tagAnalWhat Happens When I Beg

What Happens When I Beg


I was not drunk but he can barely turn the doorknob when he rushed for work. He only slurred a "Bye babes" without even knowing what my last name was that I thought it would be a one night stand. But Aldro, with his angular jaw and hair always arranged like Goku from Dragon Ball Z, was able to track me down and asked me for a date.

Women date before having sex but I do it the other way around, he said.

What, is it like an audition? I asked.

Sure. Except that with you women, dates are the audition phase, he replied.

And I passed, I said.

Barely, he said.

And you're not looking for the top performer because....? I trailed off.

You still have the potential, he said and winked.

After a few more dates, dinners, movies, chocolates and parties, after he a few more sex, I felt that he wasn't interested in me anymore. I asked him if I didn't have any hope of pleasing him on bed anymore but he denied it. He later on confessed that he indeed like sex with me, just not the dating part.

"So what, I'm not a girlfriend material, but you do like me as a sex toy?"


I was offended but his honesty just caught me off-guard so I just asked what happens next.

"You either dump me or we continue the sex."

"And then we'll see other people?"

"If you want, go ahead. I'm not going to. I just want the sex."

"You want me just for sex but you don't want to have them with other girls either?"

"Na. Just a more or less permanent sexual partner."

So that's what happened. More or less.


One evening, he invited me for dinner and wine at his place. Of course, I was expecting sex so I wore a decent flesh colored push up bra and the matching panties. As it turned out, he just needed a friend because he got suspended or something from his job and I was the only one who took his call.

"You don't have friends do you?"

"All dudes. I need someone who can show an emotional backbone."

I leaned towards his seat and made sure his shoulder touched the side of my breast. "You mean someone who can understand vulnerability?" I breathed on his neck. Honestly, I was the one who was getting horny from the boob-shoulder contact. A gentle warm pressure on my slightly tired body who came from work.

But he wasn't affected and only said he wasn't thinking of having sex right now.

"A bit later then," I said walking towards his bedroom.

But half an hour later, he was still sulking, one muscled hand rubbing his temple. He drank his Corvato while he hovers over a bunch of office papers, unable to get over it. Meanwhile I was rolling on the bed across the hall begging for sex. The only thing I've took off so far was my green Sunday dress. I am normally insensitive but tonight's an extra because I was horny. Over a vulnerable man.

"Please, please, just a little fuck please? I need it so bad," I called out. I was already rocking my pussy on a pillow. Back and forth. He continued to examine papers. A vulnerable self-controlled man if that exists. Fuck that, I don't need that now.

I need my pussy to be grinded and this fucking pillow is just absorbing my wetness. I took off my panties and kneaded my clit to the edge of the bed. I tilted my head and sighed. This was better. But not enough.

I went over to him and stripped the only cloth on me. My B-cup breasts hung down gently, my nipples pointed towards his mouth.

I kneeled in front of him and pressed my breasts against his shin.

I was literally crying now.

"Please fuck me...." I embraced his leg.

"Baby, I will. I always do."

"Then why aren't you doing something about it?"

"How a about a bit later?" He kissed my waist and I wanted more so bad.

"Please fuck me now....." I squat in front of him, my clit swollen and soaked, protruding out of me, gasping for air as it also begs to be touched. The air makes it more sensitive. My pussy quivered as it produces more viscous liquid. I rubbed my pussy and it felt like a lubricant was getting manufactured inside of me.

"Why won't you fuck me, why? I can make you feel better I promise," I cried looking up at him. I relaxed my knees and let more of my weight rest on my lower torso, my pussy even getting exposed, my ass open.

He sighed and pushed himself away from the table. He looked at me from head first going slowly down to my toenails. And he just stared. So I opened up my legs while still in squatting position.

"Please?" I whispered. "You can fuck me in my asshole...."

He cupped my left boob and squeezed. I gasped as it sent quite the shock to my pussy that almost made me pee.

"In your asshole, really?" He stood up and dragged me to the bedroom with his thumb and index finger clamped in my nipple.

I unzipped his pants and pulled his boxers down. I couldn't wait anymore so I sucked his semi-hard cock and started bobbing my head toward and away from his wonderful penis. Ah, my wonderful toy. It was starting to get juicy and solid hard now. He groaned and started to pull my hair. But I wouldn't stop until his cock is throbbing and stiff enough to stick it in my pussy.

We moved towards the bed and I went to nib on his bruised colored scrotums. He jerked once in a while, his arms locking for a second or two. I licked and play these round toys with my warm pointed tongue, enjoying the saltiness and alcohol smell of them. My right hand was busy stroking his cock while my left was digging into my pussy. He still isn't doing anything to me but pull back my hair and caress my cheeks and shoulders.

Then he grabbed my arms and threw me on the bed. I threw my legs wide open but all he did was just stretch my left leg, trying to tear me more open. And he just stared.

The mouth of my pussy was not only watering but drooling as well. And Aldro just kept on gazing at it.

I whimpered.

"Shhh...." He put a finger in my clit. Gently. Almost as if I didn't feel anything.

"Aldro, you're killing me!"

He pressed a little bit harder. He wasn't going in lateral movements, or any movement at all, just going deeper. Trying to pop a balloon that was still inflating. And that balloon is pushing outwards. Its membrane getting thinner and sensitive.

He turned me around, making me support myself on my hands and knees. My butt received several circular caresses. Here comes the blow, I thought. And ----

"Phuuuuuooo...." He blew on my asshole. And I just felt tremor on my ass to my spine.

It was as if he plugged a curtain pole in my ass. He was so fucking hard that I have to stiffen my back to bear his staff. Pushing my insides, feeling like my anus is on fire, as if I had eaten the spiciest viand in my life.

He pounded me mercilessly. His speed was too spontaneous. He would slow down, pumping his pre-cum into me romantically and then he'd fuck me like a bitch, five strokes in one second. Then he'd go faster than that but pumping with small strokes.

The only lubrication I had was the juice that flowed from my pussy and his recent pre-cum. He leaned on my back, the warmth of his chest radiating. I can feel it intensify even if the friction going down in my asshole was starting to burn.

"You asked for this baby, you begged," he said. Boy, he's still not out of breath.

His palm gave me soft slaps on the side of my breast.

"You really begged for this hard, hmm?"


Then his pelvic just gave me a big ram! I gasped. He pulled out almost completely and slid his cock in full. My zigzagged intestinal tract must have been set straight with the throbbing stick he slammed on me. And slam! Slam! Slam! He slammed his cock deep, repeating the same momentum as if it wasn't enough. As if he's trying to fit in something that's too big.

"Ah...." I croaked.

He stopped. I looked over my shoulder.

"Break time?" he smiled.

"I thought you were in a merciless mode." I was still panting.

"Not to your asshole, at least."

"You'll do my pussy?"

He scoffed. "Obviously."

I touched his ear. "I thought you didn't want to.... I mean.... I really thought that begging will turn you off...."

"Of course not darling, I love your pussy. Why would I turn down something as desirable as that?"

"Then why--"

"I was just teasing. Work didn't matter to me anymore when you walked in my door," he said leaning down to kiss me. "And you're so sexy when you beg."

He led me to the mirror. I looked at him uncertainly.

"Okay.....here then...."

He led me to the window.

"No...no.... I'd feel naked...."

He rose an eyebrow.

I sat on the windowsill uncomfortably then raised my legs for him to access my pussy.

"No. I want more of that asshole."

"But you said...."

"Maybe a bit later," he murmured fingering my ass.

I turned and bended over, offering my asshole to him once more.

He spread my cheeks open and rubbed his cock. "I like how your butt turns to the color of your cheeks when you blush. And how your asshole refuses to gape open at my command. You begged for this and yet your asshole plays hard to get. Hmm....."

He pushed up on me. Then started little fast pumps while tugging my hair. My breasts jumps excitedly, pulling my chest flesh up and down. His finger lingered on my mouth and I took a gentle bite then gave an exhale.

I wanted to close my eyes but I can't help but look out the window and see if someone can see me being fucked from behind while nobody is restraining my bouncing boobs. I tried to adjust and bend myself more but he pushed my body more. My nipples touched the glass window and the cool surface just made me jump a bit.

"You like being pushed huh babe?"

Then he kissed my ear before cumming all over my ass.

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