tagGroup SexWhat Happens in the Hot Tub... Ch. 01

What Happens in the Hot Tub... Ch. 01


Author's Note: This is part one of a series of adventures between the three main characters. It is the longest chapter (so far) and takes some time to develop. If that's not your cup of tea, that's okay.

Miranda and Jesse were the best of friends. They had met while working together at a Jamba Juice in California and stayed friends even after Jesse had moved away to college. Whenever she could, Jesse came home and spent time with Miranda. They weren't interested in each other sexually. Jesse had been with the same boyfriend for four years, and Miranda had a new guy she was interested in.

Miranda was one of the girls that guys are attracted to but they never know why. She stood about 5-foot-10, but while she wasn't fat she wasn't exactly skinny either. The advantage of that was that she had an enormous chest that all the guys lusted after. At times it made Jesse jealous.

Jesse was the same height as Miranda and had an average build. While Miranda's chest was 38DD, Jesse was only 34B. She was also very shy, unlike Miranda who was very outgoing.

Miranda had long ago given up on trying to wait until marriage to have sex. She wasn't a slut, but she was precocious. Jesse was still a virgin and planned to keep it that way.

Miranda's latest crush was Brett. He was 6-foot-3 with blonde hair, blue eyes and an athletic build. Brett and Miranda had dated a few years ago, but it never went anywhere in the two short weeks they were together. Miranda still liked him, though, and was determined to get an opportunity to jump his bones.

Miranda invited both of them to lunch one day. She wanted to be alone with Brett, but since Jesse was staying with her this week she really couldn't leave her alone.

Miranda and Jesse waited for him outside the restaurant. He walked up wearing his navy uniform.

"He's such a show-off sometimes," Miranda said with a smile. She knew Brett was an ROTC student training for the Marines, but she'd never seen him in his uniform. She'd imagined him in it plenty of times, though. It always made her wet, and seeing it made her even wetter.

Jesse was getting excited too, but she tried to conceal it.

All through lunch she kept having to force herself to look away. "He's just so damn cute," she thought to herself.

When lunch was over they went to Brett's house to watch a movie. Instead they noticed his parents' hot tub in the back yard and went home to grab their suits.

When they returned the girls jumped right in while Brett got everyone drinks. As the alcohol set in, the conversation turned from usual small talk to more intimate topics. Miranda saw an opportunity to get what she always wanted and seized it.

"I've always wanted to play 'truth or dare' in a hot tub," she said. "Anyone else interested?"

"I don't know," Jesse said sheepishly.

"C'mon Jesse it'll be fun," Brett said.

"But I barely know him," Jesse said. "I don't want to tell him anything, you know, personal."

"I don't think it'll be like that," Brett said.

"With her it's always like that," Jesse replied.

"How about if we make a pact," Brett asked. "What happens in the hot tub, stays in the hot tub."

"I still don't know," Jesse said.

"It's okay, Jesse," Miranda said. "I trust Brett more than any other guy I know, and you know how hard that is for me."

"Ummm..." was Jesse's only response. Miranda scooted closer and the two talked in whispers for a moment.

"Okay, everyone's in as long we can refuse truths or dares we're not comfortable with," Miranda said.

"Fine by me," Brett said.

Miranda went first. "Truth or dare Brett?"


"Do you think Jesse is cute?"


"Jesse, truth or dare," Brett asked.

"Truth, but go easy on me," Jesse replied.

"Are you a virgin?"

"Yes. Miranda, truth or dare?"


"Have you and Brett ever Done anything beyond kissing?"

"No, but I want to," she said with a big smile. Brett felt himself beginning to grow hard.

"Back to you Jesse, truth or dare?"


"Do you want to kiss Brett?"

Jesse sank into the water a little bit tried to hide her embarrassment. "Yes," she said sheepishly. When she felt she had recovered, she turned to Brett.

"Truth or dare?"


"When was the last time you had sex?"

"A long time, about 4 months I think. Now, Miranda, truth or dare?"

"I'll take truth."

"Have you and Jesse ever done anything sexual with each other?"

Miranda burst into laughter, while Jesse tried to hide another wave of embarrassment.

"I'm not going to answer that," Miranda said. "I'd hate to ruin whatever image you have in your mind."

"That's okay, I think Jesse answered for you."

"I didn't! I didn't say anything!"

"Your face gave it away," Brett said.

"Alright, alright settle down you two," Miranda said. "It's my turn. Brett, truth or dare?"

"I'll be brave, dare."

"I dare you to come over here and kiss me."

Brett stood up and crossed the tub to where she was sitting. Miranda wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down on top of her. Their lips met. Their mouths opened and their tongues danced with each other. Miranda let her hand slide from Brett's shoulder down his chest and stomach. Gently she began to rub his growing cock through the wet fabric of his swimsuit.

Brett broke the kiss and returned to his seat, making sure the girls got a good look at the tent forming in his suit.

"Okay Jesse, truth or dare," Brett asked.

"Truth," she answered.

"C'mon Jesse, be brave," Miranda said. "He's not going to make you do anything you don't want to."

"I know, I'm just not ready," Jesse said. "I choose truth for now."

"Jesse, have you and Miranda ever done anything sexual," Brett asked.

"Hey! I told you earlier that wasn't a fair question," Miranda said.

"What are you afraid of," Brett asked.

"I'm not afraid," Miranda said. "It's just personal."

"I think 'personal' went out the window a long time ago," Brett said.

"I'll answer it," Jesse said. "We've only ever hugged and kissed. We've slept in the same bed together a bunch of times and cuddled, but always with clothes on. And before you ask, yes I have thought about taking it further.

"Have you had those thoughts Miranda?"

"You'll have to wait until my next truth to find out."

"Miranda, truth or dare," Jesse said.


"I dare you to answer any question Brett asks. He can ask one question and you will tell us the truth."

"Fine." Miranda stuck her tongue out at Jesse. She knew she'd been beaten.

"Miranda, how far have to wanted to take things with Jesse?"

"I want to fuck her."

"Miranda!" Jesse said.

"Well you wanted to know! Now it's my turn for some payback. Truth or dare Jesse?"

"I'm scared to pick either one, but dare."

"I dare you to kiss Brett the same way he kissed me."

"Miranda I have a boyfriend!"

"You should've thought of that before we started," Miranda said.

Jesse was defeated. She crossed to Brett and sat down on his lap, letting his hard member press against her sex through the fabric of their suits while she forced her tongue into his mouth. Slowly she rocked back and forth, grinding herself on him.

Without warning, Miranda crept up behind and placed her hands on Jesse breasts. Jesse was startled and pulled away.

"Don't pretend you didn't enjoy that," Miranda said.

"I did, it just scared me. I don't think I'm ready for that yet," Jesse said. "Brett, truth or dare?"


"Have you ever had a threesome?"

"No, but it has always been one of my fantasies. Now Miranda, truth or dare?"


"Have you ever given a blow job?"

"No. Now back to you Brett, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to take off your suit."

Brett grinned, then hooked his thumbs under the waist of his swim trunks and pulled them off. He wasn't shy about anything, but just to tease the girls he made sure he kept his waist below the water.

"Not fair! We wanted to see it," Miranda said.

"Maybe later," Brett said. "Jesse, truth or dare?"


"What have you done with a guy?"

"I've given blowjobs and handjobs, that's it," Jesse said with a sheepish grin. It turned Brett on that she was so shy. "Okay, truth or dare..."

Before she could decide who to pick, Miranda moved close and started to whisper something in Jesse's ear.

"Miranda, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Miranda said. She winked at Brett as she said it.

"I dare you to sit in Brett's lap."

Miranda smiled and moved over to Brett. Turning her back to him, she sat down on top of him. His hard shaft slid between her legs and pressed against her slit. Miranda moved her hips slightly to press him more firmly against her button. She let her hand slip below the water and gently stroked him a few times just to tease him.

"I want this inside me," she whispered to Brett. "Jesse, truth or dare?"

"Again?" Brett said.

"You'll get your turn," Miranda said. "Jesse?"


"I dare you to let Brett take off your bikini bottoms with his teeth."

Jesse was nervous, but she accepted the dare and moved to the edge of the tub and waited for Brett to come to her.

"No," Miranda said. "I like him right where he is. You can come to us."

Jesse waded over and Miranda helped her position herself over Brett's head. He reached up and grabbed the tie on the side of her bottoms with his teeth and pulled. When he undid the other side they fell right onto his face. Miranda removed them and Brett was blessed with the view of Jesse's neatly trimmed mound.

"Like what you see?"

"Yes I do as a matter of fact."

Jesse sat back down beside them. "Okay Brett, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to kiss me the way you kissed Miranda, then work your way down to between my legs."

Miranda was forced to let Brett move from beneath her, but made sure to give him an extra squeeze between her legs before she did.

Jesse started to get out of the water, but Brett stopped her. He pressed his lips to hers and wrapped his arms around her neck. As the kiss deepened she reached out and began to stroke his hard cock. Brett moved his lips down to her neck, then to her chest. Jesse started to move again, but Brett put his hands on her hips and held her down.

He kissed down her stomach, under the water, to the exposed flesh of her mound. Jesse spread her legs and let him go to work. Brett forcefully licked and sucked on her clit under the water. The pressure built up inside her. Her hands grasped the back of Brett's head and pushed him more firmly against her. The lack of oxygen was driving him crazy.

Finally he broke free from her grip and surfaced.

"That was amazing," she said.

"It was fun for me too," Brett said. "Miranda, truth or dare?"

"After that show? Dare me!"

"I dare you to take off your suit. All of it."

Miranda was hesitant, but she stood up and untied her bikini. Slowly she lifted it over her head and cast it aside. She hooked her thumbs under the waist of her bottoms and pulled them down. She wasn't trimmed like Jesse. Instead she had a full bush of dark hair.

"I'm guessing the two of you like the view," she said. Brett nodded and looked over at Jesse. She was touching herself while staring at the enormous chest in front of her. "Truth or dare Jesse?"

"Truth, we've had enough dares for the moment."

"Too bad, I had a good one. Well since you asked for it, have you ever swallowed cum?"

"Yes," Jesse said. "Brett, truth or dare?"


"Have you ever been with a man?"

"Nope. Not interested. Alright Miranda, truth or dare?"

"Do you really have to ask? Dare!"

"I dare you to make out with Jesse."

"With pleasure."

Their lips met in a gentle kiss, but it quickly deepened. It was clear Miranda had wanted this for awhile, and Jesse was making no moves to stop her. She reached her arms around Miranda's waist and pulled her close. Their breasts touched through the fabric of Jesse's bikini (the only article of clothing anyone had left). Miranda reached down between Jesse's legs and rubbed her thighs. Jesse broke the kiss before Miranda could touch her any higher.

"Truth or dare Jesse?" Miranda asked.


"Do you want me to touch you between your legs?"

"Not really, but what you just did turned me on a little. Brett, you know the question."


"I dare you to let Miranda sit on your lap."

"Only if she agrees to a dare."

"What dare is that?" Miranda asked.

"Put me inside when you sit down."

Miranda didn't say anything. She reluctantly left her place touching Jesse, but couldn't resist the opportunity to have Brett inside her for the first time. She placed her hand on his cock and guided him into her pussy as she sat down.

"Mmmm...Jesse, truth or dare?" Miranda asked.

"I'll take dare as long as I can still back out if I don't like it."

"I dare you to take off that bikini and let us suck on your breasts."

Brett's cock jumped a bit inside Miranda. Whether it was the alcohol or something else she wasn't sure, but Jesse moved over to her friends and pulled off her top. Miranda moved her mouth to Jesse's right breast while Brett moved to the left. She held their heads firm as the kissed her and took her nipples into their mouths. A soft moan escaped her lips as the pleasure grew.

Miranda felt Brett grow even harder inside of her. She moved her hips back and forth to press him against her g-spot. She reached her hand down between her legs and rubbed her clit. The pressure grew and grew. She was just about to reached the point of no return when Jesse forced her away.

"Brett, truth or dare?" Jesse asked.


"I dare you to eat her pussy where I can see."

Miranda and Brett moved so that Miranda was sitting on the edge of the hot tub. She spread her legs wide, revealing the thick bush between them. Brett knelt in front of her and pressed his mouth to her snatch. His tongue began to move up and down her slit. He occaisionally closed his lips tight around her clit and darted his tongue in and out of her pussy.

Jesse knelt behind Brett and began to stroke his cock while he worked on Miranda. She watched enthusiastically as her friend closed in on orgasm again. Just as she reached the edge Jesse called a stop.

"Jesse, truth or dare?"

"Dare, I don't think we have any truths left to tell."

"I dare you to suck my dick while Miranda reaches around you and rubs your clit."

Jesse went shy again, but agreed. Brett sat on the edge of the tub where Miranda had just been. The two girls knelt between his legs with Jesse in front. She wrapped her fingers around his meat and stroked it a couple times before putting her lips around his head. Slowly she worked him deeper and deeper. When she got into a rhythm Miranda reached around from behind her.

Jesse's mouth began to vibrate with moans of passion around Brett's cock as Miranda rubbed her clit. It was the best feeling in the world to her. Jesse was so lost in the excitement she didn't protest when Miranda slid a finger inside of her. She almost came when that finger pressed against her g-spot. She moved her mouth faster and harder around the cock in her mouth.

Brett was close to coming. He put his hands on the back of her head and started to fuck her face. Jesse pushed him away and stopped Miranda's hands as well.

"That was too much," she said. "Miranda, I dare you to kiss me again. But you're not allowed to touch me while you do."

"Fine," Mranda said. "But I dare Brett to fuck me while I do it."

Jesse leaned against the wall of the tub. Miranda stood over her and placed her hands on the wall for stability. Their lips met, mouths opened. Jesse wrapped her hands around Miranda's neck and began to move her lips down to her neck.

Brett pressed himself into Miranda's pink. He didn't wait for her to get used to it. He rammed himself in and out of her twat hard. The sight of her friend being rammed in front of her, combined with the lips on her neck and the dangling breasts caressing her own excited Jesse. She reached out with one hand and pressed her fingers against Miranda's clit.

Brett moved so he could place his mouth on Jesse's exposed breast and slipped two fingers into her pussy. Miranda moved her mouth to the other breast. She took one hand off the wall and used it to guide Jesse's fingers on her clit. She could feel her orgasm overtaking her. Her body began to spasm and she reached out to grab the wall again. Brett and Jesse kept up their touching and fucking through Miranda's orgasm, which made her cum again all over Bretts cock.

Miranda's orgasm was followed closely by Jesse's as she finally succumbed to the pleasure of Brett's mouth on her chest and fingers inside her pussy. He kept up his work inside both girls as they continued to spasm and tried to make out at the same time. The sight brought him to the edge, but he wasn't ready just yet.

"Girls, I dare you to let me cum on you. You can have it on your chests, faces or in one of your mouths. Just choose quick before I cum in Miranda."

He stopped what he had been doing and waited for the decision. The girls whispered to each other for a second, then offered their answer.

"Cum on our chests," Jesse said.

"When you're done, we'll help you lick them clean," Miranda said. "Then we'll kiss you."

Brett stood up and the girls positioned themselves beneath him. He started stroking himself but couldn't seem to finish.

"Help him Jesse," Miranda said.

Jesse put her mouth on his cock and started to cup his balls in her hands. Miranda took the opportunity to rub Jesse's clit again. She was still sensitive from her orgasm and Miranda's touch sent her into a frenzy. Another orgasm started to rock her body. She moaned around Brett's shaft. The vibrations sent him over the edge. He forced Jesse's mouth off him and sprayed hot sticky cum onto her chest. He pointed himself at Miranda and made sure to land as many jets across her tits as he could.

Jesse was still coming down from her second orgasm, so Brett and Miranda licked her chest clean of his cum and then shared a deep kiss. Jesse recovered enough to take Miranda's left breast into her mouth and sucked it clean while Brett did the same with her right. Just as with Miranda, Brett shared a passionate kiss with Jesse. He sat back and relaxed in the hot water and watched in awe as the girls kissed and swapped his cum between them.

It was shaping up to be a good night...

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