tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat Happens Now?

What Happens Now?

byImjustfor fun©

It was dark when I woke up, and I had a piercing pain on the side of my head. I didn't help the situation by slamming my head on the head headboard. I heard a voice laughing as I got up, rubbing my aching head.

"Fuck you very much for turning on the light." I said, looking into the darkness and vaguely seeing the outline of a tall man in the doorway. He flicked the switch near him and light flooded the room. I covered myself with josh's blanket.

"How did you sleep, beauty?" He asked me.

"Ha ha, very funny. Where's that best friend of yours?"


I laughed. "So much for that awkward morning after."

"Well, I think you two are past that point by now."

"Really?" I lay back down, the blanket barely hiding my breasts.

"Well, this is the third time you've been over this week." he pointed out.

"Is that a lot?"

"It's only Tuesday." He said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"So? Are you worried I'm gonna take your Josh?"

"Are you?"

I smiled, and moved towards him, and then sat on his lap.

"Why..." I kissed him, hard on the lips. "Would I want to do that?" I asked, moving my hands down his thighs. He smiled, kissed me, and pushed me back down on the bed. I felt his hand greedily move up my leg and his fingers slide into me. Within a matter of minutes, I was screaming with delight as he worked his magic; moving inside my walls, teasing my clit with his other hand, darting in and out at a neck breaking pace. I started moving my hips with his fingers. Feeling those familiar pulsations run thru my legs, my cunt getting hotter and wetter by the second.

I could just about feel my self cumming when he stopped. I looked at him and horror; this was not the job I wanted to finish on my own.

He only kissed my hard, perky nipple, before moving his lips lower. Down my hard, sculpted stomach to a spot right above where my pubic hair would have started, if I had had any. He started to tease my clit with his tongue, then gently sucking the oh so tender spot. I moaned as he put his teeth around my clit, and nibbled. I closed my eyes in delight as his tongue darted into my slit. He moved with precision, finding my hot spots like a heat seeking missile. He moved his hands up from my legs, up to my thighs, and grabbed my ass, hard. I wriggled with pleasure as he teased me. I was about to climax, again, when he stopped.

I was almost angry at this betrayal, but he made it up to me by shoving his hard cock deep inside me. I enveloped around him, like a snug fitting glove, and I could feel his hard, massive body slamming me into the bed. For a moment, I was almost sure that we would break through the bed, but we didn't.

He grabbed me by the hair at the nape of my neck and jerked me upright. Holding my hips and forcing me to move his way. We continued gyrating like that for a few minutes, and he eventually let go of my hips, and moved those perfect, big hands up my slim sides to grab my large breasts once more. He took one of my erect nipples in his mouth, and started biting again. He grabbed my large breast and put the nipple in his mouth, biting. He grabbed my ass and grinded me closer to his body, He was so far inside me, I couldn't have asked for more. I felt a sudden surge of pleasure through my whole body, and I cried out in joy.

Then, it happened. He screamed in pleasure as he cummed. I fell off his body and took a deep breath. Heaving as he moved, he got on top of me, his full weight resting my much smaller frame. He kissed me again, his tongue probing my mouth.

"Stop, Ike."


"Because, you're gonna hurt yourself."

"How so?"

"You can't have sex again, you'll die."

He ignored me, his hips pivoting on top of mine, his tongue teasing my nipple once more.

"I need to get back inside you." He whispered in my ear. The heat of his breath on my earlobe sent a chill down my spine, and I unintentionally wriggled with delight. I smiled as I saw his game forming.

"No, Ike, you'll never have me." I said, teasing him by licking the tip of his nose. He bent down and went for my lips, I pivoted my head and he missed. He went for my lips from another side, and was out-smarted again. I could tell he was enjoying the game, though his face was more flushed with anger than pleasure.

"You're gonna stop this."

"Yeah right."

He stood up, giving me a glimpse of his glorious body, and his huge manhood. My body instinctively sat up to reach that superb prick; I could feel my self salivate, my mouth dying to suck him, milk him, drink up every last drop. But, I stopped my movement before it was too obvious. My whole body was still, except for my feet, which were rubbing against each other, a trait that only showed up when I was too horny to control it.

Ike was staring at me, I wasn't quite sure if it was out of anger or arousal. All of a sudden, I felt his body on top of me once again. I thought that he was going to shove back into me, but he didn't. Instead, he grabbed me by both of my wrists, pulled me up, off of his best friend's bed and into his bedroom.

Once in the room, He threw me down on the bed. He held my hips and jabbed at my slit with the tip of his cock. I wriggled as he teased me, putting just a few inches in, the pulling out, so that only his enormous head was still inside me. I saw the look on his face, and realized that he was more concerned about teasing himself than me. After a while, he couldn't help himself, and jammed his way into my deepest part. I moaned, but he stopped, and pulled out.

"Blow me, bitch." He said. The tone in his voice proved that this wasn't a matter to be discussed. I went for him, my mouth more than ready, but he stopped me, lay down, and told me to continue. I crawled on top of him, teased him first by letting my breasts touch his tip. Before I knew what I was doing, I had completely forgotten about the oral demand, and was enjoying his hardness between my large breasts. I moved up and down his large shaft, pinching my own nipples to ignite my passion.

He moaned, clearly enjoying this surprise, and I moved my head down, Kissing his tip while his shaft still lay buried in my breasts. I lapped up the pearly dribble, and put my whole mouth around his head, sucking slightly. God, I needed to feel him in my throat. Apparently so did he. He pushed my head down, quickly shoving himself down my throat. I opened up my mouth as much as I could, feeling my jaw crack once, I smiled inside, the familiar sound didn't hurt, it just let me know that I was in the right spot. I licked the underside of his cock, and started sucking, hard. I felt my self getting hotter, but I needed to taste all of his cum. I started lightly caressing his beautiful balls, he moaned slightly, then put his hand on the back of my head, and pushed himself deeper inside of my throat. I started humming, Yellow Submarine has always worked best for me. Hey, I like that song, and it's not exactly like they were listening. He moved his hips, getting faster and faster, holding my head right up next to him, face fucking at incredible speed. I could tell, no matter how much I touched his sac now, it would be useless, he was cumming.

I began to feel the warm, milky rush of him in my mouth, and I lapped it up like a kitty. It tasted better than anything I could imagine, and I told him so.

He responded by pushing me off him, and using those big, strong arms to flip me around. I felt his hands on my ass, kneading it. I felt him move one long-fingered hand under me, searching for something. I moaned in pleasure as he found it: my clit. He put it between his index finger and thumb and rubbed, sending instant shock waves through out my body.

"Get up. Follow me." He told me, as he let go.

I did what he told me to, following him into the dining room where he sat me on the table, pushed me to lay down, pulled up a chair, and proceeded to eat me, spending a long time sucking my clit while fingering me before actually sticking his tongue back into me. I moved my fingers thru his longish beautiful hair, and curled some of it into my hands.

Suddenly I felt that pang of pure ecstasy shoot throughout my body- Oh God, He was letting me come this time. I shook as the orgasm overtook my body, moaning and yelling so loud I was sure the neighbors would complain.

He stopped, held my hips and took me off the table, flipped me around and shoved that stunning cock back into me. I screamed with delight as he pounded me, grabbing my ass and shoving deeper and deeper into me. He reached for one of my nipples, and when he found it, he squeezed it for dear life. I felt his hairy chest leaning against my back, and he made one final thrust before squirting inside me.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow." He said as he exited me. "After Josh is done with you. " Something about the way that he said it pissed me off. I pushed past him, and turned towards the bathroom.

"I'm taking a shower." I told him.

"Can I come?"


"Gee, sweetie, you turned sour pretty quickly." I gave him the finger and slammed his bathroom door.

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