tagIncest/TabooWhat Happens Tomorrow? #02

What Happens Tomorrow? #02


Warning: Mild cocaine use between two of the main characters. It does not play a major role in this story, but it does play a role. Please, do not read further if this bothers you.

Synopsis: Danny and the girls take their games upstairs, where no taboo is left unturned (well, some are. . . for right now).

The following is pure fiction; unless you're lucky.

*  *  *  *  *

Upstairs, White Lines, & Mel's Pussy

"We should move the game upstairs," I said after the girls finished recovering from their orgasms, but I didn't let go of the two creamy pussies in my hands. "There's a California king in the guestroom."

No one spoke, but their eyes said they knew what I was suggesting.

Kelly studied me, weighed me and judged me. Her meekness vanished during this time and my strong, confident sister made a return. She made no effort to remove my hand from between her legs. I must have passed whatever scales she was using to measure me, because she said, "Okay, big brother."

My heart jumped whenever Kelly called me big brother. An infusion of surrender flavored her tone when she said those words, as if she'd give me anything I desired as long as I was willing to take it.

"You want to play on a bed?" Gwen asked me. I saw fear and excitement in her big eyes.

"Yes," I said.

"My little sister," Mel said. She lay on her back; her head turned toward us. "Always wanting to play with my toys."

"I want to take pictures," Jazz told the room.

All eyes went to Jazz, but no one spoke. I didn't want ruin the chances of going upstairs with these women because of Jazz's hobby, but I knew Jazz wasn't going to relent. Minutes ticked by as she waited for an answer.

"I don't mind," I finally said. "Kelly won't mind either."

Jazz shared a buddy to buddy smile with me.

"They won't be my first nudes," Mel said. "But you keep them private, understand." Jazz nodded her head—quickly. I caught Mel's eye, and she whispered, "I'll show them to you later."

Jazz looked at Gwen. "How about it?" she asked. "I'll record your first time for you, and you can relive that special moment forever and ever." The sly, suggestive voice my sister spoke with caused my cock to throb.

"Okay," Gwen whispered.

"Let's clean up this mess before we forget," I said. We didn't need our parents coming home in the afternoon and finding empty bottles of liquor and Gwen's new toys and lingerie scattered about the house.

We went over the downstairs in a rush, doing a better job than tossing everything into a closet, but far from the deep cleaning we should have done. Jazz took our clothes upstairs. We turned over the cushions stained with pussy juice. I promised to take them to the dry cleaners the following afternoon. Gwen's toys went upstairs to Jazz's room, and Kelly's mystery box was not forgotten.

As Kelly went to grab the box, I caught her around the waist and pulled her to me. I held her naked body against mine, one hand cupping her ass, my fingers slipping into her deep crack. Her ass was as smooth as marble, pushing against my balls as my cock lay upward against her lower back. A thin layer of softness coated her buns, making them squeezable. Kelly's breathing quickened every time I brushed her asshole with my middle finger.

"Do you want me to take the box upstairs for you?" I asked her.

"I'll do it for you," Kelly said.

"No. I want to do it for you. What's in the box?"

"Toys," Kelly whispered, "for my—uh!" She uttered her deep groan of surprise as I pushed two of my fingers into her golden pussy from behind. Her wetness made it easy to part her cunny lips, but damn, she was snug inside. Her rubbery walls gripped me hard, and I wondered if her extreme workouts had tightened her snatch. Silly, I know, but that's what I imagined.

"Like that?" I asked my sister.


"Upstairs," Mel told us.

"Go," I said to Kelly. "I'll bring your toys for you."

Kelly wiggled her pussy off of my fingers. I faced Mel, both of us naked and eyeing each other.

"Yes?" I asked.

"You're not forgetting about your sweet, innocent cousin, are you?"

"Innocent my ass." I crossed the distance between us and put my hands on her hips. "I'd rather have you alone, than all of the women in the world together."

"That's very sweet." Mel surprised me with a quick kiss on the lips. "Grab Kelly's box and meet me in your room." She was off, skipping away and out of sight.

I grabbed the box, double-checked everything, and hurried to my room. I was quick, but Mel already had four lines of cocaine lined out on my desk by the time I arrived. I shut my door, locking it.

"Only if you want to," Mel said. She held the hundred-dollar-straw from earlier out to me.

"My high is about gone," I said. "I don't want to get panicky again."

"These are small lines. If we got it, snort it, right?"

"Is that a common expression in the drug world?"

"No idea, but it's fun to say."

They were small lines. I took the bill from her and snorted one and then the other. It was nothing like the snowstorm I had experienced earlier. The coke refreshed me and added some numbness to my face and a thickness to the backs of my nostrils, but my heart didn't make the jump to warp-speed.

"Watching you do coke is so fucking sexy," Mel whispered. Her eyes sparkled. She kissed me, soft and slow, taking a long time to taste me. "You make my pussy so wet, you know that? I don't want you doing coke for me, but watching people do bad things turns me on."

"I'm willing to make sacrifices for you."

Mel laughed. "Then do something for." A devilish light scintillated across her sharp features.


"You've always jumped at the chance to do things for me," Mel said. She ran her fingers through my hair. "I teased you about it, but you made me feel special, in the way only a farm-boy can make a princess feel. I was the only one you did it for."

"I couldn't tell you how I felt, so I had to show you."

"Show me then, right now. I want your dick deep inside of me while I powder my nose."

Her words stunned me beyond my ability to create speech. I'm a suave motherfucker only in my own mind, I guess.

"I'm willing to share you with our family," Mel said. She rose on her tiptoes and whispered into my ear, "But I get to have you: first, and last, and forever."

"So I'm yours?" I asked, wanting to hear her say it.

"You've always been mine," Mel said, kissing my cheek. "Now push that club you call a cock into me and make me feel every fucking inch of that dick."

"Anything, for you."

"I know."

Mel urged me out of the way. I stepped back, my cock growing hard and tingling with energy from the cocaine. Mel bent at the waist, her legs straight and spread, and her little ass, slender, yet curved, pointing right at me. Her pussy folds spread open like a little flower, and her narrow slit smiled vertically at me with a creamy grin. My cock swelled, and my blood pumped me to full hardness with quick, thickening bursts of rigid size.

I stepped behind my cousin, wishing for the bed, but grateful that our long, silent wait was over. We had waited long enough. I ran the head of my cock through her lips porno style, spreading her pink petals open as my crown dipped into her wetness. I shivered; weak in the knees for a moment. I pushed inward, and Mel's slippery hole opened for me.

"Mm," she sighed, a soothing sound as if I had eased a deep, throbbing ache within her.

Mel was hot between her legs. Her warm, velvet walls felt like they had been coated in soothing oils meant for infusing pleasure within my member. I was afraid I was going to fill my cousin's soft channel with cum before I could enter her fully.

"Uh, umm." Mel moaned the deeper I went. "Fuck, I've never been—mm—stretched like this before." She hung her head over the desk. Her lean muscles rippled, and I traced the line of her spine with my fingers. Mel's arched her back and lifted her head before my hips could connect with her ass. When I had no more shaft left to feed her hungry pussy, she whimpered, and then bit off her small cry.

"You okay?" I asked, running my hand through her hair.

Mel didn't answer. She lowered her head to the desk and inhaled. Her pussy squeezed me hard as the coke entered her lungs. I tensed, her cunny milking my cock with short, warm pulses of her pussy meat. I held her by the hips, keeping us together and she wiggled her butt against me, taking as much of my cock as her small hole could handle. She inhaled again, tossed the hundred aside, and gripped the front of my desk with her fingers pointed down.

"Fuck me, Danny," Mel urged me. "Fuck me like you should have, years ago."

I started pumping her slippery snatch, pulling out halfway so my cock never lost contact with her tender insides. Mel matched my rhythm, moaning through gritted teeth as I increased the speed of my thrusting.

"Fuck." She moaned loudly when I gave her every stiff-inch of my throbbing dick. "Oh, oh, oh," she whimpered, trying to keep her voice low. She fought against my thrusts, pushing her ass back and using the desk for leverage. Her little cheeks slapped against my hips. Her arm muscles strained with the effort. "Come in me." She whimpered, her soft, helpless cry filled with pleasure. "Be quick, baby."

I wasn't thinking, only obeying. I sped up my thrust, sloshing through her wetness and parting her walls with each inward pump of my cock. My cousin's twat clung to me, stroking me, bringing closer to that edge while the cocaine struggled to keep my orgasm out of reach.

"Ah, god," Mel moaned as my thrusts lifted her onto her toes. "Come, come, come." She rippled the walls of her pussy around my rough fuck-pole.

"Mel baby, I'm close." I gasped, gritting my teeth as I sprinted toward the orgasmic finish line. My balls tingled, my shaft strained, the head of my cock trembled with ecstasy. The coke fought against me—worse than alcohol ever could—but it teased me, feathering my knob with that blissful goal of release, but not letting me have it.

My hips slapped against Mel's ass. Her neck arched and her black hair swung about her shoulders. I lifted Mel's feet from the floor, holding her like a rag doll as I jackhammered my hips into her and then I came, gasping and falling forward, my world blurring before turning black. My body was one giant particle of pleasure as I filled my cousin's precious pussy with family love.

I let Mel go, both of us breathing hard and my cum swimming inside of her wet tunnel. She turned, a graceful, languid smile highlighting her face. A wild light danced in her eyes. She held her fingers against her slit. "I'm going to feed this creampie to that sexy tomboy in the other room."

I laughed, breathless. "You didn't come."

"Don't worry," Mel said. "You're going to make that up to me." Mel reached out and took my semi-flaccid cock in her free hand. "This dick is hard to take. Go easy on my sister."

"Of course," I said and looked down at my dick in her hand. "You took it well."

"Yeah, but I'm a champ."

I wiped Mel down with a towel while she held my cum inside of her twat. I cleaned myself and grabbed Kelly's rosewood box. I knew what she had in there: butt plugs. Together, we walked to the guestroom to the join the rest of our family.

Kelly's First Plug

Gwen and my sisters left the door to the guestroom open for us. Mel and I stopped at the threshold to take in the scene. The girls stood in profile to us. Kelly behind Gwen; my cousin's bra discarded. Kelly's left arm was wrapped under Gwen's left side, curling upward to hold her jaw while she poured vodka into Gwen's mouth with her right hand. Jazz was on her knees in front of Gwen, playfully tugging at our cousin's panties.

"You sure you don't mind?" Jazz asked Gwen.

"I don't mind," Gwen murmured between sips of vodka.

Fuck—how drunk were they? Kelly looked sloshed, but steady, dominating the other two women like a golden-skinned gladiator. Gwen swayed in Kelly's grasp, cheeks rosy from the liquor. Jazz kneeled, fox-like, not nearly as drunk as the other two. Her tongue flashed but didn't touch Gwen's panties.

"I've got something you can lick," Mel said.

Jazz jumped, startled as if shocked and she fell backward, spinning to face us and landing on her butt.

Mel laughed and crawled onto the bed, never taking her fingers from her pussy. She sank into the white comforter and propped herself on the pillows against the headboard. "Have a taste," Mel said, tapping her pussy lips by opening and closing her fingers as if they were on a hinge.

Jazz pushed herself to her feet and climbed onto the bed. She started at Mel's toes, kissing and licking our cousin's legs, spending time on her inner thighs, until she reached Mel's sweet spot. Mel took a deep, shuddering breath, smiling at me as my sister lapped our mixed cream from between her soft folds silky skin.

Gwen untangled herself from Kelly and came to me. I set Kelly's box on the bed and took Gwen's offered hands. She looked up at me and then down at her body, and then back to me.

"My panties," Gwen said.

"You fuckers," Jazz said, scowling and glaring at me from between Mel's legs.

"Not hungry anymore?" Mel asked, laughing. "Your brother turned my pussy into Twinkie."

"Fuck you," Jazz said, but she went back to licking Mel.

I squatted in front of Gwen. Watching her eyes, I lowered her panties down her nylon covered thighs. I lowered my gaze when the silk touched the floor. Her pussy was smooth and pure, her lips wet and thick, with a fragrance that watered my mouth.

"You're beautiful," I said. I stood and kissed Gwen on the forehead.

Gwen blushed, and I pulled her to my right side.

"Kelly, come here," I said, walking to the bed and opening her box. Inside sat three smooth acorn-shaped butt plugs made of glass. The thickest looked two inches across, and the other two were half an inch smaller by tier. "You can take these?" I asked my sister.

"I don't know," Kelly said. She stood at my left side and put the vodka on the bed. "If I can't, you'll have to make me."

I moaned on the inside at the same moment Mel moaned on the outside. Soft whimpers broke her cries. The image of Jazz and me eating Mel from the front and back flashed in my mind, with me tonguing her asshole and Jazz nibbling on the kitty.

"There is no lube in the box," I said.

Kelly shook her head. "You can use your spit." She smiled, reaching out and touching my lips with two of her fingers. "Don't worry; I freshened up when I went to get the box."

"Get on the bed," I ordered her.

Kelly crawled onto the bed, one hand in front of the other, her muscles scintillating under the light of the room. She lay on her stomach next to our pussy munching sister and spread her legs, reaching back to place her hands on her butt cheeks.

I picked the smallest butt plug from Kelly's collection, even though my mind screamed, "Grab that big motherfucker, do it now!" I nodded for Gwen to get on the bed. She looked me a question, but I urged her on with my eyes.

Jazz's fingers made wet music between Mel's legs. The slurping sounds from her sucking and fast licking tongue bombarded my ears, but my eyes remained on Kelly's crescent-shaped backside. I sat on the side of the bed, one leg curled under me on the mattress, the other on the floor.

"Kelly, spread your legs for Gwen," I said, rubbing my sister's right butt cheek. Her warm skin was tight against the muscles of her ass but soft enough so that I could pinch a small mound of her flesh between my fingers.

Kelly spread her legs, opening her pussy to my view. Her pink muff lay against the bed, wet and glistening, while her tanned asshole appeared sealed shut by her fit body. I slipped my hand between Kelly's thighs, cupping her hot sex and I squeezed her pussy while dipping my middle finger into her slit. I removed my hand and lapped her cream from my digits.

Mel's moans grew louder in pitch.

Leaning over Kelly's butt, I let my saliva fall from my lips and into the crack of her ass. She sighed. "Spread your cheeks for me, little sister," I said, getting a sick thrill from calling her that.

"Yes, big brother," Kelly said, obedient and sensual. She spread her hands, her firm hills pulling apart to grant me access to her rear opening. She looked too tight for a finger, let alone any of her plugs. I took my pussy-juice coated appendage and traced the rim of her asshole. She trembled, cursing softly.

"Before the night is over. . . ." I said, lowering my mouth and licking her asshole, pressing my finger against her perineum and lower to play with her cunny. She tasted sweet, and the scent of her pussy overpowered my senses. I pulled my finger from her twat and ate her cream.

"Fuck, oh fuck," Mel whimpered and came. I raised my eyes and found her staring at me as her pussy spasmed in pleasure.

"Gwen, lick this for me," I said, holding up the butt plug. "Get it slippery for my sister's asshole."

"Use your pussy juice," Mel said, her voice shaky.

Gwen took the toy as I continued licking Kelly's butt. When she handed it back to me, it was coated in spit and creamy cunny juice, shining as if polished by a professional jeweler.

"Good?" Gwen asked.

"Perfect," I said, rising to kiss Gwen with lips covered in Kelly's liquid honey.

I took the plug and returned to my sister's ass, her butthole wet and puckered tight. I touched her backdoor with my forefinger, causing Kelly to whimper. I pushed in slowly. Her asshole fought, giving, but fighting, trying to keep me from the depths of her rear passage. I dribbled more spit, pushed, pulled back, pushed again until her rubbery ring gave way and I entered her asshole to the first knuckle.

"Ugh," Kelly groaned, the way she did when lifting heavy weight, only this time with a strained sensuality that came from deep within her gut.

I kissed her right butt cheek, nibbling, and pushed my finger deeper into her rear, to the second knuckle. Damn, she was hot on the inside, and her anal ring squeezed my finger with a bone-breaking grip that made my cock thicken. I pulled out and pushed in, fucking her butt slowly until my entire finger wiggled its way into her. I was finger-fucking my sister's butt! How many times had I seen her in a thong bikini and never had that thought? Too many. And now I was doing it like it was normal. Fuck.

"Danny," Kelly whimpered. "Oh, Danny."

I put the butt plug down and spanked her ass.

"Brother," Kelly gasped. "Big brother."

I rubbed my sister's butt, saying, "Good girl," as I wiggled my finger inside the hollow depths of her anal cavity. She groaned in pleasure as I fucked my digit into her all the way to the last knuckle. Kelly's rasping breath fed my rising excitement and forced pre-cum to spill from my cock-slit.

Jazz's hand snaked in from the side. She reached between Kelly's legs and played with her cunny lips, pushing them apart with the tips of her fingers. Jazz pushed her knuckles against the comforter a second later, wiggling her fingertips under Kelly's pussy and touching our sister's creamy pearl as it ground against the mattress.

"Do you want to come?" I asked Kelly.

Jazz nodded at me, mouthing the words: own her.

I spanked Kelly's butt again, harder, which made her thick cheeks shake tightly. A helpless, pleading sound escaped Kelly's lips. I leaned close to her ear and asked, "Do you want to come for your big brother?"

"Yes," Kelly said, hissing the sound of the S. "Oh god, fuck yes."

Jazz shook her head at me.

"Beg me," I said, licking her ear as I fingered her butt faster.

"Please, big brother," Kelly whimpered. She humped her mound against Jazz's fingers. "Please, may I come? Please big brother, may your whore sister come?"

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