tagLoving WivesWhat Happens in Vegas...

What Happens in Vegas...


What happens in Vegas......

As we stayed there, relaxing, I looked up at the clock and saw it was about hour and a half later. What a ride! I thought I saw some movement in the closet, but maybe it was a shadow. My wife (Teresa) and I took a trip to Las Vegas. While we were planning it, she had mentioned it to her little sister (Meg) which led to them going to Vegas as well. We organized the flights that we would meet up at the link and catch the last leg together. On that last leg, Teresa and Rob traded seats so the guys could talk sports while the gals talked guys.

When we got to Vegas we caught a cab to the hotel and decided we would meet up in a couple hours for dinner. This would give everyone time to relax and unpack. We found our rooms (next to each other) and went our separate ways. In our room, I lugged the suitcase in and threw it up on the bed. As I was starting to open it, Teresa came over, got on her knees and dropped my trousers and drawers immediately taking my soft tool in her mouth. Wow, this was not like her at all. I was hard almost instantly and stroking her mouth. She played with my sac and I was swelling fast. Teresa felt it and took me deepthroat making me explode. She licked me clean and got up to give me a deep kiss. "Welcome to Vegas baby."

Oh my, what was this trip going to be like? Why did her sister and brother-in-law have to come along? Da*n.

As we went back to unpacking, she asked what Rob & I had talked about on the flight. I told her that it was the usual ESPN, fantasy sports, etc. She went on to say that Meg was talking to her about troubles they were having, especially in bed and that she mentioned to Meg that we were quite active and how we had taken it to a lust enjoyment level. Meg seemed surprised, but curious in their chat but didn't believe it. With that Teresa had challenged Meg to see for herself.

"What? Are you kidding?" I couldn't believe it.

Teresa explained, "Honey, this is not my usual self, I would never share you with anyone. But, if it is something that will help save their marriage, I would like to have her see what we do, watch from the closet / voyeur type thing. Who knows what might happen for them from there? We would 'retire' for the night at a certain time, I will give her my key and she will be in the room ahead of us. When we are done, you can go to the bathroom and she would sneak out."

I had to admit, like all husbands, I have had a curiosity about her sister with a lust added to it. I couldn't believe Teresa had come up with this idea. "This would be an exciting step for us, something we haven't done before. Tell you what, I will pretend I don't know she's in there while we are busy, afterwards I will head to the bathroom, but come back and find her trying to sneak out and show my surprise"

As the evening went along, I wondered if this was a fantasy or reality. We met up for dinner and proceeded to do some gaming. Meg said she was still tired from the trip and was heading back up. We told her "Good Night" and continued our gambling. When we hit a dry spell, Teresa said that was enough for tonight and would see Rob & Meg tomorrow morning. I told Rob good night as well, he was on a hot streak and was going to play for a while.

Teresa and I went back to our room, I must confess, I thought the whole Meg story was just something to work me up. When we got back, she surprised me and attacked me like she had earlier. Dropping down to her knees and making me hard.

I decided enough is enough; I picked her up and took her to the bed, peeling off her clothes and mine. She was on the side of the bed, I went around to her, standing next to her where should could suck my cock while I put my tongue and lips to work on her sweet breasts. She is 5'4", 130; 38dd-30-36 and I can never resist her mountains. I played her hotspots - her nipples, her neck, the underside of her breasts - with my mouth, while letting my left fingers play with her clit. This gets her all fired up and I can give her this treatment until she says to stop.

I then let my other hand move down to her mound, letting me play with her knub with one hand while inserting a finger (or 2 or 3) into her hotbox that is soaked by now. This takes her over the top every time.

Teresa growled that it was time to fill her needs as she twisted to be on her back with the knees over the edge. This gave me the opening to put her legs on my shoulders and enter her with my tool. Putting her legs on my shoulders lets me penetrate extra deep into her. I was ramming it hard and deep a few strokes, then shallow, then deep, etc. This series drives her wild. After she came again, she rolled over for the grand finale', she can milk me every time with the doggy spot, but I can't resist her tail sticking up like that. I attacked right away, not easing it in, but slamming it hard again and again. She was begging me to cum, I asked if she was ready for that and her answer was "Oh da*n YESSSSSSSS". I drove deep a couple more times, feeling the swell, I took it one more - holding it in - and exploded in her.

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