tagLoving WivesWhat Happens on Vacation...?

What Happens on Vacation...?


A short weekend getaway results in a first-time wife sharing encounter with two young studs.

A couple of years ago, my wife, Mary, and me took an impromptu long weekend vacation to a seaside resort. It was March and the weather wasn't very good, but we were anxious to get away and simply relax. We were familiar with the hotel. It had an indoor pool with an adjacent bar, so we knew we could hang out there and unwind. We arrived there late on a Thursday and immediately feared we had erred in our plans. This was, as it turned out, spring break weekend. It was a rather noisy night with drunken college guys running up and down the halls most of the night, but we made the best of it.

The next day we got up late, had breakfast, and then headed back to the room to change into our swimsuits. We were tired the previous night and went to sleep without sex, so I was feeling a little horny. I tried getting frisky with Mary as we changed, but she kept telling me to save it for later. Even at 45, I still get hot when I see Mary in just a swimsuit. Mary is 5'5" tall with shoulder length brown hair. Of course like we all do as we age, she has a little more meat on her bones than she once did. She's not fat, mind you, just pleasantly well rounded.

It was a sunny, yet cold, day outside as we made our way down to the pool. We arrived there to find a volleyball net strung across the pool, apparently there to provide entertainment for the spring breakers. There wasn't anyone there except for us, though. Before entering the pool, Mary got into the hot tub and I went to get us a couple of drinks at the bar. We spent most of the next hour sipping cocktails and relaxing in the hot tub, so needless to say we were both feeling pretty toasty.

Mary wanted to cool off, so she got out and headed for the pool, while I went to the bar to fetch us another round. I had to wait on the bartender for about five minutes and returned to the pool to find that we had company. Two young men, one white and one black, were in the pool playing volleyball, while Mary was off in one corner. The three of them were chatting casually.

"This is Anthony and Alex." Mary said, as I set our drinks down and slipped into the pool.

I introduced myself to them, and they resumed their friendly game.

I whispered to Mary. "Seems like you found yourself a couple of hot studs."

"Stop it." She said. "They are just boys."

"Do you see the muscles on them? Those aren't boys." I replied.

"Muscles? Maybe I saw them and maybe I didn't." She giggled.

They were both at least six foot tall and lean, yet not skinny. The guys were still playing, but mainly just messing around. Mary and I were feeling pretty good as we quickly downed that last round. I got up to go refill our drinks and asked our young acquaintances if they would like for me to get them anything.

Alex, the white one, spoke up. "Were not twenty-one yet. Anthony is next month, but my birthday isn't until August."

They settled on a couple of soft drinks, so I took off to the bar to get our order. I had to make a stop at the restroom and again wait on the slow bartender. This time I returned to find Mary involved in their game. She and Alex were on one side of the net, and Anthony was on the other. Alex and Mary were laughing playfully as I jumped back in the water.

"Come play with us." Mary said as she threw me the ball.

I swam over to her and Alex swam over to team up with Anthony. As we played for a few minutes we discovered that our age wasn't allowing us to compete with these two guys, even in a friendly game. My competitive nature was getting the best of me, so I suggested that we mix up the teams. I was a little shocked at how enthusiastic Mary was about my idea. "Get back over here, Alex. We will show them how to play." She demanded.

As we resumed our game, I began to notice a changing level of familiarity between Alex and Mary. It seemed like they were going out of their way to get their hands on each other, and they looked like they were having the time of their life together. Something just seemed out of place.

After playing a while, we took a break. The two guys went to the bathroom, while Mary and I went for our drinks. I sipped mine, while Mary seemed to guzzle hers.

"You seem to have made a friend." I commented.

"Stop it. We're just playing volleyball." Mary said.

I replied. "It looked like a little more than that. I think Alex likes you."

Mary started to look angry. "He's just a kid. We can leave if you want to." She said.

I wasn't about to ruin our trip. "Settle down. I was just teasing you a little. We're here to have fun aren't we?" I asked. Just then the guys returned and jumped into the pool. As Mary began to pull away, I grabbed her, kissed her, and whispered. "Just remember, what happens on vacation, stays on vacation."

Mary looked at me like I was out of my mind as she headed over to meet Alex on the other side of the net. I think I may have indeed been out of my mind. Did I just tell my wife to go fool around with another guy?

For a while, Mary seemed to shy away from Alex. I think I might have worried her with my comments. However as the game wore on, I watched Alex's repeated touchy-feely approach to my wife's body begin to have an effect on her again. Soon, they were almost in a continual grab fest with each other. Over and over again I watched this blonde, tall, muscle-bound "kid" touch and grope my wife. Mary, not to be out-done was willingly returning the favor. Our game was beginning to stall out as Anthony and I were constantly waiting for the two of them to separate between serves.

"I need a drink." Mary shouted to me.

I wasn't too sure that I wanted her drinking anymore as I got out of the pool and headed back to the bar. Once I retrieved our drinks, I headed back to the pool to find Mary sitting on the edge of the pool. Alex was in the water with his hands on Mary's thighs. Mary's legs were spread apart and she was half-heartedly trying to get Alex to release his grip. Suddenly, visions of the two of them together, and I do mean together, sprang into my head. Now I was the one guzzling my drink. I couldn't believe what I was thinking. What I really couldn't believe was that the thought of my wife with another man, was exciting me. Must have been the alcohol.

As I approached, Alex released his grip and the guys moved away from Mary. I handed her the cup and sat next to her. Mary whispered to me. "Remember earlier in our room? I think I'm ready now. I want you to take me up to our room and have your way with me."

I smiled and paused for a second and then said what I still can't believe I said. "It's not me that got you all hot and bothered. It was Alex. You should take him up to our room and let him have his way with you."

"Stop it. I would never cheat on you. You know that." Mary replied.

"It wouldn't be cheating. Remember what I said earlier, what happens on vacation stays on vacation." I repeated.

Mary looked at me with a gleam in her eye. I had just told my wife to go have a one night stand, and I could tell she was dying to take me up on my offer. "Are you sure?" She asked.

"I will be right here. Go have a little fun." I reaffirmed.

The next few seconds seemed like hours as my wife of twenty-seven years walked around the pool. I watched as she approached her soon to be lover on the other side. She bent over and whispered something in his ear. He looked over at me seemingly seeking my approval. He didn't receive approval from me, nor did he receive denial. With that he took my wife's outstretched hand and pulled himself out of the pool. The two of them walked hand in hand towards the door. Alex opened the door. Without expression Mary looked back at me, and then disappeared out into the hall towards the elevators. Alex, no longer seeking my approval, followed right behind.

The door began closing itself ever so slowly behind them. It seemed it wanted to torture me, because as long as the door still remained ajar, I felt like I had the ability to rush through it and stop what I started. Anthony seemed to see the same thing. He was repeatedly looking towards the door and then back at me with a confused look on his face. Finally, with a thud the door shut.

A bewildering silence hung in the air between Anthony and me since his friend left with my wife. My mind was swirling with conflicting emotions. One part of me wanted Mary to have the time of her life with Alex. Another part of me begged for her to change her mind and walk back through that damn door. I desperately resisted the last part of me that wanted to rush up to our room and throw Alex out before they could begin.

With all that was going through my mind, I couldn't even imagine what young Anthony was thinking. I tried to break the tension. "It's ok, Anthony. She is doing this with my blessing." I said.

"You guys are swingers?" He asked.

"No....well yes....I guess we are now. We've never done anything like this before." I answered.

"Never?" He asked.

I found myself uncharacteristically forthright with this young stranger I just met. I guess it was to relieve my tension. I explained to him that we were high-school sweethearts and both virgins when we married at eighteen. I told him that Alex was going to be the only other guy she had ever slept with.

All the time we were talking, I was staring at the door. That damn door continued to torment me. I was filled with excitement and fear about what was happening upstairs. It seemed as if my wife might never walk back through that door into my life. What were they doing? Was he eating her sweet pussy? Would she suck his cock? Would he cum in her mouth? Would she swallow? I envisioned Alex's cock poised at Mary's entrance. Was his cock inside her yet? I imagined the tip of Alex's cock disappearing into Mary. Then I envisioned the remainder of his cock slowly sliding the rest of the way into my wife. Holy crap, what about condoms? We don't use condoms. We don't need to because I had a vasectomy. Alex's cock would be inside her bare. Hell, at that moment it was surely inside her bare. Certainly Mary would make Alex pull out. Certainly, Mary won't let another man cum inside her.

The pool area was beginning to fill up with more college kids. I felt their stares, although no one was really looking at me. My gut was telling me that all of these strangers somehow knew my wife was up in our room with another man. Anthony broke my illicit daydream by continuing our conversation. "Alex is lucky. He sure knows how to get all the girls."

"I'm sure you get plenty too." I responded.

"Actually, no." He said tersely.

"Still a virgin?" I asked.

"Yes." Anthony answered sheepishly.

"It will happen sooner or later. Don't worry." I said. Little did I know that it would be sooner.

About thirty minutes passed before that wretched door finally swung open. However, Alex was the only one to step through it. He approached us with his head down and simply said "Hey."

"Hey." I replied.

I was looking at him, but he wouldn't look back at me. An uncomfortable fell between the three of us. Finally, Alex broke the silence by looking at me and asking. "Mary wanted to know if you would bring her up another drink?"

"Ok." I said. My tongue seemed tied as well. Here I was trying to have a casual conversation with a young stud that had likely emptied his balls into my wife's unprotected womb just moments ago.

"Also, would it be ok if Anthony went up now? Mary said it would be ok with her." Alex sheepishly asked. He handed Mary's key card to Anthony as he clearly anticipated an affirmative response from me.

Anthony looked at me with both enthusiasm and terror in his eyes. But didn't say a word.

"Well, you shouldn't keep her waiting." I told him.

"Thanks." Was all Anthony said as he rushed out the door towards my formerly faithful wife.

Alex and I were alone. Standing before me was a young man who's cock was probably covered in my wife's juices. I didn't ask Alex about how he liked his time in bed with Mary and he didn't offer either. It's not that I didn't want to. In fact, I wanted to know everything. I simply couldn't make the words come out. He finally broke the silent tension by saying. "Tell Anthony I will be in our room. Mary said she is thirsty. She didn't want you to wait for Anthony to...you know...finish." Alex then ducked his head and walked away.

I quickly went to fetch Mary a drink and a double for me. I felt shaky as I waited for our drink order. Damn this bartender. He is so damn slow. He finally completed the order and I rushed back through the pool area towards the door to the elevators. Yes, that same damn door. Somehow that cursed door had become a gateway to my wife's vagina. I symbolically freed myself form this torture as I shoved open the door and ran towards the elevators. I frantically pushed the elevator buttons. Finally the elevator door opened and allowed me in. The elevator seemed unusually slow as it lifted me up to the floor to our room. After what seemed like hours the door opened and I rushed down the hall to our room.

I stood in front of our hotel door dumbfounded. My wife was inside with yet another man. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to know what I would be walking in to. I put my ear to the door expecting to hear the sounds of lovemaking, but heard nothing. Haven't they started yet or is the door masking their wild cries of pleasure? These hotel doors were driving me insane. What is the husband supposed to do in this kind of situation? Mary wanted her drink. So do I simply walk in or do I knock first? Here I was standing in the hallway contemplating etiquette while on the other side of the door someone else was in bed with my wife. Shouldn't there be some kind of handbook for this, I strangely asked myself?

Finally, I put the key card in the slot, turned the knob, opened the door, and walked through. The second I crossed the threshold all of my senses were set ablaze. What I discovered was so much more incredibly erotic than I had imagined earlier while waiting by the pool. The first thing that hit me was the smell. It was the unmistakable scent of a man and a woman engaged in intercourse. The scent was familiar, and yet it was not. The scent of Mary's pussy, and those sweet juices of hers, permeated the room. But there was another scent. It was masculine, it was hormonal, it was overwhelming, and it wasn't mine. It wasn't a smell, to be exact. It was something else. There was no denying that a man, or men, had inseminated a woman in this room very, very recently.

I was looking down as I entered the room. Mary's suit and Anthony's trunks lay strewn in the middle of the carpet. As the door slammed behind me, I looked up. My beautiful wife, Mary, was lying on her back. Anthony's dark body lay on top of her. Their lips were locked in a passionate kiss. Mary opened her eyes to see me standing there, but quickly shut them again. She appeared consumed in lust. Anthony's hands were in Mary's disheveled brown hair. Mary's soft hands were caressing Anthony's bare shoulders. That's when I fully noticed the situation. Yes his shoulders were bare. So was every other part of him. And of course, so was every part of Mary for that matter. Her pale bare thighs were spread apart by the muscular brown torso of a young man that was a stranger to us just this morning.

Then I noticed the motion. Of course, they weren't still. Their naked bodies moved together in rhythm. I felt light-headed and shaky, so I set the drinks down on the table and sat in a chair. Anthony's strong buttocks were rapidly moving up and down, providing both the power and energy for their passionate connection. Mary was hardly just a recipient of Anthony's thrusting. In fact, it seemed that Mary's body was more desperate to pull Anthony's manhood into her than Anthony's body was to give it to her. My chair sat at a side angle. I wanted to get up and see more, but I felt faint and somewhat nauseous. I don't know if it was the alcohol or the scene before me or both. Occasionally, Mary would pull her legs up in order to give Anthony deeper access to her treasure. Each time she did, Anthony's powerful, dark cock came in and out of view, as it thrust in and out of my wife.

Suddenly, I became aware of the sounds. It was the breathless sounds of sexual pleasure. It was the sound of Mary's gasps caused by the perpetual thrusting motion. It was also the sound of naked flesh. It was the sound of my wife's sopping wet vagina opening and closing as a cock pumped in and out of it. It was the distinct sound of Anthony's balls slapping repeatedly against Mary's ass. It was also the sound of Anthony's occasional moans resulting from the pleasure my wife provided him.

Mary's voice broke the trance that I was in. "Oh shit, Oh shit." I heard her say. Her body was no longer in rhythm with Anthony's. Mary's motions were erratic and desperate. Suddenly, her frantic motions ceased and she cried out in pleasure. "OHHHHHH! Anthony had made Mary cum. He seemed confused and stopped thrusting as Mary convulsed in pleasure. Mary's body eventually went limp beneath her lover. "Keep going, baby." I heard her whisper to Anthony.

Without hesitation, Anthony began pushing himself back in and out of my wife. This time, Mary was unable to reciprocate. Her white soft body lay like a rag doll beneath Anthony. I realized that she was looking at me. She smiled and then gave me an expression that said. "I am exhausted." I couldn't believe the stamina that her young stud had. In and out, and in and out, of Mary he pushed, while she simply lay there providing young Anthony now with nothing more than a warm wet hole to pleasure himself inside.

Anthony's breaths became shallow and frequent. Mary recognized what was about to occur. "Come on baby, come on baby." She panted. Mary was no longer looking at me. Her eyes were again closed and her body once again moved in tempo with his. I also became aware of what was about to occur. What I didn't know was how it was about to occur. Would she make him pull out? Should I make him pull out? Did Alex already cum inside her? Part of me wanted to rush over and yank Anthony's black body off my wife. However, I knew she wanted this and in turn I wanted it for her.

Between breaths I heard Anthony gasp out. "Mary...I gotta...I'm gonna..."

Mary seemed to clutch on to her young lover even tighter. Her soft, white body seemed to become as one with Anthony's dark, muscular frame as Mary repeated her earlier plea. "Come on, Anthony. Come on, baby."

There was no way Anthony was going to pull out. Mary was not going to allow it. Anthony pulled back and thrust inside one last time as hard as he could and froze. His teeth were gritted. He managed to groan out an "Nnnnnnnn."

Mary screamed. "OH SHIT, NOT AGAIN! OHHHHHH"

That moment is now indelibly tattooed into my brain. Mary's body was trembling in the throes of yet another orgasm provided to her by her young lover. Anthony's face was contorted. His rigid, young cock was forced as deep inside Mary as it possibly could go. His ass muscles were the only part of his body that displayed movement as they clenched repeatedly. It was happening!!!!!! Anthony was shooting his sperm deep inside Mary. Another man was ejaculating his sperm deep inside my wife!!!! It seemed to go on forever. I must have watched Anthony's ass muscles tighten twenty times as his body persistently propelled enormous amounts of his virile seed into my wife's defenseless womb.

Once Anthony's ass stopped moving, they both seemed to collapse into a single soft mass of flesh. Mary started to giggle and kiss her young stud. She looked over at me and said. "That was awesome!" Mary resumed kissing and rubbing her hands over Anthony's firm shoulders. That was until she realized what she was doing. "Ohhh no...no...no...no." Mary recognized that Anthony was getting hard inside her again. She forced the disappointed young man off of her. Anthony reluctantly pulled out and sat up. His young cock stood at attention. "I'm sorry baby, but you have to go." Mary said, albeit rather reluctantly. Anthony never looked at me. He grabbed his swim trunks and slid them up over his still solid cock. Then he wrapped a towel around his waist to hide his erection and quickly and quietly exited our room.

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