tagMatureWhat Happens Here...

What Happens Here...


My mom and I were never really close. She didn't see me regularly as a kid, and it was only just recently at the age of twenty that I wanted to get to know her better. So, while my campus was closed for Easter, I packed my things and joined her in Sin City, where she lives. I was a bit apprehensive about the trip. Though I was determined to see the best in her I still harbored some bitterness about my childhood. She just didn't seem like a great person. And boy, would she ever prove me right.....

The first three days of my trip were great. I met her boyfriend, Dustin, and he was nice. He is not incredibly handsome, he's kind of short and shy, but he has a lot of money, which apparently made him very attractive to my mother. So he took us out to dinner and movies, stuff that I could do since I was a year underage. I really liked him because he was a genuinely nice guy, and things were going well.

But on the fourth day, I noticed my mom was acting strangely. When I inquired, she told me that Dustin wasn't her only man. She really had two going on at once, and she kept avoiding being intimate with Dustin in favor of this other guy. I'm not judgmental, but that bothered my conscience a bit. But I decided to be loyal to my mother and not say anything that would betray her. Not that I needed to. All dark things must come to light, right?

Mom and I were at a club the next night. In Vegas, if you are under 21, they kick you out of any place that serves alcohol at 11:30. So she ordered me a drink so that they wouldn't ask and risk getting slapped with serving alcohol to a minor. That way I could stay. We were with Michael, her other boyfriend, having dinner and talking. At about 1:30 am, we decided to go home. I lagged behind to go to the bathroom; Mom and Michael would wait in the car for me. However, on their way out of the club, they ran into Dustin, who was there picking up a friend who called him drunk needing a ride. Mom was stunned, and Dustin started shouting at her and Michael. Mom shouted back, Michael got pissed and the two of them hopped in the car and took off! I came out as they were pulling away, and when I spotted Dustin, he was standing there looking blank. He noticed at me and said "I guess they left you too eh? Well, I'll take you home." So he dropped off his friend and made his way back to my mom's house. The house was dark, no lights or anything, and I knocked on the door for twenty minutes, called her cell phone, no answer. I didn't know where Michael lived, so Dustin offered to let me stay at his place for the night.

I stepped into Dustin's apartment. It was a true bachelor's pad. I could tell he hadn't lived there long, it had a sort of empty feeling about it, and there was no electricity yet. He went upstairs to change out of his tie, and I set my stuff on the couch and explored a bit. I wanted to splash some water on my face, so I went upstairs. On my way to the bathroom, I saw Dustin sitting on his bed, staring at the ceiling and tears streaming down his face. I went in, and I sat down next to him.

"You really loved her, didn't you?"

He looked at me for what seemed like an eternity, and nodded. I said "well, my mom is a bitch, and that was a horrible thing she did to you. You deserve better." He pondered my words for a minute, and out of the clear blue sky, he kissed me. And not just any kiss, it was fierce and passionate. It immediately took my breath away, and I felt moist and tingly between my legs. I pulled away just long enough to gasp "Dustin!' and he kind of growled and leaned me back on the bed.. He made quick work of my shirt, my white and pink lace bra showing off my perfect (if I do say so myself) breasts. He ran his hand up my skirt and moved my matching white thong out of the way. He gently probed two fingers into my wet pussy, and he rested his thumb on my clit. I moaned, I was on fire from the inside out. He rubbed my clit with his thumb and fingered me, all the while unbuckling my bra and squeezing my breasts with his free hand. He kissed me some more, urgently, and suckled my nipples. By this time, I was frantic, so I stopped him briefly, stripped off my skirt and started feverishly removing his clothes. He had a great body. He pressed my naked body against his skin and kissed me and I slid down the length of him and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked fast and worked my tongue around his sensitive head, stopping only to lick the precum off the tip. He moaned and trembled, and with a grunt, pushed me against the headboard. I thought he'd sink his cock into me, but I guess he could stand it since he instead put a finger in my pussy and sucked on my clit. It was like he'd been fucking me since the day I was legal, cause he knew just how to suck my clit to drive me to insanity. Just when I was on the edge or orgasm, he looked up for a second, smiled and commented on how my airline strip tickled his nose. I blushed and apologized, but he said "No, its okay. Hippie is not sexy, but I don't feel like a fucking child molester. You're perfect and sexy, and I can't wait to have my cock inside you."

His words sent me over the edge. In a swift motion, I slid my body under his, lifted my hips and pushed his fully hard cock in me. He gasped and mumbled "fuck yeah, bring that tight little body of yours here now!" He put his arm under the small of my back, lifted and pounded into me hard. I moaned loudly, and the louder I got, the harder he rewarded me. I exploded with my first orgasm, and he slowed down a lot and noticed all the fluid I had produced he smiled, and said "You know, there is something your mom would never do for me, and that's anal. Would you give it a go?"

I smiled and said it would be my pleasure. He took his fingers and used my fluids to lube my ass. There was plenty, and when I was ready, he slid his cock in oh so slowly and fucked me slowly until he was sure I could take it. When my grunts of discomfort softened to whimpers of pleasure, he had me get on my hands and knees and he replaced his cock, grabbed my breasts, and fucked me hard until I came so hard, I was dizzy and weak. Dustin came to, hard and shot a huge load into my ass. We crumpled, me face down, he on top of me, still inside me. When we finally caught our breath, we hopped in the shower. It was sexy being slippery in the dark, kissing and giggling. He dried me with a towel, and when we finally settled back for sleep, I asked him what I was supposed to tell my mom.

He smiled ans answered "What happens in Vegas, stays in my bedroom where I fucked you silly."

There was no sleeping that night.

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