while looking at Dawn's reaction which was her eyes closed with her lips open with little murmurs of joy. Buffy kissed her once more and moved down and laid wet kisses around the breast, then flicked her tongue licking the nipple until she captured it with her lips sucking it so gently. Dawn's hands went through Buffy's blonde hair encouraging her sister even more on this assault.

"More Buffy! Don't stop," she whimpered. All the while Buffy squeezed the unattended breast urging her sister even more. The more sucking and lightly nipping her lips, the more aroused Dawn became. Her blood was coursing through her veins and she had no idea that it was just the beginning on an adventure that she'd never forget. Buffy went to the other breast while the other nipple laid wet and cold due to the stir that permeated in the room. The more moans Buffy heard her say, the more aroused she became herself. Her nipples were pert, while her pussy was dripping wet again just like earlier and was now aching for some attention. She wondered if it was too early to make her sister feel her throbbing aching pussy between her fingers. She needed a woman's touch and not her own to make this carnal desire to go away. She took Dawn's hand leading her down to the journey of her female body until she reached her panties and laid it there. Dawn's instant reaction at the wet panties shocked her making her jump back a little. Buffy felt the reaction and looked into her sister's eyes.

"Don't worry Dawnie. Just relax like you had before. Don't be afraid. I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you." Dawn felt more relaxed and reassured and placed her hands on the cotton panties like before.

"Do what you feel Dawn. Just let all your inhibitions go and feel," Buffy said smiling. Though before they went any further Buffy took off her shirt exposing her breasts to her sister. As Buffy bent her head down closer to capture the nipple in her mouth, her breast touches the unattended one of her sister's. Though her hand has a mind of it's own and so it went down and laid its place on the wet patch of her sister's panties squeezing the pussy. As both sisters continued on touching one another down below, their hips rocked back and forth causing their breasts to bounce against one another. Buffy let go of her lips from Dawn's breasts and placed her lips on top of Dawn's. So as both sisters were kissing breasts, nipple to nipple were touching they became erect causing both sisters to speed up the pace. Buffy moved her fingers along the waistband of the panties moving further down and let her fingers stroke the clit gently. As each and every stroke of her fingers was on Dawn's clit, Dawn whimpered and moaned at the new sensation that coursed through her body.

"Oh, Buffy! More!" Buffy heard her sister's wishes and gave her more. She then kissed her sister again and covered up the muffled moans with her lips, sticking her tongue out licking those sweet innocent lips and went further in to taste her sister's tongue with her own all over again. Dawn's orgasm was reaching its turning point as Buffy released her lips to her sister's orgasm take over.

"Oh! Yes!" Dawn moaned out loud. Her breathing was still erratic as her body was shivering from the orgasm that her sister gave her. Buffy smiled at the joy of pleasure that she brought upon her little sister.

"Dawn, I want you to lay down while I take off your panties. I have another surprise for you." Her sister could only nod. Dawn lay back as Buffy straddled both her hips in a tight embrace. She lowered her head kissing those lips as their breasts smashed against one another. Her lips nipped her sister's lower lip tugging at it gently. Then she moved further on capturing the nipple with her lips flicking her tongue out, licking, taunting and teasing it. She went over to the other breast squeezing it, kissing, licking and savoring it. As her lips went further down kissing the exposed skin of her sister's body, Buffy started confessing her true feelings.

"Dawnie, I've always wanted you. You have invaded my thoughts all the time. Every time I think about you I get this desire to have your lips upon mine. I want to be one with you like no other woman can be with another."

"Oh, Buffy. That's so beautiful. I feel for you as well. I want you to make me yours. I want to be one with you as well."

Buffy found the waistband of the cotton panties and gently slid them off. As she tossed the material she was mesmerized at the shaven pussy before her. The sight of Dawn's pussy just had her wanting to devour it right away. She placed her hands at Dawn's thighs parting her legs open so she could get a better view of that beautiful pink pussy.

"My God Dawn. You're dripping wet. So would you like me to kiss you, lick you, taste you and make this throbbing and aching pains go away?"

"Yes, Buffy. Please make it go away. I want you." That just did it for Buffy, so she placed her lips on the pink lips and began kissing it so gently. She kissed outside her sister's pussy and made her lips back inside kissing, but this time adding her tongue and licking and savoring the taste of her sister's cum dripping off her lips going down her chin. As her tongue flickered in and out of Dawn's clit causing the young woman beneath to moan at the sensation that her big sister was causing upon her. Her moans grew more and more intense. Her hips began rocking back and forth against Buffy's probing tongue. Her whimpering and calling out her sister's name telling her not to stop and to keep on going.

"Don't stop Buffy. That feels so good. Keep on going." Buffy moved her tongue away from its rightful place, which in turn caused Dawn to moan at the lost.

"Don't stop, Buffy. I want more. I need you to give me more."

"Dawn, I want you to hold your orgasm for as long as you can and let it go."

"But how about if I can't?"

"I know you can. Do it for me Dawn. When you're ready, you'll feel this rush of adrenaline throughout you entire body." Dawn agreed. Buffy went back placing her tongue inside her sister's clit. As Dawn's moans and whimpering, she enjoyed taking control and holding out until the moment was brought upon her. Buffy was already wet when they first made out, but she was dripping even more due to her sister's moans. Dawn felt that her time came upon her and let out a loud moan and called for sister.

"Oh! Buffy!" Her hips that were rocking back and forth now subsided and the tingling sensation was felt from her toes all the way to her head. She knew for sure that she'd never experience anything like that before. The best part in all this was that her sister made her hot and desirable. Dawn couldn't wait to please her sister in the very same way.

Buffy walked up and sat next to her sister, caressed her cheek and spoke to her.

"So what did you think about that, sis?"

"It was wonderful Buffy. You made me feel so special."

"I'm glad that you feel that way little sis. So do I get to feel as wonderful as well?" she asked smiling. Dawn smiled back. She then leaned down and kissed her sister briefly and quickly released the kiss. She decided to emulate the same actions as her older sister did upon her. Her legs went to straddle Buffy's hips holding her in place. As she looked into those hazel eyes that showed such love and admiration towards her, she wanted nothing else in this world to make her feel the same amount of pleasure that was brought upon herself. Dawn leaned her head down kissing her sister softly letting her tongue probe her sister's. As their tongues swirled with one another, their breasts touched one another again feeling the contact of each other's embrace. Dawn moved her lips further down kissing the bare neck upon her and found it's rightful spot on the nipple of the bare breast and began licking, nipping and then sucking at it gently savoring the breast. Her other hand squeezes the neglected breast. While this was happening Buffy was moaning and loving the feeling of her little sister's lips on her breast.

"More! Oh, Dawn!" Buffy's fingers threaded through her sister's long hair urging her on to make her feel desired. Dawn went over to the next breast and started what she begun with the other. Her lips then went downwards kissing the exposed skin and lick her belly button causing Buffy to giggle a little. Dawn's hands went further down at the waistband of her sister's underwear pulling it down slowly kissing the side of her hips, then releasing the garment aside. She looked at the exposed pussy and wondered what to do next. Buffy noticed the reluctance in her younger sister's eyes and decided to give her some words of encouragement.

"Dawn, it's okay. Don't you want me? I want you to kiss me, touch me and taste me just like I did with you. Do I have to beg? I know you want me. I can see it in your eyes Dawn. It's filled with lust and desire."

"Oh, okay. I guess it's true. I do want you very much big sister." Dawn parted her sister's legs opening then and began kissing the soft pussy from the top until she reached the pink folds feeling the wetness of her sister's cum against her lips. Her tongue flickered out licking the clit, tasting another woman so intimately that she wanted to do this right. She wanted to please her sister in the best way possible. As her tongue continued its assault on the clit, Buffy's body began moving back and forth enjoying what her little sis was doing. Her whimpering increased every time her sister kept lapping her up and wanting more of this feeling and this sensation surging throughout her body.

"Oh, Dawn! Don't stop! I want more!"

Dawn kept going on loving that feeling of hearing her sister wanting more. Buffy's hips began bucking wildly back and forth with more force. Buffy knew that at any second that her orgasm was going to come. She felt that if Dawn kept in going that her orgasm would blow every particle throughout her body.

"Oh, Dawn! I'm coming! I'm almost there!" Her hips moved up as the moaning increased and her orgasm tool a hold of her. Buffy's body lay still and calm feeling the slight buzzing and just enjoyed her sister's lips upon her pussy. Dawn moved up and lay next to her on the bed looking at the sheer bliss upon her sister's face.

"So sis do you feel much better?"

"Oh, definitely. What you made me feel was indescribable. I love you, Dawnie."

"I love you, Buffy." Both sisters faced one another kissing one last time and embraced each other to a peaceful sleep.

To be continued...

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